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5 beds
6 baths
5,353 SqFt

MLS #: O6139313 | Single Family Residence


Looking for upscale waterfront living in an upscale location? Look no further than Sawyer Sound! Located in prestigious Windermere, FL, Sawyer Sound boasts approximately 20 high-end, new-construction homes by top builders.

With the safety and privacy of a gated entry, and zoning for orange county public schools, and private Windermere Prep just across the street, Sawyer Sound is a great place to raise your family. And with access to premier golf courses, great shopping and dining, and the butler chain of lakes, it’s a great place to own a subtropical seasonal getaway.

Looking for a great investment opportunity?

Sawyer Sound promise is a gray or a Y. But whatever your reasons for buying, Authentic Real Estate Team is your definitive source of deals on homes for sale in Sawyer Sound, Windermere. Call now!


Where Is Sawyer Sound in Windermere FL?

sawyer sound homes for sale fl

Sawyer Sound is located in southwest Windermere, just off Winter Garden Vineland Road.

This elite Orlando suburb is centrally located in Orange County, offering convenience to all points of interest throughout the Greater Orlando Area.

Enjoy quick and easy access to Downtown Orlando, Disney World, the Orlando International Airport, and more!


Why Buy A Home In Sawyer Sound?

Whether you’re looking for a place to live with your family, live for the season, or invest, Sawyer Sound has what you’re looking for.

Read on to discover three great reasons why our selection of homes for sale in Sawyer Sounds, Windermere might be right for you!


1. Sawyer Sound is a Place Where Your Family Can Thrive

Looking for a place to live with your family?

Sawyer Sound doesn’t just offer a place for your family to live; it’s a place where families can thrive!

With zoning for top-performing orange county public schools, it offers first-class educational opportunities guaranteed to bring out the best in your kids.

Want to give them a more elite education?

Private Windemere prep is located just across the street from the community!

With a gated entry, Sawyer Sound also promises the safety, security, and privacy parents crave.

And with quick access to Orlando’s famous parks and attractions, it offers no shortage of ways to keep your family entertained.

Of course, providing top quality schooling and endless entertainment for your family doesn’t come cheap.

However, with access to a robust job market, complete with thriving tech, medical, and culinary sectors, Sawyer Sound gives you plenty of ways to provide.

So, if you are moving your family to Central Florida, be sure to check out Authentic Real Estate Team’s inventory of homes for sale in Sawyer Sound, Windermere!


2. Sawyer Sound is Your Subtropical Seasonal Getaway!

Ready to lose those winter blues?

Sawyer Sound is your subtropical seasonal getaway!

Windermere has long been a premier Place to live seasonally, and it’s no mystery as to why.

Central Florida’s town “among the lakes” offers world class boating, fishing, and water sports, as well as world-class golf on some of the best courses in the state.

And with subtropical winters sans snow, Windermere lets you make the most of seasonal outdoor living.

Other local amenities include find shopping and dining in downtown Windemere and Winter Garden Village, downtown Orlando’s exciting night life, And premier theme parks and attractions.

Thus, at Sawyer Sound, with its luxury new construction homes, you can have all the comforts of your primary residence while enjoying an extended-vacation lifestyle.

But what happens to my home while I’m away, you might be asking.

Leaving your second home behind for the summer can be stressful.

But with a safe location in affluent Windermere, and the added safety of a gated, guarded entrance, Sawyer Sound lets you maximize your security and peace of mind.


3. Investing at Sawyer Sound is Genius!

Do you want to make a smart investment play?

Investing at Sawyer Sound is genius!

Central Florida is experiencing unprecedented growth, with an exploding population, and new infrastructure, businesses, attractions, and housing going up everywhere you look.

With Authentic Real Estate Team’s handpicked selection of homes for sale in Sawyer Sound, Windermere, you can capitalize on Central Florida’s historic growth in its most highly desirable location.

Meanwhile, a private gated entry lets you maximize your investment security While upping the exclusivity factor and thus your ROI.

Whether you want to earn steady passive income with a long-term rental, or grow your equity with a buy-and-hold second home, Sawyer Sound is primed for profit.

Of course, there’s more to real estate investing than just buying the property.

If you want to maximize your investment success, you need property management.

And that’s where we come in.

As you are one stop investment real estate shop in Windermere, authentic Can help you protect and potentiate your assets with home watch, marketing, leasing, maintenance, repairs, and all your other property management needs in Sawyer Sound!



What Types of Homes Will You Find in Sawyer Sound?

Sawyer Sound is your destination for luxury single-family homes for sale in Windermere, FL.

Find out more about the homes for sale in Sawyer Sound below!


Single-Family Homes for Sale in Sawyer Sound, Windermere

Built between 2016 and 2021, Sawyer Sound’s single-family homes boast new-construction features like integrated living spaces, green design and technology, and all-new materials and finishes.

Most homes come with brick paver driveways and tile roofs, with options for 3,400 to 5,600 square feet of living space and 4 to 6 bedrooms.
Single Family Homes For Sale In Orlando FL


Sawyer Sound Windermere HOA

Sawyer Sound HOA fees run about $250 to $350 per month.

Contact Authentic Real Estate Team for information about amenities, rules, and regulations.


Authentic Real Estate Team: Your Definitive Realtor For The Best Deals In Sawyer Sound

sawyer sound windermere fl

As an exclusive gated community in Orlando’s most exclusive neighborhood, the homes for sale in Sawyer Sound, Windermere, FL don’t come cheap.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t great deals to be had.

Especially with Authentic Orlando.

Because as the definitive community realtor in central Florida, Authentic Real Estate Team is your definitive source of deals on Sawyer Sound real estate.

We have the market access to help you act on Great opportunities as soon as, and even before, they list.

And after we help you find a great home at a great price, we use our market knowledge and negotiating know how to help you pay even less.

So, if you’re ready to score a great deal and saw your sound, contact the experienced realtors at Authentic Real Estate Team today!
The Best Orlando Real Estate Agent


List Your Home In Sawyer Sound (Or Another Windermere FL Location)

Moving out of Sawyer Sound?

Why just move out when you can move up – with Authentic Real Estate Team!

With Authentic Real Estate Team, you can save time and effort, and earn more money, on your sale.

Our experienced seller’s agents have the market knowledge, resources, and skills to handle every step of your sale, while providing first class customer service and delivering first rate results.

Count on Authentic for all your home selling needs in Sawyer Sound, including:

  • A comprehensive market analysis to help plan renovations and repairs needed to maximize your homes salability on the Windermere market
  • Market-smart pricing that takes into account comparable closing prices and your own needs and goals
  • A Glamorous photo and video shoot
  • Listing your sale to more than 150 well-known real estate sites, including MLS,, Authentic’s own platforms, and more
  • A combination of traditional and cutting-edge marketing approaches, from lawn signage, showings, and open houses to social media marketing, email campaigns, virtual showings, and more
  • Fielding offers
  • Making strategic, market-savvy counteroffers
  • Title and escrow
  • Comprehensive closing day services
  • And more!

Sell My House Fast Windermere!


The Best Sawyer Sound Property Management Company

As mentioned, with unprecedented local growth, The prestige of a prime Windemere location, and the exclusivity factor of a gated entry, Sawyer Sound is primed for investment success.

However, succeeding in your real estate investment takes more than just buying a great investment home.

I if you want to get the best return on your investment, while extending the life of your home, quality property management is indispensable.

It’s a big job, but you don’t have to go it alone.

And you don’t have to spread your time and money all over town.

Because with authentic property management, you can get the quality investment services you need While maximizing your convenience and peace of mind with the team you know and trust.

We offer comprehensive management services priced right and tailored to your needs, such as marketing and leasing for your long-term rental, home watch for your second home, maintenance, repairs, and more!
Meet The Best Orlando Property Management Services!


Support To Invest In Homes For Sale In Sawyer Sound Windermere FL

As well as comprehensive after sales services to help you maximize your investment success, Authentic Real Estate Team will be there before you by to help you get the financial support you need.

Because let’s face it, in real estate investing, it takes money to make money.

And in Windemere, it takes a lot.

But with Authentic Real Estate Team, buyers of all backgrounds can find the money they need to make more of it.

Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to a financing a real estate investment.

Like the home itself, the loan is a unique reflection of your needs.

Therefore, we strive to help investors find the ideal mortgage by offering a diverse array of financing options.

Whether you want to borrow from our extensive network of banks and private lenders, or stick with the team you trust and borrow from Authentic’s on in-house financing department, we’re committed to helping you get a great loan so you can make a great investment!
The Best Of Orlando Property Investment


Buy Your Second Home In Sawyer Sound

So, you want to make Sawyer Sound your subtropical winter escape?

Authentic Real Estate Team can help you escape for less, with a great deal on your second home in Sawyer Sound.

Enjoy the ultimate seasonal lifestyle in a place where the comfort of home meets the fun of America’s undisputed vacation capital.

And while you’re away, enjoy peace of mind knowing your assets are protected by a gated entry and HOA.

Want to maximize your security and peace of mind?

Ask about our premium home watch services today!
The Best Of Second Home In Orlando For Sale


See The Best Of Windermere Real Estate For Sale!

Then see what you were looking for a nice selection of homes for sale in Sawyer Sounds, Windermere, FL?

Don’t sweat it!

Because Windermere is full of amazing real estate Just waiting to make your dreams come true.

And Authentic Real Estate Team has your key to the best of the best.

We’re constantly on the lookout for the best new listings on the Windermere market, stocking our inventory with the most beautiful, highest quality homes from across the area.

Plus, when you shop with Authentic Real Estate Team, you can shop smart and close with confidence, with a curated collection of Windermere’s very best real estate.

But I’ll just take her word for it.

Jump to our main Windemere inventory now and see what’s on the offer in this elite real estate market!


See All Home Types For Sale In Windermere FL!

Are curated inventory of Windemere real estate lets you shop smart.

But the real big-brain way to shop is to set your parameters ahead of time.

With our itemized inventory, organized into discrete home types, you can tune out the noise and dial in on your dream property.

From condos to townhomes to single-family homes, pet friendly properties two homes with great views, our itemized inventory lets you save time and effort on your search while ensuring you find the best home for your needs.

So what are you waiting for; scroll down to see all home types for sale in Windermere, identify your preferred property, and click the link to see hand-picked homes for sale from Authentic Real Estate Team!

Windermere Vacation Homes For Sale
New Homes For Sale In Windermere
Houses For Sale In Windermere Florida With Pool
Condos For Sale In Windermere Florida With Pool
Townhomes For Sale In Windermere Florida With Pool
55 Plus Communities In Windermere FL
Luxury Homes For Sale In Windermere
Windermere Lakefront Homes For Sale
Windermere Villas For Sale
Homes For Sale In Windermere With Guest House
Windermere Golf Course Real Estate
Gated Communities In Windermere FL
Pet Friendly Apartments In Windermere
Homes For Sale In Windermere FL With Boat Dock
Furnished Homes For Sale Windermere FL
Conservation View Homes For Sale In Windermere FL
Communities With Fitness Center In Windermere FL
Communities With Tennis Court In Windermere Florida
Open Houses In Windermere FL
Communities With Pool In Windermere FL
Homes In Windermere FL With 1 Acre
Two Story Homes For Sale In Windermere FL
3 Car Garage Homes For Sale In Windermere FL


See All Homes For Sale Near Orlando!

Want to shop outside of Windemere?

While it may be Orlando’s most highly desirable neighborhood, Windermere certainly isn’t the only great suburb the City Beautiful has to offer.

From the historic charm of Winter Garden to cutting edge medical research in Lake Nona, Orlando’s suburbs are as diverse as they are amazing.

Thus, buyers of all persuasions can find the right neighborhood for their needs near Orlando.

And Authentic Real Estate Team can help.

With more than a decade of on the ground experience in the greater Orlando real estate market, where are your guides to Orlando’s best locations, with the local expertise to match you with your ideal area.

Contact our team today and tell us about your needs and goals, and let us take it from there!

Homes For Sale Near Orlando
Homes For Sale Near UCF
Homes For Sale Near International Drive
Homes For Sale Near Universal
Homes For Sale Near Airport
Homes For Sale Near Disney
Homes For Sale Near Seaworld


Check Out The Best Study Of The Windermere Real Estate Market

Real estate markets are always in flux, even down to the neighborhood level.

Thus, before you buy, it’s imperative you make a study of the local market.

Of course, finding all the up-to-date market metrics do you need can be a tall order.

And that’s where we come in.

Real estate team, we’ve compiled the latest data, trends, and predictions from the Windermere real estate market in one easy-to-find, easy-to-navigate location.

From average on prices to average rental rates, to list to sell ratios, days to sell, demographic data, and more, Authentic Real Estate Team is your source for all the metrics you need to succeed on the Windermere real estate market.

Add to our monthly market overview no do you see how the market is performing this month in Windermere!
See All Windermere Real Estate Market Statistics


Make A Great Choice: Sawyer Sound For Sale For The Best Deals!

sawyer sound windermere

So, if you’re looking for luxury waterfront living in a luxury location, Sawyer Sound in Windemere, FL might be the community for you.

And of course, for the best deals and services in Sawyer Sound, count on Authentic Real Estate Team.

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