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Sell My Home in Winter Garden Understanding The Role of a Realtor

If you’re like the average homeowner in Winter Garden, every 5 to 7 years or so you have the passing thought, Should I sell my home? It’s not long before the passing thought of selling your Winter Garden home becomes a serious thought. And before you know it, you’re asking yourself, How does this work again?

The First to Selling My Winter Garden Home: Hiring a Realtor

Selling a home is a fairly long and complicated process.

But a licensed realtor, trained in every aspect selling a home, will go over the whole process, and be there for you step by step as you carry it out.

Selling a Home in Winter Garden

Make sure the realtor you hire is a Winter Garden market expert.

Because local market expertise will be an important factor in almost every step of the home selling process.

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Marketing My Home to Sell in Winter Garden

Your realtor also needs to be a master marketer.

Some marketing techniques that will help your home sell in Winter Garden might include:

  • High-quality signage
  • Professional photography and video
  • Listing on all popular listing sites
  • As well as targeted marketing on social media, the realtor’s website, and through presentations, newsletters, and email campaigns



Another part of the process of selling your home is showing it to buyers.

Your realtor will host open houses and private showings that give buyers a glimpse into what life in your Winter Garden home will be like.

Therefore, it’s important to prepare your home in a way that not only brings out its true value.

But that also lets buyers project their future lives into it.

To have the best showings possible, you should:

  • Rid the house of clutter – a cluttered home is not only less attractive, it’s dangerous
  • Lock up your valuables or get them out of the house
  • Make sure your home is well lit – open blinds and turn on all lights
  • Arrange to have a place to go during showings
  • Consider buying fresh flowers and playing soft music
  • Remember, an at-ease buyer is more likely to place an offer


Creative Negotiating

Another job of realtor’s jobs is to act as your negotiator.

Negotiating is a creative act that involves making counteroffers that satisfy both parties, in terms of price and conditions.

Your realtor will try to get your asking price, while also considering:

  • Your desired sale date
  • In addition to the buyer’s sale date
  • The amount of earnest money they’re offering to put down
  • Any buyer contingencies
  • The results of the buyer’s inspection and appraisal
  • Any changes to the Winter Garden home market that have occurred since you listed
  • Whether there are other offers at play

Closing the Deal

The last part of your realtor’s job is to help you close your sale.

They’ll oversee, and advise you on, things like:

  • Bringing all your proper forms of identification on closing day
  • Making sure your proceeds and expenses are what you signed for
  • Choosing how you want to be paid


Talk to a Realtor to Sell My Home in Winter Garden

Your realtor can explain this process to you in more detail.

But more importantly, they’ll be for you every step of the way, guiding you all the way to the end – the successful sale of your home.


It Starts With a Plan

Your realtor will sit down with you and plot a course of action for selling your Winter Garden home.

As a local market expert, they’ll help you devise a plan that takes into account:

  • Whether the market is favorable to buyers or sellers
  • What other properties like yours have sold for recently
  • How attributes like swimming pools and add-on’s will affect your value
  • As well as how to consider these factors in deciding your price and sale date


Preparing to Sell My Home in Winter Garden

As part of the process of selling your home, preparing it for sale is a process within a process.

Make sure your realtor has a large circle of industry professionals to call in as you prepare your home.

Preparing your home might include any or all of the following:

  • Getting rid of things like family photos or clutter to depersonalize the home
  • Landscaping, repainting, or remodeling to improve “curb appeal”
  • Repainting and/or remodeling the interior to appeal to buyer tastes
  • A pre-inspection, plus any repairs the inspector may suggest
  • A pre-appraisal
  • Upgrading appliances
  • Professional staging