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New Homes

New Homes

Buy New Homes in Orlando

The city of Orlando and its surrounding areas enjoy a constant, steady rate of growth, with approximately 50,000 new residents settling down in the region every year. It’s also a city that plays host to a tremendous number of mid-to-long term visitors that stay in the area for two reasons. Orlando has the unique distinction of being the amusement park capital of the world, with more world class attractions in its boundaries than any other city, including the likes of the various Walt Disney resorts, the Sea World Park, Universal Studios and many others. The other big attraction for Orlando is that, as with the rest of Florida, its location places it in the “sun belt” region of America, making it a perfect destination for American and Canadian residents looking to escape the cold winters of the northern region of the continent.

It’s this constant influx of new residents and visitors that set the stage for the steady construction of new homes throughout Orlando. But if you’re looking to buy a home in the Orlando area, why should you consider a new residence over one that was previously owned?

New Homes Orlando: Modern Comfort & Convenience

A new home benefits from the latest construction materials and techniques. It is better able to tolerate the unique climate of the area, and has far more energy efficiency than older homes. This is especially important in the warm, humid environment of Florida, where the constant use of air conditioning is a must. Newer homes have newer, more energy efficient air conditioners that require less energy and time to cool the home, while the construction of the homes themselves retain the cool air for longer periods. All of this, especially over the long term, has a significant impact on savings for utility bills.

New homes, especially if they are built on estates, enjoy a high level of luxury convenience, with low monthly maintenance fees to take care of the grounds, and resort-style facilities like clubhouses, swimming pools, gyms and more. Depending on where a new home is located, residents can enjoy everything from a movie theater in their own neighborhood to fine dining without ever having to leave the grounds. Some homes even enjoy the added safety of a gated community with security staff on call to ensure that children—and their parents—will always have the comfort of knowing the immediate environment is free from risk.

Orlando New Homes Special Deals & Access

While the MLS is a convenient and vast collection of homes available for consideration on the Internet, it is far from complete. Many homes aren’t listed on the MLS, but because Authentic Real Estate is a local, experienced Orlando realtor, we have our ear to the ground, finding out about great home offers early. Our established relationships with many estates and builders, give us the jump on offers for incentives, upgrades, warranties and many other deals that you’re not going to find simply by looking on your own.

If you want the best possible chance to enjoy a new home in Orlando, you should come to the people that know Orlando best. Authentic Real Estate is a local company that knows the people, the area, the properties—and most importantly—the local market in a professional, intimate way. Making us the first stop in your search for a new Orlando home ensures that we are the last and only stop you need before moving in.

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