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List My Home in Winter Park How's This Process Go Again?

Every 5 to 7 years, the average Winter Park homeowner has two consecutive thoughts: first, I want to list my home for sale, and second, how’s this process go again? Because for most people, life’s too short to think about the process of selling a home. And the time between sales is too long to remember it. But there’s help. Because a Winter Park listing agent, who thinks about the home selling process every day, can answer all your questions, and help you land a great deal on your home.

Q: If I decide to list my Winter Park home for sale, how does the process start?

A: It starts with plotting your course.

As with any journey, before you embark on your home selling journey, you have to plot your course.

Your realtor will sit down with you and map out your journey step by step.

From how best to prepare your home according to your budget and the demands of the market.

To setting your desired list and sale dates.

To what marketing techniques will be employed to sell your home.

Q: When is the best month in which to list my home for sale in Winter Park?

A: May.

Early May, to be exact.

Summer, when the kids are out of school, is the time of year when most families choose to move.

And early May is when buyers planning to move in the summer start shopping for homes.

According to Zillow, homes sold in early May earn an average of $1,600 more than the yearly average.

They also sell about 6 days faster.

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Q: What details about my home should I disclose to buyers?

A: Everything!

The more your buyer knows up front, the better.

Part of the buying process is having the home inspected.

So any defects will come to light eventually anyway.

If you’re upfront about them, it will save you from unexpected contingencies entering into the deal later.

But ideally, you should strive to fix any defects in your home before you list.

Conducting your own preemptive inspection may be worthwhile.


Q: If I list my Winter Park home and get an offer, how do I know if I should accept it?

A: It’s complicated, but your realtor can help.

An offer is usually more than just a dollar amount.

It also involves terms.

So even if the offered dollar amount is acceptable, the wrong set of accompanying terms can undermine it.

Your Winter Park listing agent can help you decide whether accepting an offer is in your best interest.


Q: How long will it take to sell my Winter Park home after I list?

A: It depends.

The national average between listing and closing on a home is 68 days.

But every market is different.

Your realtor will analyze the Winter Park market to help you set a realistic desired sale date.

As well as help you expedite your sale with proper preparations and pricing, and strategic marketing.