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5 beds
6 baths
5,705 SqFt

MLS #: O6194097 | Single Family Residence




4 beds
4 baths
4,432 SqFt

MLS #: O6213920 | Single Family Residence


Want to live in a place where the serenity of lake and pond views meets the convenience of master-planned community living? Then Avalon Cove is calling you home! Located in the master-planned community of Horizon West in Winter Garden, FL, Avalon Cove is one of the most sought-after real estate destinations in Orlando.

Here, a natural setting among sparkling lakes and ponds makes finding a serene state of mind is as easy as looking out your window. Meanwhile, a prime location in Horizon West puts all your wants and needs at your fingertips.

Enjoy walkable convenience to fun and functional amenities like shops and restaurants, golf courses, a movie theater, parks and playgrounds, grocery stores, doctors’ offices, and great schools.

Want to invest in Avalon Cove?

This community promises a great ROI! But whatever your reasons for buying, count on Authentic Real Estate Team for a great deal.
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Where Is Avalon Cove in Winter Garden FL?

avalon cove winter garden

Avalon Cove is located in Winter Garden, FL, just Outside Orlando, in the master-planned community of Horizon West.

Thus, it boasts walkable convenience to a wealth of Horizon West amenities, including shops and restaurants, parks, playgrounds, and hiking/biking trails.


Why Buy A Home In Avalon Cove?

Looking for master-planned community living that puts all your wants and needs at your fingertips?

Looking for a safe, opportunity-rich place to raise your family?

Or perhaps you’re an empty nester looking for a place to spend the winter season?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Avalon Cove might be a great fit for you.

Read on to learn more about why you should buy a home for sale in Avalon Cove, Winter Garden, with Authentic Real Estate Team!


1. Avalon Cove Offers Master-Planned Community Living That Lets you Maximize Your Fun and Convenience

Looking for a community that’s as fun as it is convenient?

Look no further than Avalon Cove in Winter Garden!

With Authentic Real Estate Team’s selection of homes for sale in Avalon Cove, Winter Garden, you can enjoy master-planned community living that lets you maximize your fun and convenience.

Located in the master-planned community of Horizon West, Avalon Cove puts all your wants and needs in easy reach.

In Horizon West, you’ll find practical perks like grocery stores and doctors’ offices, as well as luxury amenities like shops and restaurants, parks and playgrounds, miles of walking paths, a movie theater, and championship golf courses.

Zooming out, Avalon Cove boasts convenience to premier points of interest across the Greater Orlando area.

Located just off Avalon Road, and just minutes from Seidel Road, Avalon cove gives you convenient outlets too major theme parks and attractions like Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld, fine shopping and dining in Winter Garden, and the many fun and functional amenities on offer in Downtown Winter Garden and Downtown Orlando.


2. Avalon Cove is a Safe, Opportunity-Rich Place to Raise Your Family

Moving your family too Wintergarden?

Avalon Cove is a safe, opportunity rich place to raise your family!

Despite its convenient location with proximity to local amenities and major points of interest, Avalon Cove is a family-friendly haven.

Here, a serene lakefront setting, on-site playground, close-knit, neighborly milieu, and low local crime rate let you give your family the wholesome lifestyle they deserve.

Outside the community, you’ll find even more family friendly assets.

With zoning for top-rated Orange County Public Schools, Avalon Cove gives your kids the chance at a world-class education.

And to reward them for their good grades, convenient access to Disney World makes the ultimate magical incentive.

Other nearby family friendly amenities include Central Florida’s famous freshwater springs, the endless charm of international drives amusement style attractions, and water sports on the areas abundant lakes.

Of course, keeping your family entertained doesn’t come cheap.

But with access to Orlando‘s booming job market, where leading Tech, Culinary, and hospitality sectors have put the city beautiful on the world stage of industry, Avalon cove gives you no shortage of opportunities to earn.


3. Avalon Cove is an Ideal Place to Spend the Winter Season

Of course, Avalon Cove isn’t just for families.

Are you an empty nester or retiree looking for a home away from home in Winter Garden?

Avalon Cove is an ideal place to spend the winter season!

With a natural Old-Florida setting and abundant outdoor recreation opportunities, and warm winter weather in which to enjoy it, Winter Garden has long been a garden of delights for snowbirds flying from the cold.

And at Avalon Cove, you can make the most of your seasonal lifestyle.

Here you’ll find not only convenient access to world-class golf, boating and fishing, and other outdoor activities, you’ll find a wealth of ways to enjoy Mother Nature right on site. From the community pool to the stunning lakefront views, to the playground, walking trails, and beyond, Avalon Cove is an outdoorsman’s paradise.

And while it may feel like you’re on vacation, Avalon Cove is no resort.

Because with high-end single-family houses complete with granite countertops, integrated living spaces, and green design and technology, this community offers all the comforts of home.

Concerned about leaving your home unattended for half the year? Next line at Avalon Cove, there’s no need to worry, with a vigilant HOA to keep an eye on your second home.

Want even more reason not to worry?

Count on authentic property management for a custom schedule of home watch inspections, detailed written, pectoral, and video reports, and referrals to Winter Garden’s most trusted repair and maintenance specialists.


What Types of Homes Will You Find in Avalon Cove Winter Park FL?

In search of a new-construction single-family home in an amazing location?

Avalon Cove is one of the most sought-after destinations for house buyers in Central Florida.


Single-Family Homes for Sale in Avalon Cove Winter Park FL

Avalon Cove single-family homes come in a range of sizes and architectural designs, and with various packages of amenities.

You’ll find floor plans offering between 4 and 5 bedrooms, 3 and 5 bathrooms, garages with room for 2 or 3 cars, and between 3,650 and 7,229 square feet of living space.

Amenities include barrel-tile roofs, brick-paver driveways, granite countertops, and energy-efficient features like E vinyl windows and tankless water heaters.
Single Family Homes For Sale In Winter Garden Florida


Avalon Cove Winter Garden FL HOA

For information about the Avalon Cove HOA, including fees, services, rules, and regulations, contact the experts at Authentic Team!


Authentic Orlando: Your Definitive Realtor For The Best Deals In Avalon Cove

avalon cove winter garden fl

Avalon cove is one of the most sought-after communities in central Florida.

And with historic local growth driving demand even higher, home prices are on the rise.

But you don’t have to bend to the mercy of the market.

Because with Authentic Real Estate Team, you can get the deal you deserve on the Avalon Cove home of your dreams.

As the number one community realtor in Winter Garden, FL, Authentic Real Estate Team is you’re number one source of deals on Avalon Cove real estate.

With our industry-leading reach and resources, we can help you jump on great deals before the competition.

And with our unmatched negotiating skills, We can help make great deals even greater.

So, don’t let the market break the bank.

Get the deal you deserve at Avalon Cove with Authentic Real Estate Team.


List Home In Avalon Cove (Or Another Winter Garden Location)

Ready to sell your home in Avalon Cove?

Authentic Real Estate Team is ready to help you now your sale! Next line as a full-service real estate agency, Authentic Real Estate Team offers comprehensive sellers services designed to help you spend fewer days on the market and earn more money for your home.


It starts with a synergistic approach to home selling, employing a diverse team of experts and a wide referral network to cover all your bases.

It also takes deep market insight, which allows us to optimize your home to Meet the demands of Winter Garden buyers.

But perhaps most importantly, it’s about proactive marketing.

Because anyone can list a home for sale.

But getting the exposure you deserve takes more than just passively listing the property.

Our comprehensive seller’s services include:
Sell Your Home In Winter Garden With Us!


The Best Avalon Cove Property Management Company

Need property management services for your investment home in Avalon Cove?

Then you need Authentic Real Estate Team.

Because while Avalon cove is primed for investment success, getting the ROI you deserve while protecting your property takes more than just buying a great home in a great community.

In fact, real estate investing is hard work, and the more you put in, the more you get out.

But you don’t have to go it alone.

Because with Authentic Real Estate Team, you can sit back and leave your management needs to the professionals.

Whether you want to use your property as a long-term rental, or hold onto it as appreciation grows your resale value, we can help you potentiate and protect your assets with Marketing, leasing, home watch, maintenance, repairs, and more!
The Best Winter Garden Property Management Service!


Support To Invest In Homes For Sale In Avalon Cove

In search of a mortgage loan to fund your Avalon cove real estate investment?

Your search ends here – with Authentic Real Estate Team.

Because as with property management, when it comes to financing, what you get out of your investment depends on what you put in.

And when it comes to real estate investing, what you put in is usually a lot.

Thus, at Authentic Real Estate Team, we strive to help you find the funds you need to get great returns on your investment.

Of course, a quality loan should be as unique as the borrower taking it out.

Therefore, at Authentic Real Estate Team, we offer several approaches to financing to meet a range of unique needs.

From our widespread network of trusted banks and private financiers, to our own in-house lending department, we’re committed to helping you borrow your way.

Get the financing you need to invest in Avalon Cove with Authentic Real Estate Team!
The Best Of Winter Garden Property Investment


Buy Your Second Home In Avalon Cove

Want to make Winter Garden your seasonal escape in central Florida?

Avalon cove has the homes and amenities you need to winter right.

And Authentic Real Estate Team has the selection and services you need to maximize the quality of your seasonal lifestyle.

Winter garden has long been a garden of the lights for snowbirds, offering abundant outdoor R&R opportunities and fabulous winter weather that lets you stay active all season long.

And at Avalon Cove, you’ll find the ideal recipe for seasonal living: high-end single-family houses offering all the comforts of home, and incredible amenities nearby and on site offering an extended-vacation lifestyle.

But only Authentic Real Estate Team has the handpicked selection of second homes and home watch services you need to maximize the magic of your season.

Browse our collection of second homes for sale in Avalon Cove, Wintergarden today.

Then call authentic and ask how we can maximize your peace of mind with a custom Schedule of inspections, detailed reports, and referrals to trusted maintenance and repair specialists in your time of need.
The Best Of Second Home In Winter Garden For Sale


See The Best Of Winter Garden Real Estate For Sale!

Want to explore real estate in the wider Winter Garden market?

You’re in the right place!

Authentic Real Estate Team is your source for the best of the best homes they Wintergarden real estate market has to offer.

Therefore, you can browse with confidence knowing that every home you see has been thoroughly vetted by our team of discerning experts.

Because at Authentic Real Estate Team, we’re proud to have Central Florida’s most discerning clients.

And we’re proud to offer them homes worthy of their tastes.

So what are you waiting for; start shopping today and find a home worthy of, well, you!
See All Homes For Sale In Winter Garden, FL!


See All Home Types For Sale In Winter Garden FL!

Want to streamline your home search?

Authentic Real Estate Team makes it easy to narrow the field of contenders and hold men on your dream home.

Because the house is a house; but a home can mean many different things to many different buyers.

Therefore, with itemized our inventory into unique home in amenity combinations Suited to a unique range of needs and tastes.

From investment properties to residential properties, condos to mansions, homes with views to homes with guest houses, you’re sure to find Your definition of a home with authentic.

But hey, don’t just take our word for it.

Scroll down to see all home types for sale in Wintergarden.

Then, simply access the links to see your dream home in real life!

Winter Garden Florida Vacation Home For Sale
New Homes For Sale In Winter Garden FL
Pool Homes For Sale In Winter Garden FL
Luxury Homes For Sale In Winter Garden FL
Condos For Sale In Winter Garden Florida With Pool
Townhomes For Sale In Winter Garden Florida With Pool
Winter Garden FL Lake Homes For Sale
Villas For Sale In Winter Garden Florida
Homes For Sale In Winter Garden With Guest House
Winter Garden Golf Course Real Estate
Gated Communities In Winter Garden FL
Pet Friendly Apartments In Winter Garden
Homes For Sale In Winter Garden FL With Boat Dock
Furnished Homes For Sale In Winter Garden FL
Conservation View Homes For Sale In Winter Garden FL
Communities With Fitness Center In Winter Garden FL
Communities With Tennis Court In Winter Garden Florida
Open Houses In Winter Garden FL
Communities With Pool In Winter Garden FL
Homes In Winter Garden FL With 1 Acre
Two Story Homes For Sale In Winter Garden FL
Single Story Homes For Sale In Winter Garden FL
3 Car Garage Homes For Sale In Winter Garden FL


See All Homes For Sale Near Orlando!

Want to shop outside of Wintergarden?

Orlando is one of the most innovative, culturally relevant cities on the United States stage.

But it’s Orlando’s suburbs that make it home.

At Authentic Real Estate Team, we’ve spent over 10 years getting to know Orlando suburbs down to the very last street.

Therefore, we are uniquely qualified to help you find the best neighborhood for your needs in or near Orlando.

And we make it easy!

You can start exploring all homes for sale in Orlando’s unique suburbs now from the comfort of your own computer.

Simply scroll down to our list of famous points of interest, find the one that sparks your interest, and follow the links to see nearby listings!

Homes For Sale Near Orlando
Homes For Sale Near UCF
Homes For Sale Near International Drive
Homes For Sale Near Universal
Homes For Sale Near Airport
Homes For Sale Near Disney
Homes For Sale Near Seaworld


Check Out The Best Study Of The Winter Garden Real Estate Market

Planning to invest in Avalon Cove or another Winter Garden location?

Like any kind of investment, investing in real estate takes a modicum of faith.

But that doesn’t mean it has to be blind faith.

Because at the end of the day, real estate investing is a numbers game.

And making a successful investment means making an informed investment.

And Authentic Real Estate Team, we believe our clients success is our success.

Therefore, we supply you with the market data you need to succeed.

We’ve aggregated all the latest stats, trends, and forecasts from the Winter Garden real estate market in one convenient location for your viewing pleasure.

Ready to hit the books?

Head to our monthly market update now to see the best study of the winter garden real estate market data available!
Winter Garden Real Estate Market Statistics


Make A Great Choice: Avalon Cove Winter Garden FL Homes For Sale For The Best Deals!

avalon winter garden homes for sale

In conclusion, if you want to live in a high-quality single-family home, in a great community, in a prime location, Avalon Cove could be for you.

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