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4 beds
5 baths
6,181 SqFt

MLS #: T3324335 | Single Family Residence

New Listing
New Listing



3 beds
2 baths
2,209 SqFt

MLS #: O5997699 | Single Family Residence




4 beds
3 baths
2,347 SqFt

MLS #: S5061210 | Single Family Residence




5 beds
3 baths
2,899 SqFt

MLS #: S5060996 | Single Family Residence




3 beds
2 baths
1,480 SqFt

MLS #: A4518822 | Single Family Residence




2 beds
1 baths
775 SqFt

MLS #: A4522071 | Single Family Residence


Looking for a secure, lucrative place to invest in real estate? Dr. Phillips is that place, and Authentic Real Estate Team is the team to help you succeed. Because with 1,500 new arrivals a week, Orlando is one of the fastest-growing cities in Florida. And in Orlando, few neighborhoods are as hot as Dr. Phillips.

This exclusive neighborhood is ideally located near Orlando’s best points of interest, including Disney, Universal Studios, and Downtown Orlando. Moreover, it boasts a diverse market of high-end, new-construction homes with contemporary design and green technology.

Given the prime location and upscale homes, you might think this top-flight neighborhood commands top-flight prices. But while you’ll certainly find plenty of multi-million-dollar mansions, with Authentic Real Estate Team, you’ll never pay more than the lowest price possible. Give Authentic Real Estate Team a call today to buy the Dr. Phillips, FL investment property of your dreams.


Buying Investment Property in Dr. Phillips FL?

Investment Property In Dr. Phillips FL


What’s the first step to getting a great ROI?

Getting a great deal!

At Authentic Real Estate Team, our skilled team of realtors can help you start strong with a low purchase price, then help you grow your savings into returns.


Authentic Real Estate Team: The Best Broker in Dr. Phillips FL!

Authentic Real Estate Team is here to make your purchase easy.

We’ll be there every step of the way, from helping you find financing, to helping you move in.

We’ll even be there after the sale, with high-quality property management to help your investment be all it can be.


The Best Selection of Investment Properties in Dr. Phillips

Finding the best home, in the best location for your needs, isn’t as straightforward as it sounds.

It’s essential you know the local market.

To this end, Authentic Real Estate Team can make all the difference.

With over a decade in the Orlando market, we’re your area experts, with the town-by-town, neighborhood-by-neighborhood, and community-by-community expertise to help you find the best investment property for your needs.


A Definitive Deal for Dr. Phillips Rental Property Investment!

At 1,500 new Orlandoans a week, the City Beautiful’s growth rate is, to quote orlando.org, in a category all its own.

And with inventory low and demand high, many of these new arrivals will be renting rather than buying.

Low inventory is also driving up rates.

And all of that is conspiring to make now a great time to invest in a long-term rental property in Dr. Phillips.

If you want to get in on this red-hot rental market, give Authentic Real Estate Team a call today.

We’re your premier source for investment properties for sale in Dr. Phillips, FL and your definitive realtor for great deals.


Why Buy Investment Properties in Dr. Phillips FL?

Dr. Phillips Investment Property


Investors from far and wide are investing in Dr. Phillips, FL.

Read on to learn why!


Reason 1. Jobs for Everyone!

Orlando is experiencing a boom in its job market.

With thriving med, med-tech, and tech sectors, the City Beautiful is more than just a pretty face.

And that makes it a great place to invest in real estate.



Reason 2. Because More Jobs Means More People!

With its booming job market, Orlando is gaining thousands of new residents a week.

And Dr. Phillips is taking on more than its fair share.

All that demand is driving rental rates and home values through the roof, and it won’t be slowing down soon.

Based on the projections, Orlando may well grow to rival the biggest cities in America by 2030.

Therefore, whether you want to rent out your investment home, use it as a seasonal or personal vacation property, or any combination, Dr. Phillips promises high rates and high appreciation that get higher over time.


Reason 3. Exclusive Location

Not everything that drives up demand is as practical as jobs.

Sometimes, people just want to live in an exclusive location.

And Dr. Phillips is certainly an exclusive location.

This neighborhood boasts upscale homes in the heart of Orlando, just minutes from Downtown, the Orlando Airport, UCF, Disney, Universal Studios, and more!


Reason 4. Incredible Weather

No matter if you’re in the market for an investment rental or second home, the incredible weather in Dr. Phillips can help you get more bang for your investment buck.

For landlords, it’s especially propitious.

Between being stuck inside for COVID lockdowns and being stuck inside for winter, many northerners have been looking for a place where COVID restrictions and winter temps are more on the mild side.

The result? 1,500 people a week moving to the city beautiful, looking for beautiful weather and the chance to get outdoors.

And many of them are choosing Dr. Phillips as their hometown of choice.

Moreover, the majority of these new arrivals are looking for rentals.

This high demand, coupled with a low inventory, is driving Dr. Phillips rental rates through the roof.

But it’s not just landlords reaping the benefits of Dr. Phillis’s great weather.

With a second home investment in Dr. Phillips, you can enjoy 233 days of sun a year, too.

And as Orlando continues to grow, so too will your home’s value.

You can even rent it out while you’re away for an easy source of passive income!


Reason 5. Wide Array of Property Types

Dr. Phillips boasts a wide array of property types to choose from.

Whether you’re in the market for a chic apartment, stately estate home, or anything in between, Dr. Phillips has homes of all types to suit investors of all needs.

And Authentic Real Estate Team has the best of the best.

We handpick the highest quality properties from across the spectrum and bring them to you for less!


The Best Reason: Dr. Phillips Real Estate Market Data and Statistics!

So, you’ve just heard five of the best reasons to invest in the Dr. Phillips real estate market.

But you still haven’t heard the very best reason of all.

Because we can tell you why you should buy till we’re blue in the face, but you’d still have to take our word for it.

But our best reason of all speaks for itself.

The market data are in, and they’re in agreement.

From rising rates and home values, to falling days spent on the market, the numbers don’t lie:

The Orlando real estate market is growing, and now is the perfect time to buy an investment property for sale in Dr. Phillips, FL.
See Dr. Phillips Real Estate Market Data And Statistics


What Are the Best Neighborhoods in Dr. Phillips for Investment Property?

Dr. Phillips Orlando Investment Property


Dr. Phillips is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Orlando.

But that’s not the end of the story.

Because within Dr. Phillips, you’ll find even more great smaller neighborhoods to choose from, each more unique and charming than the next.


1. Parkside Dr. Phillips

Parkside is one of the most exclusive communities in Dr. Phillips.

Here you’ll find luxury 4-7-bedroom homes by Meritage in a prime location.

Enjoy walkable convenience to Dr. Phillips Community Park and Sand Lake Elementary School, both located just across the street.

Also located nearby are world-famous Restaurant Row, as well as all of Orlando’s most popular attractions, including Disney World, Universal Studios, and International Drive.
See In Parkside Dr. Phillips Homes For Sale


2. Phillips Landing

With impeccable landscaping, stunning homes ranging into the millions, and a great location, Phillips Landing lands at the number-2 spot on our list.

Choose from three amazing subcommunities, Bay Harbor, Heritage Bay, and Estates at Phillips Landing, and an array of high-end homes, many with lake views.

Amenities include a gated/guarded entrance, boat dock, tennis courts, playground, and more!
See In Phillips Landing Homes For Sale


3. Sand Lake Sound

Looking to buy a Dr. Phillips, FL investment property that doesn’t break the bank?

Sand Lake Sound is your premier destination for townhomes in Dr. Phillips.

But don’t be fooled; just because they’re affordable, doesn’t mean these are your run-of-the-mill vertical duplexes.

Sand Lake Sound townhouses are luxury homes by renowned builder, Meritage, with high-end finishes, modern design, and green technology.

Moreover, they’re just minutes from Universal Studios, Sand Lake Road, and other great Orlando points of interest.
See All Sand Lake Sound Homes For Sale


Meet the Best Selection for Investment Properties for Sale in Dr. Phillips FL!

Investment PropertIes For Sale In Dr. Phillips FL


At Authentic Real Estate Team, we bring you only the very best investment properties, at the very best prices, in Dr. Phillips.

Find the investment home you’ve been dreaming of at our full inventory, or browse our itemized breakdown of property types below for a fully customizable shopping experience.


Vacation Investment Properties in Dr. Phillips

Unfortunately, Dr. Phillips does not allow short-term vacation rentals.

But don’t let that stop you.

Because with Orlando’s best location just minutes from the theme parks, as well as plenty of local amenities giving you everything you need in one place, Dr. Phillips makes a fun and convenient place to own a private vacation getaway of your own.

Save on lodging, and reap the rewards of high appreciation down the road!
Vacation Homes For Sale In Dr. Phillips


Investment Properties for Sale in Dr. Phillips With Pool

Did you know that a pool can dramatically increase your rental rates, while dramatically lowering your time to rent?

It can also increase your resale value, while decreasing your days on the market.
See In Dr. Phillips Homes For Sale With Pool


New Properties for Best Investment!

With faster appreciation and faster time to rent than older properties, our selection of new-construction investment homes in Dr. Phillips, FL are the way to buy.

Choose from new condos, new estate homes, and everything in between.
See New Homes For Sale In Dr. Phillips FL


Invest in Luxury Homes in Dr. Phillips!

Dr. Phillips is one of the best places to buy luxury homes on the Orlando market.

And, as the premier luxury home dealer, as well as the premier investment broker, in Dr. Phillips, Authentic Real Estate Team is the team to help you buy them.
See All Luxury Homes For Sale In Dr. Phillips Florida


Investment Townhomes in Dr. Phillips

Want a low-overhead investment option that’s more private and luxurious than a condo?

Then check out our selection of investment townhomes at Sand Lake Sound and elsewhere in the Dr. Phillips neighborhood.
See In Dr. Phillips Townhomes For Sale


Lakefront Properties for Real Estate Investment in Dr. Phillips FL

Home to Little Sand Lake, Big Sand Lake, Spring Lake, and more, Dr. Phillips is one of the premier places to find lakefront investment real estate in Orlando.
See All Lakefront Homes For Sale In Dr. Phillips Florida


Apartments & Condos for the Best Property Investment

Condos make a low-maintenance, low-risk investment option anyone can afford.

And in well-located, fast-growing Dr. Phillips, they’re sure to bring great returns.
See In Dr. Phillips Apartments For Sale


Dr. Phillips Villas to Invest in Real Estate

If you want to go all out with your investment, you can certainly do it in Dr. Phillips.

Here you’ll find multi-million-dollar villas with all the fixins’, including private pools, lake views, modern open layouts, scores of oversized bedrooms, luxury finishes, and more!
See All Villas For Sale In Dr. Phillips Orlando


Investment Properties With Guest House

Our selection of homes with guest houses in Dr. Phillips give you a unique investment opportunity.

In short, by renting out the guest house, you can have a low-risk source of passive income that never leaves your sight.
See All Homes For Sale In Dr. Phillips With Guest House


Dr. Phillips Investment Properties in Communities!

Dr. Phillips boasts a wealth of luxury gated communities with high-end homes and world-class amenities, ideal for investing.

We offer great deals on properties in amazing Dr. Phillips communities such as:

  • Sand Lake Sound homes
  • Phillips Landing homes for sale
  • Ruby Lake homes for sale
  • Parkside Dr. Phillips
  • …And more!

The Best Gated Communities In Dr. Phillips Florida


See All Homes for Sale in Dr. Phillips FL!

Didn’t see what you were looking for in our breakdown of properties?

There are still more great homes out there.

Check out our full inventory of Dr. Phillips, FL homes for sale today to find your dream investment property.
See In Dr. Phillips Homes For Sale


Talk With a Dr. Phillips Real Estate Agent for the Best Deals!

With more than 10 years in the Orlando market, and over 200 happy clients made to succeed in their needs, Authentic Real Estate Team has the experience and track record you’re looking for.

Call to speak with one of our licensed realtors today to find the best deals no Dr. Phillips investment real estate.
Meet In Dr. Phillips Real Estate Agent For Best Deals!


Want to Sell Your Home in Dr. Phillips?

So, you’re ready to cash out of the Dr. Phillips investment scene and move on to bigger opportunities?

Or maybe you just want to settle down with your earnings.

Whatever your reasons for selling, Authentic Real Estate Team can help you do it in less time, and for more money, than you ever thought possible.

We’ll walk you through your entire sale, from prepping, to pricing, to showings and negotiations, to a smooth, successful closing day.

We’ll even help you move!

So if you’re ready to sell, Authentic Real Estate Team is ready to show you just how easy and profitable it can be.

Sell My Home In Dr. Phillips!


The Definitive Property Management Services for Your Investment Property in Dr. Phillips FL

Want to make your investment dollar, and the life of your home, go farther?

Authentic Real Estate Team is here with the premium property management services you need to succeed.

We offer leasing, home watch, pool cleaning, lawn care, housekeeping, maintenance and repairs, and more.

In short, whatever it takes to make your Dr. Phillips investment home tick, Authentic Real Estate Team specialized property management team can do it.
Meet The Best Dr. Phillips Property Management Service


Count On the Best Broker for Dr. Phillips Investment Property!

In conclusion, if you’re looking to invest in the Dr. Phillips real estate market, look no further than the premier realtor in Dr. Phillips and the Greater Orlando Area – Authentic Real Estate Team.

Homes are going fast, so don’t wait.

Give us a call today!

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