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5 beds
5 baths
7,916 SqFt

MLS #: O6212012 | Single Family Residence




4 beds
3 baths
2,857 SqFt

MLS #: O6181258 | Single Family Residence




4 beds
3 baths
3,112 SqFt

MLS #: O6157218 | Single Family Residence




3 beds
3 baths
1,829 SqFt

MLS #: O6178122 | Single Family Residence




4 beds
3 baths
1,705 SqFt

MLS #: O6215384 | Single Family Residence


If you’re looking for a home and a community to welcome and entertain your guests and loved ones, then look no further than Winter Park Fl. Homes for sale with guest house Winter Park Fl offer so much in the way of luxury, space and privacy.
This stunning, beautiful and luxurious community is known as one of Florida’s finest real estate gems.

Homes for sale with guest house Winter Park Fl are among the best for delighting friends and family vacationing in the Orlando region.

And Winter Park Fl is an attractive place in and of itself. This is because it offers everything that a home buying family or couple is looking for. Highly ranked schools, safety and security, a growing economy, and beautiful natural lakes and surrounding vegetation.

Therefore, if you’re looking for the most luxurious homes for sale in one of Orlando’s most luxurious communities…

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Why should I buy in Winter Park a Home With Guest House?

Over 70 million tourists stop in Orlando for family fun, adventure and sightseeing every year.

Not surprisingly, the Orlando theme parks such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld are some of the most popular theme parks in the world. Therefore, they draw in international crowds year after year.

And your family and friends may be among some of these visitors eager for some Florida fun and relaxation.

What better way to welcome them than to allow them to stay in their own private guest house on your property? By and large, they have privacy, you have peace. Hence, everyone comes away from their vacation happy, healthy and sound.


Reason 1: Tourist Destination

The city of Orlando is such a magical place as it is home to a dozen theme parks. At the top of the list is the happiest place on Earth, Walt Disney World.

This incredible spectacle of a theme park offers numerous sub-parks each with their own theme and claim to fame. For example, The Magic Kingdom draws in hordes of visitors eager to see the fireworks, classic rides and colourful parades. Epcot Center, on the other hand, features amazing attractions, wide pavilions, and special events to reflect each season.

Orlando homes with guest house are great for entertaining the visitors and tourists that come every year. Luckily, Winter Park Florida offers many luxurious homes that have detached guest homes or apartment lofts for guests.

As tourists, including your family members, stream through Orlando, homes for sale with guest house Winter Park Fl, become more and more practical. Get yours today by consulting with your Authentic Real Estate Agent today.


Reason 2: Gather with Friends and Family More

Homes For Sale With Guest House Winter Park


Homes for sale in Orlando with guest house provide the perfect reprieve and gathering spot for all of your far-flung family and friends.

Wherever your relatives may be living across the country, they are sure to flock to Winter Park with an invitation to stay in your guest house.

That’s why we recommend homes for sale with guest house Winter Park Fl — as an investment in your family and the memories you will make together.


Reason 3: Make Money by Renting out Your Guest House

Homes for sale in Florida with guest house can actually be a great financial investment. That is to say, some Orlando suburbs allows for short-term rental contracts.

Without a doubt, you are sure to find qualified renters to live in your guest house with the help of the Authentic Real Estate Team.

The extra profit from your renters can be put towards the things you really care about, want, or need. Reinvest the side income into your mortgage, your children’s college fund, or your own luxurious vacations. A home for sale with a guest house in Orlando makes it all possible.


Reason 4: Have Privacy with Loved Ones Near

We all know the feeling of going on vacation, only to return home feeling like you need a vacation from your vacation. For the most part, this vacation dissatisfaction comes from a lack of relaxation, peace and privacy.

But, with a home with a guest house Winter Park Fl, you can certainly avoid this feeling of discontentment. When guests come to you, they have privacy in their own, separate space. Therefore, you retain privacy in your own home with your immediate family.

You can have loved ones staying with you without them having to stay with you. Not only can you hold you loved one near but also give them some breathing room too.

By now, surely, you’re asking, “Are there houses with guest house for sale near me?” The answer is yes! And the Authentic Real Estate Team can help you find them. Call our offices today and inquire.


Reason 5: Give Teenagers the Space They Want

Perhaps you’re already experiencing your children’s teenage years…or maybe they’re just on the horizon. Another benefit to owning a home with a guest house is that it can actually help you ease the tension with your teenager.

As they are coming into their own, they may need a little more space and privacy. Indeed, with a guest house, they can have it. Let them enjoy the sanctuary of their own, detached little home so that you enjoy the increased peace and ease of your relationship.

To claim your Orlando area or Winter Park Fl guest house for sale, call the Authentic Real Estate Team.


The Best Winter Park Real Estate Agents

The Authentic Real Estate Team is the premier, award-winning company that you want to have by your side. We will be with your every step along the way, as your go through the buying process of your home for sale with guest house Winter Park Fl.

Our expertise and decade of experience within the Orlando area makes the buying, selling and renting processes easier.

Winter Park Fl is, of course, an incredibly attractive town. Therefore, homes for sale in this community are in high demand. However, we will help you navigate the potential pitfalls so that you can call Winter Park Fl home.

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Looking for Other Opportunities besides Homes with Guest House in Winter Park Fl?

Besides Homes For Sale Winter Garden Fl With Detached Guest House


Winter Park Fl is such a popular community for the luxury and diversity of real estate that it offers. In a word, Winter Park Fl has it all.

Simple, single family homes? Large, sprawling estates? Beautiful townhomes? Apartments? Condos?

It’s all here in Winter Park Fl.

So, if a home with a detached guest house is not what you’re after, then consider the other many options that you have as a Winter Park Fl property buyer.

And, of course, count on the Authentic Real Estate Team today to get the best value for money on the property of your dreams.


Vacation Homes in Winter Park Fl

As aforementioned, Orlando is the prime vacation destination.

In fact, it was announced by Global News Wire as the number one family vacation city and the most visited U.S. destination.

We totally understand the allure of this amazing city. And we know it’s on your list too!

But do you really want to hassle and discomfort of hotel stays? Certainly, hotels and shared vacation facilities can be loud, uncomfortable and not at all up to your standards.

That’s why a vacation home in Winter Park Fl is the perfect alternative. You get to own and completely control where you stay and how you live during a vacation.

Additionally, it’s the perfect from the cold, harsh winters of the northeast and Canada.

While Winter Park itself is not short term rental friendly, a vacation more than pays for itself with the relaxation and convenience that it affords you.

At just five minutes from downtown Orlando and all its attractions, Winter Park Fl vacation homes will give you the world-class vacation you’ve been dreaming of.

At last, stop dreaming and buy your Winter Park Fl vacation home today with the help of the Authentic Team.
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Winter Park Waterfront Homes for Sale

As if there weren’t enough reasons to love Winter Park, it is also a lake community with plenty of access to the water.

Due to the fact that the Butler Chain of Lakes laces through Winter Park, water babies at the possibility to swim, boat and fish throughout the year.

That’s why Winter Park waterfront homes for sale are perfect for avid boat owners, water skiers, swimmers, wakeboarder and fishers.

Emphatically, there are plenty of waterfront homes for sale in Winter Park that break the mould in terms of luxury, style and location.

To watch the sunset on one of the Butler Lakes every night from your very own backyard, get in touch with your trusted Authentic Real Estate Team member today.

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Condos for Sale in Winter Park Fl

Homes, and especially homes for sale with guest house Winter Park Fl can be a lot of work.

When you add up all of the hours of care and maintenance that a home requires, it can seem overwhelming.

That’s why some smart and savvy buyers turn to condos for sale in Winter Park Fl for more freedom and flexibility.

Winter Park Fl condos are truly the creme of the crop. Additionally, they offer everything that you need and nothing that will weigh your lifestyle down.

Furthermore, they are a great first step in establishing property ownership in the wealthy Winter Park community.

What’s more is that you can choose the condo that best suits you, your family, and your partner. In brief, select a modest, two-room condo or go big with a penthouse style one that affords several thousand square feet of space.

Whatever you’re looking for and whatever you budget allows, the Authentic Real Estate Team can help you find the perfect condo.

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Townhomes for Sale in Winter Park Fl

If flexibility and versatility are what you’re looking for in your future Winter Park Fl home, look no further than a townhome.

In essence, townhomes for sale in Winter Park Fl are the perfect fit for small families and couples.

They afford space, privacy and a high standard of luxury living. Similar to a single family home, they often come with a nice backyard and sometimes even a private pool.

However, townhome community home owners associations take over much of the care and maintenance needs. Therefore, you’ll have more time to sit back, relax and enjoy your townhome and the beauty of the Winter Park community.

Additionally, because townhomes take up less land mass, property taxes on these property are lower than their single family home counterparts.

For these reasons, there are numerous townhomes and townhome communities in Winter Park Fl. All of these are in high demand.

But don’t worry, a Winter Park Fl townhome can also be yours. With the help of the Authentic Real Estate Team, you’ll be collecting your keys sooner than you think.

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New Homes Winter Park Fl

Winter Park Fl has its own long history as one of the original and esteemed settlements of the Orlando area.

Although Winter Park Fl is actually a long-standing and historical community, there are new homes for sale here too.

The Authentic Real Estate Team has the know-how to find the right new home for you in Winter Park Fl.

New homes for sale in Winter Park Fl bring buyers tons of benefits.

For example, on average, new homes appreciate much quicker and more steeply in value.

Additionally, you stand to save a good amount on energy and electricity. This is due to the fact that new homes are built to be clean and green. Energy costs in new homes are usually only 60% of those of older homes.

Furthermore, there are almost no maintenance or repair costs to worry about in a new Winter Park Fl home.

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Single Family Homes For Sale in Winter Park Fl

Single family homes are the ultimate type of real estate.

Truly, these are the staple of the American dream. Undeniably, every family wants their own home, their own space, their own land.

And, in typical Winter Park fashion, homes here break the mould of opulence, luxury and grandiosity.

Single family homes can get up to any size. Additionally, some lean towards estate or mansion form.

Furthermore, with Winter Park single family homes for sale, there is no limit to choice and style.

Want a lakefront home? You got it. How about a ten-bedroom house? It’s yours.

With the Authentic Real Estate Team, the home buying process is made easy.

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Villas for Sale in Winter Park Fl

A villa for sale in Winter Park Fl can come in many forms.

This means that you can pick the villa that best suits your family’s needs.

Want a quaint and affordable, two-bedroom cottage? Or rather a two-story, four-bedroom family home to plant your Orlando roots?

It’s all here in Winter Park Fl.

Count on the Authentic Real Estate Team to help you find exactly the villa you’ve been dreaming of. We’ll help you get the Winter Park Fl property that’ll delight you for years to come.

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Pool Homes for Sale in Winter Park

One of the draws of central Florida is its spectacular weather. The summers are brilliantly hot and sunny while the spring and fall seasons are warm, pleasant and mild.

Basically, the Orlando region is the perfect place to buy a pool home.

As a matter of fact, there are plenty of pool homes to choose from in the sparkling suburb of Winter Park Fl.

Emphatically, private pools are the best way to quickly and easily beat the Florida heat. By all means, cool off with a relaxing dip in the privacy of your own backyard.

Additionally, enjoy barbecuing around this amazing water feature and host the whole neighbourhood for an evening of fun.

Furthermore, a pool home is sure to bring you great days of pool fun, cardio exercise and increased value to your property.

Call the Authentic Real Estate Team today to buy your future pool home in Winter Park Fl.

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Winter Park Luxury Homes for Sale

For one thing, Orlando is such an attractive city and region to live, work and visit.

Hovever, Orlando suburbs are incredibly popular for those looking to move away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Therefore, this area has given rise to some stunning, luxurious and affluent communities.

These include Celebration, Dr. Phillips, and, of course, Winter Park.

In essence, Winter Park is one of the most wealthy communities in central Florida.

In like fashion, the luxury homes here reflect that wealth and affluence.

Interested in buying your own French-style chateau?

How about a stately mansion complete with marble and columns?

Or a more modern, eccentric home with floor to ceiling windows?

Winter Park brings all of these properties types and architectural styles together with luxury, style and class.

With the Authentic Real Estate Team, all of this luxury can be yours at a decent price point.

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Homes For Sale With Guest House Winter Park Fl: Community Homes

Homes For Sale With Guest House In Winter Park Fl Community


The Orlando area is rife with communities build for homeowners and their families.

They promote a sense of engagement, community connection and safety while offering quality amenities to residents.

There are numerous benefits, therefore, to living in a Winter Park Fl guest house community.

All communities in this neighbourhood offer the same quality of luxury that makes Winter Park so attractive.

Therefore, opulent amenities that characterize Hawks Crest, Lawndale, Tuscany Terrace, Via Veneto include swimming pools, fitness centres, shops, restaurants and more!

Not to mention, each community offers something unique. In particular, there are townhome, single family home, and condo communities to choose from.

Call your Authentic Real Estate Team member today to get in on the community living action!


Hawks Crest

Undoubtedly, the Hawks Crest community can be characterised by its marriage of a convenient location and comfortable single family homes.

Above all, this grand community sits nestled on the southern shore of Lake Howell in Winter Park.

Additionally, it was designed by Meritage Homes, an esteemed builder of modern and green, energy efficient homes.

Given that Hawks Crest, is conveniently located near all of the most popular shopping destinations in Winter Park, it’s no surprise that homes here are in high demand.

Park Avenue, Winter Park Village, and downtown Orlando are all just a few minutes away.

Furthermore, this wonderful community is marked by great amenities such as a resort-style pool, a pier for lake access, a grand clubhouse and a fitness centre.

Single family homes here start in the low 500s. Call the Authentic Real Estate Team today to claim yours!

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For home buyers on a budget or families who are just starting out, Lawndale is the perfect place.

That’s because homes here are generally cheaper and more affordable than homes in other communities in Winter Park. In general, homes here start at just $240,000 depending on size and build year.

However, Lawndale also adds some luxury to the Winter Park community as a whole. In short, homes here can get as large as up to seven bedrooms in size.

There’s no shortage of variety here. Whether you’re looking for a nice starter home or you’re after that Winter Park large, luxurious lifestyle, Lawndale has something for you.

See All Homes For Sale in Lawndale


Tuscany Terrace

Overall, in terms of condo communities, Tuscany Terrace takes the cake.

Additionally, this community is truly affordable and provides a great place to start your life in Winter Park.

Important to realise is that condos here range in size from one to three bedrooms and go for $732 to $1,357 on average.

Not only is the rate of living ideal, the standard of living is also good.

That’s because the Tuscany Terrace community provides a pool, common clubhouse and mostly events for all of its residents.

Therefore, if you’re looking for convenient and affordable townhome living, get in touch with an Authentic Real Estate Team member today.

See All Homes For Sale in Tuscany Terrace


Via Veneto

Winter Park stands for luxury, but Via Veneto completely reinvents it.

Most of Winter Park’s wealthy and successful residents chose Via Veneto to build or buy a luxury estate.

Additionally, many choose to build a lakefront mansion or custom dream home here.

Although this luxury community does offer gorgeous lake views, it is also known for its exclusivity and privacy.

Markedly, an ornate wall surrounds this whole community keeping it safe and serene.

So, if you’re looking for a large plot of land, right on the water to build the mansion you’ve been dreaming of, Via Veneto is the community for you.

And the Authentic Real Estate Team can make those dreams come true in a flash.

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See All Homes For Sale in Winter Park Fl!

Whether you’re looking for a traditional single family home, a mega-mansion, townhome, apartment or condo, Winter Park has something for everyone.

Homes in Winter Park Fl do not disappoint.

As a matter of fact, in our decade of experience and real estate in Orlando, we can definitely say that Winter Park is a winning community.

Therefore, our portfolio of Winter Park Fl homes for with and homes for sale with guest house reflects the market demand.

Our buyers want Winter Park Fl time and time again.

Explore all of the homes for sale in Winter Park Fl by browsing our digital catalog. Then, give us a call and we will consult you on the best options for your needs, taste and budget.

See All Homes For Sale in Winter Park, Fl


Winter Park Property Management

Not everyone is looking for a home. Because some people simply need help managing their home or properties, we established a property management and rental booking subsidiary.

The Authentic Real Estate Team is here to help manage your Winter Park property. Whatever service you need to make your life as a home owner easier, we provide.

Additionally, if you’re looking to book up your rental calendar at your short term rental property in a different community in Orlando, we can help with that too.

Our Winter Park property management services can take the stress out of the day to day tasks that come along with running your home. That way, you can sit back, relax and simply enjoy Winter Park Fl.
Meet Our Property Management Services in Winter Park


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Sell Your Home With Guest House Winter Park Florida


Orlando is growing at an exponential rate. New families and homebuyers move to the area every day.

Therefore, if you’re looking to sell your home, you’re in luck. Certainly, the market is on your side.

However, to get top dollar in the sale of your home, you have to choose the right listing agent.

There are plenty out there, but none with the quality and dedication of the Authentic Real Estate Team.

We have the experiences, resources and values to give you the property selling experience that you deserve.

Our client testimonials say it all. We helped dozens of home owners sell quickly for the greatest value.

Additionally, our home sales process is comprehensive and we always start with you. We start by getting to know you, your wants and needs and then we keep working until you’re satisfied.

We make sure that your home is optimised for the market from all angles then market your property to reach the greatest audience.

Rest assured that the sale of your home is in the best hands, with the support of the Authentic Real Estate Team. Call our offices today. We can’t wait to work together!
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Looking homes for sale with guest house in Winter Park Fl? Count with Authentic Real Estate Team!

Authentic Real Estate Team is your premier Orlando property partner.

We are a family-owned, award winning team that values integrity and, well, authenticity above all else.

So if you’re looking for homes for sale with guest house in Winter Park Fl, you can count on us to make the process smooth and easy.

Essentially, we fight hard for all of our clients so that they close the deal without breaking the bank.

Our staff are all extremely knowledge, well-trained, and helpful, ready to give you the best advice at a moment’s notice.

Additionally, our extensive network of Orlando-area home care and real estate professionals is also in your corner when you choose our team.

These include home cleaners, pool maintenance companies, gardeners, booking rental agents, contractors and so many more!

So what are you waiting for? Your dream home is just around the corner. And the Authentic Real Estate Team is here to lend a helping hand.

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