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The ideal town of Windermere, combined with our skilled agents, makes searching for townhomes for sale in Windermere FL simple. Because of their central location, great affordability and luxurious interiors, townhouses for sale in Windermere Florida are in high demand.

Townhomes are available in many different communities around Windermere, offering unique qualities and versatility. Windermere is a wonderful town for both young and old. Full of historic charm, yet modern luxury, everyone can find something here suitable to them.


Why Should I Buy a Townhome for Sale in Windermere?

Townhomes For Sale Windermere FL


Whether you are searching for a permanent residence, rental, or vacation home, Windermere is perfect.

And the Authentic Real Estate Team is perfect for the job.

As you begin your new home search, give us a call soon.


Reason 1: Affordability

Townhomes for sale in Windermere FL can be a great choice if you are looking for something in a more affordable price range.

However, they still have great things to offer, with more indoor and outdoor space than an apartment or condo.


Reason 2: Lake Views

Located near the Butler Chain of Lakes, Windermere is home to many natural waterways.

These allow for delightful waterfront properties overlooking the lakes.

Additionally, the lakes are nice to enjoy the sunny weather with water activities!


Reason 3: Luxurious Amenities

Golfing is one the common activities here in Windermere.

Once you decide on one of our townhomes for sale in Windermere FL, you can soon hit the fairway!

On top of that, many shopping areas and restaurants are in Windermere, as well as Downtown Orlando, which is just a few miles away.

In addition, the townhouses for sale in Windermere FL are modern and appealing.


Reason 4: Great for families!

The size of townhomes in Windermere can be great for small families.

Additionally, the public school system here in Orange County FL will give your children wonderful academic opportunities.

Overall, Windermere is great for kids and adults alike, and townhomes are a great housing option.


Reason 5: Comforting Neighborhood Feel

There are many residential communities around Windermere.

These provide the comfort and security of a neighborhood for townhomes for sale in Windermere Florida.


Want to Sell Your Townhome in Windermere for the Best Price?

The Authentic Real Estate Team is the perfect option if you are selling a home in Windermere.

We are experienced and professional.

Therefore, we can ensure a positive experience in your selling process, even if you have to leave the wonderful town of Windermere.
Sell Your Home In Windermere, FL For The Best Deal!


Need Property Management Services for Your Townhome in Windermere?

In addition to real estate, Authentic Real Estate Team can help with Windermere property management.

From maintenance to landscaping to upkeep, we’ve got you covered.
Meet The Property Management Windermere, FL Services!


The Best Deals on Homes for Sale in Windermere FL

Windermere Townhomes For Sale


Find out below the best Windermere FL real estate opportunities beside townhomes, for the best deal. Take a look!


Vacation Homes for Sale in Windermere FL

In a picturesque town such as Windermere, it can seem like you are on a vacation every day.

So, why not get a vacation home here?

Check out our Windermere vacation homes for sale today!
See All Vacation Homes For Sale In Windermere, FL


Windermere Homes for Sale With Swimming Pool

Looking for a place to stay cool in the Florida sun?

Windermere has got you covered.

Check out homes for sale in Windermere FL with pool today.
See All Homes For Sale In Windermere, FL With Pools


New Townhomes for Sale in Windermere FL (And More)!

While all of Windermere is modern and elegant, you may desire a new-construction townhome in Windermere Fl.

If you are interested in new homes for sale in Windermere, contact us today!
See All New Homes For Sale In Windermere, FL


Windermere Luxury Townhomes for Sale (and Other Property Types)

If you want your new home to match the luxury of Windermere, look no further.

We have many luxury homes for sale in Windermere FL.

For example, the Casabella neighborhood is a gated community with luxury mansions.
See All Luxury Homes For Sale In Windermere, FL


Lakefront Homes for Sale in Windermere

As mentioned before, lake views are abundant in Windermere.

If are specifically seeking a home right on a lake, check out our Windermere lakefront homes for sale.
See All Lakefront Homes For Sale Windermere, FL


Buy Apartments and Condos in Windermere

Maybe a smaller, low maintenance property is best for you.

In that case, apartments and condos for sale in Windermere could be a great option, in addition to townhomes.
See All Condos For Sale Windermere, FL


Windermere FL Villas for Sale

In addition to townhomes in Windermere, Windermere villas for sale are another great option.
See In Windermere Villas For Sale


Homes for Sale in Windermere FL With Guest House

If you need more space to accommodate guest you wish to bring to Windermere, we have an option for you!

Let us know if you want more information about homes for sale with guest house in Windermere FL.
See All Guest House For Sale Windermere


See All Homes for Sale in Windermere!

With so many different Windermere homes for sale, everyone can find something for them.

Certainly, with different styles, floorplans and more, your perfect Windermere property is waiting.
See All Homes For Sale Windermere, FL


Windermere Communities

You can find our amazing townhouses for sale in Windermere Florida in the Lake Burden, Windermere Sound, Windermere Trails, and Lakeside at Lakes of Windermere communities.

Additionally, Lake Burden, Windermere Sound, and Windermere Trails also contain single-family homes.

On the other hand, Lakeside at Lakes of Windermere offers condos in addition to townhomes.

Conversely, if nothing short of luxury will do, check out the Casabella, Keene’s Point, and Isleworth neighborhoods.

Lake Burden Windermere, FL Homes For Sale
Casabella Windermere Homes For Sale
Keenes Pointe Homes For Sale
Windermere Trails Homes For Sale
Windermere Sound Homes For Sale
Lakeside At Lakes Of Windermere For Sale
Isleworth Homes For Sale


A Real Estate Agent Who Makes a Difference When You Buy a Townhouse for Sale in Windermere

Looking for a great deal on townhomes for sale in Windermere?

Let an Authentic Real Estate Team agent in Windermere help with your home search.

Whether you are looking for townhouses for sale in Windermere, or something else, we are here to help.
Talk With The Best Real Estate Agents Windermere, FL


Windermere Real Estate Market

Looking to invest in Windermere real estate?

Let us help you maximize your ROI with the latest statistics and trends from the Windermere real estate market.
Check Out Windermere, FL Real Estate Market Updated Data And Statistics


Looking for Townhomes for Sale in Windermere? Count on Authentic Real Estate Team Today!

Townhome For Sale Windermere


Overall, if you want to find the perfect townhouses in Windermere Florida, you know who to call.

Authentic Real Estate Team will make the entire process stress-free for you.

Soon, you can be relaxing in the Florida sun while enjoying the lakes and fun amenities in your new Windermere property!

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