Townhomes for Sale in Celebration

Townhomes for Sale in Celebration

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Townhomes for Sale in Celebration Celebrating Local Food

With chic luxury townhomes for sale and a fully integrative master plan, Celebration, Florida is Walt Disney’s dream of a “community of tomorrow.” True to that forward-thinking spirit, the town is helping to usher in the vision of tomorrow we’ve all been waiting to see – tomorrow in a post-Covid world – by finding novel ways to support the Orlando food scene. Through its efforts, Celebration is proving itself more than just luxury townhomes for sale. As well as proving that, in times of hardship, small gestures can make a world of difference.

What’s Bad for Orlando Food is Bad for Celebration

Just as Celebration is more than luxury townhomes, the pandemic is more than just a health crisis.

Because while many people’s lives are on the line, many more people’s livelihoods are.

The US unemployment rate has jumped to nearly 15%, the highest it’s been since the Great Depression.

One sector that’s been hit particularly hard is the culinary sector.

With restaurants furloughing most of their staffs and limiting their services to take-out and delivery only.

And they’re the lucky ones.

Some have had to close their doors for good.

Cities around the world have felt the effects.

But perhaps few have felt them more acutely than Orlando, Florida.

WalletHub’s 6th best “foodie” city in the country.

Which is why Celebration is concerned with more than just selling luxury townhomes.

Because what’s bad for the Orlando food scene is bad for Celebration.

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Celebration – More than Just Luxury Townhomes

Celebration is more than just luxury townhomes for sale in an exclusive community.

It’s part of the larger community, too.

For years, Celebration has been enriching the lives of its residents by supporting Orlando in what it does best.

Whether in the arts, with events like the Art and Wine Stroll and the Celebration Foundation Concert Series.

Or in healthcare, with blood drives and the Cancer Superheroes 5k.

But perhaps the most fruitful of these relationships has been that between Celebration and Orlando’s food scene.

From the Farmer’s Market on Sundays, to their famous Food Truck Fridays, Celebration has been bringing great food to its residents for a quarter century.

Now, thanks to Covid-19, these events have been suspended indefinitely.

But Celebration is still supporting Orlando’s food scene.


In keeping with its progressive founding principles, Celebration has found a novel way to keep the owners of its luxury townhomes fed.

And to keep Orlando restaurants in business.

With the Covid-19 Celebration Town Center Dining Guide, residents can see the hours of operation, services offered, and menus, of their favorite local restaurants.

They’ll still have to wait for the return of great food events.

But great food is just a phone call away.

It’s a seemingly small gesture.

But in these difficult times, small gestures can have big impacts.