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Luxury Homes for Sale in Clermont One of Florida's 50 Safest Cities

Clermont, Florida is a little town with a lot to offer. For nature lovers, there’s idyllic Lake Louisa State Park, a 4,500 acre expanse of gentle hills and serene lakes. There’s also Sugarloaf Mountain, the highest point in peninsular Florida. For history buffs, sites like the Clermont Historic Village, Presidents Hall of Fame, and the Florida Citrus Tower offer illuminating glimpses into the past. And now, Clermont can add another winning attribute to its profile – safety. Having just been ranked the 41st safest city in Florida. All of which is great news if you’re a home buyer. Clermont offers luxury homes for sale in a natural, historical, and now highly safe, setting.

Luxury Homes With the Added Luxury of Safety

Clermont has always been a fairly safe city.

It’s one reason it’s been named among the top 20 cities in America.

And, as word has gotten out, one reason it’s become one of Florida’s fastest growing.

But as of 2020, violent crimes in Clermont fell to just 1.6 in every 1,000 people.

Less than half the state and national rates.

Pushing Clermont 17 spots up’s list of safest Florida cities.

From 58th in 2019, to 41st in 2020.

Making it safer than two-thirds of the cities counted.

And further establishing Clermont as one of the best places to buy luxury homes.

Not just in Florida, but anywhere.

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Smart About Safety

So how did Clermont pull off such a huge upswing in safety?

It all comes down to smart policing.

Clermont Police Chief, Charles Broadway, outlines 3 law enforcement models behind the drop in crime:

  • Community Policing – This model emphasizes working closely with members of the community, to better assess their needs, and to build a sense of trust between citizens and police.
  • Intelligence-Led Policing – This philosophy attempts to mitigate risk by studying local crime patterns, and using that intelligence to inform operations, instead of the other way around.
  • Crime Prevention/Awareness – This approach seeks to address crime at its roots, to stop incidents before they happen.

Through this combination of approaches, Clermont expects to not only remain on Florida’s list of 50 safest cities, but to rise to the top of it in the coming years.


Your Source for Luxury Homes in the Safety of Clermont

If you’re in the market for a luxury home in a safe setting, Clermont is the city for you.

And as Clermont’s premier real estate firm, Authentic Real Estate Team is your premier source for luxury Clermont homes.

Our team can take you through the entire home buying process.

With the area knowledge to find you the perfect home.

And the skills to get you the deal you deserve.