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3 beds
3 baths
2,281 SqFt

MLS #: O6014155 | Single Family Residence




4 beds
3 baths
2,555 SqFt

MLS #: O6008127 | Single Family Residence




1 beds
1 baths
410 SqFt

MLS #: O6008010 | Single Family Residence


Why Buy a Property in Clermont Florida?

Clermont Fl Real Estate For Sale Have  Great Prices And A Small-town Appeal

Great home prices and a small-town appeal

  • Clermont Fl is a family-oriented community located in the greater Orlando area. It is a well-connected suburb. Major tourist crowds, however, usually stay in downtown Orlando. Clermont is located near the famous Orlando theme parks, however, but it is outside of the central tourist district. On the contrary, it is a classified as a residential Orlando community nestled in the beautiful central Florida country side.
  • The land here is luscious and fertile to support Florida’s considerable agricultural industry. On average, the price of land in Clermont Fl is cheaper than its neighbouring districts. Therefore, interested property buyers get a win-win investment in this beautiful town. Houses in Clermont Fl and other real estate properties here are more affordable than in the surrounding and neighbouring cities. Simply put, there is cheap land in Clermont allowing you to capitalise on this great investment opportunity.
  • Celebration, Dr. Phillips and Winter Park are just some of the other notable greater Orlando communities. However, these three are all located directly next to downtown Orlando. Therefore, these areas are generally more expensive and draw in massive hordes of tourists, especially during the summer months and holiday seasons.

Avoid the tourist traps

  • Though Clermont is a well-known community in the central Florida region, it still has its own local flavour and a great sense of community. It is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of vacationers, tourists and spring-breakers. Clermont sits directly west of Orlando and Northwest of the famous Kissimmee. Orlando and Kissimmee both claim millions of tourists and international visitors every year. That international influence is noticeable in both of these cities. However, Clermont is situated away from this boisterous atmosphere and maintains its culture of serenity and order.
  • When you buy a property for sale in Clermont you will feel absolutely at home. Get ready to get neighbourly with other families and famers while savouring the charming, natural terrain. Again, Clermont Fl is still considered part of the greater Orlando area so take advantage of city amenities when you feel like it. Frequent the local pubs and restaurants on weekends and then return to your home in Clermont Fl for a quiet retreat.
Buy A House For Sale In Clermont And Avoid The Tourist Traps
Homes For Sale In Clermont Fl Are Truly The Perfect Location

Truly the perfect location

  • Considering Clermont’s slow pace of life, it is still well-connected to the major Orlando theme parks. Visit Disney World, Universal Studios and Seaworld when guests come into town. In just a 30 minutes drive, you can say hi to Mickie and Minnie, swim with dolphins, and explore The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Hop on the highway at Route 27 and/or Route 50 and get to your destination in the blink of an eye. In Clermont, you can live it all: world-renowned theme parks, restaurants, and unlimited choices for entertainment as well as a myriad of property options.

Fun for the whole family

  • Clermont is the place for families considering the Orlando region. Clermont was voted “The Best City to Live In” by Orlando Business Journal’s Readers’ Choice Awards. It especially attracts young families and many retirees looking to settle into a comfortable environment.
  • Oppositely, downtown Orlando attracts internationals and young professionals. For those who are looking for a family-oriented place that offers a higher quality of life, calm, and tranquility, Clermont is the option that stands a head above the rest.
Fun For The Whole Family When You Buy A House For Sale In Clermont Fl
Buy In Clermont Homes For Sale And Get Great Schools

Great schools

  • Some of the best schools to enhance your child’s education are located in Clermont. Each has a different focus or specialisation to stimulate your child and help them reach their full academic, athletic and artistic potential.
  • Here, there are plenty of options for public and private education at every level. Choose from charter schools and Montessori schools too! Class sizes are smaller on average as there are a high number of elementary, junior high and high schools. Clermont school offer the best for children and students of all ages.
  • To keep your child learning and stimulated even after the school bell rings, plenty of exciting extracurricular activities are offered at the Clermont Arts and Recreation Center. Your child is sure to succeed with these options for advancement and performance.

Clermont Vacation Homes

Clermont has an added, unique appeal. It is a Mecca of vacation homes for residents of other states and countries with long and snowy winters. Many snow birds living in Canada and New York choose to keep a vacation home in Florida and use it seasonally. Some even live in their Florida vacation home for half of the year and then return home for the other half.

Use your Clermont house or property for your own purposes. With a vacation home in Clermont Fl, you can easily host friends and family. Some vacation home owners come for only a short period of time to enjoy their property seasonally while others stay for extended periods of time. You have flexibility and choice on your side when you buy a vacation home in Clermont.

Vacation Homes For Sale In Clermont Florida

Dual-Purpose Properties in Clermont Fl

Still other real estate-savvy buyers use their Clermont homes as hybrid investments. Whenever they’r not using the home, they simply rent it out. This sweet deal allows you to make money and use your unbeatable Clermont property to your utmost advantage. Consider Clermont homes for sale and Clermont Fl real estate to truly take advantage of your property investment—use it when it suits you, then make money off it when it doesn’t.

Clermont Fl is definitely an area to consider when you are interested in buying a property for hybrid use. Some areas in Clermont do allow for short term rentals which means that you can rent out your property to as many short term visitors as you want or need.

However, there are also some parts of Clermont that do not allow for short term rental contracts. If you’re looking for a house to rent, for short term rentals, you have to buy in the right communities. 80% of homes in greater Orlando are located in an HOA community. They offer amenities centers, common areas, and common swimming pools and saunas. Most of these HOA communities, however, do not allow for short term rentals. But fear not! This is where the Authentic Real Estate Team can help.

Finding rental-approved properties is a speciality of our team. Consult with your Authentic Real Estate agent today in order to find the rental property of your dreams.

Near Clermont Homes For Sale

Homes For Sale Near Clermont Fl

If a rental property or hybrid investment is not on your mind, consider making a house for sale in Clermont your forever home.

The Authentic Real Estate Team can help you find one of the many homes for sale near Clermont, within Clermont, and in the surrounding Clermont area as well.

Kissimmee, another great city to consider, is located just a few kilometres southeast of Clermont and is one of the closest communities in central Florida to Walt Disney World. Many vacation homes and resorts are located in Kissimmee and Davenport. Of course, these homes are a little bit closer to the city of Orlando itself than the ones in Clermont. Yet another city that neighbours Clermont is called Winter Garden. Winter Garden offers numerous homes for sale and has a rich and historic legacy.

The Benefits of Buying New Homes in Clermont Fl

Yet another advantage of buying Clermont homes is that they are generally very new and/or have been renovated recently. There are so many homes to consider here. Options include townhouses, condos, and single family homes.

These diverse and luxurious properties range in price and style. There are truly new homes for sale in Clermont Fl for every buyer. Benefits of buying a new home in Clermont are a plenty. With a new home, you are the first buyer to inhabit the property. That means that the risk of previous wear and tear or neglect is completely nullified.

Additionally, with a new house in Clermont you are guaranteed warranty on the roof, plumbing and electricity for a term of at least one year. If anything happens to your new property in this period, the builder must come and fix it, no questions asked.

Furthermore, new homes appreciate in value much quicker than older homes. Especially in a community like Clermont, the rate of appreciation is sure to rise quickly and steadily.

Pool Homes and Properties For Sale In Clermont Fl

  • Not surprising, Florida is known for its sunshine and consistently moderate weather, year round. The central Florida area attracts water sport enthusiasts, swimmers, rowers, sailors, and water skiers alike.
  • This poses as a definite plus for home owners as well. Most homes for sale in Clermont feature a built-in pool. Many others are also located lakeside and offer spectacular waterfront views.
  • The majority of homes with pools have a screen enclosure called a lanai. The lanai is important and unique to central Florida as it is a screen built around a pool or spa that allows for fresh air to pass through but blocks out bugs and mosquitoes. This means that you can simply open your sliding glass living room door and sit poolside while enjoying a drink in your hand without annoying pests buzzing around.
  • A pool creates an amazing nighttime atmosphere. A huge perk of having a pool home in the Clermont area is that you can enjoy it year-round. Most houses for sale in Clermont fl with pools are heated through solar panels attached to the roof of a home. This saves you massive electricity costs for pool heating. Use your pool 365 days a year, even in the dead of winter. Even in December and January you’ll see that the water temperature is still moderate and warm allowing you to swim whenever you want. A poolside Christmas? Yes please!
Clermont Fl Real Estate For Sale With Pool
Lakeside Homes For Sale In Clermont Fl

Lakeside Properties For Sale In Clermont Fl

  • If a pool is not of interest, but you are still interested in water access, consider a lakefront property in Clermont. There are numerous lakes in Clermont. The most largest and most famous of these are Lake Minneola and Lake Minnehaha. When most people think “lakefront” they associate a huge price tag with a property. However, when you buy a waterfront or lakefront property in Clermont you’ll be pleasantly surprised by an incredibly low and affordable price.

Luxury Homes For Sale In Clermont Fl

  • If you’re looking for a large, luxury home with the privacy of a small town and the access and prominence of a city, look no further than Clermont Fl.
  • Many luxury properties in this community are directly on a lake convergence area. What’s great about this is that, as a boat owner, you can park at your own private dock that backs up to your living room or patio. You can have your boat parked at your house rather than paying for docking or licensing at a private harbor. Though luxury homes for sale in Clermont Fl are spacious and quality, they are extremely cheap in comparison to luxury properties in other states like California or New York.
Luxury Houses For Sale In Clermont Fl

Diverse Properties in Clermont Fl

Besides homes, Clermont has many property options to consider. If a single-family home is not suited for your needs, The Authentic Real Estate Team can help you find an alternative that is perfectly tailored to your taste.

Condos For Sale In Clermont Fl

Condos for sale in Clermont FL

  • Condos in Clermont range in size and style from 1 to 4 bedrooms. Most condos in this community is quite new and offer fantastic amenities. The benefits of condos in Clermont are abundant.
  • A smaller property saves you the hassle of extensive cleaning and maintenance. When it comes to the exterior of your condo, you’re completely taken care of. As a Clermont townhouse or condo owner, you don’t have to worry about the exterior of you property. As all condos in Clermont opt in to an HOA, your condo will automatically be services when its time. The HOA services the home with regular painting, roof maintenance, and lawn and greenery service. Roofs are generally replaced every 15 years. Gardens are groomed and lawns are cut very regularly.
  • Consider a Clermont condo for a truly care-free, Florida lifestyle.

Clermont Fl Homes For Sale in Serenity Resort

  • As aforementioned, short term rentals are allowed or disallowed by the individual communities of Clermont. Some allow for these weekly or monthly agreements and some do not. Serenity resort is one such community that allows for the short term rental of homes for hybrid investors or seasonal Florida residents.
  • Prices in Serenity Resort are some of the best especially in comparison to other short term rental areas in the greater Orlando area. Properties are relatively newer and all feature their own private pool with great access to amazing amenities.
  • In short, properties in Serenity Resort are three to four bedroom townhouses with private pools that can be rented in the short term. They are wonderful for families and retirees who are looking for low-maintenance but high quality properties.
Clermont Fl Homes For Sale in Serenity Resort

Homes for sale in Clermont Fl: FAQ

To ease the homebuying process we’ve filtered and collected the answers to the questions most-asked by Clermont property buyers. We are here to support you in finding the finest homes for sale near Clermont Fl that are right for you and your family. Read on for the best, most up-to-date information.

Where Is Clermont Florida?

Clermont is a community with history, culture and a beautiful natural landscape. Located just 22 miles west of Orlando and 22 miles southeast of Leesburg, this residential city has a lot of character. Its economy is based on retail trade, agriculture, lodging and entertainment.

It has a population of approximately 35,000 and is situated in Lake County, Florida as a flagship of the greater Orlando area.

Clermont, the "Citrus Capitol" of Florida, was first established in 1884 and later incorporated in 1916 amongst the rolling green hillside of central Florida.

What To Do In Clermont Fl?

Clermont offers many old-world attractions with modern flairs. Children and adults of all ages will enjoy the various activities that this quaint city has to offer. Homes for sale in Clermont Fl offer breathtaking views of the citrus groves surrounding the Florida Citrus Tower. Pay homage to our founding fathers at the Presidents Hall of Fame. Enjoy your fill of fun in the sun with a day at the lake. In Clermont, there is something for everyone.

Florida Citrus Tower

Florida Citrus Tower was built in 1956 as an effort to showcase the groves of citrus built among the rolling Florida hillside. It still stand alongside Highway 27, just a bit north of the point where State Road 50 and US-27 intersect.

In the 1950s and 1960s hundred of thousands of citrus trees decorated the acres across central Florida. It stands 500 feet above sea level providing visitors with a thorough view of the area. Take the trip 22-stories into the air up to the glass observation deck and see Clermont for yourself. Get a 360 view of the lakes, national parks and landscape that makes central Florida a world-renowned place to live and visit.

If you look closely along the horizon you might even get a glimpse of Walt Disney World and downtown Orlando from above.

Presidents Hall of Fame

When President Reagan visited the Presidents Hall of Fame, he described it as a “true national treasure.” What started as a wax museum has turned into an exhibition of presidential memorabilia, animatronics and miniatures.

The museum owns and displays historical artifacts such as White House china, Christmas cards, decor and household goods. If you don’t have time to visit Mount Rushmore or the Lincoln Memorial in person, the Presidents Hall of Fame has got you covered. Here, you’ll find miniatures and replicas of many national monuments.

A wax figure of the current U.S. President and First Lady greet visitors as they arrive.

Get ready to salute some of our founding fathers when you visit the Presidents Hall of Fame, just a short drive from your Clermont home. Feel at home in Clermont knowing that our presidents are ready to welcome you to your new community.

Clermont’s Chain of Lakes

When the lake and lapping waters are calling, head down to the shores of Lake Louisa, Lake Minneola and Lake Minnehaha.

These three lakes comprise the Clermont Chain of Lakes. This chain of lakes runs southeast to northwest. They are all fed by the Palatlakaha River and the Ocklawaha River.

The largest of these three serene lakes is Lake Louisa and features Lake Louisa State Park on its south side.

Whichever lake you choose for your water-sport adventures, you’ll be sure to enjoy an amazing time! Choose from almost any water sport you can imagine. Enjoy a relaxing day boating, or get your heart rate up with a kayak trip. Paddleboard in the morning to get a glimpse of the sun rising over Clermont. Swim laps for a refreshing, open water workout. The choice is yours when you consider Clermont Florida real estate listings.

Clermont Watersports Complex and the Jetsurf Academy

If you’re looking for a completely unique lake experience found nowhere else in Florida, look no further than the Clermont Watersport complex.

These estate’s complex offers Watersport rental, lessons and activities of every kind. All people of all skill levels and ages are sure to have a thrilling experience with jetsurfing lessons. Yes, you read that right! Jetsurfing is surfing with the lightest, motorised surfboard. Reach speeds of up to 36 mph as you cruise along the clear blue waters of the lake beneath you.

Discover a new hobby or passion at the Jetsurf Academy, the only one of its kind in Florida.

If that sounds a little too thrilling, you can stick to kayaking, paddle-boarding, and fishing for your prized catch.

The Clermont Watersport complex is also ready to host your private party or event and your company’s social functions.

Lake Louisa State Park

For nature-lovers, Lake Louisa State Park is the perfect escape into the wild. This state park is known for its diverse array of wildlife such as deer, bobcats, gopher tortoises, fox squirrel, osprey and even bald eagles.

Here you’ll have plenty of trails to choose from for your hiking adventure or mountain biking excursion. You’ll find over 20 miles of multi-use, unpaved trails to really connect back with nature just thirty minutes outside of the fast-paced Orlando area.

Camping is also an extremely popular activity in Lake Louisa State Park. You are also welcome to really sleep beneath the stars and bring your own tent or rent a cabin. This is the perfect spot for those needing a weekend getaway to reconnect with the beautiful, natural environment.

Clermont Downtown Partnership's Farmers Market

Clermont has a long history and tradition of local farmers coming together to bring fresh produce and homemade goods to the community. And it’s no wonder why—agriculture helped to shape and bolster the economy of Clermont.

On Sunday mornings, you will find producers and farmers of all specialities from the area sell their produce to eager members of the community. Clermont’s Farmers Market offers the freshest seasonal variety of vegetables and fruits. This is the place to go if you are looking for organic food and lush varieties to add to your healthy plate. Incorporate green, local, and sustainable food into your diet. The Florida sun supplies abundance and nourishment.

From 9AM to 1PM on Sundays, enjoy the family friendly activity of roaming the produce stalls of over 60 vendors. They offer pesticide free organic produce, seafood, baked goods, houseplants, coffee, pastas, cheese, breads, crafts and so much more. You’ll also find food trucks, local musicians, and cooking demonstrations make their appearance at the Clermont Downtown Partnership’s Farmers Market.

Clermont—A City of Connection

Clermont is centrally located and offers easy connections to the other cities in the area. This is one of the reasons that Clermont real estate is so popular—travel convenience. Clermont is unique in this way.


While Clermont is a sleepy suburb with residential and agricultural touches, it is still very close to Orlando and to all of its major theme parks and attractions. Depending on where you are in Clermont, getting to Orlando is only about a 20 to 30 minute drive.

Simply hop onto Interstate 50 or 408 and you’ll be there before you can say “bippity boppity boo.”


People who come to the Orlando area also want to experience the colorful and exciting city of Miami. For a completely different perspective, visit Miami from your Clermont home or property. Miami is known for its distinctly Latin American influence and culture as well as its pristine beaches and raging nightlife. It is especially popular for young people and fun seekers.

As a Clermont homowner, Miami is within reach. You can catch a major league football, basketball, hockey or baseball game in no time. Make this southern drive in just a little over three hours via Florida’s turnpike.


If you’re looking for some academic or intellectual stimulation, then head to Gainesville. The fastest route from Clermont is Interstate 75. You’ll only be on the road for an hour and a half before you hit the University of Florida.

Spend the day in Gainesville touring its world-class lineup of incredible museums. The Florida Museum of Natural History is home to numerous fossils, a butterfly rainforest and a myriad of ethnographic exhibitions. Art lovers will enjoy walking the halls of the prestigious Harn Museum of Art which displays an abundance of Asian and African artworks.

Walt Disney World

This destination needs no explanation. Walt Disney World is truly the diamond of all theme parks. Having this theme park so close only heightens Clermont Fl home values.

The “most magical place on Earth” is only a 30 minute drive from your Clermont Fl home. You can spend an entire day or weekend exploring this enchanting and immersive theme park then retreat to your suburban home.


Another great city that offers tons to see and experience in central Florida is Kissimmee. Get to this neighbouring community in just under 50 minutes. If you’re looking for a little change of scenery, then Kissimee is the ideal place to visit.

Here, you can experience outdoor adventures such as hot-air ballooning and enjoy a fine dining experience at one of the Kissimmee’s world-class bars or restaurants.


Yet another amazing city to explore in central Florida is Tampa, the surrounding Tampa Bay Area and the Gulf Coast. Its famous for its Busch Gardens, another theme park with its own unique spin. Busch Gardens is an African and safari themed amusement park with thrill rides and animal viewing areas.

Additionally, the historic Ybor district of Tampa is known throughout the country as a premiere nightlife and dining destination.

To get to Tampa from your Clermont home, simply take the I4 (Interstate 4) west and you will reach this vibrant city within an hour and a half.

How close are homes for sale in Clermont Fl to the beach?

You can experience the best lake living in Clermont and beach retreats are just an hour away. Drive west and you will reach the Tampa Bay area. Clearwater Beach is known as one of the nicest in Florida and sits on the Gulf of Mexico. It offers a glorious stretch of soft, white sand which draws in visitors for jet-skiing, parasailing, cyclists and rollerbladers.

The beachfront promenade is home to numerous seafood restaurants and local cafés. Every night, Pier 60 play host to street performers and craft vendors wanting to entertain and sell to passersby.

Head the other direction on I4 east and you will hit Daytona Beach. This beach is on the untameable Atlantic Ocean! It is most famous for the Daytona International Speedway which hosts the 500 NASCAR race. It’s boardwalk holds ride and games for children to enjoy. Just a few feet from the beach is Daytona Lagoon water park which offers go-carting, laser tag and waterslides.

Therefore, your home in Clermont Fl is situated in the middle of these two beaches and is about a one-hour drive from each.

What is There to Eat In Clermont Fl?

Clermont offers an array of food and dining options sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. Here is a list of some of the most popular restaurants in the Clermont area.

The Crooked Spoon Gastropub

This food truck turned local eatery offers a great selection of craft beers. The dining experience is chef-driven and local ingredients are sources to heighten the flavours of each dish. Enjoy lunch or dinner and a cocktail at this local treasure.

I Love NY Pizza Restaurant Bar & Grill

If you’re looking for something fast and easy, I Love NY Pizza has got great pies, pastas, subs and meat entrees. Every visitor praises its delicious garlic knots.

Guru Catering

When you have a taste for something with a little more spice, Guru Catering has the best Indian-style options to choose from. It’s rated #1 out 146 restaurants in Clermont and is also vegetarian and vegan-friendly. Dine in or take out. For a special occasion, order catering from this local staple.

How is the weather is Clermont Fl?

Homes for sale in Clermont Fl and their owners have the massive benefit of year-round moderate weather. In Central Florida, you will find that summer is long. The sun shines ten months out of the year. December and January are cooler and wetter months but there are still many indoor activities to enjoy in Clermont. Many pool homes for sale in Clermont Fl have heated water allowing for aquatic sport and comfort throughout the year.

What is the closest international airport?

When you consider homes for sale in Clermont Fl, you won’t have to worry about your connection to the world. Orlando International Airport is only 35 miles away. In just a 40 minute drive, you can catch a flight to your destination. Alternatively, welcome visitors and guests coming in from all over the world.

Is Clermont Florida A Safe Place To Live?

Clermont Fl is a suburb located in the beautiful, Florida countryside. The safety standard is incredibly high. Compared to the national average, crime rates are Clermont are low. Put you mind at ease knowing that when you purchase one of the many homes for sale in Clermont Fl, your community is safe and secure.

Searching for Homes for Sale in Clermont Fl? Count On the Clermont Real Estate Team!

The Authentic Real Estate Team is here for all of your real estate needs. Our team is accountable, honest, and dedicated. We always make sure that our clients’ home ownership dreams come true!

We are here to support you in every step of your property buying process. Authentic Real Estate Team is a family business with integrity and experience. We are a full-service property agency that can guide you in all of your investment and property management decisions.

You’ll find the best real estate experts at Authentic Real Estate Team. Residential and vacation homes and properties are our specialty. Each expert has the experience to guide you in choosing the home that is right for your needs and budget. Our team promises and delivers options and commitment every time.

Selling, buying, or renting, the Authentic Real Estate Team is your go-to agency. Count on us and our team of lenders, inspectors, closing agents, property managers and home furnishers for the most up-to-date information on available properties. Customer satisfaction is our 100% guarantee.

If you’re looking for a homes for sale in Clermont Fl, the choice is clear. Call the Authentic Real Estate Team today!

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