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4 beds
2 baths
2,274 SqFt

MLS #: O5994938 | Single Family Residence


New homes in Celebration FL are truly great. These new constructions for sale in Celebration provide comfort and luxury. When you want to live in the best homes in the best area, check out new homes for sale in Celebration Florida! A new home construction in Celebration is a solid investment. In general, Celebration is Florida’s most-beloved community. It has all of the Disney magic and beauty too. Additionally, it has fantastic amenities and is located centrally. In short, you can’t go wrong when you buy new in Celebration.

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Why Should I Buy a New-Construction Home in Celebration?

New Homes In Celebration FL


Of course, there are plenty of reasons to buy a new property in Celebration.

Be the first to live in your new house.

Save a ton of money.

Stay protected with a new home warranty.

And many more!


Reason 1: Be the First

There is simply peace of mind being the first to live in your home.

It is yours without wear and tear or even a single scratch.

Ready to move in, decorate and style as you see fit.


Reason 2: High Energy Efficiency

In general, new homes are better for saving energy.

They keep costs down and have less of an impact on the environment.


Reason 3: Modern Floorplans

By the same token, new homes in Celebration for sale are modern and contemporary.

Many have open floor plans and are designed with families in mind.


Reason 4: The Best Amenities

Stainless steel appliances and marble countertops.

These are just some of the great amenities that new homes feature.


Reason 5: Little to No Maintenance Costs

No leaky roofs, broken pipes or pealing paint.

Your maintenance costs will be low when you buy new home constructions for sale in Celebration FL.


Want to Sell Your New Home in Celebration?

Maybe you bought a new home as an investment.

…And now it’s time to flip!

When you’re selling a home in Celebration, call Authentic Real Estate Team.
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Need Property Management for Your New Home in Celebration?

While we are expert real estate agents, we don’t stop there.

Additionally, we provide the best Celebration property management services for new homes in Celebration FL!
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Types of New Homes in Celebration FL For Sale

New Homes For Sale In Celebration FL


Options for new Celebration homes for sale are somewhat limited.

But whether it’s the relatively new homes at Spring Lake, or brand-new properties at Island Village, if you’re looking for new townhomes and single-family homes for sale in Celebration, Authentic Real Estate Team can certainly help.

However, if age is no object, your options are wide open.

Check out more of our property selections in the list below.


New Vacation Properties for Sale in Celebration

Who doesn’t want to vacation in the most magical city on Earth?

With new Celebration vacation homes for sale, you’ll have the best holidays!
See All Vacation Homes For Sale in Celebration!


New Home Construction with Pool

In brief, buyers often underestimate Florida’s heat and humidity.

Therefore, if you’re smart, you’ll buy a pool home.

Homes for sale in Celebration FL with pool are sure to keep you cool all summer.
See in Celebration Florida Homes For Sale With Pool!


New Luxury Real Estate for Sale in Celebration Florida

Celebration is well-known for its luxurious living standard.

Specifically, new luxury homes for sale in Celebration FL are beyond compare.
See All Luxury Homes For Sale in Celebration Fl!


New Condos and Apartments

On the other hand, condos for sale in Celebration are spacious yet affordable.

In addition, Celebration’s apartments are also modern and centrally-located.
See All Condos For Sale in Celebration Fl!


New Townhome Constructions

Townhomes for sale in Celebration offer privacy and comfort.

Much like single-family homes, these properties come with two to four bedrooms.

As a townhome owner here, you also have control over your own exterior.
See All Townhomes For Sale in Celebration Fl!


New-Construction Single-Family Houses for Sale in Celebration FL

By and large, single-family homes for sale in Celebration FL are the most popular.

Families love them for their floorplans, location, and privacy.
See All Single Family Homes For Sale Celebration FL


New Waterfront Homes

Owing to the area’s many lakes, there are plenty of Celebration lakefront homes for sale.

Yes, you can live in a new home with water views.
See All Waterfront Homes For Sale in Celebration!


New Villas for Sale in Celebration

Presently Celebration villas for sale are some of the best real estate options.

If you’re interested in a new villa construction, get in touch with Authentic Real Estate Team.
See in Celebration Villas For Sale!


New Home Construction with Guest House

Unquestionably, the Orlando region is one of the most popular tourist destinations.

If you’re interested in hosting out-of-town visitors, then we have a great idea!

Consider new homes for sale with guest house in Celebration FL.
See All Homes For Sale In Celebration With Guest House


Meet All Real Estate for Sale in Celebration!

Celebration FL’s new constructions can make your dreams come true.

You’ll find all kinds of properties here.

To see all Celebration homes for sale, call Authentic Real Estate Team.
See All Celebration Florida Homes For Sale!


Need a Real Estate Agent to Buy a New Property in Celebration? Talk With an Authentic Real Estate Team Realtor!

New Construction Homes Celebration FL


Get the help you need to buy in Celebration.

Call an Authentic Real Estate Team agent in Celebration today.

Don’t wait for the home of your dreams.

Make it a reality!
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New Homes In Celebration FL: Outstanding Communities

In short, Celebration has it all.
Single-family homes, luxury homes, villas, townhomes, condos and more.
Furthermore, each community is unique, offering different real estate.
For example, Celebration Village, Aquila Reserve Island Village, and Roseville Corner offer single-family homes.
Additionally, North Village, South Village, East Village, and West Village, have stylish and spacious homes.
Also, Artisan Park, Spring Lake, Lake Evalyn, Siena, and Mirasol have great townhomes.
Finally, you’ll find the best apartments and condos in Georgetown, Acadia, and Downtown.

Island Village Celebration Fl Real Estate For Sale
Homes For Sale Acadia Celebration Fl
See In Georgetown At Celebration Homes & Condos For Sale
Mirasol Celebration For Sale
Siena At Celebration Condos For Sale
Artisan Park Clubhouse Celebration Fl Homes For Sale
Celebration Village Homes For Sale
Homes For Sale In Spring Lake Celebration Fl
Lake Evalyn Celebration Fl Homes For Sale
Celebration Roseville Corner Homes For Sale
Celebration East Village Homes For Sale
West Village Celebration Homes For Sale
Celebration South Village Homes For Sale
North Village Celebration FL Homes For Sale


Celebration Real Estate Market

Celebration real estate is spectacular in and of itself.

In the same way, the Celebration real estate market is strong.

Appreciation rates and property values are high.

And the population and economy are growing every day.
See All Celebration Real Estate Market Statistics


Looking for New Homes in Celebration FL For Sale? Count on the Authentic Real Estate Team Today!

To be sure, buying a new in Celebration is a good idea.

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