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Disney World Homes For Sale

In 1971, the Walt Disney company decided to surpass all the ambitions they’d nurtured in Anaheim with Disneyland. They moved further east and south to Orlando, Florida and created the Walt Disney World Resort, more affectionately known as “Disney World.” It’s a bigger, better amusement park that set world class standards, and started a trend that has encouraged many other large amusement parks to follow and set up operations in Orlando, making it the theme park capital of the world. For anyone with children, living in Orlando is almost like living in paradise.

And that’s why for families—both short term and long term—there’s a demand for Orlando Disney World homes, places that people can settle down, live, relax, and create unforgettable memories together with the entire family, that doesn’t require a vacation to a whole other part of the world.

Investing In A Home

One interesting development that has arisen thanks to Orlando’s status as a theme park capital is the purchase of homes almost like a hotel investment. For families that are expecting to spend a significant amount of time at Disney World and the many other theme park attractions around the city, one popular alternative to staying at a hotel is staying at a home. Some homes in the Orlando area, especially those in proximity to Disney World, now are in the business of being “temporary family residences” for those that want to avoid the hotel experience and continue to live and travel together like a family, with individual bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms, a literal “home away from home,” that is more inviting and familiar during their trip. These homes may be used for just a few days, or a week or more, or even an entire month as families take in the many forms of entertainment geared specifically for them in the Orlando area.

For enterprising investors, this is one way to take some real estate and get a substantial return on investment as such homes can command price points similar to hotel stays, premium amounts compared to standard rentals. Using Orlando Disney World homes as investment opportunities is unorthodox, but can prove lucrative with the right application and marketing.

Buying A Home

On the other side of the equation, buying one of the Orlando Disney World homes for sale for actual family residency has its own rewards. For family entertainment, Orlando is one of the best places in the world to live, and children of all ages will be spoiled by all the attractions available in the city. The proximity of a home to Disney World in particular is going to ensure that your family will always have something to do and will make your home a popular visiting destination with relatives.

You should still go through all the due diligence when considering a home purchase, but keep in mind that homeowners are aware of the attractiveness of their home thanks to its location. They will price their homes accordingly.

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Selling Your Home

As the owner of a home near Disney World, you have certain financial advantages that most other homeowners don’t, which includes the possibility of selling to investors or commercial enterprises that see residencies as tourism assets. Weigh your choices carefully, and decide whether you’d like to see your home go to another family to live and grow up in, or become part of an exciting growth in business and tourism that is part of Orlando’s ongoing growth.


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