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Luxury Condos for Sale in Celebration Accelerate Toward Luxury

luxury condos for sale in celebrationluxury condos for sale in celebrationluxury condos for sale in celebrationluxury condos for sale in celebrationluxury condos for sale in celebration

Celebration is a self-contained community, with luxury condos for sale, and enough infrastructure in place that residents need never leave town. That’s not to say they’re cut off from the world. Although, since the start of the I-4 Ultimate project, they might be feeling that way. Home is certainly harder to get to. But all that is set to change sooner rather than later, and it’s all thanks to an unlikely catalyst: Covid-19.

I-4 and Covid-19 – A Silver Lining That’s as Good as Gold

While the outbreak has no doubt thrown us into tough times, it hasn’t been without its silver linings.

And in Orlando, one of these silver linings is as good as gold.

At least, that’s how it feels for those who use I-4.

Especially those who live on it.

Like the owners of luxury Celebration condos.

Because ever since the start of the I-4 Ultimate Project, Orlando’s busiest highway has been a driver’s nightmare.

And with setbacks forcing the deadline ever farther into the future, it’s a nightmare Orlando can’t seem to wake up from.

But with Florida on lockdown, and many fewer drivers on the road, the I-4 Ultimate Project has been accelerated by months.

Soon, I-4 will be what it was meant to be all along: the best way to get around in Orlando.

And Celebration will once again be home to Orlando’s best located luxury condos.

Find your dream home in Celebration

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I-4 Ultimate Project Hastened During Lockdown

For Orlandoans, it can’t come soon enough.

The I-4 Ultimate Project started in early 2015, with the goal of replacing most bridges, reconfiguring intersections, and adding two express lanes along a 21-mile stretch of highway, all by 2021.

But as of late 2019, it was 9 months behind schedule.

That meant 9 additional months of inconvenience for the owners of luxury Celebration condos.

9 more months of leaving home early and facing hazardous driving conditions, or leaving home early and rerouting work commutes.

Of course, that’s for the lucky ones still working.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, America’s unemployment rate has jumped to nearly 15%.

The highest it’s been since the Great Depression.

And Orlando, with its strong culinary and entertainment sectors (industries where large groups gather in close quarters), has felt the effects especially hard.

But now, with fewer drivers going to work, the once busy I-4 is wide open.

A fact in which Florida governor, Ron DeSantis, saw a wide open opportunity.

With I-4 traffic at between just 50 and 75 percent its normal volume, DeSantis has ordered that two phases of the I-4 Ultimate Project be accelerated:

The west-bound stretch of I-4 that runs through Downtown.

As well as parts of the 408 interchange.

Pushing the overall project forward by a factor of months.


Accellerating Toward Luxury Celebration Condos

For those who live in Celebration, and for those in the market for luxury condos there, the hastening of the I-4 Ultimate Project has been a welcome development.

Finally, Celebration will reclaim its place as one of Central Florida’s best located communities.

With I-4 as its arterial link to Orlando.