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Transaction coordination services

Transaction coordination services

Transaction coordination

Per transaction


This service offers the coordination of all the necessary steps in order to have a smooth closing. The transaction coordinator will be in communication with all parties involved in the transaction including the client, real estate agent, cooperating broker, lender, title company, inspector, etc., requesting signatures, watching deadlines, setting up the next steps, disclosing information, doing follow ups and being the back office for the real estate agent. The transaction coordinator will take a proactive approach in order to protect our real estate agent and the client, assuming that every party involved does their job.

For buyers

  • Introductory email
  • Create a message or WhatsApp group
  • Request and execute all necessary documents & addendums
  • Provide wire Instructions
  • Business formation if needed
  • Vendor referrals such as inspectors, management companies and currency exchange companies
  • Earnest money follow up
  • Collect HOA declaration and Bylaws
  • Documents and disclosures follow up
  • Home inspections coordination
  • Seller's contribution check
  • Insurance quotes
  • Arange and notify closing signatures
  • Titleship confirmation
  • Loan approval follow up
  • Appraisal schedules and follow up
  • Review documents including the ALTA statement
  • Create and execute CDAs
  • Utility companies information
  • High estimate and cash to close
  • Wiring final funds support and follow up
  • Final walk set up
  • Schedule the closing
  • Compliance check and submit documents to the broker
  • Request review to the real estate agent on Zillow and

For sellers

Everything we offer for buyers plus the items below

  • Schedule photographer and staging
  • List property on the MLS
  • Change MLS Status

Concierge Transaction Coordination

Concierge Transaction
Per transaction


This service offers not just the coordination but the execution of all the necessary steps in order to have a smooth closing. The idea of the concierge transaction coordination service is to have the real estate agent bring the client with an executed contract and the transaction coordinator will take it from there until closing. In this case the transaction coordinator will work to make things happen rather than just coordinating the transaction by going above and beyond on the real estate agent’s behalf making sure the cooperating broker, lender, title company, clients and anyone else involved in the transaction is doing their job right, allowing the real estate agent to be very hands off the transaction and administrative work.

Everything we do in the transaction coordination service plus the items below

  • The transaction coordinator will represent the real estate agent by being the primary point of contact for anything related to the transaction and will conduct most or all communication between the clients, cooperating broker, lender, inspectors, appraiser, title company, HOA and any other party involved in the real estate transaction
  • Take a proactive approach by calling your clients to set the right expectations and to answer any questions they may have related to the contract, addendums, disclosures, inspections or anything else that takes place during the real estate transaction
  • Host a financing meeting with your clients to explain the importance of sending all documents to the lender in a timely manner and to go over the missing items
  • Assist the clients to open a US bank account if needed
  • Negotiate inspection and appraisal on agent's behalf
  • Call and follow up with the lender, title company, HOA and anyone else in order to push forward and make things happens
  • Register appliances, AC compressors and handlers for extended warranty (for new homes)
  • Allow the agent to focus on other sales and be hands off with administrative work
At this moment our transaction services are provided in the following languages
At Authentic, our transaction coordination services are conducted by experienced and licensed real estate agents, experts with transactions and administrative work.

Our transaction team has vast experience working with buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants. These services can really improve the agent's efficiency, quality of life and stress levels, and can significantly minimize the amount of mistakes the average real estate agent makes during a typical transaction, allowing the agent to focus on what really matters, which is selling real estate.

We have a lot of experience and knowledge working with locals, out of state and foreign clients, which demands know-how and expertise in order to protect their best interest. We are committed to offering high quality services and exceeding expectations.

Use our transaction coordination services to improve your efficiency

Tiago Ferreira
Use our transaction coordination services to improve your efficiency, quality of life and to make more money by focusing on what really matters, which is selling real estate!
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