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Celebration Florida Homes for Sale:
Celebration Real Estate

If you are looking for Celebration Florida homes for sale you need to know it was built by Disney, Celebration is a master-planned community in Kissimmee, Florida.

With no fewer than 15 distinct subdivisions, it's amenable to an array of lifestyles. Love golf? The golf course views at North Village might be on par with your tastes. Have kids?

West Village puts you within walking distance of Celebration School, one of the top-rated k-8's in the state! Celebration, Florida also boasts a wide range of homes for sale. From single-family houses, to condos, to townhomes, in Celebration, FL, you'll find homes for sale for every taste. And with prices ranging from the low 200's up to 7 million dollars, homes for every budget! Of course, with so much variation, narrowing it down is a challenge. But at Authentic Real Estate Team, our experience and knowledge let us help you hone in on the perfect Celebration, Florida houses, townhomes, or condos for your needs!

See below the best Celebration Florida real estate for sale, when your dream is by the best deal

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5 beds
5 baths
6,647 SqFt

MLS #: O6170797 | Single Family Residence




6 beds
6 baths
8,030 SqFt

MLS #: O6139552 | Single Family Residence




6 beds
6 baths
6,560 SqFt

MLS #: S5052653 | Single Family Residence




6 beds
6 baths
6,060 SqFt

MLS #: O5938603 | Single Family Residence




6 beds
4 baths
6,700 SqFt

MLS #: O6186168 | Single Family Residence




5 beds
6 baths
6,241 SqFt

MLS #: S5090450 | Single Family Residence




6 beds
5 baths
4,260 SqFt

MLS #: O6190314 | Single Family Residence




4 beds
3 baths
3,149 SqFt

MLS #: O6198107 | Single Family Residence




8 beds
5 baths
4,973 SqFt

MLS #: O6123979 | Single Family Residence




8 beds
5 baths
4,973 SqFt

MLS #: O6149276 | Single Family Residence




7 beds
5 baths
4,973 SqFt

MLS #: O6159670 | Single Family Residence




5 beds
4 baths
4,102 SqFt

MLS #: O6202881 | Single Family Residence

Why Buy a Property in Celebration, FL?

The better question might be, why not!

With Disney-level attention to detail, gorgeous houses, a prime location, great schools, world-class amenities, and frequent fun events, Celebration, Florida is more than just a town.

It's exactly what Walt Disney dreamed from the beginning - a community of tomorrow.

Best location In Celebration Florida homes for sale

1. Location, Location, Location - Celebration, FL Homes for Sale

  • Developed by Disney, Celebration is a master-planned community in the heart of Kissimmee, Florida.
  • It may come as no surprise, then, that Celebration is located just 5 minutes from the Walt Disney World Resort.
  • But Disney wasn't simply trying to add another attraction to its growing Central Florida theme park kingdom.
  • The developers of Celebration wanted it to be a fully functioning modern community.
  • With all the ease of access to local amenities you'd expect from an exclusive luxury town.
  • So they gave Celebration a strategic central location just off I-4.
  • Orlando's most famous highway, and outlet to many of its best known points of interest.
  • Such as Downtown Orlando, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld.
  • I-4 also connects Celebration to both Florida coasts, taking you southwest to Tampa and northeast to Daytona Beach.
  • Moreover, Celebration boasts easy access to State Road 417, which connects to the Orlando International Airport.
  • As well as US 192, a vacation home-lined highway famous the world over for its many tourist attractions.
  • Such as Old Town and Fun Spot.
  • But although it offers ease of access to all points of Greater Orlando, in Celebration, you don't have to go far to find the things you need.
  • Because in Downtown Celebration, known as the Town Center, you'll find them all.
  • Including a post office, Bank of America, Suntrust, Publix grocery, a gas station, and more!

2. Great Schools - Celebration, FL Homes for Sale

  • Moving is a huge decision - especially when you have kids.
  • You want what's best for their futures, but will you find it at Celebration?
  • Let's take a look at why Celebration, FL single-family houses for sale draw so many young families - like the Hargills!
Great Schools when you buy houses for sale in Celebration Fl

Meet the Hargills!

  • Meet Vicky and Dan, and their two kids, Bryan, 7, and Marla, 16.
  • The Hargills just bought a new home in Celebration, Florida, and the kids couldn't be more excited!
  • Living in a town dreamed up by none other than Walt Disney?!
  • Wait till their friends hear they closed on the house!
  • Vicky and Dan are even excited for them, but not just because of Disney.
  • They're excited for their kids' futures.
  • That's because, before they made an offer, Vicky and Dan did what every homebuyer should - research.
  • And they found out that, in Celebration, they wouldn't have to worry about their kids' educations.
  • In fact, it's one of the main reasons they bought the house!
Celebrate Education!
  • Bryan will be attending Celebration School, a public K-8 with a 9/10 rating by
  • Where students, according to Great Schools' annual review, were found to be performing well above average on testing.
  • As well as on year-over-year improvement.
  • Including students from low-income or otherwise disadvantaged backgrounds!
  • For Marla, it will be Celebration High School.
  • Where an above-average percentage of graduates go on to pursue higher education at college or vocational schools
  • Setting Marla firmly on course to the college education Vicky and Dan have always imagined for her.
The Mouse Trap
  • Of course, Bryan and Marla are none the wiser.
  • They're under the magic spell of the Mouse.
  • If they've thought about school, it's in terms of what everyone else will be wearing, not performance standards.
  • The Mouse's magic spell has saved Vicky and Dan a lot of grief.
  • They won't hear the protests that usually come with uprooting your kids from one school, friend group, and life, and planting them in another.
  • And someday, their kids will thank them for setting them up for success.
When you buy in Celebration property for sale you find a ver safe place

3. Very Safe Place to Live - Celebration, FL Homes for Sale

  • As you'd expect from a town conceived by Disney, the homes for sale in Celebration, FL make some of the safest in the state.
  • Celebration is an upscale, family-oriented town.
  • And it does everything in its power to maintain that reputation.
  • It even has its own private security force!
  • And its efforts are reflected in the numbers.
  • Residents of Celebration enjoy a very low 1 percent chance of being the victims of a crime.
  • Compare that to the nearly 6 percent chance faced by residents of Greater Orlando, and the difference is clear to see!

4. Upscale Community - Celebration, FL Homes for Sale

  • Another thing that makes Celebration, Florida real estate so attractive is its premium quality.
  • Celebration, FL real estate represents some of the best for sale in Florida, with new construction houses featuring lakefront and golf course views, private pools, expensive finishes, up to 7 bedrooms and 15,000 square feet!
  • As you might expect, houses for sale in Celebration, FL are on the upper end of Greater Orlando's price spectrum.
  • Ranging up to 7 million dollars.
  • Not a problem for the many international celebrities, like TV presenter, Silvio Santos, who call Celebration home.
  • But what about you?
  • If you aren't rich and famous, don't worry - you don't have to be a celebrity to live in Celebration!
  • Condos starting at around just 200k put this town within reach of anybody.
  • And with Authentic Real Estate Team experienced professionals to negotiate on your behalf, townhomes and single-family houses in Celebration, Florida can be had at great prices, too!
Celebration Fl homes for sale in a Upscale Community
A family oriented neighboor in Celebration Fl homes for sale

5. Family Oriented - Celebration, FL Homes for Sale

  • When Walt Disney conceived of Celebration, he famously envisioned a place where neighbor greets neighbor.
  • A throwback to the community standards and family values of the mid 20th century.
  • He wanted this ethos reflected in the architecture.
  • A mix of the Art Deco, Colonial Revival, and Victorian styles popular when Disney was a young man.
  • But he also wanted it reflected in more substantial ways.
  • To that end, Celebration strives to foster a strong sense of community.
  • With ample public spaces and a robust calendar of events to bring residents together.
  • It's also pet friendly, with several dog parks giving pooches and people a place to get to know one another.
  • And all the effort that went into planning Celebration, and that continues to go into planning its events, seems to be working.
  • As most of the owners who call Celebration home are families.
  • Who come not only for the strong sense of community, but for good schools, a great location, and unmatched safety, too!

6. Master Plan Developed by Disney - Celebration, FL Homes for Sale

  • Disney has always strived for excellence in everything they do.
  • Be it in films, theme parks, or merchandise, Disney shows what happens when quality, creativity, and smart branding converge.
  • And Celebration is no exception.
  • It was developed to be the premier community in Orlando.
  • And a standard bearer for communities of the future.
  • Celebration, FL features luxury houses for sale, amazing shared amenities, pristine landscaping, a strict HOA, and a full and varied calendar of events.
  • All planned and executed with exactly the attention to detail and quality for which Disney is known.
Houses for sale in Celebration in a master plan developed by Disney
Practice Sports When Buy A Home For Sale in Celebration Fl

7. Practice Sports - Celebration, FL Homes for Sale

Love to play sports?

Then you'll have a ball at Celebration!

Celebration, Florida real estate comes with access to a range of public sports and rec amenities.

From basketball courts, to grassy fields perfect for football and soccer, to trails through the woods and around the lake, and a flood of heated swimming pools.

There are also a number of private sports institutions in Celebration.

These include:

  • Celebration Golf Club - The final course designed by father/son architects Robert Trent Jones Sr. and Jr., this course is famous the world over for its challenging play, scenic layout, and luxury clubhouse. Lessons offered, too!
  • Celebration Tennis - Celebration Tennis maintains a collection of 168 courts and provides lessons for men, women, and children!
  • Academy of Martial Arts - Learn Taekwondo, Aikida, Krav Maga, Kummooyeh, and more from masters of the arts.
  • Gracie Barra - Through the art of Jiu-Jitsu, the Gracie Barra School of Celebration Florida teaches discipline, respect, and self defense. And it's a great way to stay in shape!

8. Recreation - Celebration, FL Homes for Sale

  • Celebration is divided into several subdivisions.
  • And each of these subdivisions features its very own amenities center.
  • They're packed with fun things to do for active families.
  • There are picnic pavilions, sports courts, walking trails, playgrounds, activity lawns, and fitness centers.
  • And what upscale Florida community would be complete without a pool?
  • Celebration doesn't have just one, but 4 large community pools.
  • There are also several smaller wading pools, and pools exclusive to owners at Mirasol and Artisan Park.
  • Not to mention, Celebration, FL has plenty of houses for sale with private pools.
Recreation For All Family When You Buy In Celebration Florida Homes For Sale
A Beautiful/Inspiring/Magical Place to Live When ou Buy in Celebration, FL Homes for Sale

9. A Beautiful/Inspiring/Magical Place to Live - Celebration, FL Homes for Sale

  • Disney pours so much imagination into everything it does, it's hard to see the results and not feel a little inspired.
  • And that's exactly the point!
  • Whether it's through their theme parks, or through their classic movies, Disney creates immersive experiences that lets us recapture the imagination of childhood.
  • And Celebration was designed to be one such experience.
  • At Celebration, beautiful architecture and pristine landscaping inspire you every day.
  • While copious options for exercise and social activities let you channel that inspiration into self-improvement.
  • With Celebration, Florida real estate, you not only get a new lease on a beautiful home...
  • You get a new lease on life!

10. Socializing and Making Friends - Celebration, FL Homes for Sale

  • As we've mentioned, part of Celebration's master plan includes a wealth of social venues and activities.
  • Many clubhouses feature meeting halls where you can hold social events indoors.
  • Or, if you'd rather enjoy the beautiful Florida sunshine, picnic pavilions and activity lawns let you take your event outside!
  • Schools in Celebration are close-knit, and many parents get to know each other through school events.
  • Not to mention, the many playgrounds also make great places to make friends - for kids and parents alike!
  • Of course, nothing builds lasting relationships like you and your foursome facing down the challenge of Celebration Golf Club once a week.
  • Plus, with a full and varied schedule of activities - from holiday street parties, to farmers markets, to concerts, movie screenings, and food truck events - there's always something to do!
When Buying A House For Sale In Celebration Florida You Will Be Able To Socialize And Make New Friends
Access To The Golf Club When Buying A House For Sale In Celebration

11. Celebration Golf Club - Celebration, FL Homes for Sale

  • We've mentioned Celebration Golf Club a couple times already, but we thought it deserved its own spot on our list.
  • This huge championship course winds its way through Celebration, from one end of the massive community to the other.
  • With 18 holes carved from, rather than built over, the natural wetlands.
  • Incorporating scenic lakes, rolling hills, and oak, pine, and magnolia stands, and creating a uniquely tranquil experience.
  • But Celebration Golf Club is more than just peace and quiet in the great outdoors.
  • This is a serious course.
  • The last built by father/son golf architects Robert Trent Jones Sr. and Jr., it demands accurate approach shots and a measured putting stroke.
  • It's also been host to such events as the 2004 and 2005 Buick National Scramble, the 2003 Florida State Public Links Championship, and the 2004-2006 Robert Gamez Celebration Invitational.
  • But don't worry if Celebration Golf Club's challenges are more than a match for your game.
  • You can get in the swing of things with lessons from one of Celebration's world-class golf pros!
  • After the game, enjoy a celebratory (or conciliatory) meal back at the clubhouse, at the Windmill Restaurant.
  • Which doubles as the perfect venue for wedding receptions, birthday parties, and other private events!
Sell My Home Fast in Celebration

Sell My Home in Celebration, FL

  • Of course, the very things that make buying a home in Celebration a great decision also make selling your property worthwhile.
  • Partly for its ties to Disney, and partly for its high quality of life, Celebration, Florida boasts some of the most coveted real estate in the world.
  • And as it finishes construction on it's final subdivision, supply will reach its limit.
  • That puts you, the seller, in a great position.
  • Of course, even in a seller's market, if you want to get the best deal on your home, hiring a realtor is your best shot.
  • As Orlando's premier seller's agents, the professionals at Authentic Real Estate Team have the marketing knowhow and negotiating prowess to help you sell in as little time, for as much money, as possible!

Vacation Homes for Sale
in Celebration, Florida

  • Looking for a home away from home in Orlando?
  • Celebration, Florida real estate makes the perfect seasonal getaway.
  • Whether condos, townhomes, or single-family houses, the properties for sale at Celebration, FL give you all the comfort, privacy, and luxury of home in a whole new world!
  • Celebration's central location - directly between both Florida coasts, and just minutes from Disney, the Airport, and Downtown Orlando - makes it the perfect home base from which to explore Central Florida and beyond.
  • While its wealth of amenities - from golf, to fitness centers, to onsite restaurants, groceries, banks, shops, parks, and even schools - means you don't have to go anywhere if you don't want to.
  • Unfortunately, there's no short-term rental real estate for sale at Celebration, Florida; the HOA forbids it.
  • However, if you're looking to rent to tenants long term, or if you're just looking for a winter getaway in the Sunshine State, Authentic Real Estate Team can help you find the perfect piece of Celebration, Florida real estate for your needs!
  • We can even help you manage it!

Examples of Homes for Sale near Celebration, FL

Celebration is huge.

Covering an area of over 10 square miles, and comprising no fewer than 13 distinct subdivisions.

Whether you're looking for condos, townhomes, or single-family houses for sale, whether old or new construction homes, whether you want a lake view, golf course view, or to be in the heart of the celebration in the Town Center, you're sure to find it at Celebration, FL.

Of course, with such a vast selection, it isn't easy to winnow the homes that meet your needs from the ones that don't.

That's why we've taken the time to break down Celebration into its constituent subdivisions.

All so you can shop with confidence.

Check out our helpful breakdown below to get acquainted with Celebration, Florida real estate!

Celebration Homes for Sale North Village

Celebration North Village Homes for Sale - Celebration, Florida Real Estate

  • As an intro to all that Celebration has to offer, North Village is a great place to start.
  • At North Village in Celebration, FL, you'll find condos, townhomes, and single-family homes for sale.
  • Ranging in price from about 200 thousand dollars to around 5 million.
  • In the middle of the village resides a posh amenities center.
  • Complete with a 64,000 gallon pool, 1,800 square foot pavilion, two playgrounds, 2 sand volleyball courts, and 3 grassy sports fields.
  • Moreover, optional golf course views make this one of the most scenic villages in Celebration.

Celebration South Village Homes for Sale - Celebration, Florida Real Estate

  • Like its neighbor to the north, South Village in Celebration, FL features condos, townhomes, and single-family houses for sale.
  • It also features access to the Spring Park clubhouse.
  • Where you'll find, among other niceties, a playground, a Bermuda sports field and activity lawn, walking trails, and a heated pool!
Celebration Real Estate for Sale South Village
Houses For Sale in Celebration Fl East Village

Celebration East Village Homes for Sale - Celebration, Florida Real Estate

  • East Village is the perfect option for families.
  • Properties for sale in this Celebration, FL village are limited to single-family houses.
  • Making most of the owners in this subdivision families.
  • And putting you, should you decide to move your family to East Village, in pretty good company!
  • Residents of East Village are granted access to the Crescent Park amenities center.
  • Where you'll find a 47,000 gallon pool, playground, and large event lawn.

Celebration West Village Homes for Sale - Celebration, Florida Real Estate

  • Another village with a wide range of properties for sale, West Village in Celebration, FL offers luxury condos, chic townhomes, and large single-family houses with options for golf course views!
  • It's also one of the best located villages in Celebration.
  • Being right next door to the Town Center, and Lakeside Park, Celebration's main amenities center.
  • At Lakeside Park you'll find everything from a heated pool, to tennis courts, basketball courts, access to Celebration Golf Club, a walking path around the lake, and more!
  • Plus, West Village happens to be where you'll find Celebration School.
  • One of the top rated public k-8's in the state!
Celebration Florida Homes for Sale West Village
Condos for Sale In Celebration Fl Mirasol

Celebration Mirasol Condos for Sale - Celebration, Florida Real Estate

  • They say good things come in small packages.
  • And Mirasol at Celebration is no exception.
  • Here, big Celebration fun - including access to all its world-class shared amenities - meets compact, albeit upscale, living spaces.
  • Built in 2003, these luxury condos boast spacious updated kitchens, private attached garages, lake views, huge master suites and more!
  • They also feature a host of private amenities just for Mirasol residents.
  • Such as a resort-style pool with hot tub, 24-hour fitness center, and on-call concierge.
  • Plus, with direct access to Lakeside Park, and a mere 5 minute walk to the Town Center, you'll have access to tons of great shared amenities.
  • Including the lake, tennis and basketball courts, Celebration Golf Club, and a whole host of great restaurants and shops!

Celebration Georgetown Condos and Townhomes for Sale - Celebration, Florida Real Estate

  • Located in North Village, Georgetown is another great option for singles, couples, and small families wanting to get the most bang for their buck in Celebration.
  • At Georgetown in Celebration, FL, you won't find any single-family houses for sale - just condos and townhomes.
  • Making Georgetown one of the quieter, more adult-friendly villages in Celebration.
  • It's also one of the most affordable, with original-finish condos (built circa 2002) starting in the low 200's.
  • A great price for Celebration!
  • But in Georgetown, updated condos, and even townhomes, can be had at great deals, too.
  • Especially with Authentic Real Estate Team in your corner!
  • Most townhomes in Georgetown (and some condos) come with garages.
  • And all condos feature private storage spaces.
  • And, of course, Georgetown residents get access to North Village's host of great amenities.
  • Such as the 64,000 gallon pool, 3 Bermuda sports fields, and two playgrounds!
Celebration Fl Townhomes For Sale Georgetown
Celebration, Florida Real Estate Island Village

Celebration Island Village Homes for Sale - Celebration, Florida Real Estate

  • Still under construction, Island Village will be the newest, and last, village in Celebration.
  • It's still in the development phase, but roads are completed, and water and lights are going up as of the writing of this page.
  • When it's finished, Island Village in Celebration, Florida will comprise 350 acres, 30,000 square feet of commercial space, 5 acres of civic and park space, over 1,000 single-family houses, and 296 condos!
  • Built by Mattamy Homes, the houses and condos for sale in Island Village, Celebration, FL, will make for some of the most sought-after real estate in Florida.
  • Competition will be fierce, but with Authentic Real Estate Team, you can be sure you'll get the home, and the price, you deserve!

Siena at Celebration Condos and Townhomes for Sale - Celebration, Florida Real Estate

  • Dreaming of homes for sale in Celebration, Florida, but not sure you can afford the price of admission?
  • Siena might just be your ticket to the celebration!
  • Located in West Village, at Siena you'll find upscale condos and townhomes priced to move.
  • And of course, with Authentic Real Estate Team in your corner, the bottom's the limit when it comes to your dollar.
  • But don't confuse affordability with low quality.
  • These are high-end homes with fully equipped kitchens, oversized master suites, and high speed internet access.
  • Plus, they come with access to all of West Village's amazing amenities.
  • Like the resort-style pool, fitness center, tennis and basketball courts, playground, and even a car wash!
Siena at Celebration Condos and Townhomes for Sale
Celebration Condos for Sale Water Street

Celebration Water Street Condos for Sale - Celebration, Florida Real Estate

  • Water Street boasts some of Celebration's best located condos for sale.
  • Situated just across the street from the Town Center, these condos grant you easy access to everything Downtown Celebration has to offer.
  • Like the lake, Bank of America and Suntrust, Starbucks, and more!
  • Plus, you'll feel like a VIP every time the Town Center hosts one of its many regular events.
  • Such as the Exotic Car Festival, the weekly Farmer's Market, and the world-famous Christmas festival, Now Snowing at Celebration!
  • And what's more, these high-end, chic but spacious condos, with incredible amenities and a great location, can be had for as low as 200 thousand dollars!

Celebration Aquila Reserve Homes for Sale - Celebration, Florida Real Estate

  • Want all the benefits of living in Celebration plus a whole lotta privacy?
  • Aquila Reserve, located at the far end of East Village, is one of Celebration's more "remote" villages.
  • But if you don't mind having to drive to get to the Town Center and other points of interest, you'll find Aquila Reserve to be full of perks.
  • Such as gorgeous views of Celebration's conservation areas.
  • Elegant Victorian-style homes.
  • Not to mention, owing to Aquila Reserve's "remote" location, great prices!
Celebration Florida Homes in Aquila Reserve
Celebration Florida Properties For Sale Artisan Park

Celebration Artisan Park Homes for Sale - Celebration, Florida Real Estate

  • Artisan Park, like Aquila Reserve, is another of Celebration's more "off-the-grid" villages, and likewise boasts great off-the-grid prices!
  • However, when Island Village is finished, it will link Artisan Park to the rest of Celebration via a much shorter, easier route.
  • Meaning you can take advantage of Artisan Park's off-the-grid prices now, and enjoy on-the-grid convenience later!
  • Artisan Park in Celebration, Florida, boasts prime real estate, with condos, townhomes, and single-family houses for sale.
  • Plus, residents of Artisan Park enjoy exclusive access to their very own clubhouse.
  • Complete with a restaurant, swimming pool, fitness center, and pavilion!

Celebration Town Center Condos for Sale - Celebration, Florida Real Estate

  • We told you about Water Street condos, and their great location just across the street from the Town Center.
  • So what's the only way to beat across the street?
  • How about on top of the Town Center!
  • With Celebration Town Center condos, you'll be right in the middle of the celebration.
  • And right on top of one of Downtown's stunning commercial buildings.
  • Like restaurants, banks, and retail shops.
  • And of course, you'll also have instant access to Lakeside Park, Celebration's main amenities center.
  • Where you'll find a heated pool, basketball and tennis courts, a walking path around the lake, and more!
  • It doesn't get much more exclusive than that!
Condos for Sale Celebration Fl Town Center
Celebration Fl Homes For Sale Spring Park Terraces

Celebration Spring Park Terraces Condos for Sale - Celebration, Florida Real Estate

  • Located in South Village, Spring Park Terraces features luxury condos across the street from Spring Park.
  • Residents enjoy views of the stately Spring Park clubhouse.
  • As well as access to all of its great amenities.
  • Such as the pool, playground, and Bermuda sports field - all just across the street from Spring Park Terraces!

New Construction Homes in Celebration, Florida

  • In the market for new construction homes for sale in Celebration, Florida?
  • Authentic Real Estate Team can help!
  • Celebration's first phases were completed in 1996, and most homes for sale in Celebration, Florida date from between then and around the mid 2,000's.
  • Of course, there are plenty of options for updated finishes and other refurbishments on these older homes.
  • But if you're looking for brand-new homes for sale, Celebration, Florida has those, too!
New Construction Homes in Celebration, Florida

Celebration Spring Lake - New Celebration Florida Houses!

The newest village with homes for sale now in Celebration, Florida, is Spring Lake.

Here you'll find craftsman bungalows, two-story houses with balconies and porches, and upscale townhomes, all new construction and brimming with Celebration, Florida charm.

Plus, Celebration Spring Lake owners enjoy their own pool, woodsy walking trails, and fitness center!

Celebration Island Village - New Celebration Florida Houses!

As mentioned, Celebration Island Village is still under construction.

And it doesn't get much newer than that!

When it's finished, Island Village, Celebration, Florida will be home to some of the most coveted real estate for sale in Florida, with over 1,000 luxury single-family houses and nearly 300 high-end condos.

It will also be one of Celebration's best locations!

With 30,000 square feet of commercial space set aside for fine shops and restaurants, and 5 acres of civic and park space for trails, playgrounds, pools, and more!

Celebration, Florida Homes for Sale with Pool

Celebration, Florida Homes for Sale with Pool

  • Dreaming of owning a home with a private pool?
  • Celebration is swimming in them!
  • A private pool is the best way to beat the summer heat in Florida.
  • And if your pool is heated, Florida's mild winters let you enjoy a swim in the cooler months, too!
  • In Celebration, Florida, you'll find plenty of houses for sale with private, heated, screened-in pools.
  • Because Celebration's wealth of shared amenities may be a luxury.
  • But a private pool takes it to another level, putting the luxury right in your backyard!
  • Of course, land being expensive in Celebration, Florida, and lots typically being small, houses for sale with pools here don't come cheap.
  • But if you have the money, a pool is the ultimate way to celebrate life at Celebration!

Luxury Houses and Mansions for Sale in Celebration, Florida

  • They say go big or go home.
  • But what if you could go big AND go home?!
  • At Celebration, Florida, you'll find huge houses, and even mansions, for sale that let you do just that.
  • Celebration, Florida boasts houses with price tags up to 7 million dollars.
  • But in this town, you get what you pay for.
  • Including options for lake and golf course views, expensive finishes, private pools, and floor plans up to 7 bedrooms and 15,000 square feet!
Luxury Homes For Sale In Celebration Fl
Condos for Sale in Celebration, Florida

Condos for Sale in Celebration, Florida

  • More so than the single-family houses for sale in Celebration, Florida, condos, with their compact size and stackable nature, allow you to be right in the middle of the magic.
  • Like at Water Street, where your condo lies directly opposite the various shops, restaurants, and amenities of the Town Center.
  • Or like at Town Center itself, where your condo lies directly on top of them!
  • Like everything else in Disney-developed Celebration, the condos for sale here are high end.
  • With exquisite attention to detail and features you'll fall for.
  • Like private balconies, attached garages, huge master suites, fully equipped kitchens, high-speed internet, and more!
  • Plus, with floor plans exceeding 3,500 square feet, these are truly mondo condos!

Townhomes for Sale in Celebration, Florida

  • As with condos, Celebration townhomes' verticality makes them a great way to live close to the action.
  • They're also a great way to break into the Celebration lifestyle without breaking the bank!
  • There are a range of townhomes to choose from in Celebration, at a range of prices.
  • Including lots of options for older units at great prices!
  • Of course, updated finishes are available for a more contemporary look.
  • But if you're in the market for a brand-new home, Spring Lake features townhomes built as recently as 2016!
Townhomes Celebration Fl Homes For Sale
Single-Family Houses for Sale in Celebration, FL

Single-Family Houses for Sale in Celebration, FL

  • Condos and townhomes make great options for singles, couples, small families, or anyone on a budget.
  • But to make the most of the Celebration lifestyle, it's hard to beat a single-family home.
  • In Celebration, you'll find homes with up to 7 bedrooms, ranging in size up to 15,000 square feet.
  • And in price up to 7 million dollars.
  • Affording you all the space, privacy, and luxury you could ever need.
  • Single-family homes in Celebration come in a variety of styles.
  • From Victorian Key West, to Art Deco, Mediterranean, Classical/Greek Revival, Colonial Revival, and more!
  • And, as with Celebration, FL condos and townhomes, single-family houses for sale here come in a variety of ages.
  • With options for homes built as far back as 1996, to as recently as 2016.
  • Or, for brand-new real estate, stay tuned for the next and last phase at Celebration, Florida:
  • Celebration Island Village!

Listing Agent in Celebration, Florida

  • If you're not in the market to buy Celebration, Florida real estate, and you're still reading, let us first applaud your commitment.
  • But if the reason you're not looking to buy is because you're looking to sell, let us also take this time to share some great news:
  • As Orlando's premier listing agents, Authentic Real Estate Team can help!
  • We've sold many homes in Celebration, Florida.
  • And we have the marketing savvy and negotiating skills to sell your home, too.
  • Our team, along with our team's network of trusted industry pros, take you through the whole selling process.
  • From renovations and staging to setting a smart price, to marketing, moving, showings, crafting and negotiating counteroffers, and finally, closing.
  • All in as little time, and for as much money, as you deserve!
Celebration Florida Homes For Sale Listing Agents Real Estate

Celebration, Florida Real Estate: FAQ

  • Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions, not to mention transactions, you'll ever make.
  • And the average time between purchases is 13 years.
  • So if you're thinking of buying a home in Celebration, it's only natural that you have questions.
  • As Orlando's premier real estate service, Authentic Real Estate Team strives to make the home buying process as simple as possible.
  • And part of that entails using our experience and knowledge to answer any and all questions you may have.
  • To that end, we've created this helpful FAQ.
  • Scroll down to see if your question made the list.
  • If it didn't, or for a more detailed answer, contact us today!

Q: Is Celebration, Florida a Good Place to Live?

A: Celebration is One of the Best Places to Live in the Country!

Celebration's reputation as a magical place to live extends around the globe.

And it's not just because of Disney's prominence.

With a prime location, great schools, world-class amenities, a family-oriented vibe, a full and varied schedule of events, and stunning homes, Celebration's fame is well earned!

Q: What County is Celebration, FL in?

A: Osceola County

Celebration is located in Osceola County.

Home to A-rated schools, a low crime rate, and lots and lots of vacation homes.

However, thanks to the strict standards enacted by the HOA, Celebration is residential only.

Q: What is There to Do in Celebration, Florida?

A: Tons!

Celebration is located in Kissimmee, Florida, just 5 minutes from Disney World.

And only a short drive from Universal Studios, FunSpot, Downtown Orlando, I-Drive, and more!

But at Celebration, you don't have to go far for fun.

In fact, Celebration's host of resort-style amenities let you live like you're on vacation every day of the year.

From swimming pools to championship golf, to tennis and basketball courts, walking trails, fitness centers, playgrounds, shops, and restaurants, Celebration is chock full of niceties the whole family can enjoy.

Plus, with a stacked lineup of events, like the Exotic Car Show, Farmer's Market, Food Truck Fridays, Movies on the Lawn, and the Now Snowing Christmas festival, Celebration, Florida brings the celebration to your door!

Here are our top 7 things to do in Celebration:

1. Play Golf

  • Celebration Golf Club is famous the world over for its beautiful design and challenging play.
  • Carved from, rather than built atop, the wetlands, this course makes the most of Florida's natural beauty.
  • With rolling fairways, pristine lakes, and stands of oak, pine, and magnolia.
  • But Celebration Golf Club is more than just a pretty course.
  • With long carries, tough greens, and hazards aplenty, it's also a great challenge!

2. Get to Know Celebration on an Electric Scooter

  • Celebration is huge.
  • With hidden beauty everywhere you look.
  • What's the best way to get to know it?
  • On an electric scooter!
  • Celebration boasts a whole fleet of these two-wheeled whips, which can be found scattered throughout the town.
  • Simply download the app to rent one of these rides for yourself.
  • They're a great way to get to where you're going.
  • But you don't need a destination.
  • Because at Celebration, where beautiful architecture and landscaping greet you at every turn, the journey is the whole point!

3. Walk, Run, Skate, or Rollerblade Down the Most Beautiful Trails in Central Florida

  • From the outset, part of Celebration's mission has been to exist in harmony with nature.
  • Where other towns might clear natural spaces to make way for more houses, at Celebration, Florida, natural spaces are celebrated!
  • To help residents enjoy them, the developers of Celebration laid miles of trails through the woods.
  • Giving owners a shady, all natural retreat from the Florida sun.
  • So whether by foot, skateboard, or rollerblades, you'll love exploring Celebration's wild side on these gorgeous trails.

4. Celebration Farmer's Market (Every Sunday)

  • One of Celebration's most famous features is its weekly farmer's market.
  • Every Sunday in the Town Center, you'll have the chance to buy fresh, organic produce, in a beautiful lakeside setting, from the best local farmers and crafters.
  • Get fresh veggies, local honey, handmade gifts, and more!

5. Celebration Exotic Car Show (November)

  • Celebration's exotic car show is famous throughout Orlando and beyond!
  • Once a year in November, a fleet of exotic cars - from the sporty, to the posh, to the downright strange - roars into Downtown for a celebration of design, power, and speed...
  • With an international twist!

6. Now Snowing at Celebration (December)

  • Now Snowing is Celebration's famous month-long Christmas extravaganza.
  • Featuring artificial snow flurries on the hour, a simulated ice skating rink, carolers, and more!
  • And don't miss the award-winning Lights on Jeater Bend.
  • A synchronized singing-and-dancing light show put on by the residents of Jeater Bend every holiday season until January 1st.
  • Pro tip: catch the trolley for a unique way to experience the Lights on Jeater Bend!

7. Celebration Star Spangled Spectacular

  • Another world-famous event at Celebration is its annual 4th of July festival, the Star Spangled Spectacular.
  • Beginning in the afternoon, this event celebrates America's independence with food, games, and live music.
  • All ending in Celebration's acclaimed fireworks show on the lake!

Q: Is Celebration, Florida a Gated Community?

A: No, But It's Extremely Safe!

Celebration is not gated.

So feel free to come check it out any time you like!

However, it is very safe.

Celebration has homes with price tags topping out at 7 million dollars.

And a family-friendly reputation to uphold.

So they take safety seriously.

Q: Is Celebration Owned by Disney?

A: No, but It's Plenty Magical!

Celebration was conceived by Walt Disney, and built by the Walt Disney Company.

They even managed it for a while.

But soon they sold it to a new management company, on one condition...

That they would uphold the magical standards set by Celebration's founders.

And that's what they did!

From the architectural schemes, to the pristine landscaping, to the amazing amenities, Celebration's design, attention to detail, and focus on fun would have made Walt Disney proud!

Q: How Much are Houses for Sale in Celebration, FL?

A: Houses, Condos, and Townhomes for Sale in Celebration, Florida Come in a Range of Prices.

Looking to break into the Celebration lifestyle without breaking the bank?

Or maybe money's no object, and the sky's the limit in terms of your budget.

With condos starting in the low 200's, and single-family home prices topping out at 7 million, Celebration has real estate to meet all needs!

Q: How Far is Celebration from...

A: Let's Find Out!

Orlando? 5 Minutes

One of the nation's fastest-growing city centers, Orlando is just 5 minutes from Celebration Via US Route 192.

Apopka? 40 Minutes

World-class bass fishing on Lake Apopka is less than an hour away! From Celebration Ave, simply take I-4 east to Florida's Turnpike and 429 N. Then get off at W Orange Blossom Trail and you're home free!

Winter Haven? 40 Minutes

Home to attractions like Legoland and Cypress Gardens, Winter Haven is just 40 minutes from Celebration. To get there, take FL 417 Toll S to I-4 W, then I-4 W to CR 557 (exit 48).

New Orleans? 9 Hours

Everybody should see New Orleans at least once. It's a long drive, but it's easy to get to from Celebration! Simply take I-4 E to I-75 N, I-75 N to I-10 W, and finally I-10 W to the Big Easy!

Orange Blossom Trail? 20 Minutes

Orange Blossom Trail is lined with great shops and attractions. To get to them, just take FL-417 N to Florida's Turnpike, and take Exit 254 onto Orange Blossom Trail (OBT).

Daytona Beach? 1 Hour, 20 Minutes

Florida's most famous beach, Daytona, is only an hour and 20 minutes from Celebration. Just take I-4 east for an hour, get off at the I-95 N exit, and go another 10 minutes until you get to US-92.

Fort Lauderdale? 3 Hours

Pristine beaches and tranquil boating canals await in Fort Lauderdale, just 3 hours from Celebration. Simply take I-4 east to the Turnpike, then the Turnpike south to I-95, and I-95 south to FL-842 (exit 27)

Kissimmee? 0 Minutes

Kissimmee is home to the town of Celebration, as well as to countless shops, restaurants, and attractions!

Tampa? 1 Hour

Tampa, known for its vibrant arts scene and strong Cuban flavor, is just an hour away. Just take FL-417 south to I-4, then I-4 west all the way to North Orange Ave in Tampa (exit 45a).

Disney World? 15 Minutes

The happiest place on earth lies just 15 minutes to the north. Simply take Celebration Ave to US-192 W, 192 to World Drive, and World Drive straight on till Disney!

Q: Where to Eat in Celebration?

A: Celebration is Full of Great Dining Options. Check Out a Few of Our Favorite Spots!

  • Columbia (Spanish Restaurant) - Located in the Town Center, Columbia is a hacienda-style Spanish-Cuban restaurant with a huge menu and great mixed drinks!
  • Celebration Town Tavern - Also located Downtown, the Celebration Town Tavern offers seafood flown in from Boston (don't miss the New England Chowder!), a huge selection of brews, and a massive HD screen to watch your favorite sports teams!
  • Avocado Mexican Grill - Another eatery located, you guessed it, in the Town Center, Avocado Mexican Grill turns out familiar Mexican dishes in a casual setting. No appetite? No problem! Grab a seat on the patio and order one of Avocado's famous specialty margaritas for a night you won't forget. Or more than one, but no promises on the whole not forgetting part.

Q: Is Celebration Safe?

A: Yes!

As a family-oriented town, where houses for sale with two-million-dollar price tags are mid-tier, Celebration, FL prides itself on safety.

And the proof is in the numbers.

With a less than 1 percent chance of falling victim to crime, residents of Celebration enjoy a crime rate 6 times lower than that of Greater Orlando

Looking for Homes for Sale in Celebration, Florida? Look no Further than Authentic Real Estate Team!

To conclude, if you're looking for homes - whether houses, condos, or townhomes - for sale in Celebration, FL, Authentic Real Estate Team can help!

Celebration, Florida has the mix of gorgeous houses, pristine grounds, and amazing amenities, to be one of the best places to live in the country.

And only Authentic Real Estate Team has the mix of experience, resources, and skills to help you find a Celebration home, at a price, you can celebrate!

To get the celebration started, browse our full inventory of Celebration homes.

Or, to start a more pointed search, contact Authentic Real Estate Team today!

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