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12 beds
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14,706 SqFt

MLS #: O5965014 | Single Family Residence




7 beds
7 baths
9,254 SqFt

MLS #: O6101583 | Single Family Residence




5 beds
5 baths
6,396 SqFt

MLS #: O6139692 | Single Family Residence




4 beds
3 baths
2,249 SqFt

MLS #: S5102452 | Single Family Residence




7 beds
7 baths
6,736 SqFt

MLS #: O6161203 | Single Family Residence




5 beds
6 baths
5,800 SqFt

MLS #: O6219322 | Single Family Residence

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5 beds
6 baths
8,844 SqFt

MLS #: T3542430 | Single Family Residence




5 beds
5 baths
6,730 SqFt

MLS #: O6115072 | Single Family Residence




7 beds
7 baths
7,881 SqFt

MLS #: O6184236 | Single Family Residence




3 beds
3 baths
5,100 SqFt

MLS #: O6132402 | Condominium




5 beds
5 baths
6,355 SqFt

MLS #: O6201991 | Single Family Residence




4 beds
5 baths
7,602 SqFt

MLS #: O6180244 | Single Family Residence

Orlando Real Estate Market

Welcome to Authentic Real Estate Team, the Real Estate experts of Orlando, Florida.

Orlando is full of vibrant communities, attracting hundreds of thousands of new residents and millions of visitors every year. Here at Authentic Real Estate Team, we have handpicked the very best of these communities, ensuring that our home buyers find homes where their families can thrive, and our investors find properties that promise the best return on their dollar.

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Why Buy a Home in Orlando, FL?

Orlando is probably best known as the home of Disney World, but it's more than just a great place to vacation.

With fantastic weather year round, a robust job market, safe neighborhoods and great schools, Orlando is also one of the best places in the country to live!

Here are just a few of the assets that make homes for sale in Orlando, Florida great options for so many families, including yours!

Houses For Sale In Orlando Amazing Weather

Amazing Weather

  • They don't call it the "Sunshine State" for nothing!
  • Florida's weather stays beautiful for all 12 months of the year.
  • And Orlando's weather is no exception.
  • Summers get very hot, but are tempered by frequent afternoon showers.
  • But the winter months in Orlando are sublime.
  • As reflected in the aptly named towns of Winter Park and Winter Garden - favorite playgrounds of "snowbirds" going back decades.

Aesthetic Beauty

  • The only thing more beautiful than Orlando's weather might just be Orlando itself.
  • Lake-dotted, peppered with palms, full of parks and meticulously manicured landscaping, there's a reason they call Orlando the "City Beautiful."
  • Even Orlando's less-than-natural side is a thing of beauty.
  • With smartly planned grids, and exquisite examples of modernist, postmodern, and art deco architecture combining in a rich tapestry of styles, Downtown Orlando gives cityscapes the world over a run for their money.
  • And of course, the Orlando houses for sale by Authentic Real Estate Team reflect that same commitment to beauty.
Aesthetic Beauty
Orlando Real Estate Safety and Security

Safety and Security

  • Are you looking for a safe place to raise your family?
  • Then Orlando might be it!
  • Of course, Orlando, like any major city, has a few pockets of high crime.
  • But they are small and generally easy to avoid.
  • The Greater Orlando Area, on the other hand, which comprises over 4,000 square miles and over 100 distinct neighborhoods, has plenty of highly safe areas!
  • With neighborhoods like Maitland, Oviedo, Windermere, Winter Park, and Winter Springs accounting for some of the safest spots in the state!

Great Schools

  • While Florida as a state ranks relatively low in terms of public education, certain parts of Florida have stellar reputations.
  • Like Orlando, for instance!
  • Orlando is home to several A- and B-rated school districts.
  • Such as Seminole County, Orange County, and Volusia County.
  • Which contain scores of A-rated schools.
  • Such as Trinity Prep School, Wilson Elementary, Sabal Point Elementary, Orlando Science High/Middle School, Winter Park High School, and Oviedo High School.
Homes For Sale In Orlando Fl Great Schools
Homes For Sale In Orlando A Renowned Culinary Culture

A Renowned Culinary Culture

  • Orlando has earned a reputation as one of the great food cities in the country.
  • From its fleets of food trucks, to fine-dining restaurants like the Venetian Chophouse and Victoria Albert's, it' s a food lover's paradise.
  • And with an abundance of dining establishments, it's a great place to live if you work in the industry, too.

A Vibrant Art Scene

  • Orlando is a progressive city with a thriving art scene.
  • There are plays at venues like the Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center, Orlando Repertory Theater, and the annual Orlando Fringe Fest.
  • There are showings at galleries like City Arts Orlando, Ocean Blue Gallery, and the Grand Bohemian.
  • As well as concerts at the Amway Arena, Plaza Live, and the Social.
  • In addition to experiencing art in a visceral, urgent way, you can also take your time and learn about it as you stroll through one of Orlando's many art museums.
  • Like the Orlando Museum of Art, the Mennello Museum of American Art, the Cornell Fine Arts Museum, and the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of Modern American Art.
Orlando Fl Homes For Sale A Vibrant Art Scene
Real Estate Orlando Low Cost of Living

Low Cost of Living

  • For a major American city, Orlando, Florida has a very low cost of living.
  • Prices on everyday goods and services are extremely reasonable compared to similarly sized cities like Seattle and Portland.
  • And there's no state income tax!
  • Additionally, and apropos of this page, houses for sale in Orlando, FL are very affordable.
  • Even large luxury homes, of which the Orlando, FL area has many for sale, can be had at great deals compared to comparable homes in comparable cities.

Orlando's Theme Parks and Other Attractions - Not Just for Tourists!

  • Who says you have to be on vacation to enjoy the magic of Orlando's theme parks!
  • As an Orlando resident, you'll have access to them all year long.
  • From the four parks that make up the Walt Disney World Resort, to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure, to SeaWorld, Orlando's famous theme parks will add a little magic to your everyday life.
  • And if you're looking for something a bit less expensive, crowded, and time-consuming, Orlando also has tons of smaller-scale attractions, great for an afternoon outing.
  • Like Andretti Speedway, Fun Spot America, Ripley's Believe it or Not!, and the Wheel at Icon Park, the 8th tallest observation wheel in the world!
House For Sale In Orlando Theme Parks and Other Attractions
Homes For Sale Orlando Fl Tourism Industry

Orlando's Tourism Industry

  • As the vacation capital of the world, Orlando naturally benefits from a strongly tourism-based economy.
  • And as Orlando's theme parks continue to grow in number, size, and popularity, so too does job security for the people that live there.
  • No matter where you look for Orlando, FL homes for sale, you'll never be far from one of their world-famous theme parks.
  • And the parks are always hiring!
  • Orlando's theme parks pay well, and they come with all the magical perks you'd expect.
  • Like discounts on admission, merchandise, and food!
  • And reduced wait times for select employees.
  • They also offer generous medical benefits.
  • And some, like Disney, will even pay for your education!

Strong Non-Tourism Sectors

  • Tourism isn't the only game in town in Orlando.
  • The city is quickly becoming a world leader in other sectors, too.
  • Like tech, with Lockheed Martin, L3 Harris, and Summit Broadband all headquartered in the area.
  • And the culinary sector, with Orlando consistently ranked as a top "foodie" city in the country. 
  • Another Orlando sector that's really taken off in recent years is its medical sector.
  • As home to Lake Nona Medical City, a leading center for medical research and education, Orlando attracts medical students, educators, and researchers from around the world.
  • And as home Advent Health's immense network of healthcare facilities, it attracts its fair share of medical practitioners, as well.
Houses For Sale In Orlando Florida Strong Non-Tourism Sectors

Vacation Homes for Sale in
Orlando, Florida

  • We've gone over why Orlando is more than just a great place to visit.
  • But it's even more than just a great place to live!
  • Orlando's popularity as a vacation destination is growing every year.
  • And so is the popularity of vacation homes.
  • Vacation homes for sale in Orlando, Florida give you the best of two worlds:
  • A convenient, luxurious place to stay when you visit...
  • And a smart investment, providing steady passive income the rest of the year.
  • The areas that allow short term rentals, however, and maybe somewhat ironically given Orlando's reputation, are fairly limited.
  • Read on to learn more about these specific areas and the kinds of vacation homes they offer!

Homes for Sale Near Orlando, Florida

  • Orlando is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country.
  • Taking in an average of 60 thousand new residents a year.
  • And it's also home to one of the country's fastest-growing real estate markets.
  • From urban to new urbanism, to suburbs, exurbs, and all things in between, the Orlando real estate market has exploded into a huge patchwork of properties.
  • Orlando is also extremely heterogeneous.
  • Full of neighborhoods and developments that have distinct characters all their own.
  • But unless you have a comprehensive knowledge of the area, it can be easy to overlook them.
  • World-famous travel writer and television host, Samantha Brown, puts it best when she says:
  • "There are lots of great areas people might not know about around Orlando."
  • But even though it can be challenging to find the perfect Orlando area by yourself, if you've found this page, you're off to a great start!
  • Because as Central Florida's premier real estate firm for a decade, Authentic Real Estate Team has the most comprehensive area knowledge of any real estate service in Orlando.
  • Meaning, whatever your real estate needs, we can help you find the Orlando, Florida homes for sale to meet them!
Houses For Sale In Orlando Near Disney

Orlando, FL Homes for
Sale Near Disney

Disney World has been a kind of Shangri-La for kids since it opened in 1971. But over time, it's begun to exert a near equally strong pull on grownups, too.

Here are a few of the best Orlando, Florida towns with homes for sale near Disney:

Not for theme park fun, but for Orlando real estate!

Winter Garden

Just 15 minutes north of Disney lies one of Orlando's most in-demand places to live, Winter Garden. Assets of this all-residential Orlando town include great schools, luxury houses for sale, and lots of Old-Florida charm.


This upscale Orlando, FL neighborhood boasts some of the most impressive homes for sale in all of Central Florida. It's residential only, which helps keep home values up. Other perks include A-rated schools and, with one of the lowest crime rates in the country, safety.


Kissimmee might be the dark horse of the Orlando real estate market. Houses for sale in this unique confluence of pastureland and urban sprawl are less luxurious than elsewhere near Disney, but this charming Orlando town is full of great properties at great deals. And, it's short term rental-friendly, which, along with its proximity to Disney, makes it a great place to invest!


Another vacation home-friendly town close to Disney, Davenport, like Kissimmee, is a good place to invest. It also shares the quality of being an unassuming Orlando, FL town where you can find homes for sale at great deals!

Orlando, FL Homes for Sale Near UCF

  • UCF is Florida's largest college, and the second largest in the country.
  • With nearly 70 thousand students, and 13 thousand faculty and staff.
  • The area surrounding the school has grown massively to accommodate these numbers.
  • And as UCF continues to grow, so does the surrounding real estate market!
  • The UCF area in Orlando, FL, features a robust real estate market with a large number, and wide array, of homes for sale.
  • It's an ideal location for faculty and staff.
  • And an obvious choice for students who don't want to live on campus.
  • This gives it the added benefit of being a lucrative place to invest in long-term rentals!
  • But you don't have to go to, or work at, UCF to enjoy what this area has to offer.
  • The same local amenities that cater to students and staff, like legions of restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues, could cater to your family, too!
Orlando Homes For Sale Near UCF
Orlando Real Estate For Sale Near Universal

Orlando, FL Homes for
Sale Near Universal

Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure is one of the most famous, most visited, theme parks in the world.

Ironically, the area surrounding the park is, with very few exceptions, residential only.

But the residents don't seem too worried about it.

Because with A-rated Orange County schools, I-Drive and Sand Lake Road (with its famous Restaurant Row) located within walking distance, and with the jobs these local amenities provide, the Universal Studios area is a great place to live year round!

Now, as to those few non-residential exceptions we mentioned:


With two oversize pools, onsite food court, lighted tennis courts, and beautiful lake views, this condo-hotel gives you the chic condo lifestyle with resort-style amenities. And at just 2 miles from Universal Studios, its location makes it a fantastic place to invest!

The Point

The Point Hotel and Suites features trendy studios with kitchenettes, and upscale suites with full kitchens. It also features a great central location that makes it desirable to vacationers. But with two onsite bars, a pool, and a hot tub, they might never want to leave.

Vista Cay

While Enclave and The Point are condo-hotels, Vista Cay is a luxury condo community. Prices here range higher than at the condo-hotels, but you get more - more luxury, more privacy, and more amenities, including concierge, an exclusive clubhouse, and a gated entrance.

Paradiso Grande

Formerly under the name of Grand Pines, this forthcoming resort is soon to be Orlando's most exclusive community. It will feature huge luxury villas with 4-15 bedrooms, making it the only place in Orlando, FL (Orange County) with single-family vacation homes for sale!

Orlando, FL Homes for Sale Near the Airport

  • The Orlando International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the country.
  • Processing over 20 million passengers a year.
  • And employing nearly 1,000 full-time workers.
  • To accommodate the tourists flying into Orlando, the area around the airport has been built up with a host of restaurants, gift shops, and attractions.
  • And for the workers who staff them, as well as for airport employees, the surrounding area has been built up with great Orlando real estate!
Homes For Sale In Orlando Fl Near the Airport

Lake Nona

One of Orlando's more upscale neighborhoods, and the site of Lake Nona Medical City, Lake Nona has a large market of high-end homes catering to medical practitioners. But at Authentic Real Estate Team, we can help anyone find a great deal, no matter what your means - even in Lake Nona!

Meadow Woods

However, for a more cost-effective option that still benefits from the same local amenities, and which still offers high-quality homes, check out nearby Meadow Woods!

New Homes for Sale in Orlando, Florida!

New Homes for Sale in Orlando, Florida!

  • Buying a new home comes with many perks.
  • Like a warranty, and being the first to live in it.
  • Plus, with some builders offering great incentives like customized finishes, upgraded appliances, to great promotional incentives that save you money, buying new can often be the most fiscally advantageous option.
  • Especially in Orlando!
  • At 2%, Orlando's growth rate is one of the highest in the country.
  • And it's building tons of new homes to keep up!
  • That means, from Lake Nona to Kissimmee, to Winter Garden, to Winter Park, Authentic Real Estate Team can find new houses for sale anywhere in Orlando.
  • And with so much supply and variety, we can find the best prices, styles, and locations for your needs!

Orlando, FL Homes for Sale with a Pool

  • In Orlando, if you can afford a pool, having one is a no-brainer!
  • Few places in the US can you get as much use out of a pool as in Orlando, Florida.
  • Where year-round sunshine and warm temperatures make it possible for year-round use.
  • They're an investment, but one that pays great dividends in both personal enjoyment and resale value.
  • And these days they're within reach for most families!
  • Costing an average of just 50 thousand dollars to build.
  • And here's a pro tip from the Orlando real estate experts at Authentic Real Estate Team:
  • Add your pool after you buy.
  • Buying a home with the space for a pool is often more financially prudent than buying one with a pool already installed.
  • As home builders will usually charge more than pool builders.
Homes For Sale In Orlando with a Pool
Luxury Houses For Sale In Orlando Fl

Luxury Homes for Sale in Orlando, FL

Every Orlando real estate agent will tell you: you'll find no shortage of luxury homes for sale in the Orlando, FL area.

And what's more, you'll find them at a fraction of the price of comparable homes in comparable cities.

Here are four of Orlando's most luxurious communities:


Nestled outside Windermere, among the Butler chain of lakes, Isleworth is one of Orlando's most prestigious communities. Perks include easy access to Downtown Orlando, zoning for Orange County Public Schools, and a championship 18-hole golf course that ranks among the longest and most difficult in the state.

Golden Oak

Golden Oak is a one-of-a-kind community. Located on Disney property, it boasts premium amenities like concierge services and a clubhouse, as well as Disney-themed incentives like transportation to the parks, and discounts on admission to Disney parks and golf courses. Houses for sale in this exclusive Orlando town are large and luxurious. They come in a variety of styles, while using shared architectural elements to form a sense of cohesion.

Lake Nona Country Club

Stunning homes, superb amenities, and championship golf are just some of the benefits teed up by Lake Nona Country Club. And it's just a chip shot from the airport, the area around which is growing rapidly, meaning lots of appreciation!

Baldwin Park

Of these four neighborhoods, Baldwin Park is the most affordable, but it's plenty luxurious! Well shaded, neatly landscaped, and brimming with lavish amenities, Baldwin Park features some of the most desirable luxury houses for sale in Orlando.

The Best Orlando Areas

  • Meet Julie.
  • Julie is 34, married to Frank, 35, and they have two kids, Marcy, 7, and Frankie Jr., 9.
  • Julie just landed a new job in Orlando.
  • Way to go, Julie!
  • But there's no time to celebrate just yet.
  • First, Julie needs to start looking for Orlando, Florida homes for sale.
  • Of course, her main priority is to be within a reasonable driving distance her new job.
  • But she has the rest of her family to think about, too.
  • Frank, who will need to find a job, wants to be close to downtown, or maybe the airport, where his chances of finding work are good.
  • While Frankie Jr. and Marcy, who will be riding the bus home from school, need a safe area through which to walk home from the bus stop.
  • As well as a good school district to set them up for success later in life.
  • So what does Julie do?
  • Where does she start?
  • At over 4,000 square miles, and with over 100 distinct neighborhoods, the Greater Orlando Area is huge and diverse.
  • And it's growing all the time.
  • This makes it amenable to a wide range of needs and lifestyles.
  • But it also makes finding the perfect home for you and your family a tall order.
  • There are just so many options to sift through!
  • As Orlando's premier real estate service, Authentic Real Estate Team has the Orlando area knowledge and market access to help you find the perfect home, in the perfect area, for your needs!
  • And with our combination of market knowledge and shrewd negotiating skills, we can help you find it at a great deal!
  • So if you, like Julie, are looking for homes for sale in Orlando, FL, here are a few of Orlando's best areas to help get you started!

Orlando, FL Homes for Sale in Lake Nona

  • The Lake Nona area is one of the fastest growing, most in-demand areas in Orlando.
  • Home to Lake Nona Medical City, it's a major hub for medical research, education, and practice.
  • And now it has another claim to fame.
  • With the relocation of the United States Tennis Association campus to Lake Nona, it's now a major hub for tennis, too.
  • This state-of-the-art training facility boasts 100 tennis courts, and offers innovative training programs for players at all levels.
  • Check out these great Lake Nona communities below!
Homes For Sale Orlando Lake Nona
Orlando Florida Real Estate Storey Park

Storey Park

  • As a "green" neighborhood, Storey Park uses green initiatives to help ensure Earth's story continues.
  • This eco-friendly, master-planned community takes its mission seriously, requiring all homeowners to purchase solar panels for their roofs.
  • But while its ethos is progressive, its look - from plentiful parks, to green spaces, to "Little Library" book-sharing boxes - is pure small-town America.

Lake Nona Golf and Country Club

  • The most luxurious corner of Lake Nona, and one of the most luxurious in Orlando at large, Lake Nona Golf and Country Club boasts a bevy of great features.
  • Included are world-class golf, exclusive access to the area's eponymous lake, and a lavish amenities center to host your next big event!
  • Not to mention, of course, luxury Orlando real estate!
Home For Sale In Orlando Lake Nona Golf and Country Club
Orlando Florida Homes For Sale Randal Park

Randal Park

  • Randal Park is a more economical option for houses for sale in the Lake Nona area of Orlando.
  • But don't be fooled by its affordability - this is a luxury community.
  • And like Lake Nona's other luxury communities, it features a host of great amenities.
  • Like an exclusive clubhouse, resort-style pool, dog park, and fitness center.
  • There's even an onsite school, Sunblaze Elementary.
  • Which, according to a study by, boasts an average proficiency test score 36% higher than that of the state average!
  • Click here to view our full inventory of houses for sale at this affordable Orlando spot!

Eagle Creek

  • Looking for something more luxurious than Randal Park, but less expensive than Lake Nona Golf and Country Club?

    This high-end neighborhood might just be the answer!
  • Championship golf, a gourmet restaurant perfect for weddings and other events, and A-rated Eagle Creek Elementary School are just a few of the amenities on offer.
  • And, thanks to a subdivided layout that makes use of not just one main gate, but gates at the entrances to each interior subdivision, Eagle Creek is among the safest places to live in Orlando!

    Go to our website to see our collection of Orlando houses for sale at Eagle Creek!
Homes For Sale In Orlando Florida Eagle Creek
House For Sale In Orlando Fl Laureate Park

Laureate Park

  • Located right next door to Lake Nona Medical City, Laureate Park is a great option for doctors and researchers looking for homes for sale in Orlando, Florida.
  • It's chock full of amazing amenities, including the Canvas Restaurant and Market, which features Latin-inspired dishes and home goods for sale in a lakeside setting.
  • Catch a bite at the restaurant, then catch a flick on the Canvas Restaurant lawn, which in addition to movie screenings, hosts events like concerts and yoga classes.
  • Be sure to check out our amazing houses for sale in this great Orlando town.

Orlando, FL Homes for Sale in Dr. Phillips

Dr. Phillips is one of the best spots in all of Orlando.

Centrally located, it's bisected east to west by Sand Lake Road and its famous Restaurant Row.

It's also just minutes from I-Drive, where you'll find world-famous attractions like the Wheel at Icon Park, Ripley's Believe it or Not!, and Fun Spot America.

It's expensive to build here, so naturally, home prices are on the high end.

But with a location this good, you get what you pay for.

Check out these Dr. Phillips communities to see what we mean!

Sand Lake Sound

  • One of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the Dr. Phillips area, Sand Lake Sound puts you in the middle of the excitement!
  • With backyard lake views to your rear, and the towering Wheel at Icon Park to greet you when you walk out the front door.
  • It's across the street from Wholefoods and multiple restaurants, meaning you don't have to travel far for the basics.
  • Though when you do need to travel far, it's also just a block from I4!
  • Follow the link to see Orlando homes for sale incredible selection of Orlando houses for sale at Sand Lake Sound!
Real Estate Orlando Sand Lake Sound
Houses In Orlando Phillips Landing

Phillips Landing

  • Like Sand Lake Sound real estate, houses for sale in this Orlando community feature lake views.
  • They also feature a gated entrance and 24-hour guard.
  • They're slightly older, which means you may want renovate after your purchase.
  • But that also means it's possible to find them at a bargain!

Ruby Lake

  • Another Orlando neighborhood with lake views, Ruby Lake boasts brand-new luxury houses for sale by Pulte Homes.
  • It also boasts an incredible location!
  • With a Walmart supercenter just down the street.
  • And SeaWorld and Disney Springs both less than 10 minutes away!
  • Check out Authentic Real Estate Team selection of luxury Orlando houses for sale at Ruby Lake!
House For Sale In Orlando Florida Ruby Lake
Houses For Sale Orlando Fl Hunter's Creek

Orlando, FL Real Estate for Sale in Hunter's Creek

Named one of CNN/Money Magazine's best places to live in the United States, Hunter's Creek features some of the most sought-after homes for sale in Orlando, Florida.

Some of the assets that earned Hunter's Creek the prestigious accolade include safety, great schools, and lots of local amenities.

Like The Loop, Kissimmee's largest shopping center.

Hunter's Creek is on the older side.

This fact, in combination with our negotiating prowess, means Authentic Real Estate Team can help you land a great deal on these charming Orlando homes!

To see our full collection of houses for sale in this quaint Orlando town, visit our website!

Community Homes for Sale in Orlando, FL!

Community Homes for Sale in Orlando, FL!

Orlando is home to many wonderful master-planned communities.

Benefits of such places include luxury amenities, gate- and guard-ensured safety, and a strong sense of shared identity.

Oh, and of course, luxury Orlando, Florida houses for sale.

Check out some of our favorite Orlando communities below!

Royal Cypress Preserve

  • With a prime location just 7 minutes from Disney Springs, Royal Cypress Preserve lives up to its name by giving its residents the royal treatment.
  • You'll feel like royalty as you step out your front door onto your manicured lawn, freshly mowed and fertilized by expert gardeners, whose services are included in your dues.
  • You'll bask in kingly glory with nightly fireworks so close they feel like they're just for you!
  • Other royal amenities include access to, and views of, the lake, a private clubhouse, swimming pool, fitness center, onsite parks, and a gated entrance.
  • These high-end homes by Toll Brothers builders are well located.
  • Within just minutes of a whole kingdomful of restaurants and shops.
  • As well as, importantly, top-rated public and private schools in upscale Windermere!
Homes For Sale Orlando Royal Cypress Preserve
Orlando Houses For Sale Havencrest


  • Havencrest is a small community with huge assets!
  • Its amazing location puts it close to the upscale Mall of Millennia.
  • As well as Dr. Phillips, home to Sand Lake Road and its world-famous Restaurant Row.
  • Plus, at just 20 minutes from I-Drive, it's only a short car ride from one of Orlando's most unique collections of shops, eateries, shows, and different combinations of the three.
  • But for all its big connections, Havencrest is a small town at heart.
  • This gives it an intimate sense of community.
  • Which, in combination with the safety of a gated entrance, and the educational benefits of a top-rated school zone,  makes it a great place to raise a family.

Solaire at the Plaza

  • Working in Downtown Orlando?
  • Then Solaire at the Plaza might be the perfect choice for you.
  • Solaire is Downtown Orlando's premier condominium.
  • These luxury condos range from the economical to the very expensive.
  • From chic and compact to ultra high-end.
  • The prime downtown location puts you within walking distance of most any downtown job.
  • As well as the many hip eateries, shops, bars, and entertainment venues that have come to form Orlando's distinct downtown identity.
Homes For Sale Orlando Fl Solaire at the Plaza

Paradiso Grande

  • Paradiso Grande (formerly Grand Pines) is the premier forthcoming community in Orlando.
  • And, although it hasn't opened, it's already one of the premier sources of luxury homes for sale in Orlando, Florida.
  • Located just off I-Drive, Paradiso Grande will be the best-located development in the Orlando Area.
  • With the Orange County Convention Center, I-Drive, and Downtown Orlando,  all just minutes away.
  • It will also be the only place in Orlando, Florida (Orange County) with single-family vacation homes for sale.
  • Meaning, most importantly, the only place close to Universal Studios AND Disney World where you can rent single family homes short term.
  • And making it, in turn, one of the best places to invest in Central Florida.
  • Homes will range in size from 3 to 14 bedrooms.
  • With private screened-in pools and lanais, optional themed rooms and game rooms, fully equipped kitchens, and formal dining spaces.
  • Investors are lining up to claim the next phase of Paradiso Grande properties as they're cleared and made available.
  • And the first phase of lots have already been reserved.
  • If you want ensure you beat the competition to the one of these great properties, join our exclusive waiting list!

Vista Cay Resort

  • Another short term rental-friendly community, Vista Cay also features a fantastic location close to amazing attractions and luxury amenities.
  • This is a sprawling condo community with world-class amenities.
  • Where renters and owners alike lounge on private porches, greeting passersby strolling the sidewalks, watching birds and squirrels in the lush tree tops that shade the paths below.
  • But despite the laid-back lifestyle, it's got a prime location right in the middle of the Orlando action.
  • Within walking distance to the Orange County Convention Center and I-Drive.
  • And just 5 minutes from Universal Studios!
  • There are even rumors that Universal (who just so happens to own the land across the street, which just so happens to be under development) are building a brand-new, top-secret theme park.
  • But you didn't hear it from us.
Orlando Fl Homes For Sale Vista Cay Resort
Homes For Sale In Orlando Floridays Resort

Floridays Resort

  • This centrally located condo-hotel is both luxurious and practical.
  • With upscale 2-3 bedroom condo suites, fully equipped kitchens in every suite, and furnished balconies on select units.
  • Floridays is a cost-effective way to live in the heart of Orlando.
  • Just a short drive from Downtown, I-Drive, and the Orange County Convention Center!
  • Plus, with an onsite management company specially trained to handle Floridays-specific maintenance and upkeep, managing your property is a breeze!
  • Luxury amenities include a resort-style pool, fitness center, concierge, shuttle service, and more!

Lake Buena Vista Resort

  • At just 5 minutes from Disney, this condo-hotel boasts a great location.
  • It's also within walking distance to Lake Buena Vista Factory Stores, a huge outlet mall with top brands like Nike, Express, Calvin Klein, Old Navy, GAP, Fossil, and more.
  • But with onsite restaurants, and resort-style amenities like a fitness center, lake access, boat rentals, and the family-friendly "Pirate Plunge" swimming pool, you might never want to leave!
  • Lake Buena Vista Resort is on the older side, meaning there are great deals to be had on units that, with a little updating, will be good as new.
  • Or if you're looking for something more move-in ready, there are some refurbished units, too.
  • Whatever your needs, Authentic Real Estate Team can help you meet them at Lake Buena Vista Resort!
Homes For Sale In Orlando Fl Lake Buena Vista Resort

Orlando, FL Homes for Sale: FAQ

  • This centrally located condo-hotel is both luxurious and practical.
  • With upscale 2-3 bedroom condo suites, fully equipped kitchens in every suite, and furnished balconies on select units.
  • Floridays is a cost-effective way to live in the heart of Orlando.
  • Just a short drive from Downtown, I-Drive, and the Orange County Convention Center!
  • Plus, with an onsite management company specially trained to handle Floridays-specific maintenance and upkeep, managing your property is a breeze!
  • Luxury amenities include a resort-style pool, fitness center, concierge, shuttle service, and more!

Q: Are Homes for Sale in Orlando, Florida More Affordable than Other Major US Cities?

A: Yes!

With a population of almost a third of a million, and a growth rate of over 60,000 new residents a year, Orlando, FL is one of the biggest, fast-growing cities in the country.

So you might expect that, like other large, fast-growing cities, Orlando would be an expensive place to live.

Not so!

Compared to comparably sized cities, Orlando's cost-of-living index is quite low.

With essential expenses like groceries, gas, and healthcare, all exceedingly reasonable.

While luxury expenses like dining out and retail don't entail luxury prices.

And, of course, don't forget to add home prices to that list!

At just 275,000 dollars, the average home value in Orlando is hundreds of thousands of dollars less than in similarly sized cities.

200 thousand dollars less than the comparably populated city of Yonkers, New York.

And a whopping 500 thousand dollars less than Irvine, California.

Now, add to that the fact that Florida doesn't impose a state income tax, as well as the fact of Orlando's strong job market, and you'll see that anybody can afford to live in Orlando, Florida.

Including you!

Q: What are the Best Places With Homes for Sale in Orlando, Florida?

A: With More than 100 Distinct Neighborhoods, Orlando Has a Surfeit of Great Areas to Live for Buyers of All Needs! Here are Five of the Best:

Winter Park

Long a favorite winter destination for "snowbirds," and a popular layover for those passing through Central Florida, Winter Park was called "the prettiest place I have seen in Florida" by then-president Chester Arthur in the 1880's.

And after over a hundred years, not much has changed.

Houses for sale in this upscale Orlando town are priced higher than average.

But as the premier real estate team in Orlando, Authentic Real Estate Team has the skills to get them for a great deal!

Dr. Phillips

Situated just outside of Downtown, Dr. Phillips boasts perhaps the best location in the whole Orlando area.

No matter where you go in the compact neighborhood of Dr. Phillips, you're never more than a few minutes from greatness:

Great schools in the highly rated Orange County Public School District, great dining at the world-famous Restaurant Row, great shopping at Orlando International Premium Outlets, and great entertainment along I-Drive and at nearby Universal Studios and SeaWorld.

And, of course, great Orlando real estate!

Lake Nona

Lake Nona is one of the Orlando Area's fastest growing neighborhoods.

Home to Lake Nona Medical City, a major hub for medical research and education, Lake Nona attracts some of the world's top minds from the field of medicine.

But with the Orlando International Airport, a Walmart Supercenter, and Lake Nona High School all less than ten minutes away, you don't have to be a medical professional to reap the convenient rewards Lake Nona has on offer.

Check out Authentic Real Estate Team handpicked selection of luxury Orlando houses for sale in Lake Nona!


Through much of the twentieth century, Walt Disney channeled his imagination into the creation of countless creative projects.

From unforgettable characters, to the films they starred in, to the theme parks that brought them to life, Disney's creations have become indelible parts of American culture.

But did you know one of these creations was an actual town you can live in?

Before Epcot, Celebration was Disney's vision of the community of tomorrow.

Today, it gives home buyers a unique opportunity: to live out the vision of one of America's great creative geniuses.

Jump to our website to browse our luxury Orlando houses for sale at Celebration!

Winter Garden

Equal parts affluence and charm, Winter Garden boasts high-end luxury homes surrounding a well-preserved historic downtown.

Once a major exporter of citrus, Winter Garden today is a thoroughly modern town, with all the niceties you could want within just minutes.

Including the charming shops and eateries of Downtown Winter Garden, the A-rated schools of Orange County Public Schools, and the challenging but tranquil links of Forest Lake Golf Club.

To see houses for sale in this charming Orlando town, head to our website!

Q: What are the Best Schools in Orlando?

A: Orlando Boasts Some of the Best Schools in the State of Florida. Here are the Top Five Orlando Schools According to

  • Timber Lakes Elementary School - Timber Lakes Elementary School boasts test scores well above the state and national averages. It has also been recognized for its great efforts, and great success, in closing the achievement gap between student groups.
  • Orlando Science Elementary Charter School - This charter school is known for high test scores, a steady rate of improvement over time, and, as a charter school, for tailoring its curriculum to the individual needs of students.
  • Orlando Science Middle High Charter School - Like its sister school, Orlando Science Elementary, Orlando Science Middle and High School caters to a wide array of student needs, presenting lessons in a way that draws on individual student strengths to better reinforce the material.
  • Windy Ridge K-8 - Windy Ridge ranks well above the state average in test scores, year-to-year test score improvement, and accommodations for disadvantaged students.
  • Orange County Virtual School - The only non-brick-and-mortar school to make our list, Orange County Virtual School lets students learn from the comfort of home. But this virtual school is no compromise for the real deal. Orange County Virtual School ranks far above the state average along college- and career-readiness measures.

Q: How Can I Find the Best Real Estate Agent to Help Me Find Homes for Sale in Orlando, FL?

A: This one's easy.

Orlando's real estate market is huge and diverse.

And homes here are incredibly affordable.

That's good news if you're looking for homes for sale in Orlando, Florida.

With such a diverse market and great prices, there's something for everyone.

But narrowing down the Orlando Area's 4,000 square miles to one perfect property can be daunting.

And while prices are generally good, competition can be fierce.

But a great realtor can solve these problems.

A great realtor is an area expert, with the knowledge to find your perfect location.

They are market experts, with the instincts to know if the asking price is fair or unfair.

They are style connoseurs, with the eye to match you to the perfect home.

And they are shrewd negotiators, with the skills to get you the price you deserve.

Come to think of it, by those criteria, they're a lot like the realtors at Authentic Real Estate Team!

Q: Can a Foreigner Buy a Home in Orlando?

A: Of Course!

Orlando is famous the world over.

Every year, its theme parks bring millions of tourists from around the world to the City Beautiful.

But lately, and at an increasing rate, people from around the world are beginning to see Orlando as more than just a great place to vacation.

They're beginning to see it as a great place to buy homes, too.

Whether you're an investor capitalizing on the rise of short-term rentals, or you're just looking for a home away from home in the States, Orlando's is quickly becoming one of the country's most popular real estate markets for foreign nationals.

Q: Where Are the Best Townhouses for Sale in Orlando?

A: It Depends on Your Needs!

Orlando has a wide range of townhouses for sale to meet every need.

From economic to lavish, these vertically inclined homes are suitable for couples and families just starting out, established careerists, retirees, and everyone in between!

Some townhouses, like those found in Kissimmee and Davenport, even come with pools!

But generally speaking, townhomes can be found in virtually every corner of Orlando.

And Authentic Real Estate Team can help you find the corner that's just right for you!

Q: Where Are the Best Condos for Sale in Orlando?

A: Downtown!

Actually, condos, like townhouses, can be found in abundance throughout Orlando.

And, like townhouses, they come in a variety of options

But you asked where you could find the best condos for sale in Orlando.

And if you're looking for the best, the best place to start is Downtown.

Condos here are high end.

And, of course, they come with all the benefits of living Downtown.

Such as all your basic needs - like groceries, the court house, and maybe even work - within walking distance.

As well as your not-so-basic needs, like world-class bars and restaurants, a pulsing nightlife, and great shopping.

Downtown condos are also on the high end of the price spectrum.

But you get what you pay for.

And with Authentic Real Estate Team, you can be sure that what you pay for is worth what you pay.

Q: Where Are the Best Apartments for Sale in Orlando?

A: Apartments Generally Aren't for Sale.

You might have been mistaking "apartments" for "condos."

If so, no worries - it's an easy mistake to make!

But single apartments generally aren't for sale; it's apartment buildings that can be mortgaged, while the single apartments, in turn, are rented out by the owner/landlord.

However, if you're used to apartments and apartment rates, a condo could be a natural next step.

Condos are similar to apartments in size and amenities.

And their price puts them within reach of just about anyone.

Especially with Authentic Real Estate Team there to make sure they get the price they deserve.

Q: What is There to Do in Orlando?

A: Perhaps the Better Question is, What isn't There to Do in Orlando!

As the tourist capital of the world, Orlando’s economy is built on great things to do.

From man-made marvels like theme parks and large entertainment venues, to more natural offerings like our beautiful lakes and springs, Orlando is full of great things to do for people of all interests, ages, and means.

As your Orlando Area experts, Authentic Real Estate Team has the lowdown on the best things to do In Orlando.

Here are our top five:

1. Theme Parks

When much of the world thinks of Orlando, Florida, they probably think of theme parks.

From Disney World, to Universal Studios, to SeaWorld, to the many sister parks into which these three can be further divided, Orlando’s theme parks aren’t just for kids.

There’s something for everyone!

You can go around the world in an afternoon at EPCOT, sampling the food and drink of some of the planet’s most interesting cultures.

Or, for a more thrilling time, check out Universal Studios’ sister park, Islands of Adventure, home to some of the best roller coasters and high-tech 3D dark rides in the country.

And of course, Disney World is a must if you have kids.

The only downsides to the parks are that, first of all, they can be pricey.

And second, if you don't have an annual pass, or at least multi-day tickets, it can be hard to cram everything into one day.

But Orlando also features lots of smaller, less expensive parks and amusement centers

Like Fun Spot America, Andretti, Icon Park, and Wonderworks.

These parks are small enough to experience in one day.

And they won't break the bank!

2. Springs

While theme parks are perhaps what Orlando is most famous for, its most distinctive feature has to be its natural springs.

In fact, Orlando boasts more springs than anywhere else on planet earth.

This is due to Florida's geological makeup being mostly porous limestone.

As well as to its low elevation close to sea level.

These factors combine to make Florida a sort of sponge, full of water crisscrossing in a huge underground network known collectively as the Floridan Aquifer System.

And in Orlando, where water makes up nearly %10 of the overall area, that system comes bubbling to the surface in a wealth of cold, crystal clear springs.

These springs afford visitors many fun and exciting things to do.

From tubing down the lazy river at Rock Springs.

To canoeing down gator-gorged Snake Creek at Blue Springs.

To scuba diving in an underworld of submerged caverns at Devil's Den.

The springs can be relaxing or thrilling, depending on which ones you visit, as well as your interests and abilities.

Because they originate underground, they stay a refreshing 72 degrees year round, making them the ultimate way to beat the Florida heat.

And, with park fees usually running just a couple of dollars, they cost practically nothing!

3. Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center

Orlando has a vital and vibrant performing arts scene.

It can be seen in the many repertory theaters that pepper the town.

As well as in the many independent live music venues.

Like the Social, the Plaza Live, and Will's Pub.

But the heart of Orlando's performing arts scene is the beautiful Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center.

This massive, multi-hall venue takes up two whole city blocks.

It consists of three halls:

The Walt Disney Theater - a 2,700-seat auditorium for touring Broadway shows and concerts.

Steinmetz Hall - with 1,700-seat capacity, this hall features opera, orchestral music, and ballet.

The Pugh Theater - not your typical black box theater, this ornately decorated 300-seat space features smaller shows and events.

4. Rocket Launches

While they don't technically take place in Orlando, the rocket launches at nearby Cape Canaveral are well worth the half-hour drive.

They're a must-see spectacle.

Try to picture it: you arrive at one of several viewing sites in the twilight of early morning, the grass still dewy but beginning to steam.

You shuffle to your seat on the bleachers, the aluminum still cool to the touch.

The tension is palpable - no one knows for sure if the launch will go off as scheduled, or if it will be a success.

Finally, as the countdown begins, you pass the point of no return.

So have the astronauts, you think to yourself, somewhat envious, somewhat happy you're staying no the ground.

Then it starts - a sudden brilliant bloom of orange and yellow from the boosters, filling the dark morning like a second sun, its roar filling your chest, vibrating the bleachers.

And then, against the most fundamental forces of nature, the very laws that kept us earthbound for millions of years, the rocket and its 64-ton payload levitates up and off the platform.

At first it seems to be fighting gravity.

And that gravity might even win.

But soon, the rocket is speeding toward the heavens, slipping through the atmosphere with all the ease and speed of a bullet from a gun.

Can you picture it?

No doubt you're picturing something, but even the most vivid imagination can't do a launch justice.

You have to see it for yourself!

But don't worry if you can't make it out to Cape Canaveral every time.

Most homes for sale in Orlando, FL, give owners a (albeit tiny) view of the rockets from their own back yards!

5. The Orlando Science Center

Opened in 1960, the Orlando Science Center has been on a mission to "inspire science learning for life" for more than fifty years.

And their mission has been a resounding success.

With half a million visitors showing up every year to learn and, in turn spread, their gospel of science.

And with all that popularity, as well as continued philanthropic funding, helping to grow the center to its current size of more than 200,000 square feet.

The museum houses an amazing 6 floors of exhibits, some of which are hands-on.

These exhibits cover a range of topics.

From eco-science, to astronomy, to physics.

There are also two movie theaters, showing science related media as well as select Hollywood fare.

The first theater, called the Dr. Phillips Cinedome, projects the world's largest film format (15/70) through a fisheye lens onto a huge concave screen, to create a one-of-a-kind immersive experience.

The second, the Digital Adventure Theater, partners with National Geographic to source films from the world's largest giant-screen film library.

The Orlando Science Center also hosts a variety of annual events.

Like the Science of Wine, Neanderthal Ball, Science Night Live, and the Otronicon gaming and simulation conference.

Q: What is There to Do in Orlando with Kids?

A: Whatever They Can Dream Up!

When the Walt Disney World Resort opened in 1971, Orlando began a radical transformation.

The result was Orlando as we know it today: a city built on children's dreams, where the magic of Disney inspires other local businesses to think magically.

For kids, that makes Orlando nothing short of Shangri La.

A dream destination for vacation; while, as a place to live, existing beyond the realms of what seems possible.

Trust us - moving your kids to Orlando will earn you a lifetime supply of "cool points."

And with lots of great Orlando houses for sale, and Authentic Real Estate Team to help you land a great deal, you might just award yourself a few, too.

Here are just a few of the things your kids will love to do in Orlando:

1. The Crayola Experience

The humble crayon.

If you have kids, you're bound to have them around.

You pick them up off the floor, you clean their marks off your walls.

But what if there was a place where the fun of crayons didn't entail the cleanup - or not for you, anyway.

The Crayola Experience at the Florida Mall is that place.

This museum/store seeks to educate visitors about the history, manufacturing process, and products of Crayola crayons.

There are interactive exhibits, a Crayola Hall of Fame for retired colors, and a "Discovery Center" showcasing how Crayola crayons are made.

And, of course, there's the Art Station.

Where your kids will find the ultimate one-of-a-kind souvenir - one they made themselves.

The Crayola Experience is a fun, cheap, and educational way to spend an afternoon with the kids.

And with tons of luxury Orlando houses for sale nearby, the surrounding area is a great place to spend the rest of your life!

2. The Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom, or Disney World as it's more commonly known, is the most famous, most visited theme park in the world.

It's also one of the most kid-friendly.

There are no death-defying roller coasters here.

Nor any trace of the educational missions laid out by places like EPCOT and SeaWorld.

The Magic Kingdom's mission is simple: to give kids the time of their lives.

And at Disney World, they're guaranteed to have it.

They're guaranteed to see their favorite Disney characters from beloved films and TV shows.

They'll hear novel arrangements of their favorite Disney songs pumped through the intercom.

They'll eat an inadvisable amount of sugar!

And, for years to come, they'll look back on it as one of the best days of their childhoods.

3. The Sea Life Aquarium at Icon Park

Sea Life is Orlando's number-one aquarium!

It features state-of-the-art exhibits, many of them interactive.

Your kids will love getting to touch live starfish, sharks, and stingrays!

There are also entertaining and informative shows and presentations scheduled throughout the day.

And marine biology experts always close at hand to answer all your deep-diving questions.

It's all part of Sea Life's larger mission of conservation through education.

In fact, the company operates three wildlife sanctuaries, one in the UK and one in Australia.

Where they shelter and rehab seals, penguins, and otters.

They also partner with other conservation agencies, like Greenpeace, in addition to running their own campaigns, to advocate for the likes of loggerhead turtles, mako sharks, and other species threatened by pollution and over-fishing.

And, as a bonus to your visit to Sea Life Aquarium, you can take advantage of Icon Park's other unique attractions.

Like The Wheel at Icon Park, the world's 8th tallest ferris wheel.

Or Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, where your kids can meet everyone from Harry Potter to Walt Disney.

Well, the wax versions at least.

4. Gatorland

Gatorland is one of Orlando's most iconic attractions.

And it's one your kids will remember for a lifetime.

Because kids' minds are populated by fantastic beasts.

And nothing makes an impression on them like seeing one in the flesh.

The specimens at Gatorland are certainly fantastic.

Like star of the park, Chester, a 13-foot-long alligator.

Then there's Bonecrusher II, a 15-foot American crocodile sure crawl inside their imaginations and nest for life.

And with lots of great real estate - from houses, to condos, to townhomes - for sale in nearby East Orlando, Florida, Gatorland is an experience you can share any time you want!

5. World of Chocolate Museum

The first museum of its kind, World of Chocolate is a museum your kids will actually like!

6-foot-tall chocolate statues and free samples will keep them captivated while they learn about the history of chocolate.

And while mom and dad sneak a few chocolate/wine sample pairings.

There's also a lot of great real estate nearby.

With the homes for sale near I-Drive being some of the best-located in Orlando, Florida.

Q: Where Are the Best Condos for Sale in Orlando?

A: Downtown!

Tampa - 84 mi

Miami - 236 mi

Daytona Beach - 56 mi

Jacksonville - 141 mi

Fort Lauderdale - 213 mi

Cocoa Beach - 60 mi

Kissimmee - 24 mi

Fort Myers - 159 mi

Gainesville - 112 mi

Davenport - 36 mi

Clearwater Beach - 108 mi

Key West - 393 mi

Q: Are Homes for Sale in Orlando, Florida Safe?

A: Yes, Orlando is Extremely Safe!

Orlando comprises over 100 distinct neighborhoods.

Many of these have crime rates well below the national average.

Like Windermere, Maitland, and Winter Springs.

Q: In What County is Orlando Located?

A: Orange County

Orange County boasts some of the best located homes for sale in the Orlando, Florida Area.

It promises easy access to Downtown, the Convention Center, and Universal Studios.

You might think this would make it a good place to buy a vacation home.

Unfortunately, Orange County is generally not short-term-rental-friendly.

But with Authentic Real Estate Team unmatched market access, it is possible to find them!

Q: How Big is Orlando?

A: The Greater Orlando Area Comprises Around 4,000 Square Miles, with Homes for Sale to Meet Every Need

Greater Orlando comprises 4,000 square miles and over 100 distinct neighborhoods.

That means, whatever your needs, there's an Orlando location with houses for sale to meet them.

And Authentic Real Estate Team are the area experts you need to find the perfect Orlando location!

Q: What is at Universal Studios Orlando?

A: Some of the World's Best Rides and Attractions, like Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringort's, Revenge of the Mummy, and Transformers 3D. Plus, Great Orlando, FL Homes for Sale in the Surrounding Area.


And don't forget about Universal's Island's of Adventure!

Home to the Incredible Hulk Coaster, Jurassic Park River Adventure, and Hagrid's Magical Motorbike Adventure.

The parks also happen to be surrounded by great Orlando houses for sale.

Like in the Orlando, FL neighborhood of Dr. Phillips, where lots of older homes are for sale at great deals.

And like the condos in short-term-rental-friendly Vista Cay, a great place to live AND invest.

Most of the homes for sale in the Universal area of Orlando, Florida, however, are residential.

Q: How Many Disney Parks are There?

A: Orlando is Home to 4 Great Disney Parks: the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios.

Pro tip from the Orlando theme park experts at Authentic Real Estate Team:

A Park Hopper pass is a cost-effective way to experience all 4 Disney parks for one lump sum.

Just make sure you give yourself plenty of time; even one park is hard to experience in just a day.

Q: Does Orlando Get Hurricanes?

A: Yes, but...

Even at a modest 82' in elevation, Orlando towers above much of Florida.

Plus, Orlando is almost centered between Florida's two coasts.

So whatever angle of attack a hurricane might take, and however much storm surge it brings, homes for sale in Orlando, FL have a lower probability of sustaining damage than homes in most Florida cities.

Q: Where to Eat in Orlando?

A: Orlando is One of the Top Foodie Cities in America!

Orlando is quickly becoming a major culinary city.

In fact, named it the 11th best food city in the country.

Here are just a few of the locals' favorite spots:

  • Eddie V.'s Prime Rib - Classic steak and seafood house with renowned service and atmosphere
  • Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse - Authentic Brazilian-style steakhouse where expertly seasoned meats are carved at your table
  • Victoria and Albert's - Orlando's most high-end dining experience, and the level of service you come to expect from Disney
  • Seasons 52 - Lighter fare with a seasonal menu, casual yet chic atmosphere, and great wine selection
  • Kres Chophouse - Gourmet Mediterranean steakhouse with fresh steak and seafood in the heart of Downtown Orlando

Authentic Real Estate Team - Your Premier Source for Homes for Sale in Orlando, FL

Gorgeous weather and natural surroundings, stunning architecture and landscaping, safety, great schools, and a booming economy:

These are just a few of the things that make Orlando a wonderful place to live.

So if you're in the market for new homes for sale, Orlando, Florida could be the place for you!

And as the premier real estate service in Orlando, Authentic Real Estate Team is the broker to help you find them.

Orlando is huge and diverse, with a range of homes to meet every need and want.

But for these same reasons, it can also be daunting setting out to find the one that's best for you.

Our area knowledge helps you hone in on the perfect home, in the perfect setting.

While our knowledge of the market and negotiating skills help you land a great deal!

In conclusion, if you're ready to start searching for Orlando, Florida homes for sale, start with Authentic Real Estate Team!

Your Orlando Real Estate Agent

Ready to find your ideal Orlando property? We are here to help you achieve your real estate dreams with confidence and clarity. Our team of Orlando real estate professionals will help you manage every aspect of your home search. Whether you’re buying, selling, or investing in Orlando real estate, you need a qualified local Orlando Real Estate Agent who will listen to you, understand your goals, and help you determine the best fit option.

Why buy Orlando Real Estate?

Originally founded in the late 1800’s, Orlando Florida is one of America’s most well known cities. A popular tourist destination year-round, Orlando offers some of the hottest attractions to be found anywhere in North America. Orlando is also a shining example of United States economic success.

A leader in health care, finance, and education, Orlando is often considered an attractive real estate investment opportunity. Vacation Homes and Rental Properties offer some of the best income-oriented real estate investments available in the USA. Whether you’re looking for single family homes or luxury condominiums and townhomes, Orlando has more than enough to offer for everyone!

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VACATION HOMES also offer more convenience, especially for families with children, who can share a single space without feeling cramped, just like at home. Buying a VACATION HOME in Orlando is a smart, lucrative investment, offering owners the opportunity to generate income while they’re away, and to have a place to call home when they visit the city.

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