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How is Brazil Different From the United States?

Thinking about moving from Brazil to the United States? Want to know how Brazil differs from America? Authentic Real Estate Team has the answers you’re looking for, the selection and deals you need to find a great home for less in Orlando, and the services you need to enjoy a smooth move.

Brazilians are moving to Orlando, Florida in record numbers. Why? Because compared with Brazil, Orlando, FL, US, like elsewhere in the United States, is safer, less poor, more culturally diverse, boasts more opportunities, and offers a better quality of life. Brazilians are moving to Orlando by the thousands every year, and Authentic Group is the premier real estate company serving Brazilian homebuyers in this growing market. With Authentic Real Estate Team and our specialized foreign buyer’s department, Casas a Venda Orlando, you can find your piece of the American dream for less in Orlando. Contact our offices today!


The Main Differences Between Brazil And United States


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When comparing Brazil and the United States, specifically the US city of Orlando, Florida, there are many differences, including in culture, corruption, the number of poor people, and more.Learn more about the main differences between Brazil and the United States below.

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Brazil is known for great food, including the barbequed meat dish, Picanha, Feijoada stew, and the classic dessert, brigadeiro.

However, in the United States, you’ll find a much richer variety of cuisines.

America is a melting pot of cultures, with restaurants representing countries from around the world.

And Orlando, WalletHub’s second-best foodie city in the country, boasts some of the best.

Here you’ll find great Brazilian steakhouses, tons of Vietnamese eateries, traditional Turkish, Ethiopian, and Greek restaurants, and more!



In tropical Brazil, the weather varies between the hot and humid rainy season and the warm dry season.

But comparing Brazil and the United States, the weather in the US is much more varied, offering climates and weather patterns suited to every taste.

From overcast and rainy in the northwest, to cold and snowy in the Great Lakes region, to the southeast’s humid subtropics and the southwest’s dry deserts, you’re sure to find weather that suits your needs in America.

But even if you can’t live in your desired region, just wait a few months and you’ll enjoy a change of scenery, as most states in America feature four seasons a year, summer, spring, fall, and winter.



Brazil is famous as home to the Amazon rainforest, where the world’s most diverse assortment of animal and plant life comingle in millions of square miles of jungle.

However, compared with the US, Brazil enjoys many fewer governmental protections for its natural assets.

Thus, the Amazon is disappearing at an astounding 10,000 acres a day.

But in America, state and national parks serve to protect the country’s natural resources, prohibiting deforestation, development, and hunting.

From California’s Yosemite to Wyoming’s Yellowstone, to North Carolina’s Great Smoky Mountains, the US boasts some of the world’s most awe-inspiring natural parks.

And Orlando is doing its part, too.

Here you’ll find the world’s largest concentration of natural springs, many of which are protected by the government, and feature hiking trails, canoe and kayak rentals, and other ways to enjoy them.



High-speed internet is a luxury available only to a minority of Brazilians.

But in America, it’s considered a basic need, and it’s more or less taken for granted that it will always be available.

With the exception of a few dead zones, most anywhere you go in the United States, you’re sure to find high-speed internet access.

And it’s proliferating all the time.

Soon, America will be free of dead zones entirely, meaning everyone can stay connected regardless of where they live or travel.


Air Quality

Air quality is becoming a global problem requiring global solutions.

But of course, some countries boast better air quality than others.

Case in point: America vs Brazil.

One of the main differences between the United States and Brazil is the quality of the air.

In short, the US boasts much better air quality than Brazil.

In fact, in a recent ranking of countries based on air pollution, the US ranked 23rd, while Brazil ranked 39th.


Lack of Racism

One key difference between the United States and Brazil lies in race relations.

While America is often in the spotlight for matters of racial justice, it’s hard to deny that on this issue, the United States has progressed considerably in the last 60 years.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Brazil.

While home to a large black population, Brazil was the last country in the west to formally abolish slavery.

Today, race relations have improved somewhat, but are still the subject of intense debate in the country.



While there are an estimated 210 languages spoken in Brazil, 99% of Brazilians speak Portuguese.

Compared to Brazil, the United States is a much more linguistically diverse country.

Of course, English is the main language in the US, with more than 75% of Americans speaking it.

But rounding out the rest of the linguistic landscape is a patchwork of languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, and many more.



Another way in which the United States is different from Brazil is in its healthcare facilities.

From hospitals to clinics to specialist practices, American healthcare is safer, more advanced, more accessible, and more specialized, than in Brazil.



Like many Latin American countries, Brazil boasts an exciting nightlife.

Rio de Janeiro in particular is known worldwide for its amazing clubs and fun-loving club-goers.

But in Brazil, clubbing, and any after-dark activity for that matter, can be dangerous, with thieves using the cover of darkness to prey on the crowds.

In the United States, however, you’ll find a much safer club scene.

In fact, Orlando boasts one of the best!


Education Level

In terms of education, the United States comes out ahead of Brazil again.

Compared to the OECD average of 36%, only 23% of Brazil children below age 3 are enrolled in preschool.

Moreover, between 2015 and 2018, government spending on education fell by 56%.

By contrast, a recent study by ranked the United States number-1 for education in the world.



As of the 2020 census, Brazil’s population stood at 212.6 million.

America’s population, by contrast, was 329.5 million.


Cost of Living

One advantage Brazil has on the United States is a lower cost of living.

Of course, the cost of living index in both Brazil and the US varies from state to state.

But in general, the United States is 2.8 times more expensive than Brazil.


Places To Visit

Brazil is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations.

Here are a few of the country’s best places to visit:

  • Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro – With welcoming outspread arms, this iconic mountaintop statue overlooking the city of Rio de Janeiro has been a point of pilgrimage for nearly 100 years.
  • The Amazon Rainforest, Multiple – The Amazon Rainforest is one the world’s true natural wonders, hosting the planet’s most diverse assemblage of plant and animal life, and supplying oxygen to the entire globe!
  • Rua das Pedras, Rio de Janeiro – Looking to do some shopping? This charming cobblestone street is one of Brazil’s premier retail destinations.
  • Parque do Japão, Parana – Did you know Brazil is home to the largest Japanese diaspora in the world? Experience Japan by way of Brazil at Parque do Japão!
  • Santo Antonio de Lisboa, Santa Catarina – Looking for a place for a romantic date? Look no further than Santo Antonio de Lisboa, the perfect place to catch a waterfront sunset with that special someone.



Corruption is systemic in Brazil, and despite efforts to weed it out, continues to take root to this day.

The problem largely stems from relationships between the government and large corporations, whose lobbying efforts create massive conflicts of interest.



Unfortunately, Brazil is notorious for its lack of safety.

From gang violence to pickpockets, to sanitation issues contaminating the water, to natural hazards like venomous and poisonous animal and plant life, in Brazil, there are a million ways to die.


Why is Brazil so Poor?

Compared with the US, Brazil is a much poorer country.

The reasons for this are complex, but one of the main contributors is economic inequality.

In Brazil, one percent of the population owns 50 percent of the land.

The other 50 percent often ends up as “favelas,” slums defined by economic underdevelopment and a low quality of life.

Other contributing factors include corruption in the Brazilian government, and interference by governments outside the country.


Why is Brazil so Corrupt?

Brazil is widely recognized as one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

Corruption in Brazil is systemic, and deeply ingrained in the country’s politics.

The main cause is conflicts of interest between politicians and large corporations.

For example, in 2014, a large undercover investigation codenamed Operation Car Wash found that state-run oil company, Petrobras, was taking bribes in return for securing oil contracts for engineering firms.

In fact, the corruption went all the way to the top, with President Lula alleged to have accepted a beach-front condo in return for an oil deal.

Other scandals have included lack of funding for education, mishandling of the COVID pandemic, and more.


Is Brazil a Safe Country?

Brazil is not generally considered to be a safe country.

From gang and drug violence to kidnapping, to political violence, disease, and dangerous animals, Brazil has no end of ways for residents and visitors to get hurt or killed.

Want to escape the dangers of Brazil for the high safety and security of Orlando, Florida?

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Whether Comparing Brazil and the United States, or Buying Orlando Real Estate, With Authentic the Difference is Plain to See!

So to review, in comparing Brazil and the United States, America can’t be beat for safety, economic opportunities, cultural diversity, and overall quality of life.

To find your piece of the American Dream in Orlando, count on Authentic Real Estate Team for great deals on great homes.

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