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5 beds
6 baths
8,188 SqFt

MLS #: O6199109 | Single Family Residence




4 beds
4 baths
7,916 SqFt

MLS #: O6212012 | Single Family Residence




6 beds
6 baths
6,774 SqFt

MLS #: O6183317 | Single Family Residence




4 beds
4 baths
4,581 SqFt

MLS #: O6206309 | Single Family Residence




5 beds
5 baths
4,792 SqFt

MLS #: O6195529 | Single Family Residence




4 beds
4 baths
5,096 SqFt

MLS #: O6211406 | Single Family Residence




5 beds
6 baths
6,475 SqFt

MLS #: O6173028 | Single Family Residence




5 beds
6 baths
5,636 SqFt

MLS #: O6209613 | Single Family Residence




5 beds
5 baths
5,072 SqFt

MLS #: O6120809 | Single Family Residence




5 beds
4 baths
5,681 SqFt

MLS #: O6203847 | Single Family Residence




5 beds
7 baths
5,847 SqFt

MLS #: O6153641 | Single Family Residence




4 beds
4 baths
4,338 SqFt

MLS #: O6207007 | Single Family Residence

70,000,000. That’s the number of people who visit the greater Orlando area for vacation every year. It’s a staggering number, sure, but it definitely does not come as a surprise. Greater Orlando offers fun and entertainment for the whole family, beautiful weather and a slower pace of life. Therefore, vacation homes for sale in Winter Park FL are in high demand. In fact, Orlando has earned a prized title as the third most visited city in the U.S. Now you’re starting to feel Orlando calling on you for a vacation. However, you really want a vacation that is blissful and calm full of sunshine and downtime with the family. In short, you should be looking at vacation homes in Winter Park Florida for sale.

There are about a million benefits to having your own vacation home or property in Winter Park FL. For example, Winter Park resort homes provide you the opportunity to really relax and unwind in privacy. Additionally, this community is centrally located so that you don’t miss out on any of the theme park action. What’s more is that there is room for the whole family … and their family … and their family so the stress of hotels is a thing of the past. Read on to find out why Winter Park is the perfect vacation destination and why vacation homes for sale in Winter Park, Florida are sure to finally give you the holiday you’ve longed for.


Vacation Homes for Sale: Why should I buy in Winter Park, Florida?

Why Buy Vacation Homes In Winter Park Fl


Vacation homes for sale in Winter Park, Florida have many benefits.

Namely, having a private place to relax can tack some years back onto your life expectancy.

However, buying a vacation home for sale in Winter Park, FL provides even more and lesser known benefits.

For one thing, the community itself is quaint, beautiful and perfectly situated just northeast of downtown Orlando.

For example, in terms of landscape and natural allure, you won’t be disappointed.

The crystal blue Butler Chain of five Lakes runs through the community and each body of water is connected by lush canals and waterways.

Here, you’ll find plenty of gorgeous parks and lush greenery, lake beaches swimming, community events, arts festivals and friendly inhabitants.

In addition, many of the homes here are absolutely breathtaking in terms of style, design and architecture.

Some Winter Park, Florida vacation homes for sale are even waterfront properties offering gorgeous views of the lake at sunset.

As a result, we can guarantee that Winter Park vacation real estate will blow your expectations away.

So, by all means, call Authentic Real Estate Team today to make your Florida vacation home dreams come true.


Reason 1: Really Relax for the First Time

That’s right – having an exclusive place to call “home” when on vacation can really do wonders to reduce stress.

In short, if it feels like your heart is racing and your can’t seem to shut your thoughts off, then a vacation home for sale in Winter Park FL is certainly something to consider.

For instance, with a vacation home, you benefit from enjoying complete privacy and having your own space.

A vacation spent laying awake at night due to the unbearable stomping of the people upstairs is really no vacation.

Rather, let it all go with a home exclusively dedicated to you and your leisure.


Reason 2: Experience Orlando without staying in Orlando

We’re biased, we know, but Orlando really is one of the greatest cities in the country.

Indeed, it is the theme park capital of the world with Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld all calling this city home.

There’s fun for vacationers of all ages.

For example, kids get a kick out of park hopping while adults love night life on the famed International Drive.

Above all, there’s beach weather practically all year round and people can’t get enough of Orlando’s luxurious golf courses.

All of this fun and adventure can also be yours.

Winter Park is just a quick 15 minute drive to downtown Orlando.

Therefore, vacation homes for sale in Winter Park, Florida let you explore the city during the day, while giving you a calm, quiet retreat in the evenings.

When it comes to your vacation, it doesn’t get better than this.


Reason 3: Spend time with family in the comfort of your home

Crowded hotel rooms just seem to shrink as the days of your vacation go on. To this point, it can feel like spending so much time with your family in such a tight space is only causing you more stress.

However, this extra anxiety from a lack of space is a thing of the past when you buy a vacation home for sale in Winter Park Fl.

Holiday homes here range from two to six bedrooms and two to five bathrooms.

Given that, everyone will have their own space. So, go ahead and invite your in-laws too … or not.

The choice is yours, but at least space and privacy won’t be an issue.


Reason 4: Vacation made easy and affordable

Emphatically, a vacation home for sale in Winter Park Florida is what makes vacation, well, vacation.

Take Marianna and Lawrence L.

Their primary residence is in Washington D.C. but they came to us looking for a vacation home that would afford them easy, cheap and low-stress vacations.

They found exactly what they were looking for with a three bedroom, Spanish style villa in Winter Park.

Now, they can pop down from D.C. to Orlando whenever they want.

All they have to do is hop in a plane.

Orlando International Airport is only 12 miles away from Winter Park.

Therefore, door to door from D.C. to Winter Park is only a four hour trip.

They leave one home for another making their vacations easy, affordable and low-stress.


Reason 5: Reap the benefit of a solid investment

Buying a vacation home puts you ahead of the curve of average investors.

And savvy investors see the long-term value of vacation homes for sale in Winter Park, Florida.

Truly, your vacation property is investment that you can pass on for generations to come.

And the best part of it all is that this investment doesn’t have to break the bank.

Rather, many vacation home owners choose to buy through a financing method.

So go ahead and diversify your portfolio while increasing generational wealth that your family can enjoy for decades.

Call Authentic Real Estate Team today and start exploring your Winter Park FL vacation home options.


Looking for Other Opportunities Besides Vacation Homes for Sale in Winter Park, Florida?

Looking Winter Garden Vacation Homes For Sale


One thing that Winter Park residents and investors especially appreciate is the diversity of property options available to them.

As a matter of fact, Winter Park offers almost every kind of housing imaginable.

From townhomes to condos, and single family homes to pool homes, Winter Park has it all.

Keep reading to find the property that is right for you.

Even if you’re not on the market for a vacation home, you are guaranteed to find what you’re looking for in this stellar, Orlando community.


Winter Park Condos for Sale

Not everyone is on the hunt for a vacation home. Even more so, not everyone is looking for a home at all.

For many small families, couples, singles and young professionals, a Winter Park condo can be exactly the right property choice.

Generally, people in these demographics need an easy, no-fuss property.

Therefore, a condo in Winter Park is a great option.

They provide centrality within Winter Park and close proximity to downtown Orlando.

On that note, their location is perfect for commuters who work in the city centre.

Furthermore, condos in Winter Park are clean, well-built, and modern but are generally cheaper than single family homes.

In general, Winter Park is revered as one of the most luxurious and wealthy areas of greater Orlando.

Therefore, a condo here doesn’t equate to a downgrade in quality of living.

Some penthouse condos can get up to several thousand square feet in size.

Whatever your budget, needs of property goals, Authentic Real Estate Team is the right team to have in your corner.

Call us today to find exactly the right Winter Park condo for you!

See All Condos For Sale in Winter Park Fl


New Homes for Sale in Winter Park Fl

Winter Park is a well established and long standing gem of a community.

After all, it was first developed in the early 20th century.

Although the community itself has a rich history, the homes here are still relatively new.

Additionally, with the Orlando population growing and seeking refuge in the suburbs, Winter Park FL is continually seeing new property developments.

All in all, a new home in Winter Park FL can bring you and your family loads of benefits.

Brand new homes equate to lower energy and electricity bills and virtually no maintenance or repair costs.

Furthermore, new homes appreciate must faster in value than their older counterparts.

Keeping all that in mind, a new home in Winter Park FL is definitely worth considering.

And Authentic Real Estate Team is exactly the real estate partner to help you claim yours.

See All New Homes For Sale in Winter Park Fl


Winter Park Lake Homes for Sale

Winter Park is truly a water-based community.

Because the Butler Chain of Lakes runs in, around and through this community, there is a plethora of lakefront homes.

And for good reason!

The whole community is nuts for water sports such as swimming, fishing, boating, water skiing and jet skiing too!

What’s more is some lake homes have their own jetty or pier.

Therefore, if you are a boat owner, you can simply keep your boat in your backyard.

Waterfront lake homes on Lake Osceola, Lake Virginia, Lake Barry and Lake Maitland, all range in size, style, and price.

Authentic Real Estate Team can help you negotiate for the best deal on a lake front home in Winter Park FL.

See All Waterfront Homes For Sale in Winter Park Fl


Single Family Homes for Sale in Winter Park FL

Winter Park is one of the best communities in the Orlando area for families. Unsurprisingly, there are single family homes in every size, design and price range imaginable here.

As previously mentioned, Winter Park is known for its affluence and luxury. Therefore, the sky is the limit when it comes to the size of the mansion and estate properties that this community affords.

If you have a large family and you plan to keep growing, then one of these large, luxury homes would be great.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to downsize to a more quaint and manageable property, there are smaller single family homes here too.

Whatever you’re looking for, Winter Park has it! And Authentic Real Estate Team has the experience and expertise to help you find it. Get in touch and we’ll show you the single family homes for sale in Winter Park FL that we currently have in our portfolio.

See All Single Family Homes For Sale in Winter Park


Townhomes for Sale in Winter Park FL

If it’s versatility that you’re seeking, then a townhome in Winter Park FL certainly delivers.

Ideal for small, families, couples and retirees, townhomes here offer convenience, space, and privacy.

Additionally, these properties are usually pretty low maintenance because the home owners associations provide gardening, regular painting and other up-keep services.

Furthermore, townhomes offer great value for money because they have lower property taxes as they take up less land mass.

In general, townhomes for sale in Winter Park FL

are closer to downtown Orlando easing the hassle of a typical morning commute.

Therefore, if its convenience, low-maintenance and a great community atmosphere that you’re after, Authentic Real Estate Team can help you find a Winter Park FL townhome.

See All Townhomes For Sale in Winter Park


Winter Park FL Homes for Sale with Pool

In central FLorida where humidity is high and sunshine is a given, pool homes are very common.

Indeed, having a private pool provides perfect and immediate relief from hot summers.

On the other hand, because most pools in Winter Park are heated, they can also be enjoyed in the cooler Fall and Winter months.

In addition, Winter Park FL pool homes for sale come with their own screen enclosure to ensure that mosquitoes and other pests don’t interrupt your morning swim.

Lastly, with a Winter Park home with a pool, you can sit back and relax as your kids splash about, enjoying their water wonderland.

We’ll help you make sure the waters are smooth, not choppy, on your pool home purchase journey.

See All Homes For Sale in Winter Park With Pool


Homes for Sale with Guest House Winter Park FL

Markedly, Winter Park hosts some of the most stunning, spacious and luxurious properties in central Florida.

These jaw-dropping properties include estates with a guest house on the property.

If it’s luxury that you’re after, then we can highly recommend a home for sale with a guest house in Winter Park FL.

These properties are great if you have a large family or if you often find yourself playing host to friends and family. In effect, having a separate guest house ensures that your visitors have their own space and privacy. Guest houses come with their own bedrooms, bathrooms, living area and kitchen unit which will delight your guests, friends, and visitors.

Does all of this sound too good to be true?

See All Homes With Guest House For Sale in Winter Park Fl


Winter Park Luxury Homes for Sale

According to BestPlace, the median income of a Winter Park resident is nearly double the national average.

And it shows!

The affluence of this community is immediately apparent.

Luxurious mansions and sprawling estates are spread out all over the town.

So, it is no surprise that there is a wealth of luxury homes for sale available in Winter Park.

Moreover, luxury homes here come in every style of architecture and design.

Are you looking for a futuristic, contemporary mansion with floor to ceiling windows and sharp edges?

How about an estate constructed entirely out of oak panels and a teak wood exterior?

Or more classically, an elegant French-inspired chateau?

Indeed, all of this luxury and elegance can be yours at a reasonable price point.

Authentic Real Estate Team can help you find five bedroom luxury homes starting in the 500s.

See All Luxury Homes For Sale in Winter Park Fl


Winter Park Villas for Sale

Winter Park villas set the standard for variety, convenience, location and luxury living.

No matter what you’re looking for, Winter Park villas are sure to please.

You’ll find everything here whether you’re searching for a traditional 3-bed, 2-bath to raise your family or a lakefront villa to satisfy your water sport addiction.

From the modern to the chic, from the affordable to the extravagant, Winter Park villas for sale truly satisfy.

Whatever your lifestyle or budget, Winter Park villas offer a great quality of life, centrality and access to the best shopping, dining, parks and natural surroundings.

See All Villas For Sale in Winter Park Fl


Vacation Homes for Sale in Winter Park Florida: Community Homes

Vacation Homes In Winter Park Fl Communities For Sale


Are you looking for short-term rental properties?

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on who you ask, in order to preserve its home values and small-town charm, Winter Park does not permit short-term rentals.

But whether you want to invest in Central Florida growth with a long-term rental in Winter Park, or in the magic of Orlando tourism with a short-term rental property nearby, Orlando Homes For Sale and Authentic Real Estate Team Team can help you invest with success.


What Is Short-term Rental Investment?

short term homes in winter park

A short-term rental is a home you rent out on a short-term basis, anywhere from a month to a few days at a time.

Today, Central Florida cities near Winter Park boast some of the largest markets of short-term rental properties for sale anywhere, letting Disney attendees and other tourists enjoy easy access to their vacation destination in a comfortable, luxurious home.


Winter Park Does Not Have Short-term Properties

Winter Park is one of Central Florida’s most elite neighborhoods, with high value homes in a lush natural setting.

In order to maintain this reputation, Winter Park prohibits short-term rentals.

However, as one of Orlando’s most desirable neighborhoods, Winter Park is a smart place to own a long-term rental or buy and hold real estate.

Looking to cash in on Orlando $6 billion a year tourism industry?

Read on to learn where you can invest in short-term rentals in the Orlando area.


See other types of homes in Winter Park bellow

Homes With Golf Course For Sale in Winter Park FL
Homes With Conservation View For Sale in Winter Park FL
Three Car Garage Homes For Sale in Winter Park FL
Single Storey Homes For Sale in Winter Park FL
Two Storey Homes For Sale in Winter Park FL
Homes With Boat Dock For Sale in Winter Park FL
Fully Furnished Homes For Sale in Winter Park FL
Large Lots Homes For Sale in Winter Park FL
Open Houses For Sale in Winter Park FL


Main Winter Park Communities Homes

Winter Park FL itself is a wonderful, clean and safe community.

What makes it so unique is that it is composed of many sub-communities.

These sub-communities provide residents with many perks.

For one thing, communities within Winter Park provide even more safety, luxury, and easy access to amenities.

From swimming pools, to shops and grocery stores, fitness centers to restaurants, truly Winter Park sub-communities have it all.

Additionally, these communities are kept extremely safe as most are guard-gated 24/7 with exclusive access to residents and their visitors.

Below, we detail a collection of some of the most popular sub-communities within Winter Park. Read on to see which unique perks each one offers.


Hawks Crest

Situated on the inviting shores of Lake Howell, lies a community of high-quality, large single family homes in Winter Park FL.

Hawks Crest is one of the most popular sub-communities in Winter Park for its ease of access to Park Avenue in Winter Park and downtown Orlando.

Most of the famous and notable attractions and points of interest are just a short walk or drive away from Hawks Crest.

Additionally, this community offers a heated pool, a grand clubhouse, a state-of-the-art fitness center, multiple playgrounds, nature trails and lake access to its residents.

The large, single-family homes of Hawks Crest range from four to seven bedrooms and over 5,000 square feet.

Prices here start at just 500,000, so call your Authentic Real Estate Agent today to claim yours.

See All Homes For Sale in Hawk’s Crest



Lawndale is one of the longest standing sub-communities in the Winter Park area.

It was first established in 1926 and has withstood the tests of time to offer thousands of families a warm and welcoming community.

Homes here come in all shapes and sizes, representing different popular architectural designs throughout the ages.

This community is the perfect option for those on a budget as homes here are usually priced a bit below average.

Usually, single family houses for sale in Lawndale start at 240,000.

However, Lawndale still offers its fair share of luxury properties too with some large and luxurious properties here offering six bedrooms or more.

Whatever you’re looking for, Lawndale is a pleasant and welcoming community that offers the an array of options to homebuyers on a budget.

See All Homes For Sale in Lawndale


Tuscany Terrace

Similarly to Lawndale, Tuscany Terrace offers a diverse assortment of condos from super affordable to glamorous, upscale units.

However, this is truly a gold mine for buyers looking for a cheap housing option within the luxurious community of Winter Park.

That’s because Tuscany Terrace is a condo community that offers one-bedroom properties for only $732 a month.

Other options include three bedrooms condos and two bedroom condos ranging from $800 to $1,357 per month.

These rates are truly unbeatable.

Indeed, Tuscany Terrace offers the best of both worlds.

Luxury amenities with properties at a fraction of the Winter Park average.

Additionally, residents here can make use of the grand clubhouse, a resort-style pool, and a calendar of exciting events for fun-seekers of all ages.

Furthermore, Tuscany Terrace is in the middle of everything you need to make a household run smoothly.

Publix and Whole Foods super markets, a start of the art hospital and medical campus, and the famous Park Avenue shopping district are just a few minutes walk away.

Not to mention, it’s just a 30-minute drive to the happiest place on Earth!

Get your affordable condo in luxurious Winter Park today with the help of Authentic Real Estate Team.

See All Homes For Sale in Tuscany Terrace


Via Veneto

On the other end of the spectrum is a community that completely redefines luxury.

For this reason, Via Veneto is a playground for the wealthiest and most successful residents of Winter Park.

For one thing, many of the monied residents here choose to build their own, lakefront mansions in this community.

Overall, properties lots here are 3 acres or more with unbelievable views of the gorgeous Lake Temple.

Additionally, there’s a tall and stately wall that surround this sub-community to provide residents with added security and privacy.

The builder of many of the homes in this community, Tolaris Homes, is currently undertaking a development project to turn Via Veneto into the most exclusive lakeside sub-community in Winter Park.

Unsurprisingly, demand for Via Veneto mansions is high but Authentic Real Estate Team can help you secure your place in this luxury sub-community.

Call our team today to get access to our market knowledge, expertise and listings.

See All Homes For Sale in Via Veneto


See All Winter Park Homes for Sale!

Winter Park offers everything under the sun in the way of pristine Orlando real estate.

To see our exclusive and complete portfolio of all homes for sale in Winter Park, visit our website today.

Or, call our team today to check out all the Winter Park options that are available to you.

See All Homes For Sale in Winter Park, Fl


Sell Your Vacation Home in Winter Park

Authentic Real Estate Team provides a comprehensive suite of property management, buying and selling services.

Therefore, if you’re not on the market for a home but are rather looking to sell, then contact our experienced real estate agents and brokers today!

We have the expertise, network and portfolio to help you sell your property as quickly as possible for top dollar.

Important to realise is that we use a tried and true method to sell homes as efficiently as possible. In brief, our method includes aggressive and thorough marketing, strong negotiation skills, and excellent customer service.

Furthermore, we actively sell homes in all of the central Florida communities and neighbourhoods. With out team’s skills and network, your home is sure to stand out among the crowd.

So don’t swim against the stream, making your home selling experience challenging and time consuming.

Rather, count on the professionalism and advanced method of Authentic Real Estate Team. Don’t wait—call us today!

Sell Your Home Fast In Winter Park Now!


Looking for a Vacation Second Home for Sale in Winter Park?

With Authentic Real Estate Team you have a lot of options to buy your second home1

The Best Of Second Home In Winter Park For Sale


Listing Agent in Winter Park

Authentic Real Estate Team members, brokers and realtors are your go-to source of assistance in the property search and management process.

As a matter of fact, our listing agents can represent you in the buying, selling and management of your Winter Park home, townhome, apartment, or condo.

We will help make the real estate and real property transaction process smooth and easy.

Indeed, our trustworthy brokers and listing agents always work on your behalf to sell your home on your terms and in your price range.

So call Authentic Real Estate Team today to get the best advice from the most qualified listing agent in Winter Park.

Talk With a Real Estate Agent in Winter Park Today


Winter Park Property Management for Vacation Homes for Sale in Winter Park FL and More!

In addition to our listing and representation services, we can also support you in managing your vacation home or property.

Who wants to do the heavy lifting that can come with owning a vacation home?

Of course, no one! Rather, you want to enjoy vacationing at your vacation home.

In order to spend the maximum time relaxing, call Authentic Real Estate Team to manage your property.

In short, we offer Winter Park vacation home owners 100% happiness and bliss so that they don’t have to lift a finger in managing their property.

Therefore, let us handle the marketing, booking, and general management of your vacation home to help you maximize your rental income.

Meet A Real Property Management Winter Park Premier Service!


Speak to an Authentic Winter Park FL Real Estate Agent!

Authentic Real Estate Team is made up of the most qualified and expert agents, realtors and brokers in Winter Park, FL.

At our core, we uphold the principles of security, reliability, and experience.

Additionally, we always operate with honesty and transparency, working hard to make our clients’ dreams come true.

In summary, call our residential and vacation home real estate agents to get the best professional consultation for selling and buying your Winter Park real estate.


Vacation Homes for Sale in Winter Park FL: FAQ

We’ve compiled the most frequently ask questions regarding Winter Park, Florida and vacation homes for sale in Winter Park.

Below, you’ll find out more about the safety, location and resident reported satisfaction that distinguishes Winter Park FL.

Alternatively, you can always contact our team to learn more.


Is Winter Park FL a Good Place to Live?

Winter Park FL is a wonderful place to live and we’re not just saying that.

According to, Winter Park FL is consistently graded as an A+ community.

To this point, it’s schools system is one of the best in the Orlando region and it is an incredibly safe, family-oriented community.

Additionally, the economy here is strong and growing, the weather is as good as it gets, and there are plenty of outdoor activities which keep residents healthy.


What County is Winter Park FL Located In?

Winter Park is a home-grown, luxurious suburban community in Orange County.

It sits just eight miles northeast of Orlando and has a population of just over 30,000 residents.

Thought it was originally established to be a resort community back in the early 20th century, it has since matured into a true, Orlando gem.


What To Do in Winter Park FL

There’s lots to see, do and explore right in the heart of Winter Park FL.

Read on to see how you’ll be spending your time when you purchase vacation homes for sale in Winter Park FL.


Explore Mead Botanical Garden

The Mead Botanical Garden is a natural habitat and oasis for Florida’s topographical beauty and wildlife.

In fact, this sprawling 47 acre botanical century offers residents the chance to engage with nature in the middle of a suburban setting.

Here, you’ll find plenty of hiking and walking trails, beautiful tall pines and a majestic butterfly garden.

Furthermore, admission is free and the park is open from 8AM until dusk.


Kayak at Sunset Along the Lakes and Canals

In truth, Winter Park is a very water-based Floridian community.

When you buy Winter Park vacation properties for sale, know that your investment gives you the opportunity to spend days kayaking on the tranquil lakes and canals.

As previously stated, the Butler Chain of Lakes runs around and through this community.

Subsequently, residents spend their days swimming, boating, fishing, water skiing and jet skiing in the inviting blue lakes.

In addition, kayaking is incredibly popular and is also an easy way to get around town.

Sunsets here are absolutely breathtaking, so don’t miss your chance to experience one from the seat of your kayak, bobbing along the surface of the water.


Shop till You Drop on Park Avenue

Park Avenue is the premier, upscale shopping and dining district in the middle of Winter Park FL.

This unique and cultural area boasts over 140 name-brand shops and boutiques, museums, cafés and more!

Additionally, community events such as art walks, fashion events, car shows, and holiday festivities are held here.

Therefore, when you buy Winter Park holiday homes for sale, you can bet that a good chunk of your vacation time will be spent on Park Avenue.


Get Fresh Produce at Winter Park Farmer’s Market

The Winter Park Farmer’s Market is the number one produce and plant market in central Florida.

It is hosted every Saturday morning conveniently in downtown Winter Park.

Indeed, this community gathering is a staple in Winter Park.

Residents flock here to buy baked goods, house plants, fresh fruits, vegetables, handicrafts and so much more.

Just because you are vacationing at your vacation home in Winter Park FL doesn’t mean that you have to buck your diet.

Winter Park Farmer’s Market is the go-to choice for stocking up on healthy ingredients.


How far is Winter Park FL To:

One factor that makes Winter Park FL so appealing to so many aspiring vacation home owners is its convenience.

It is only a hop, skip and a jump away from Florida’s greatest cities, areas, and attractions.

Don’t believe us?

We’ll show you in our list of calculated distances below.

See how easily you can get to your destination from your holiday home in Winter Park FL.



From Winter Park FL to Orlando, it’s only a fifteen minute drive of just about eight miles.

Did someone say “easy commute?”



Tampa lies on Florida’s western shore on Hillsborough Bay.

Even though Winter Park FL and Tampa are on opposite sides of the state, they are only about 90 miles apart.

Drive time is approximately 1.5 hours along the I-4 West.


Disney World

Disney lovers rejoice. Winter Park FL is only 20 miles away from the happiest place on Earth.

This means that you can visit Mickie and Minnie in under 25 minutes by car.


Orlando Airport

Vacationing in Winter Park FL is made easy with the close proximity of Orlando International Airport.

In short, Orlando International is just southeast of the city center and only 13 miles south of Winter Park.


Bradenton FL

The city of Bradenton juts out from the west coast of Florida and sits on the Manatee River.

In effect Bradenton and Winter Park are situated about 120 miles apart.

From one town to the other, it’s about a two hour drive on the I-4.



Greenville near Tallahassee is located in the central Northern part of the state.

From Greenville to Winter Park, you’ll cover about 225 miles in just a little over three hours via the I-75.

Looking for Vacation Homes for Sale in Winter Park FL? Count on Authentic Real Estate Team!

Looking In Winter Park Vacation Homes For Sale


Whether you’re interested in buying or selling a property, or if you simply need help managing your home, Authentic Real Estate Team is on your side.

In essence we operate with our values of dedication, honesty, accountability and trust to get you the property and standard of living that you deserve.

Getting you in the Orlando area home of your dreams and getting your home off the market if you’re are moving are our main motivations.

Our family owned and operated real estate agency is comprised of only the most skilled real estate experts, realtors, brokers and agents.

Additionally, we aim to make the real estate experience as comprehensive as possible.

Therefore, we are a full-service agency that uses our own tried and true approach to buying, selling, investing in and managing Orlando properties.

What set us apart, besides our strong work ethic and dedication to our clients is our foundational and diverse network of real estate professionals.

This network includes a wide array of vendors from pool cleaners to landscapers, and architects to fiscal advisors.

You can rest easy knowing that our team and the trust members of our network will help you get the home and life style you want with the budget you can afford.

Emphatically, we bring our competence, commitment, expertise and customer service every time.

So whatever your real estate needs, Authentic Orlando is the company you can count on.

If you’re on the hunt for vacation homes for sale in Winter Park FL, look no further.

Our team can get you in the door, keys in hand in no time.

Call the trusted Authentic Real Estate Team today!

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