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Homes for Sale in Davenport,
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If you're looking for homes for sale in Davenport, FL, Orlando Homes For Sale has them! Davenport is a small town with big assets, striking a perfect balance between country and city life.

It's well located, at just 8 minutes from a Walmart Supercenter, 10 minutes from Disney World, and 30 from Downtown Orlando. Yet its bucolic setting affords a sense of solitude.

It's full of luxury real estate, yet homes for sale in Davenport, Florida are surprisingly affordable. It's in Osceola County, population 200,000, yet it's also in Polk County, home to three times as many people.

The properties for sale in Davenport, FL give you the best of many worlds. And Orlando Homes For Sale has the best Davenport, FL homes - houses, condos, and townhomes - for sale now at!

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Why Buy a Home in Davenport, FL?

Davenport isn't what you would call a household name.

As a result, it's often overlooked by home buyers shopping in Central Florida.

But Davenport has tons to offer.

And the low demand only makes homes here more affordable.

Here are the top reasons why homes for sale in Davenport, Florida might be the perfect option for you:

A Great Location To Buy A House For Sale In Davenport Fl

1. A Great Location

  • All roads lead to Davenport!
  • Well, not all roads, of course.
  • But three major highways do!
  • And, of course, what goes in must go out.
  • I-4, for instance, leads both east AND west from Davenport.
  • On one hand, taking you an hour and a half east to Cocoa Beach and the Atlantic Ocean, famous for big surfable swells.
  • On the other, an hour and a half west to Clearwater, named for its calm, clear turquoise water that's as smooth as glass.
  • Yep, Davenport is smack dab in the middle of the state.
  • Now that's what you call "centrally located."
  • Houses for sale in Davenport, FL also offer easy access to the theme parks.
  • With Disney World no more than 10 minutes away.
  • And with the Four Corners area just to the north, they're close to great restaurants and shops.
  • Moreover, many of the homes for sale in Davenport, Florida are in short-term rental friendly communities.
  • This, in combination with its amazing location near Disney, makes Davenport a smart place to invest in a vacation home.

2. Great Home Prices

  • One of the best things about the homes for sale in Davenport, Florida is their low price.
  • Because land in Davenport is inexpensive, builders can afford to charge less for their homes.
  • And they can afford to build bigger!
  • Davenport, FL is full of large, luxury houses for sale at low prices.
  • And because it's short-term-rental-friendly, many of these homes come with amazing resort-style amenities.
  • Dreaming of a large waterfront estate with lake access, but afraid you can't afford it?
  • How about a home with a private pool and concierge services at your command?
  • Stop dreaming and start shopping!
  • Orlando Homes For Sale has Davenport, FL houses, on great properties, ready to buy today!
  • Didn't find what you were looking for this time around?
  • Don't sweat it!
  • We have the area knowledge to help you find the perfect properties for sale, in the perfect Davenport, FL locations, for your needs.
Great Prices On Homes For Sale In Davenport
Good Schools When You Buy in Davenport Fl Homes For Sale

3. Good Schools

Meet Dan.

Dan just got a new job as a WHS (workplace health and safety) specialist at Amazon's Davenport headquarters, and is moving his wife and two young kids to the small town of Davenport, Florida.

Dan's kids are thrilled they'll be living just 10 minutes from Disney World.

But Dan has another reason to be thrilled for them:

Great schools.

Shhh, don't blow it for Dan; his kids just want to have fun!

But they'll come to appreciate this side of Davenport too, someday.

Because Dan will be setting them up for future success when he enrolls them in schools like:

Davenport School of the Arts

Serving grades K-8, Davenport School of the Arts seeks to instill a life-long interest and aptitude in the arts through a challenging, enriching curriculum.

That curriculum includes a focus on writing, literature, performance art, and computer technology.

By nurturing creativity, Davenport School of the Arts gives its students the best tool for all life's challenges: the ability to think creatively.

Ridgeview Global Studies Academy

Davenport may be a small town, but this K-8 public charter school likes to think big.

And not just big - global.

By exposing students to an array of cultures and technologies from around the world, Ridgeview Global studies Academy strives to prepare students for the interconnected, tech-oriented world of tomorrow.

It also boasts very solid performance rankings, according to a meta study by

With students performing above average in areas like state testing and year-to-year academic improvement..

Short-Term Rental Friendly In Houses For Sale Davenport

4. Short-Term Rental Friendly

  • Despite its reputation as the tourism capital of the world, most parts of the Greater Orlando Area aren't short-term rental friendly.
  • But Davenport is an exception.
  • In Davenport, FL, you'll find many properties - condos, townhomes, and even single-family houses - for sale that can be rented out short term.
  • Many of them can be found in vacation rental resorts.
  • Meaning they come with the added benefit of resort-style amenities.
  • All of this makes homes for sale in Davenport, Florida wonderful hybrid investments.
  • Giving you a convenient, luxurious, well appointed home away from home when you want to use it.
  • And a viable source of income as you rent it out to vacationers the rest of the year.
  • Plus, Davenport boasts a rare commodity you won't find anywhere else in the Orlando Area:
  • Townhomes with private pools.
  • Because Orlando gets very hot in the summer, many Orlando vacationers look for rentals with pools.
  • But because private pools are usually only found with single-family homes, they're often out of reach for tourists on a budget.
  • However, a townhouse with a pool gives them the luxury of a private place to swim, without the unneeded space and cost.
  • And it gives you the chance to corner the market with a rare, in-demand commodity.

5. Wide Variety of Pool Homes

  • In the market for a home with a pool?
  • Then Davenport is the place for you!
  • Florida is the warmest state year round.
  • And Davenport is no exception.
  • Luckily, Davenport, FL boasts a wealth of private-pool houses for sale.
  • Letting you beat the heat in the summer.
  • And take advantage of Davenport's perennial warmth the rest of the year.
  • Of course, even Davenport isn't immune to the occasional cold snap.
  • But even that won't put a freeze on your pool-related plans in Davenport.
  • Where the majority of private pools are heated by solar power.
  • Meaning you don't have to pay a DIME to use your pool any TIME!
  • But you don't necessarily have to go swimming to get use out of a private pool.
  • Screened enclosures give you the added benefit of being able to open your back doors and windows.
  • Letting in the cool Florida breeze at night.
  • While keeping out Florida's peskiest of pests, mosquitoes.
  • In fact, you don't even have to be home to get use out of your pool.
  • As a short-term-rental-friendly town, Davenport lets you use your pool to make money.
  • Pool homes are by far the most popular option for short-term renters.
  • And they're willing to pay big for the upgrade.
  • Plus, as mentioned above, Davenport features that rare commodity renters won't find anywhere else in Central Florida:
  • Townhomes with pools!
  • Letting you corner the market.
  • But whatever kind of pool home you want to buy, and whatever you want to do with it - live in it, rent it out, or both - there are a wide variety of pool homes for sale in Davenport, Florida to meet any needs.
  • And as the premier real estate service in Davenport, FL, Orlando Homes For Sale can help you find them!

6. Homes in Resort Communities

  • As a short-term-rental-friendly town, Davenport, Florida has tons of homes for sale in resort communities.
  • Built with vacationers in mind, these resorts offer everything they need to have the stay of a lifetime.
  • From huge resort-style pools, to fitness centers, to onsite bars and restaurants.
  • And, of course, what's good for renters is good for buyers.
  • As great amenities drive up rates.
  • While giving you, the owner, more enjoyment when you use the property.
  • Resorts like Champions Gate, Festival, and Solterra, have a variety of homes in a range of styles and prices.
Davenport Properties For Sale in Resort Communities
Investment Opportunities When You Buy A Home For Sale in Davenport Fl

7. Investment Opportunities

  • Houses for sale in Davenport, FL make great residential properties.
  • But they also make great investment opportunities!
  • Because Davenport is short-term rental friendly, and because land there is cheap, there are a wealth of vacation homes available to buy at great prices.
  • And because Davenport is only 10 minutes from Disney, you can count on high occupancy rates all year long.
  • Moreover, as a hybrid investment, a Davenport vacation home pays you back in 2 ways.
  • Not just as a source of passive income.
  • But as a way to save on lodging, and get more bang for your buck, when you make the trip to Orlando yourself.
  • But short-term rentals aren't the only way to invest in Davenport.
  • Long-term rentals let you cash in on another demographic:
  • Snowbirds!
  • Renting to these seasonal tenants for half the year, as opposed to a new tenant every few days, makes life easier, and gives you peace of mind.
  • But no matter how you use it - as a short-term rental, long-term rental, or full-time residential property - homes for sale in Davenport, Florida make wise investments.
  • Why?
  • Appreciation.
  • Central Florida is one of the fastest-growing areas in the country.
  • And Orlando's popularity as a vacation destination is growing every year, too.
  • That means, while houses for sale in Davenport, FL are highly affordable now, home values, not to mention rental rates, are sure to grow right alongside Davenport's growing population and popularity.

8. Snowbirds

  • We touched on snowbirds a moment ago.
  • But we thought we should expand on it.
  • Because when it comes to reasons to buy homes in Davenport, it's an important factor to consider.
  • Central Florida is one of the country's top destinations for seasonal residents.
  • And Davenport in particular, with its small-town charm and convenient access to local amenities, is one of its top towns.
  • But for many snowbirds, having a seasonal property is a give and take.
  • You take advantage of your property for a quarter to half the year.
  • But you give it up for the rest.
  • But what if, instead of leaving your seasonal home to idle through the dog days of summer, you could put it to work for you while you're away?
  • Davenport, FL investment real estate lets you do just that!
  • With warm weather, championship golf, and great shopping in the Four Corners area just to the north, Davenport, FL houses for sale make the ultimate snowbird nests.
  • And, when you add Disney to that list of assets, they also make the ultimate lodging choice for tourists.
  • Owning Davenport, FL real estate gives you a winter retreat half the year, and a source of passive income the rest.
  • But, of course, you don't have to be a snowbird to make the most of Davenport, FL houses for sale.
  • You can rent your home to snowbirds AND vacationers, and never step foot on the property.
  • It's just money in the bank, and all you have to do is collect!
Snowbirds Houses For Sale In Davenport Fl
Homes For Sale In Davenport Family-Friendly Town

9. Family-Friendly Town

  • Disney is all about family.
  • And you can't get much closer to Disney than Davenport.
  • Homes for sale in Davenport, Florida are perfect for families.
  • Not only do they come imbued with the magic of Disney.
  • They're safe, affordable, and conveniently located.
  • The booming Four Corners area just north of Davenport is chock full of convenient, high-quality shops and restaurants.
  • And of course, where there are lots of businesses, there are lots of jobs.
  • There's a Walmart Supercenter, where the price is right for large families with long grocery lists.
  • As well as an Advent Health E.R. to give you peace of mind and first-rate care.
  • On a budget?
  • In Davenport, Florida, you can find large luxury homes for sale at amazing prices!
  • Including huge homes up to 15 bedrooms.
  • Bring your immediate family AND your extended family when you vacation!
  • Davenport, FL real estate lets you stay in style when you visit Orlando.
  • It also lets you stay in safety, with most vacation homes featuring gated, often guarded, entrances.
  • Which, to bring it full circle, is also a reason it's a family-friendly town.

10. Easy Access from I-4, Route 192, and Route 27

  • Davenport only feels remote
  • It's actually really easy to get to!
  • Three major highways drain all of Central Florida into Davenport.
  • And of course, the inverse is true:
  • Everything is accessible when you live in Davenport.
  • Like the Orlando Airport and Downtown Orlando, both easily reached via I-4.
  • Route 27 connects Davenport to Leesburg in the north and Miami in the south.
  • And I-4 connects it to both Florida coasts!
  • Orlando is huge.
  • So is Florida.
  • But no matter where you are in the Greater Orlando Area, or where you are in the state of Florida, all roads lead to Davenport!
Easy Access in Davenport Fl Homes For Sale
Davenport Fl Homes For Sale with Low HOA Fees

11. Homes with Low HOA Fees

  • When it comes to homes for sale in gated communities, like many of the properties for sale in Davenport, FL, HOA fees are just a fact of life.
  • Condos, townhomes, and single-family homes can all be subject to HOA fees.
  • Which range from a 100 dollars for small, low-maintenance homes, up to 700 dollars for large properties.
  • A not-insignificant chunk of change, whatever end of the spectrum you fall on.
  • But HOA fees can be a blessing in disguise.
  • Think of them almost like an insurance policy.
  • They cover everything from lawn care, to exterior paint, to roof maintenance and repairs.
  • All of which can be very costly to take care of yourself.
  • Much more costly, in some cases, than average HOA fees.
  • Especially in Davenport, where HOA fees, like everything else, can be be surprisingly low.

New Homes for Sale in Davenport, FL

If you're looking for new homes for sale, Davenport, Florida is a great place to start.

Davenport, FL is full of brand-new luxury houses, condos, and townhomes for sale to meet a wide range of needs.

And because land is so cheap in Davenport, builders can afford to sell for less!

Owning a new home comes with a lot of benefits.

Like being the first owner to use it.

Sounds like common sense, but think about it: the first to cook on a brand-new stove top, first to step foot in the shower, first to use the toilet.

And, most importantly, first to fill the home with love and memories.

But owning a new home is great for practical reasons, too.

Like a generous extended warranty.

Most builders offer an unconditional warranty the first year, covering every square inch of your new home.

They often cover water and electric for 2 years, the structure for 10, and the roof for 15.

Giving you peace of mind for years to come.

And finally, a new home comes with the added benefit of strong appreciation.

Older homes can be renovated to add value

And their value can still grow alongside local growth.

But their age is always there like dragging the value back down.

On the other hand, anything you add to a new home, or any amount of growth in the surrounding area, will immediately send you home value soaring!

New Homes for Sale in Davenport, FL
Davenport Florida Homes For Sale With Pool

Pool Homes for Sale in Davenport, FL

Have you always dreamed of owning a home with a pool, but feared you couldn't afford it?

Let Orlando Homes For Sale put those fears to rest.

Because in Davenport, Florida, homes for sale are priced where anyone can afford them.

And that goes for homes with pools, too!

Plus, with most pools in Davenport solar panel-heated, they're not only cheap to buy.

They're cheap to use!

As the premier real estate service in Davenport, FL, Orlando Homes For Sale has a huge selection of handpicked Davenport pool properties.

Including that coveted Davenport specialty: townhomes with pools!

Plus, thanks to short-term-rental-friendly policies, Davenport pool homes make the perfect hybrid investments.

Giving you a personal oasis to escape to any time of year.

And a chance to beat the summer heat that tourists just won't be able to pass up.

Owning a pool means more than just owning a private swimming hole.

The screened enclosures make wonderful extensions to your home.

They're great places to cook, eat, and socialize.

And after the sun goes down, you can open your back doors and windows to let in the the cool night air.

While the screen keeps out mosquitoes and other pests.

Whether you plan to live in your home, rent it out, or both, having a pool is a good investment.

Whatever your needs, Orlando Homes For Sale has the Davenport, FL pool properties for sale to meet them!

Luxury Homes for Sale in Davenport, FL

If you're looking for luxury homes for sale, but you're on a budget, Davenport, Florida has what you're looking for.

Land is cheap in Davenport, letting builders go big with their homes.

Putting big homes on big lots.

And selling them for low prices.

In fact, Davenport home prices rank below both the Orlando and national averages.

Ever dreamed of owning a home on a lake?

A large property with room to park your boat?

Your own dock to enjoy world-class fishing?

Ever think that the dream could become reality?

In Davenport it can!

Davenport, FL has a large selection of luxury houses, including lakefront properties, and even farmhouses, for sale at amazing prices.

With Orlando Homes For Sale, you can find the best luxury Davenport, FL houses for sale, on the the best properties, for your needs!

Luxury Houses For Sale In Davenport Florida
Gated Community Homes for Sale in Davenport, FL

Gated Community Homes for Sale in Davenport, FL

If you're looking for luxury homes for sale, but you're on a budget, Davenport, Florida has what you're looking for.

Land is cheap in Davenport, letting builders go big with their homes.

Putting big homes on big lots.

And selling them for low prices.

In fact, Davenport home prices rank below both the Orlando and national averages.

Ever dreamed of owning a home on a lake?

A large property with room to park your boat?

Your own dock to enjoy world-class fishing?

Ever think that the dream could become reality?

In Davenport it can!

Davenport, FL has a large selection of luxury houses, including lakefront properties, and even farmhouses, for sale at amazing prices.

With Orlando Homes For Sale, you can find the best luxury Davenport, FL houses for sale, on the the best properties, for your needs!

Festival Resort

  • Festival Resort is a gated, short-term-rental-friendly community, with 2-3 bedroom townhomes and an incredible amenities center.
  • It's also a story of second chances, and potential realized.
  • Originally developed by builder, Minto Homes, Festival Resort's colorful history began with a bad decision:
  • To paint every unit a different color of the rainbow, following a lurid paint scheme that turned Festival Resort into a real-life Candyland.
  • But buyers just weren't feeling that festive, and Festival Resort suffered a disastrous opening.
  • Some buyers found their way to the resort in time, but it was clear that Festival, with a great location, amenities center, and homes (on the inside at least), wasn't living up to its potential.
  • And no one saw it more clearly than Ashton Woods Homes.
  • After buying out the development, Ashton Woods Homes got to work repainting and renovating the units.
  • Today, Festival Resort is what it was always meant to be:
  • A great gated community in an unbeatable location, with amazing amenities, affordable prices, and, of course...
  • A nice paint job.
  • Go to our website to check out our full selection of great Festival Resort homes for sale in Davenport, Florida!
Festival Resort Homes For Sale Davenport Fl
Solterra Resort Homes For Sale Davenport Fl

Solterra Resort

  • Like Festival Resort, Solterra is gated, short-term rental friendly, and endowed with great amenities.
  • But it takes things up a notch when it comes to homes.
  • Not only will you find luxury townhouses with more bedrooms than at Festival.
  • Solterra Resort has huge single-family houses for sale at great Davenport, FL prices.
  • With up to 15 bedrooms, formal dining spaces, and private pools, these homes are luxury for less.
  • And they're irresistable to renters, giving them the space, luxury, and privacy of home, in a magical setting.
  • But don't underestimate the investment potential of Solterra townhomes, either.
  • At Solterra, the townhomes come with private pools, too!
  • A rare combination.
  • And one that entices renters with a unique, once-in-a-lifetime lodging experience.
  • To see our great selection of Davenport, FL homes and townhomes for sale at Solterra Resort, head over to our website!

Champions Gate

  • Champions Gate in Davenport, FL combines championship golf, resort-style amenities, and huge luxury houses for sale, in one of the best gated communities in Central Florida.
  • If you love golf, you'll love living at Champions Gate.
  • Where homes can be bought overlooking either of 2 championship courses, the National and International.
  • Designed by star golfer and architect, Greg Norman, the National and International courses offer owners two distinct rounds of golf.
  • One at the National, an American-style course with small, challenging greens, and lots of hazards.
  • And one at the International, a coastal links-style course with long carries, large, rolling greens, and one of Florida's highest difficulty ratings.
  • But golf isn't the only amenity at Champions Gate.
  • From the luxury spa, to the cutting-edge fitness center, to onsite bars and restaurants, Champions Gate has everything you need right at home.
  • And, with easy access to all of Orlando's major points of interest, if it doesn't have what you need, it has a quick way to get to it.
  • All of this makes Champions Gate a great place to live, of course.
  • But these assets, in combination with its proximity to Disney, also make Champions Gate one of the most popular resorts with Disney-goers.
  • Properties for sale in this short-term-rental-friendly Davenport, FL community make incredible hybrid investments.
  • Letting you live like a champion while you're in Orlando.
  • And earn like one while you're away.
  • To see our homes for sale in this great Davenport, FL community, just head to our website!
Champions Gate Houses For Sale In Davenport

FAQ (When Looking for Homes for Sale in Davenport, FL)

  • Buying a home is a long and fairly complicated process.
  • Unless you do it for a living, you're bound to have questions.
  • That's where we come in.
  • As the premiere real estate service in Davenport, FL, Orlando Homes For Sale is here to answer all your questions about properties for sale in this great town.
  • Scroll down to see if your question made our list!

Q: Where are the Best Areas in Davenport, FL to Buy a Home?

A: The Closer to the Parks, the Better!

Davenport, Florida has plenty of great homes for sale in great areas.

But the best properties for sale in Davenport, FL are located close to the Walt Disney World Resort.

As the country's top tourist destination, Disney needs to be accessible via a number of routes in order to handle all the flow.

That's why highways I-4, Route 27, and Route 192 all converge near Disney.

It makes things easy for tourists.

But it also makes things incredibly convenient for locals.

And the closer you live to Disney and the convergence of these highways, the more convenient it gets!

Giving you three easy outlets to the outside world!

Moreover, the closer these short-term-rental-friendly properties are to Disney, the more popular they are with renters.

Meaning if you wanted to use your Davenport home as a hybrid investment, you'd not only have the perfect place to stay when you visit Disney yourself.

But the ultimate option for other people visiting the parks, too!

Q: What is the Best Community with Homes for Sale in Davenport, FL?

A: Champions Gate for Short-Term Rentals. Your Own Piece of Land for Residential.

For luxury, amenities, and access to Disney, Champions Gate is the best community with properties for sale in Davenport, FL.

Homes here are huge, with plans up to 15 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, and room to sleep 36!

They feature well appointed kitchens, upgraded appliances, and private screened-in pools.

Owners also get access to all Champions Gate's unbelievable shared amenities.

Like the state-of-the-art fitness center, resort-style pool with splash pad, and tiki bar.

And, of course, 36 holes of championship golf!

Plus, at just 10 minutes from Disney World, they make great investments!

But if you're looking for something a little more, should we say, organic, why not your own farm?


Davenport, Florida is full of homes for sale on large tracts of land.

Perfect for growing crops or raising cattle.

And perfect as either residential or long-term rental properties.

In Davenport, you can have all the independence of your own farm.

While also having easy access to the convenience of the metro.

Q: Which Communities with Homes for Sale in Davenport, FL are Closest to the Theme Parks?

A: Festival, Champions Gate, and Solterra

Festival Resort, Champions Gate, and Solterra Resort, are the closest Davenport communities to Disney.

At 4 and 1/2 miles, 9 miles, and 11 miles away, respectively.

That also puts them in easy range of three major highways:

I-4, Route 27, and Route 192.

Giving you quick access to Central Florida's major points of interest.

Like Downtown Orlando, the Orlando International Airport, and the Orange County Convention Center.

And letting renters find your hybrid investment with ease.

Q: Where Can I Buy the Best Condos in Davenport, FL

A: Mandalay at Bella Trae

If you're looking for the very best condos for sale in Davenport, you'll find them at Mandalay at Bella Trae.

Mandalay at Bella Trae is a gated condo and townhome community in Champions Gate.

Condos here run as high as 310 thousand.

But with 3 bedrooms, 2 and 1/2 baths, and 2,400 square feet of living space, you get what you pay for.

Q: Where Can I Buy the Best Townhomes in Davenport, FL?

A: Champions Gate

If it's got to be the best, it's got to be Champions Gate.

Champions Gate features the most expensive townhomes for sale in Davenport.

With prices topping out near half a million dollars.

But again, you get what you pay for in Davenport.

Because with 5 beds and 4 baths, these townhomes are more like single-family homes!

Q: Where Can I Find the Best Single-Family Homes for Sale in Davenport, FL?

A: Champions Gate

Once again, the champion is Champions Gate!

Homes for sale at Champions Gate in Davenport, Florida are massive.

Boasting up to 15 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms.

They're also brand new, in real estate terms at least.

With most of the homes here built around 2012.

All single-family homes come with a screened-in pool and lanai, formal dining space, updated kitchen, and at least one huge master suite.

Not to mention access to Champions Gate's amazing amenities center.

Plus, as a short-term-rental-friendly community, Champions Gate

Q: What are the Best Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Davenport, FL?

A: Solterra and Champions Gate

With enormous homes up to 15 bedrooms, both Solterra and Champions Gate are the most lucrative places to invest.

When it comes to vacation homes, bigger is often better.

The more bedrooms, the more you can charge.

And the more extended families continue to discover the benefits of joint vacations, the more people will be willing to pay.

But it's not just large families that are renting these massive vacation homes.

Corporations, too, will rent them out to house their employees on business trips.

Such as to the Orange County Convention Center, just half an hour from Davenport via I-4.

But it's Davenport's proximity to Disney that makes Champions Gate and Solterra really lucrative.

Tourists will book you months in advance for the chance to stay in a luxury home just 10 minutes from Disney!

Q: What County is Davenport, FL In?

A: You Mean What Counties!

Davenport straddles two counties: Osceola and Polk.

Champions Gate, for instance, is in Osceola County.

While Solterra, on the other hand, is in Polk.

But lucky for investors, both Polk and Osceola Counties are short-term rental friendly!

Q: How Far is Davenport from Orlando?

A: 45 Minutes from Downtown Orlando

While Davenport feels somewhat off the grid, it's actually very well located.

With all the convenience and fun of Downtown Orlando just 45 minutes away!

Of course, the Greater Orlando Area is huge.

So the distance to other points of interest varies a lot depending on where in the G.O.A. they're located.

For instance, it will take you around an hour to get from Davenport to the University of Central Florida.

But closer to a half hour to get to I-Drive.

But no matter where you're headed, Davenport's convergence of 3 major highways makes getting there a breeze!

Q: How Far is Davenport from Kissimmee?

A: 30 Minutes from Downtown Kissimmee

At just 30 minutes from Downtown Kissimmee, Davenport gives you easy access to this charming, historic, and newly renovated district.

But like Orlando, Kissimmee is fairly large.

Meaning some spots take longer to get to than others.

So while Downtown Kissimmee is only a half hour away, Remington Golf Club, for instance, is closer to an hour.

Q: What is There to Do in Davenport, FL?

A: Davenport, FL is Full of Fun Things to Do for All Ages!

You might not guess it at first glance, but Davenport is loaded with great local amenities and attractions to keep life there interesting.

Built on the outskirts of Disney, Davenport has sought to capitalize on the theme park's worldwide popularity by installing many of its own exciting points of interest.

Here are a few of our picks for the best things to do In Davenport:

1. Golf at Champions Gate

Florida is known for great golf.

And some of the source of that reputation can be traced right to Davenport.

As home to 2 Greg Norman-designed championship courses, the National and International, Champions Gate in Davenport is a golf mecca.

These two courses offer players 2 completely different rounds of golf.

At the National, they can expect an American-style course, snaking its way through a distinctly Floridian landscape punctuated by small, challenging greens.

While at the International, players are treated to a coastal-links-style course evocative of Norman's native Australia.

In fact, on seeing the site that was to become the International course, Norman is said to have remarked that it looked a lot like home.

The International course boasts long fairways, large undulating greens, and one of the highest course rankings in Florida!

2. Orlando Balloon Rides

While not technically located in Davenport, at just half an hour away, and as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Orlando Balloon Rides just had to be on our list.

Based in neighboring Clermont, Orlando Balloon Rides lets you see Central Florida in a whole new light.

And from a whole new height!

Central Florida is plenty beautiful, but because of the topography and lack of vistas, it's hard to appreciate.

But with Orlando Balloon Rides, you'll see why they call Orlando the "City Beautiful."

Flights last about an hour depending on weather.

And end with a traditional champagne toast and refreshments!

3. True Blue Winery

This blueberry winery lets you enjoy the sophistication of wine tasting in the charming, small-town atmosphere of Davenport.

You can grab a bite and fill your belly at True Blue's onsite bistro, or grab a bag fill it with blueberries as you go picking in True Blue's orchard!

And, of course, no visit is complete without taking home the ultimate potable souvenir - a bottle of True Blue's award-winning wine!

True Blue Winery is the perfect place to spend a slow afternoon.

But it's not afraid to get lively, either, taking advantage of its beautiful bucolic setting to host events such as weddings and concerts.

4. Wood and Stain DIY Wood Shop

For a totally original family outing, check out the Wood and Stain DIY Wood Shop!

As the tourist capital of the world, the Orlando Area is chock full of souvenir shops.

But few of them let you take home a totally original souvenir you make yourself.

At the Wood and Stain DIY Wood Shop, however, you can do just that.

Just pick out your wood, your stain, and your stencil, and set to work making a souvenir that's as unique as you!

Plus, you can bring your own snacks and wine to add a little "craft services" to your crafting.

5. Posner Park Shopping Mall

This large outdoor shopping mall has everything you need to scratch your retail itch.

From things to beautify your home at Home Goods and Ashley Furniture, to things to beautify yourself at Burlington and Beall's, Posner Park Shopping Mall is full of great stores.

There are also lots of great places to eat.

Like Cici's Pizza, Zen Asian Grill, and Sake Sushi.

Plus, as an outdoor retail center, Posner Park Mall lets you enjoy the beautiful Davenport weather while you shop!

Q: Are Homes for Sale in Davenport, FL Safe?

A: Very!

Davenport boasts a convenient location near Orlando's major points of interest.

But it's just out of the way enough to give it the safety of a rural setting.

Plus, most properties for sale in Davenport, FL are in gated, often guarded, communities.

Giving you even more safety and peace of mind!

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