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Luxury Homes for Sale in Clermont One of Florida's 50 Safest Cities

Clermont, Florida is a little town with a lot to offer. For nature lovers, there’s idyllic Lake Louisa State Park, a 4,500 acre expanse of gentle hills and serene lakes. There’s also Sugarloaf Mountain, the highest point in peninsular Florida. For history buffs, sites like the Clermont Historic Village, Presidents Hall of Fame, and the Florida Citrus Tower offer illuminating glimpses into the past. And now, Clermont can add another winning attribute to its profile – safety. Having just been ranked the 41st safest city in Florida. All of which is great news if you’re a home buyer. Clermont offers luxury homes for sale in a natural, historical, and now highly safe, setting.


Luxury Homes With the Added Luxury of Safety

Clermont has always been a fairly safe city.

It’s one reason it’s been named among the top 20 cities in America.

And, as word has gotten out, one reason it’s become one of Florida’s fastest growing.

But as of 2020, violent crimes in Clermont fell to just 1.6 in every 1,000 people.

Less than half the state and national rates.

Pushing Clermont 17 spots up’s list of safest Florida cities.

From 58th in 2019, to 41st in 2020.

Making it safer than two-thirds of the cities counted.

And further establishing Clermont as one of the best places to buy luxury homes.

Not just in Florida, but anywhere.


Smart About Safety

So how did Clermont pull off such a huge upswing in safety?

It all comes down to smart policing.

Clermont Police Chief, Charles Broadway, outlines 3 law enforcement models behind the drop in crime:

  • Community Policing – This model emphasizes working closely with members of the community, to better assess their needs, and to build a sense of trust between citizens and police.
  • Intelligence-Led Policing – This philosophy attempts to mitigate risk by studying local crime patterns, and using that intelligence to inform operations, instead of the other way around.
  • Crime Prevention/Awareness – This approach seeks to address crime at its roots, to stop incidents before they happen.

Through this combination of approaches, Clermont expects to not only remain on Florida’s list of 50 safest cities, but to rise to the top of it in the coming years.


Your Source for Luxury Homes in the Safety of Clermont

If you’re in the market for a luxury home in a safe setting, Clermont is the city for you.

And as Clermont’s premier real estate firm, Authentic Real Estate Team is your premier source for luxury Clermont homes.

Our team can take you through the entire home buying process.

With the area knowledge to find you the perfect home.

And the skills to get you the deal you deserve.


See All Homes for Sale in Clermont Fl:

By Authentic Orlando Real Estate Team


Luxury Townhomes for Sale in Clermont – Beat the Lockdown Blues

Luxury townhomes, like the many for sale in Clermont, Florida, are a great option for those seeking the privacy of a single-family home, without the extra square footage. They’re perfect for small families and couples just starting out. And, as they tend to be located near metropolitan areas, they’re also ideal for working professionals. Their relatively compact size makes them an economical, low-maintenance choice. But it also has its drawbacks. And never before have these been more apparent than now, during quarantine. But if lockdown has you feeling a bit claustrophobic, don’t despair. Clermont is opening back up in phases. And what’s coming in phase 1? Clermont’s wide open spaces. From camping and hiking, to browsing local produce, to catching a movie at the drive-in, here are just a few ways you can beat the lockdown blues in Clermont.


Lake Louisa State Park in Clermont – Get Out of Your Luxury Townhomes and Back to Nature

If quarantine has you pining for the great outdoors, Lake Louisa State Park has several ways to help you get back to nature.

7 miles of paved biking trails, and 20 miles of unpaved multi-use trails, let you take in Clermont’s hilly landscapes while you burn off some pent-up energy.

While the park’s 3 lakes, Louisa, Dixie, and Hammond, let you beat the Florida heat by boat, kayak, or paddleboard.

And for another antidote to lockdown-induced cabin fever, book a real cabin on the shores of Lake Dixie.

These aren’t exactly luxury Clermont townhomes.

But with central air, fully equipped kitchens, and 2 bathrooms, you won’t be roughing it, either.

Of course, if you want to rough it, Lake Louisa State Park has you covered there, too.

Sleep out under the stars at the family campground or one of the park’s primitive camp sites.

Whatever “the great outdoors” means to you, you’ll find it at Lake Louisa State Park.


Clermont Downtown Farmer’s Market – Freshen Up Your Food

The outbreak of Covid-19 has drastically altered our food-buying habits.

From broken supply chains, to panicked runs on grocery stores, to reductions in capacity and hours of operation, the pandemic has left our weekly grocery trip almost unrecognizable.

As well as the insides of our fridges and pantries.

But if you’re ready to can the canned goods and put a freeze on frozen meals, Clermont has just the solution.

With city- and state-mandated safety measures in place, the Clermont Downtown Farmer’s Market is back!

Now you can once again freshen up your food with fresh local ingredients.

Or just freshen up with handmade soaps.

And just as importantly, you can enjoy the great outdoors while you shop.

If Luxury Townhomes Aren’t Your Idea of a Movie Theater, Try the Clermont Drive-In

Of all the industries negatively impacted by Covid-19, movie theaters rank among the worst affected.

It’s been tough on movie lovers, too.

Fortunately, streaming services have allowed them to muddle through at home.

But although watching movies from the comfort of Clermont townhomes is a luxury not to be taken for granted, it doesn’t offer the immersive experience of going to the movies.

Luckily for theaters and theatergoers alike, there’s a way to have a night out at the movies without endangering yourself or others.

The drive-in.

Movie theaters across the country are turning to this near-lost tradition to bring movies to audieces.

And audiences are showing up in droves.

“Since we’ve started the drive-ins, they have been very well attended,” says Weegee DeMarsh, ower of Epic Theaters locations throughout Central Florida.

In fact, attendance has been so good at Deland and Clermont locations, DeMarsh recetly opened another drive-in in Mount Dora.

He may even continue the screenings post-quarantine.

“I think as long as there is interest in the drive-ins,” says DeMarsh, “and as long as we have the room, this may be something we can continue.”

Clermont’s Epic converted to a drive-in on April 29th.

With a full snack bar, audio routed straight through your car’s FM radio, and discounts on double features.

As well as a schedule of both classic films and new releases.

So if watching films in luxury townhomes isn’t your idea of a night at the movies, load up the car and head to Epic Theaters in Clermont.

Luxury Condos for Sale in Clermont – Hurricane Season 2020

The 2020 hurricane season is forecasted to be the busiest in a decade. And Florida, where 8 named storms are predicted to make landfall, is starting to worry. Especially Clermont condo owners. For single-family-home owners, turning the power back on is as easy as firing up a generator. But in a condo, your power comes on when the building’s power does. And while many condo buildings have emergency generators, these typically power common areas and elevators. Not individual units. Which can be a real problem for those reliant on AC-powered medical equipment. Luckily, in Clermont, where a growing number of luxury condos for sale has drawn a growing number of aging residents, the local fire department has launched a preemptive strike against hurricane season.



The Lessons of Hurricane Irma

Thanks to the Hurricane Irma Hazardous Mitigation Grant Program, 7 Lake County fire stations have been furnished with backup generators.

Marking the first time in Lake County history that all 26 of its fire stations have had them.

Before the lessons of Hurricane Irma in 2017, if a hurricane knocked out power in Clermont, the stations without backup generators would move to the ones that had them.

Leaving their own districts exposed.

Costing time.

And potentially, lives.

But now, with all stations properly prepared, the owners of luxury Clermont condos can be assured they are, too.


Well Prepared Luxury Clermont Condos Start With a Well Prepared Clermont Fire Department

It’s not just homes and civilians that are at risk from hurricanes.

The people who protect them can be, too.

Especially when a lack of funding leaves them ill-prepared.

Firefighters form an important link in the chain of institutions that work together before, during, and after a storm.

Along with police, EMT’s, and even airports.

They’re our first line of defense when the power goes out.

And when lives are in danger.

But what about when the two are linked?

Such as in the case of those who use at-home electronic medical devices like oxygen concentrators.

These machines have backup batteries to power them through blackouts.

But a strong hurricane can knock out power for weeks at a time.

No problem for those with a portable generator.

Big problem for those with luxury Clermont condos, where portable generators can’t be used.

For these folks, turning the power back on may be a matter of life or death.

And they at least need access to emergency medical services if it can’t be restored.

But what do you get when the people who provide both fall victim to the same power outage?

Hurricane Irma, that’s what.

Along with all the needless suffering that came with it.


Facing the 2020 Hurricane Season with Confidence

While the suffering may have been needless, the lessons learned were anything but.

Thanks to these lessons, the owners of Clermont condos can face the 2020 hurricane season with confidence.

Knowing firefighters are ready to face whatever Mother Nature has in store.

And that, by extension, so are they.

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