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Sell My Home in Orlando The Home Selling Process

Every five to seven years, the average Orlando homeowner has two conflicting thoughts: one, it’s time to sell my home! And two, oh no, it’s time to sell my home. The truth is, selling a home can be a daunting prospect, even in Orlando, where homes are in high demand. It’s a complicated process, made all the more complicated by the time that usually lapses between sales. You may find yourself asking, what’s the state of the market these days? Or, How does the process even work?

Hiring a Listing Agent to Sell my Home

But by hiring a listing agent, you can save yourself a lot of stress.

Not to mention money.

Because a great listing agent knows the state of the market, and is an expert in the process of selling a home.

And when it comes to selling a home in Orlando, no one knows the market, or the process, better than Authentic Real Estate Team.

That’s because, after almost a decade serving the Orlando area, and after countless successful sales, we know just what it takes to sell a home in the local market.


The Process of Selling a Home in the Orlando Market

Plan of Attack

Selling a home starts with a plan of attack.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach; your plan has to take into account the local, state, and national markets.

A great listing agent is a market expert who knows:

  • Whether it’s a buyer’s or seller’s market
  • What comparable properties are selling for
  • The unique features that will offset the per-square-foot value of your home
  • And how to set your price and sale date based on these metrics

Find your dream home

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Fill out the form and WE WILL GET IT SOLD!

Contact us today so we can evaluate your needs and get your home sold.

We work closely with clients in order to help them achieve their goals and to be extremely successful in their real estate needs.


contac us and sell your home with the experts


Preparing My Orlando Home to Sell

Your listing agent will also use their professional connections to help you prepare your home for sale.

This includes steps like:

  • Improving your home’s “curb appeal” with landscaping, exterior paint, etc.
  • Decluttering and depersonalizing the interior
  • Updating outdated features
  • Repainting and remodeling if necessary
  • Getting your home pre-inspected
  • Making sure it will appraise as close to your asking price as possible
  • Hiring a professional staging company


The Marketing Expertise to Sell My Home in Orlando

The next step, and another reason to hire a listing agent to sell your home, is marketing.

Because anyone can list a home.

But a great listing agent will help your home stand out from the crowd by:

  • Making any pre-listing adjustments as dictated by the market
  • Using both time-honored and cutting-edge marketing techniques
  • Like quality signage, on-the-ground and aerial photography, and video and virtual tours
  • Listing on MLS, as well as email campaigns and newsletters with your Just Listed status
  • Aimed at a large inbuilt clientele of interested buyers
  • Arrange showings


Showing My Home

Your listing agent will host both private showings and open houses to help sell your Orlando home.

Successful showings let your buyers get a sense of what living in your home will be like.

In order to best facilitate this, your listing agent will guide you through how to prepare for showings.

Some tips on showing your home, from Authentic Real Estate Team:

  • Have a place to go. Your buyers will feel more comfortable if you aren’t around for showings
  • Make sure your home is free of clutter, which can be not only unsightly, but hazardous
  • Open blinds and turn on lights. Adequate lighting will boost buyers’ moods and make your home appear larger
  • Flowers and soft music can be a nice touch
  • Make sure your whole home is accessible, but your valuables aren’t


Negotiating Offers

A great listing agent is also a great negotiator.

They will use their negotiating skills to help get you as close to your asking price as possible.

As well as relaying all offers to you and helping you consider things like:

  • How will contingencies, inspection, possible need for repairs, and appraisal affect the offer?
  • Does the buyer’s timeline match the date by which I want to sell my Orlando home?
  • How much are they putting down in earnest money?
  • Are there other offers on the table? If not, is there time to wait for more?

Closing the Sale on My Orlando Home

The day has come when you get to see the fruits of all your hard work.

Your listing agent will be there to help things run smoothly, helping to ensure that:

  • You have all necessary identification
  • The proceeds and costs on your Closing Disclosure match those on your Settlement Statement
  • Your money is disbursed according to your preference

I’m Ready to Sell My Orlando Home!

We like your enthusiasm!

But first, sit down with a great listing agent, like the ones at Authentic Real Estate Team.

We’ll help you make a plan of attack, then help you follow it through step by step.

Including, of course, the final step – closing on a successful sale!


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