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Orlando Townhomes For Sale

The concept of a townhouse occupies an interesting niche in real estate. It’s a predominantly urban, metropolitan high-density building, falling somewhere in between a condo apartment and a full-blown house. A townhouse is, in fact, a house, at least structurally, but it is not a traditional, detached building. It usually shares one or more walls with another home attached to it on either side. Townhomes come in rows, each building’s exterior structure identical to the ones next to it, with a narrower width than a traditional detached home. Townhomes usually consist of two or three floors to make up for the narrower living space, and while it is real estate property that can be purchased and owned just like a normal house, it usually also involves some kind of monthly housing or maintenance fee, just like a condo does, because, it’s part of an collective “estate” run by a HOA company, and the maintenance fee handles certain upkeep aspects like gardens on the ground or even roofing. Essentially a townhouse gives buyers the security of owning home, while they pay a monthly maintenance fee to leave some aspects of home care to the responsibility of the company that owns the compound or estate. While it’s not as common as houses or apartments, there are still many Orlando Townhomes available for people looking to buy or invest in this unique housing concept.

Buying A Townhouse

Orlando townhomes are located in many of the major metropolitan areas. It’s not unusual for them to be part of a community—gated or otherwise—that enjoys access to facilities like pools, gardens or other amenities, all for a monthly maintenance cost. When looking at the different Orlando townhomes for sale, try to decide to what degree you’d like to enjoy such community features as these can all add to the cost of monthly maintenance. If you don’t need swimming pool access, you can cross such communities off your list. If it’s actually important for your entire family that a pool is within safe, easy access, take that into account and start eliminating other townhouse possibilities from your list.

Research the monthly maintenance fee. Even when different communities offer similar services or features, the fee can vary. Remember that this is going to be a fixed cost, and, in some cases, may even go up at a later date, so be sure you are comfortable with this monthly expenditure.

Investing In A Townhouse

Many Orlando townhomes are repurposed for vacation stays. This is largely due to the abundance of family friendly activities in Orlando, particularly the array of theme park attractions. As a result, many visiting families to the city prefer to rent a home for a short stay rather than endure a cramped hotel situation for the week or more that they may be in the city. Two and three bedroom townhomes are the perfect alternative, especially those that are in well maintained communities with swimming pools and other features. In such cases, it allows the family to enjoy hotel amenities while still feeling like they live in a home.

If you’re thinking of investing in a townhouse for tourism purposes, make sure that it is ideally located for families to easily get access to the bigger Orlando attractions. Use the features of an estate or community to your advantage as added bonuses for visitors.

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For Sellers

Those that already own a townhouse and are thinking of selling should make sure they look at all the assets of the home, including location and community amenities. If the area is more suited to residential purposes with good schools and lifestyle features in abundance, then it’s probably better to sell to people looking for a new home. However, if it’s in a premium location, especially with respect to tourism purposes, your real estate agent can work out how to put it on offer as a business investment.


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