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Looking for homes for sale in Hunters Creek, FL? With Orlando Homes For Sale, your hunt is over! As CNN/Money and Money magazine's 21's best place to live in the US, Hunters Creek has homes for sale to meet every need. And as the premier realtors in Hunters Creek and Greater Orlando, Orlando Homes For Sale can help you get them at the price you deserve! From single-family houses, to condos, to townhomes, our team has the area knowledge to match you with the perfect Hunters Creek, FL homes for sale for YOU. And the skills to help you get a GREAT DEAL! So contact Orlando Homes For Sale today to get started. Or read on to learn more about Hunters Creek - the 21st best place to live in America!

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Hunter's Creek: The 21st Best Place to Live in the USA

  • In 2011, Hunter's Creek rose to national fame when CNN/Money and Money magazine named it the 21st best place to live in the US.
  • The two publications used criteria such as the economy, real estate, education, etc.
  • Awarding Hunters Creek the 21st spot for its strong job market, affordable homes, top-rated schools and more!
  • Keep reading to learn more about the assets that make Hunters Creek one of America's best cities!
Hunter's Creek Orlando The 21st Best Place to Live in the USA

Where is Hunters Creek?

Hunters Creek is a master-planned community in Orlando, Florida.

Nestled on the Kissimmee border in south Orlando, its prime location is one of its main selling points.

With world-class shopping, dining, and attractions, all just a short drive away.

No matter where in Hunters Creek you buy your home!

A Brief History of Hunters Creek

Most of the homes in Hunters Creek were built in the 90's.

But planning on the community started in 1984.

When Canadian real estate developer, Genstar Development Company, who owned nearly 4,000 acres of land in south Orlando, decided to build an upscale community there.

Construction on Genstar's plan began in 1986, and by the late 90's, two other builders had bought and developed much of the leftover land.

Thus expanding Hunters Creek to nearly 4 square miles of homes and well planned infrastructure.

All the while drawing retail, dining, and civic establishments to the area.

Today, Hunters Creek is one of Orlando's best spots to live, work, and play.

As well as one of the best in the country at large.

Giving you the perfect blend of affordable upscale housing, master-planned amenities, and nearby points of interest!

Why Choose Homes for Sale in Hunters Creek, FL?

Orlando has been called the "tourist capital of the world."

But at Hunters Creek, you might just find yourself calling it home.

As part of a master-planned neighborhood, whose plan included preserving much of the natural surroundings, Hunters Creek homes for sale shelter you from the bustle of Orlando, FL.

While their location within the city limits gives you access to all its best amenities.

Looking for a great place to raise your kids?

Hunters Creek's highly rated schools let them expand their minds.

While its stellar safety rating puts yours at ease.

Moreover, with Universal Studios, SeaWorld, Disney, and I-Drive all just minutes away, you'll never be short of ways to keep them entertained.

But Hunters Creek isn't just about the kids.

Looking for a place to grow your career?

Hunters Creek's location within Orlando means you'll be right in the middle of one of the nation's top job markets.

With world-renowned tech, culinary, aviation, and biomedical sectors just waiting for you to bring the next big innovation.

And after a hard week's work, Hunters Creek gives you plenty of ways to unwind.

Such as great golf, shopping, and dining right outside your door!

Here are 11 of our top reasons why homes for sale in Hunters Creek, FL might just be what you've been hunting for:

Location - Hunters Creek, FL Homes for Sale

Reason 1: Location - Hunters Creek, FL Homes for Sale

  • Hunters Creek homes aren't just some of the best located real estate for sale in Orlando, FL.
  • They make for some of the best located real estate for sale anywhere in the US!
  • Hunters Creek offers everything that makes living in Florida great.
  • Such as year-round fair weather, a low cost of living, and friendly people.
  • Plus, its position in the center of the state shields it from the brunt of hurricane impacts.
  • While giving you equidistant access to both coasts and their famous beaches.
  • Including, for instance, Clearwater, St. Pete, and Destin on the Gulf coast.
  • And Daytona, Cocoa, and Vero on the Atlantic.
  • But you don't have to go far for the benefits of Hunters Creek's great location.
  • In fact, at Hunters Creek, the benefits come to you!
  • Or, to be more accurate, they came years ago; they've just been waiting for you to show up.
  • As an older, well-established neighborhood, Hunters Creek has amassed a wealth of great local amenities.
  • Bringing world-class restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues to the area in a bid for its 25,000 residents' business.
  • As one such resident, you'll find all your essentials covered with quick access to Walmart, Home Depot, and Big Lots.
  • Plus plenty of less essential, but perhaps much needed, retail therapy at The Loop, Florida's largest open-air mall.
  • Not to mention a whole smorgasbord of restaurants catering to all tastes.
  • All easily accessible via Hunters Creek's major roads and highways.
  • Such as John Young Parkway, Orange Blossom Trail, and Route 217.

Reason 2: Great Schools - Hunters Creek, FL Homes for Sale

  • Homes for sale in Hunters Creek, FL are zoned for Orange County Public Schools.
  • One of the best public school districts in the state!
  • Give your kids the best education your tax dollars can buy when you enroll them in one of Hunters Creek's highly rated public schools.
  • Such as Hunters Creek Elementary School.
  • Where a 9/10 year-over-year improvement score means teachers aren't just moving kids through the system.
  • They're committed to their growth!
  • Kids a little older?
  • Your preteens will love Hunters Creek Middle School's well-funded extracurriculars.
  • While you'll love the above-average test scores!
Great Schools - Homes For Sale In Hunters Creek Fl
Great Home Prices - Houses For Sale In Hunters Creek

Reason 3: Great Home Prices - Hunters Creek, FL Homes for Sale

  • While Hunters Creek, FL homes for sale are certainly upscale, they're on the older end of the Orlando real estate spectrum.
  • With the majority of houses for sale in Hunters Creek, FL built between the late 80's and 90's.
  • So what's that have to do with our number 3 reason to buy Hunters Creek, Orlando real estate?
  • Older homes often command lower prices.
  • And in upscale Hunters Creek, that means great deals on luxury homes!
  • Find chic condos starting as low as 150 thousand dollars.
  • And luxury Hunters Creek, FL single-family houses for sale in the 200's!
  • Because in Hunters Creek, you start with already-low Florida prices, and then go lower.
  • With prices you won't find in surrounding areas.
  • Such as Windermere, Winter Park, and Dr. Phillips.
  • Moreover, with Orlando Homes For Sale expert negotiators on your side, you can always be sure the price you pay is the price you deserve!

Reason 4: Family-Friendly Place - Hunters Creek, FL Homes for Sale

  • Hunters Creek has something to offer everyone.
  • But for families, it's practically tailormade.
  • With the highly rated Orange County Public Schools district serving up world-class education.
  • And with one of the Orlando area's lowest crime rates giving you peace of mind.
  • In fact, the majority of Hunters Creek, FL homes for sale are bought by families.
  • Making yours feel right at home from the day you move in.
  • And making Hunters Creek a great place to build last lasting friendships!
Family-Friendly Place - Hunters Creek Orlando Homes for Sale
Shopping Galore - Hunter's Creek Homes For Sale

Reason 5: Shopping Galore - Hunters Creek, FL Homes for Sale

  • With nearly a decade serving the Orlando, FL area, trust Orlando Homes For Sale when we say that for shopping, Hunters Creek just can't be beat.
  • Orlando has been known for great shopping for a long time.
  • When Hunters Creek moved in, not only did it gain access to all that established retail...
  • New shopping centers began to concentrate in Hunters Creek's south Orlando location.
  • Taking advantage of the area's new, fast-growing populous.
  • Today, Hunters Creek homes for sale give you access to some of the best shopping in Orlando, FL.
  • Such as at the Loop, Florida's largest open-air shopping mall.
  • The Loop has all the brands you love in a beautiful outdoor setting.
  • Like Kohl's, Old Navy, Bed Bath and Beyond, and more!
  • Not to mention, in Hunters Creek, you're never more than a five-minute drive from all your basic needs.
  • Such as low-priced groceries at Walmart and Sam's Club.
  • World-class healthcare at any of several medical plazas.
  • And last-minute fixes at Home Depot.

Reason 6: Golf - Hunters Creek, FL Homes for Sale

  • With the prospect of great weather 12 months of the year, moving to Florida is a golf-lover's dream.
  • Moving to a Florida town with its own golf course - maybe a pipedream.
  • Or maybe not...
  • With the Hunters Creek Golf Club, championship golf is just a chip away from your front door.
  • This course features wide-open fairways, fast greens, and stately pine stands.
  • Offering a challenging round of golf in a tranquil, natural Florida setting.
  • And that's just one option.
  • In Hunters Creek, you'll be surrounded by public golf courses.
  • Such as Dubsdread, Oaks National, and Falcon's Fire!
Golf - Homes For Sale In Hunter's Creek Fl
Great Weather - Houses For Sale In Hunter's Creek

Reason 7: Great Weather - Hunters Creek, FL Homes for Sale

  • Florida's great weather is no secret.
  • People flock to Florida from around the world seeking summer sun and mild winters.
  • But when it comes to fair weather, not all Florida towns are created equal.
  • In the panhandle, winter temperatures regularly fall below freezing, with snow flurries not uncommon.
  • While along Florida's 1,350-mile coastline, hurricanes unleash their full fury.
  • But homes for sale in Hunters Creek, FL let you take full advantage of Florida's good weather.
  • While avoiding the bad.
  • With preservation areas and walking/biking trails all built into Hunter Creek's master plan.
  • And with a mid-state location shielding you from hurricane impacts and extreme temps.

Reason 8: Safety and Security - Hunters Creek, FL Homes for Sale

  • As we touched on before, Hunters Creek is one of Orlando's safest areas.
  • With a violent crime rate 20 points lower than elsewhere in Orange County.
  • And with a property crime rate a whole 30 points lower!
  • But that's for Hunters Creek - and its 50 different communities - as a whole.
  • However, some Hunters Creek neighborhoods are safer than others.
  • Especially when you add a gate!
  • Hunters Creek has plenty of gated communities to choose from.
  • Adding security on top of safety.
  • Of course, as a parent, you can never have too much of either!
Safety and Security - Hunter's Creek Orlando Homes for Sale
Entertainment Value - Hunters Creek, FL Homes for Sale

Reason 9: Entertainment Value - Hunters Creek, FL Homes for Sale

  • Hunters Creek's location in south Orlando, on the border of Kissimmee, puts it within easy reach of endless things to do.
  • Houses for sale in Hunters Creek, FL are just minutes from I-Drive.
  • Known as the "Vegas Strip" of Orlando, I-Drive may not offer gambling, but it has no shortage of ways to have fun.
  • Such as Icon Park, Fun Spot America, and I-Drive NASCAR Kart Racing.
  • Hunters Creek is also home to Florida's largest open-air shopping center, the Loop.
  • Where you can spend hours browsing top brands under the Florida sun.
  • Not to mention, houses for sale in Hunters Creek are close to some of the best-known theme parks in the country.
  • Like Universal Studios, at just 20 minutes away.
  • And SeaWorld, a mere 12!
  • Add pro golf, world-class dining, and well-kempt biking trails to the list, and you've still only scratched the surface of Hunters Creek's huge entertainment value.

Reason 10: Low Cost of Living - Hunters Creek, FL Homes for Sale

  • Another reason why Hunters Creek, Orlando real estate remains so popular is its low cost of living.
  • At 97.9, Florida's cost of living index comes in almost 7 points below the national average.
  • Of course, some Florida cities prove exceptions to this rule.
  • But at Hunters Creek, which, despite national recognition, has settled into the role of a humble, close-knit community, you can take advantage of a humble cost of living to match!
Low Cost of Living - Hunter's Creek Homes For Sale
Proximity to Beaches - Homes For Sale In Hunter's Creek Fl

Reason 11: Proximity to Beaches - Hunters Creek, FL Homes for Sale

  • Hunters Creek's Central Florida location puts it at an equal distance from both Florida coasts.
  • Meaning, with Hunters Creek houses for sale, you can find a home that's just a little over an hour away from two FL oceans.
  • The Atlantic to the east, and the Gulf of Mexico to the west.
  • Not to mention, of course, their world-famous beaches.
  • Such as Cocoa, Daytona, and Vero on the Atlantic side.
  • And Clearwater, St. Pete, and Destin on the Gulf side.

New Homes for Sale in Hunters Creek, FL

  • As we mentioned, most of the homes for sale in Hunters Creek, FL were built between the late 80's and late 90's.
  • But there are newer homes available!
  • At The Pointe at Hunters Creek, you'll find Hunters Creek, FL houses built between 2015 and 2016, for sale at great Hunters Creek prices!
  • Homes for sale at The Pointe in Hunters Creek, FL include single-family houses by two renowned builders.
  • Ranging from 1,900 square feet and 3 bedrooms, up to 3,800 square feet and 6 bedrooms!
  • Moreover, the Pointe boasts an array of world-class amenities.
  • Such as onsite shopping, dining, sports courts, activity lawns, and nature trails.
  • On the other hand, if you're looking for new Orlando real estate, and like what Hunters Creek, FL has to offer but not the Pointe, Orlando Homes For Sale can help!
  • Tapestry, located right next door to Hunters Creek in Kissimmee, FL, features brand-new single-family houses for sale by Mattamy Homes.
  • As the premier realtors in Orlando, Orlando Homes For Sale can help you find the best Tapestry homes for sale at the best prices, giving you new construction plus access to everything Hunters Creek, FL has to offer.

Luxury Homes for Sale in Hunters Creek, FL

  • Hunters Creek was conceived and built as a high-end community.
  • And though it's 30 years old, it remains one of Orlando's most upscale neighborhoods.
  • But if you're looking for the most luxurious homes for sale in Hunters Creek, FL, look no further than Calabay Cove.
  • Where you'll find homes raging up to 5 bedrooms and 4,000 square feet.
  • And features like tennis courts, conservation areas, and two gated entrances!
  • And look no further than Orlando Homes For Sale, your premier realtor in Hunters Creek, FL and the Orlando area, to help you get the luxury Calabay Cove homes, for sale at the low prices, you deserve!
Hunters Creek Homes For Sale with Pool

Hunters Creek, FL Homes for Sale with Pool

Florida is the ultimate place for year-round great weather.

And owning a pool is the ultimate way to take advantage of it.

In Florida, you can use your pool all year long!

Keeping you cool while you enjoy our toasty Florida summers.

While a heated pool lets you swim during our mild winters.

Plus, most pools in Florida come with screened enclosures.

Letting you immerse yourself in the great outdoors, even open your rear windows to it, without the great outdoors - mosquitos, roaches, etc. - immersing itself in your home.

You'll find plenty of houses with pools for sale in Hunters Creek, FL.

And Orlando Homes For Sale, your premier realtors in Hunters Creek and Greater Orlando, can help you find the best.

Hunters Creek, FL Homes for Sale: FAQ

  • Buying a home is a huge undertaking.
  • It involves a lot planning, a lot of steps, and a lot money.
  • Not to mention, the average time to elapse between home purchases is a whopping 13 years.
  • All of which means, if you're looking for homes for sale in Hunters Creek, FL, you probably have questions.
  • Don't worry; Orlando Homes For Sale has answers!
  • As the premier realtors in Hunters Creek and Greater Orlando, Orlando Homes For Sale has the experience to help you take on the whole homebuying process.
  • With confidence, with clarity, and ultimately, with success.
  • Here are some frequently asked questions with regard to Hunters Creek Orlando real estate:

Q: Is Hunters Creek a Good Place to Live?


Hunters Creek is located in Florida, where great weather, friendly people, and a low cost of living combine in one of the most sought-after real estate destinations in the country.

But Hunters Creek doesn't need to rest on the laurels of its home state.

With a smartly designed master plan, a wealth of local amenities, a strong job market, and great schools, it's easy to see why CNN/Money and Money magazine named it the 21st best place to live in the US.

Q: What County is Hunters Creek Located In?

Hunters Creek is located in Orange County, Florida.

Home to esteemed Orange County Public Schools, world-famous theme parks like Universal Studios and SeaWorld, and Downtown Orlando, one of the most vital city centers in the country.

Q: Is Hunters Creek Safe?


Hunters Creek is one of the safest spots in Orlando.

With a violent crime rate 20 points lower than that of the city at large.

And a rate of property crime a whole 30 points lower than Orlando's.

Making houses for sale in Hunters Creek, FL a favorite option for families looking for Orlando real estate.

Q: What Is There to Do in Hunters Creek?

You name it!

Hunters Creek's location in southern Orange County, on the border of Kissimmee, puts you right in the middle of all the Orlando magic!

From world-famous theme parks, to world-class shopping and dining, there's far too much to mention on this page.

But to get you started, we've made a list of our top 10 things to do in Hunters Creek:

1. Shop at the Loop

The Loop is a true wonder of the retail world.

At the Loop, Florida's largest open-air mall, you'll find all the brands you know, in an outdoor setting that's sure to surprise you.

What other mall lets you go straight from the sunglass hut out into the Florida sun?

Where else can you step out of an American Eagle and hope to see a real American eagle?

The Loop boasts famous fashion brands such as Aeropostale and the Gap.

Tasty casual fare at Chipotle and Panera Bread.

And even a Regal Cinema 16 movie theater!

2. Walk, Run, and Bike the Trails

As a master-planned neighborhood, part of Hunters Creek's inception was the idea to lay miles of pedestrian trails.

Letting residents walk, run, or bike while they enjoy Hunters Creek's lush natural setting.

As more builders added new developments to Hunters Creek, they also added more trails.

Resulting in what you'll find today in Hunters Creek:

One of the most elaborate, yet cohesive, networks of pedestrian paths to be found in Central Florida.

3. The Florida Mall

Nestled less than 8 miles north of Hunters Creek, the Florida Mall is Central Florida's largest shopping center.

At the Florida Mall you'll find all the brands you know and love.

Like Apple, Tesla, Armani, and Rolex.

As well as some unexpected surprises.

Such as the Crayola Experience, a museum/attraction where your kids can learn about the history of Crayola while they create their own crayon-on-paper masterpieces.

Of course, doing all that shopping, you're sure to work up an appetite.

But don't worry, at the Florida Mall, you can fill your shopping bags AND your belly.

From stand-alone favorites like Buca di Beppo and Chili's, to the endless array of flavors at the Dining Pavilion, there's fare for every taste and budget!

4. Great Restaurants

What comes to mind when you think of Orlando cuisine?

If it's giant turkey legs and dole whip at Disney, you're not alone.

But there's a lot more to Orlando food than theme park fare.

Orlando is a major city on the world culinary stage.

In fact, recently named it the 11th best foodie city in the country!

Orlando's diverse population brings with it a diverse range of tastes.

So no matter yours, you can find food in Orlando to satisfy it.

Like pho and Banh Mi in the Vietnamese district.

Pressed Cuban sandwiches and mofongo from any number of Orlando's authentic Caribbean eateries.

And of course, with two oceans to supply it, fresh seafood just about everywhere.

Hunters Creek, located in south Orlando, has some particularly good options.

There's Whisper Creek Farm: The Kitchen, off of Orange Blossom Trail.

Where you'll find farm-to-table fare grown right here in Orlando.

As well as locally brewed craft beer.

All in a charmingly rustic setting.

Another great eatery near OBT is Tropical Cabana.

This Cuban and Latin American diner features over-the-counter and delivery service, as well as dine-in seating.

For breakfast, lunch, and dinner - with a tropical twist!

Read on to discover more great restaurants in Hunters Creek!

5. Golf

Florida, and Orlando in particular, is one of the country's best golf destinations.

People travel from around to world to play famous Central Florida courses like Streamsong Red, Blue, and Black, Bay Hill Club, and Victoria Hills.

But with houses for sale in Hunters Creek, FL, you won't have to travel far at all.

Living in Hunters Creek, you'll be a short drive from all the great courses listed above.

And in walking distance of your very own hometown course, Hunters Creek Golf Club.

Where rolling fairways, fast greens, and lush Florida flora combine for a tough but tranquil round of golf.

6. Gatorland

Gatorland is one of Florida's most...well, Floridian...attractions.

This 110-acre amusement park and animal sanctuary lets you get up close and personal with real live Florida wildlife.

Including, for instance, birds, crocodiles, and a collection of over 2,000 American alligators!

Take in a gator wrestling show, take an off-road jaunt in a swamp buggy, or simply take it all in from the observation tower.

Or, for the truly intrepid at heart, take a ride on America's most thrilling zipline, the Screamin' Gator.

With 5 ziplines to choose from, ranging from 230 to 500 feet in length, you'll soar over the heads of park goers.

Not to mention, of course, the heads of hundreds of ferocious gators and crocs.

Gatorland is open from 10am to 5pm, 365 days a year.

And it's located right in Hunters Creek!

7. SeaWorld

Orlando may be an hour from the sea.

But at just 10 minutes from Hunters Creek, SeaWorld brings the sea to Orlando.

Hunters Creek Orlando real estate gives you high-seas adventure in your own backyard!

Experience the tallest drop of any flume ride in the world on Infinity Falls, one of SeaWorld's newest and most popular attractions.

Or, for thrills that are less wet but just as wild, brave death defying speeds, loops, and rolls on either of SeaWorld's famous steel coasters.

Manta, a prone-position "flying" coaster that gives you the sensation of flying 140 feet above the park.

And Mako, a "hypercoaster" billed as the fastest, longest, and tallest roller coaster in Orlando.

A range of other rides, exhibits, shows, shops, and eateries, will fill up your itinerary fast.

So plan a full day to get the most out of your SeaWorld adventure!

8. Discovery Cove

One of Orlando's best kept secrets, Discovery Cove may not have the brand-name recognition of parks like Disney.

But it's every bit as magical!

Discovery takes the theme of its sister park, SeaWorld, and scales it down into a a series of intimate, once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Chief among them being the dolphin-swim experience.

A hands-on encounter where you can, in Discovery Cove's words, "talk, touch, play, and swim" with live bottlenose dolphins.

Other attractions include a large "free-flight" aviary, a heated lazy river that flows through the aviary on its way around the park, and the Grand Reef, a man-made reef where you can snorkel with sharks, eels, and an array of tropical fish!

9. Aquatica

SeaWorld's other sister park, Aquatica, is one of Orlando's most unique attractions.

Aquatica took the mold left by now defunct Orlando water park, Wet 'n Wild, and injected it with SeaWorld's own brand of marine "edutainment."

Making for a one-of-a-kind mix of thrilling water rides and unforgettable animal encounters.

Waddle off the jelly-leg-inducing heights of Ihu's Breakaway Falls, and into a waddle of live penguins!

Or, for the ultimate synthesis of wildlife and wild ride, try the Dolphin Plunge.

A dueling body slide that drops you though a black abyss into a dazzling underwater dolphin habitat!

10. Short Drive to Disney and Universal Studios

While SeaWorld and its sister parks, Discovery Cove and Aquatica, are practically in your back yard, they aren't the only great Orlando parks Hunters Creek real estate gives you access to.

The most famous theme park of them all, Disney World, is less than 15 minutes from Hunters Creek.

As is Disney Springs, a huge shopping, dining, and entertainment complex that's more Gucci than Goofy.

Hunters Creek, FL houses for sale are also just 20 minutes from Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

Two of the world's best-known, most well-regarded thrill parks.

Not to mention Universal's own version of Disney Springs, CityWalk.

Where you'll find everything from live music, to gourmet grub, to high-end apparel.

Q: What The Best Places to Eat in Hunters Creek, FL

Located in the city of Orlando, one of's top foodie cities in the US, Hunters Creek is a food-lover's dream come true.

Orlando is a melting pot of cultures, and thus, flavors.

Meaning, no matter what you're craving, you can find it in Hunters Creek.

Check out our list of the top 6 places to chow down in Hunters Creek, FL:

1. Whisper Creek Farm: The Kitchen

Featuring locally sourced foods and craft beer brewed on site, Whisper Creek Farm: The Kitchen is Orlando's premier farm-to-table restaurant.

All dishes at Whisper Creek Farm: The Kitchen are made with organic ingredients.

Grown by Orlando farmers, and handpicked by Whisper Creek Farm's world-class chefs.

Whisper Creek Farm: The Kitchen offers small-plate meals, sandwiches, flatbreads, craft brews, and more.

All served in a serene, rustic setting.

2. Tijuana Flats

One of Hunters Creek's most popular spots for lunch, Tijuana Flats is a fast-casual hybrid eatery serving Tex-Mex fare at fair prices.

Don't forget to check out Tijuana Flats' famous hot bar.

With an array of homemade hot sauces ranging from the sweet to the sweat-inducing.

And be sure not to miss Tijuana Flats' Taco Tuesdays, the best lunch deal in Hunters Creek.

Where you can get two loaded tacos, a heaping pile of tortilla chips, and an ice-cold fountain drink -

All for just 5 bucks!

3. Miller's Ale House

Headquartered in Orlando, this Central Florida staple is Hunters Creek's best spot to watch your favorite sports teams.

With over 60 tv's, Miller's Ale House in Hunters Creek makes sure you don't miss one touchdown, basket, or goal.

While, with their robust menu of American comfort food, making sure you don't miss dinner, either!

4. Sushi En

In the tradition of great Asian strip-mall fare, Sushi En offers big flavors in an unassuming setting.

Right next to a Texaco, to be exact.

But don't be fooled; this isn't gas station food.

Owned by a Japanese chef, who works behind the bar and personally slices and rolls your sushi, Sushi En has eared a reputation as one of the best sushi spots in Florida.

Looking for something a little more...cooked?

Check out Sushi En's great selection of teriyaki and tempura dishes!

5. Tropical Cabana

Hunters Creek may be located in the subtropics, but at Tropical Cabana, you'll swear you dipped below the 23rd parallel.

Another spot serving big flavors in a small setting, Tropical Cabana features Latin American dishes served over-the-counter.

Dine-in seating, however, is available.

As is delivery!

6. Gator's Dockside

Gator's Dockside is a casual restaurant with a bite.

Don't miss their all-day, every-day happy hour, featuring 2-for-1 deals on all your favorite drinks.

Such as Captain Morgan, Smirnoff, and a range of refreshing wells!

Moreover, a veritable gallery of big-screen tv's lets you feast your eyes on exciting sports action from around the world.

While a huge menu of casual food - from all-you-can-eat wings, to ahi tuna, to gator tail - just lets you feast.

Q: How Far is Hunters Creek, FL From:

A: Let's Find Out!


Hunters Creek isn't just close to Orlando;

It's in Orlando!

Nestled in south Orlando, on the border of Kissimmee, Hunters Creek real estate gives you access to everything Orlando has to offer.

From great schools, to a strong job market, to world-class shopping and dining!


1 hour!

Melbourne, Florida is famous for its historic downtown, charming Victorian homes, world-class beaches, and the Brevard Zoo.

And it's all only an hour from Hunters Creek!

Just take John Young Parkway to FL-417, FL-417 to the Florida Turnpike, and the Turnpike to US-192, and it's a straight shot east-southeast to Melbourne!

Winter Park?

30 minutes!

With its oak-lined streets of exposed red brick, picturesque chain of lakes, and stately homes, it's no wonder President Chester Arthur called Winter Park "the prettiest place (he had) seen in Florida."

But don't just take Chester Arthur's word for it.

With Hunters Creek, FL houses for sale, you can experience Winter Park for yourself - any time you want.

Just take FL-417 to the Turnpike, get off at I-4, and follow I-4 east to exit 87/Fairbanks Ave!


40 minutes!

Sanford is a throwback to Old Florida and a slower way of life.

With a charming downtown popular for its shops, eateries, marina, and lakeside walking paths.

It's the perfect escape from the bustle of Orlando, and it's just 40 minutes away!

Just take FL-417 Toll N to US-17 N/US-92, and follow it east all the way to Sanford!


13 minutes!

Want to live in a magical location?

Hunters Creek, FL houses for sale put the magic of Disney right in your backyard!

Disney's claim to being "the happiest place on earth" isn't just a clever marketing ploy.

It's true!

But the happiness isn't just confined to the Magic Kingdom; it spills out into the surroundings, too.

And the closer you get to Disney, the happier things seem.

Which makes Hunters Creek, at just 13 minutes from Disney, one of the happiest places you can live in Florida!

But for max happiness, you've got to go to the source.

From Hunters Creek, simply take FL-417 to exit 6 toward I-4 E, get on World Center Drive, and follow the signs!

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