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15 beds
17 baths
17,694 SqFt

MLS #: O5945274 | Single Family Residence




11 beds
12 baths
10,377 SqFt

MLS #: S5050783 | Single Family Residence




9 beds
9 baths
6,751 SqFt

MLS #: S5056380 | Single Family Residence




8 beds
8 baths
6,795 SqFt

MLS #: O5968983 | Single Family Residence




7 beds
7 baths
5,941 SqFt

MLS #: O5932773 | Single Family Residence




8 beds
8 baths
7,360 SqFt

MLS #: S5056162 | Single Family Residence




6 beds
6 baths
5,325 SqFt

MLS #: O5978598 | Single Family Residence




12 beds
12 baths
6,572 SqFt

MLS #: S5055914 | Single Family Residence




4 beds
5 baths
4,000 SqFt

MLS #: S5052332 | Single Family Residence




9 beds
9 baths
6,000 SqFt

MLS #: O5975722 | Single Family Residence




13 beds
12 baths
6,430 SqFt

MLS #: O5978437 | Single Family Residence




5 beds
5 baths
5,776 SqFt

MLS #: O5961117 | Single Family Residence

Do you know about Orlando’s most prestigious homebuying destination?

Reunion Resort is a massive, 14 subdivision master-planned community of high-end homes and luxury amenities near Disney, designed with vacationers, and thus, investors, in mind. As part of Authentic Real Estate Team, Orlando Homes for Sale handpicks the best Reunion real estate from across the spectrum of home types, while Authentic’s licensed brokers specialize in helping you save time, effort, and money on your purchase.

Moreover, as a full-service investment real estate company, Authentic offers a full suite of after-sale services designed to  maximize the care and results of your Reunion investment.

So, if you want to live or invest in Central Florida’s most prestigious gated community, let Orlando Homes for Sale unite you with your dream house for a great price at Reunion Resort.

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Why Buy a Home for Sale in Reunion FL?

homes for sale in reunion

Want to give your family the luxury resort lifestyle they deserve?

Looking to invest in a high return short-term rental near Disney parks?

Want to cash in on Orlando’s rapid growth with a long-term rental in its most prestigious neighborhood question mark

Dreaming of a luxury home away from home that gives you convenience to local amenities while providing everything you need on site?

In short, the question isn’t so much why should you buy a home in Reunion Resort, as why shouldn’t you.

But whatever your reasons for buying, there should never be any question as to home to buy from.

Because only one real estate team is specialized in helping you save on Reunion real estate – Authentic Real Estate Team.

Scroll below to discover five great reasons to buy a home in Reunion Resort.


1. Give Your Family the Luxury Resort Lifestyle They Deserve

In the market for a luxury home in Central Florida?

It doesn’t get any more luxurious than Reunion Resort.

Home to an elite population of sports stars, celebrities from the world of entertainment, and luminaries of many kinds, Reunion Resort is one of the most prestigious places to live in all of Central Florida.

Here you’ll find mansions with golf course- and waterfront views, private boat docks, and sprawling lawns manicured with fine attention to detail, with price tags ranging into the tens of millions of dollars.

But you don’t have to be top of the money list to afford to live in this upscale golf resort.

Because Reunion Resort, Florida also offers a range of other home types for sale – from condos, to townhomes, to single-family houses – to meet a range of needs.

And with Authentic Real Estate Team, you can save on your purchase no matter what home you buy.

So, if you want to give your family the luxury resort lifestyle they deserve, with quality homes by renowned builders, 5-star amenities, and the safety of a gated, guarded entry, find your dream home for a dream price today at our full inventory of Reunion real estate.


2. Stunning Short-Term Rentals Just Minutes from Disney

If Orlando is the vacation capital of the US, then Kissimmee is the vacation home capital.

And in the vacation home capital of the US, one resort stands out as the most luxurious, most comfortable, and most fun – Reunion Resort.

Home to celebrities, sports stars, and luminaries of all stripes, Reunion Resort lets tourists live like a multimillionaire on their Orlando vacation, with stunning homes and 5-star amenities just minutes from the magic of Disney.

In fact, guests can even request to stay in your favorite celebrity’s home!

But of course, you don’t have to be a celebrity to invest in Orlando’s premier short-term rental resort.

Nor to promote your rental.

With Authentic Real Estate Team’s curated collection of Reunion real estate, you can invest for less with a range of homes to choose from.

And with occupancy-boosting promotion and trusted management referrals, you can maximize your ROI.


3. Invest Long Term for Added Security and Steady Returns

Want a more stable, secure way to invest at Reunion?

A short-term rental is a high-reward investment option, but with a revolving door of guests, its high rewards come at a higher risk.

But with a long-term rental, you can rely on the security of a single family of renters occupying the property at a time, for steady returns you can count on and less wear and tear on the home.

Our inventory of homes for sale in Reunion Resort, Florida make ideal long-term rentals, letting you cash in on Central Florida’s rapid population growth in its most desirable gated community.

Want even more security for your assets?

Count on Authentic property management for in-depth background checks, maintenance and repairs, and more, to preempt your home against damage, and keep small problems from turning into big disasters.


4. Three of Florida’s Best Golf Courses in One Location

Love to golf?

Whether you want to live full-time or seasonally in Reunion Resort, Orlando Homes for Sale can help you find the golf house of your dreams at Central Florida’s premier golf resort, Reunion.

And Authentic Real Estate Team can help you score a great deal!

Enjoy convenient walk-on access to, and discounted rates on, three of Florida’s best golf courses, the signature Watson, Nicklaus, and Palmer.

Designed by three legends of the game, these courses are as beautiful as they are challenging, offering spectacular views and tough yet rewarding play.

Rub shoulders with some of golfs biggest names, among the many celebrity residents who call Reunion home.

Of course, you don’t have to be a PGA pro to afford to live at Reunion.

Because with a wide range of homes for sale, including condos and townhomes, Reunion is within reach of most buyers.

Especially With the experienced realtors at Authentic Real Estate Team on your side.

See our full inventory of hand-picked Reunion homes at below-par prices today!


5. Make Your Dream of Seasonal Homeownership a Reality

Are you a frequent visitor to Orlando?

Do you want to be?

With our selection of homes for sale in Reunion Resort, Florida, you can make your dream of seasonal homeownership a reality for a great deal!

Enjoy gorgeous weather, access to Disney parks, world-class golf, and a range of other resort-style amenities, for a luxury vacation lifestyle that lasts all season long!

Not to mention, you’ll be just minutes from a range of great shops and restaurants, as well as essential needs like grocery stores, healthcare facilities, and more!

Want to get even more out of your seasonal investment home?

With Authentic Group and premiere Orlando booking agency, ILoveVH by Authentic, you can set up your second home as a hybrid vacation rental and earn while you’re away!


See all Reunion Real Estate Market Data And Statistics!

Investing in a Reunion rental or second home is a big step.

So be sure to give it the consideration it deserves.

At Orlando Homes for Sale, we’re here to help you reach your investment goals at Reunion.

Therefore, we’re your source for the most up-to-date data, trends, and projections from the Reunion market.

Head to our monthly market update to see how list-to-sell ratios, appreciation rates, average time to sell and rent, and other salient stats are performing at Reunion Resort!
See All Reunion FL Real Estate Market Statistics


See The Best Houses For Sale In Reunion Florida!

reunion resort fl homes for sale

Reunion Resort is home to some of Orlando’s most elite real estate.

Not to mention some of its most elite homeowners.

However, you’ll find that Reunion is accessible to homebuyers of all backgrounds and goals.

From residential to investment homes, condos to mansions, pet-friendly homes to homes with private docks, at Reunion, you’ll find a home and amenity combination for every need.

And with Authentic Real Estate Team, you’ll find yours for less.

Explore the possibilities at the links below, or contact Orlando Homes for Sale today to start a more personalized search.


Reunion Vacation Homes For Sale

With more vacation homes than any other city in Central Florida, and a prime location near Disney parks, Kissimmee is the undisputed vacation home capital of the US.

And in Kissimmee one resort claims the title of ultimate vacation home community – Reunion.

At Reunion Resort, tourists can live like multimillionaires just minutes from their Disney destinations, rubbing elbows with celebrities from the worlds of sports and entertainment.

And with Authentic Real Estate Team, you can invest in Central Florida’s best short-term rental resort for less.

With our selection of vacation homes for sale in Reunion Resort, Florida, you can count on high occupancy, high returns, and a luxury vacation house of your own to use anytime you desire.
See In Reunion Vacation Homes For Sale


New Properties For Sale In Reunion Kissimmee FL

In the market for a new-construction home in Reunion Resort?

Whether you want to live or invest in Reunion, buying new is a great way to cut costs and headaches in the long run.

Enjoy modern, open layouts, energy-efficient green technology and design, built-in Wi-Fi, and of course, that new house smell, with our selection of new homes for sale in Reunion Resort, Florida.
See In Reunion New Homes For Sale


Reunion Homes For Sale With Private Pool

Reunion Resort boasts a large selection of homes with private pools.

Give your family the ultimate way to beat the summer heat with a single-family home with screened-in pool and spa.

Or swim and save with a townhome with private splash pool.

Planning to use your Reunion Resort home has a short-term rental?

A pool can be the differentiator you need to float to the top of the vacation-home competition.
Reunion Resort Pool Homes For Sale


Luxury Homes For Sale In Reunion Resort

If you’re looking for luxury community real estate in Central Florida, look no further than the areas most luxurious resort, Reunion.

Reunion Resort offers some of the most opulent homes in the Orlando area.

Think lake and golf course views, inspired landscaping, distinguished architectural design, and attention to detail inside and out.

Whether you’re looking for huge mansions that define luxury, chic condos with a highly concentrated luxury punch, or townhomes with uptown elegance, you’ll find it at Reunion Resort.
See All Luxury Homes For Sale In Reunion FL


Lakefront Properties For Sale In Reunion Florida

Reunion is one of Kissimmee’s premier places to buy waterfront real estate.

Wake up to gorgeous views every day but the splendor of Florida freshwater right outside your window.

Want views you can use?

With both community and private docks, Reunion is ideal for those who love to boat, ski, and fish.
See In Reunion FL Lakefront Homes For Sale


Reunion Single Family Homes For Sale

Whether you’re looking for your next real estate investment or a home to raise your family, our selection of single-family houses for sale in Reunion Resort, Florida might be just what you’re looking for.

Invest in the magic of Disney with a single-family home near the number-one family vacation destination in the world.

Want to give your kids a happy childhood?

With a single-family home near the happiest place on earth, they can live out their Disney dreams!
See All Single Family Homes For Sale In Reunion FL


Reunion Resort Villas For Sale

Want to put the magic of the mouse to work for your portfolio with the ultimate vacation rental near Disney?

Tear posh place of your own to call home when you’re in Kissimmee?

Our inventory of Reunion Resort villas are just the ticket!
See In Reunion Resort Orlando Villas For Sale


Apartments Condos For Sale In Reunion FL

With a hand-picked Reunion Resort condo from Orlando Homes for Sale, you can reap the reward while shirking the work with a low-maintenance, low-overhead investment rental in the vacation rental capital of the US.

Get more luxury for your buck with fully equipped kitchens, master bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, private balconies with lake views, and more!
See In Reunion Resort Condos For Sale


Reunion Townhomes For Sale

Looking for single-family spaciousness that lets you save?

Our curated collection of Reunion Resort townhomes boast great low prices, and energy-efficient design and technology.
See In Reunion Townhomes For Sale


Homes For Sale In Reunion Resort With Guest House

Living in Orlando’s most prestigious golf community sure to make you popular with family and friends.

Give everyone in your foursome a more comfortable night’s stay, while enjoying peace and privacy, with a detached guest house.
See All Homes For Sale In Reunion FL With Guest House


Reunion Resort Investment Properties For Sale

With short-term rental zoning near Disney, and a fast-growing Orlando population driving up rates and values, every property for sale in Reunion Resort is a potential investment property.

Whether you want to buy a condo, townhome, single-family home, mansion, or villa, they all promise high returns and fast appreciation.

It’s what you do them that really counts.

Get a great deal on your investment property from Authentic Real Estate Team.

Then let Authentic Group and our network of area specialists help you manage your property to a great ROI.

From leasing to booking and beyond, Authentic Group and our associates can help you prolong the life of your investment home and augment your returns.
The Best Reunion FL Investment Property Selection


See All Houses For Sale In Reunion Florida!

Didn’t see what you were looking for?

At Orlando Homes for Sale, we pride ourselves on bringing you Reunion’s best and most diverse selection of homes.

Browse our complete Reunion inventory today and see what catches your eye.

You never know; your dream home could be waiting!
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The Best Realtor For The Best Reunion Florida Real Estate Deals!

homes for sale in reunion real estate

Reunion is one of Central Florida’s most prestigious communities, with high-end homes and high-profile homeowners.

However, Reunion is accessible to buyers of all profiles, With a range of homes at a range of average prices.

And especially with a great deal from Authentic Real Estate Team.

At Authentic, we’ve helped over 150 clients close over 200 successful sales, and we can help you too.

With Orlando Homes for Sale, you get a hand-picked selection of Reunion’s best homes, while the experienced realtors at Authentic Real Estate Team get you the deal you deserve.

Talk to an Authentic realtor today and see how we can help you get your Reunion dream home for a down to earth deal.
The Best Real Estate Agents In Reunion FL


Meet The Definitive Property Management Services in Reunion Florida!

reunion resort homes for sale

Reunion Resort is one of Central Florida’s most lucrative real estate investment markets.

But to actualize your investment potential, quality property management is a must.

With Authentic Group, your property management needs are in the bag.

Whether you need long-term rental Services from our in-house specialists at Authentic Property Management, or referrals to Orlando’s best short-term rental managers by Authentic booking company, ILoveVH, we’re here to help your Reunion investment thrive.
Meet The Best Reunion Resort Property Management Services!


Want To Sell Your Homes Fast In Reunion Resort?

reunion homes for sale resort fl

Reunion is one of Orlando’s hottest home markets.

But if Want to maximize your profits, your best bet is to hire a realtor.

At Authentic Real Estate Team, we have a track record of more than 200 successful sales.

Let us add you to our growing family of more than 150 satisfied customers by helping you sell your home in less time, for more money.

We offer a full suite of seller’s services.

From home renovations and staging to optimize your home’s salability, to a multimedia marketing campaign to help you reach the maximum buyers, we can get your home prepped, get it seen, and get it sold.
Sell Your Home In Reunion Florida


Reunion Homes For Sale: FAQ

Have questions about Reunion Resort?

The Reunion specialists at Orlando Homes for Sale have answers.


Where Is Reunion Florida?

Reunion is located in Kissimmee, Florida, which is located around 20 minutes west of Orlando, in the center of the Florida peninsula.


How Many Acres Is Reunion In Orlando Florida Community

Reunion Resort’s 14 communities occupy 2,226 acres of land.

Find the peace and quiet you’ve been dreaming of, while enjoying easy access to premier parks and attractions, great shopping and dining, and more!

How easy?

Find out below!


How Far Is Reunion Florida From:



33 minutes.

With convenient access to I-4, Reunion is just half an hour from Orlando!


Disney World

11 minutes.

Reunion boasts easy access to the happiest place on earth, with a quick 11-minute commute via FL-429.



1 hour.

From Reunion, Tampa is more or less a straight shot away via I-4 west.



30 minutes.

To get to the Orlando Airport from Reunion, simply take I-4 west to FL-528 and follow the signs!



45 minutes.

Groveland is 45 minutes from Reunion via County Road 474 and FL-33 N.


What Is The Closest City To Reunion, Florida

The closest major city to Reunion is Lakeland, FL, at 33.5 minutes away.

Getting there is easy – just take I-4 west for around 45 minutes and take the exit for FL-539.


What Is The Zip Code For Reunion Florida?

Located in Osceola County, Reunion’s zip code is 34747.


What Is The Vacation Rental Law In Reunion Florida?

Vacation rentals are permitted in Reunion!

With short-term rentals just minutes from Disney parks and other popular points of interest, Reunion is Central Florida’s premier vacation rental resort!


Reunion Homes For Sale: See The Best Reunion Resort Real Estate Listings Now!

reunion resort homes for sale

You’ve known your home for as long as you’ve been dreaming.

To reunite with your dream home in real life, head to our inventory of Reunion listings, or call Orlando Homes for Sale today!

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