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792 - 6,286 SqFt

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6 beds
6 baths
4,692 SqFt

MLS #: S5065837 | Single Family Residence




5 beds
4 baths
3,576 SqFt

MLS #: O6008584 | Single Family Residence


South Village Celebration homes for sale are nestled in one of the elite neighborhoods of Celebration, Florida, a luxury community pioneered by Walt Disney himself! The secluded homes for sale in South Village Celebration FL have their own shared amenities at Spring Park, as well as access to all the amazing amenities Celebration has to offer. Read on to learn more about South Village homes for sale, or reach out to Authentic Real Estate Team to find your dream home today!


Why Should I Buy A Home in South Village Celebration Florida?

Celebration FL South Village Homes For Sale


South Village Offers Quiet, Humble Luxury

South Village is a refined, elegant neighborhood.

The single-family homes, condos, and townhouses for sale are spacious and sophisticated without being too flashy, making them perfect for families and retirees alike.


You’ll Enjoy the Spring Park Amenity Center

Spring Park is the name of the high-end South Village amenities center.

You’ll enjoy amazing features like the heated pool, the children’s playground, and open grassy areas perfect for your next game of soccer or frisbee.

The center also hosts a variety of events that South Villagers can attend, like self-defense classes and dancing lessons for both kids and adults.


South Village Has Easy Access to Everything Florida Has to Offer

Celebration, Florida is an all-inclusive community built by Disney itself.

Everything you need is just down the street, such as local restaurants and shops, chain gas stations, major bank providers, and a Publix.

Plus, South Village has easy access to nearby highways such as I-4, State Road 417, and world-famous US 192.


You’ll Be Safe and Sound

Celebration, Florida was conceived by Disney itself, and therefore, is one of the safest places to live in the state.

Accordingly, South Village is extremely safe, with protection provided by the community’s private security force.

To illustrate, Celebration boasts a mere 1% chance of being the victim of a crime – compare that to the higher 6% of the Greater Orlando Area, and it’s no contest!


South Village is Family Friendly

GreatSchools.Org reports that Celebration schools perform well above average on standardized testing, and show strong year-over-year improvement.

Celebration High School also sets up its students for lifelong success with their high graduation rate.

Moreover, with such close access to Disney World, your kids will have the perfect balance of education and recreation.


Want to Sell Your Home in South Village Celebration, Florida?

If you’re already a South Village resident, or thinking of downsizing, upgrading, or just finding something new, Authentic Real Estate Team makes selling a home in Celebration easy!
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A Definitive Property Management Service for Homes in South Village Celebration, Florida!

No matter what kind of property you own in South Village, Authentic Real Estate Team is here to help you with your Celebration property management.
Celebration Fl Property Management!


See the Best Homes for Sale in South Village Celebration FL!

Celebration South Village Homes For Sale


South Village sounds like a dream, right?

Start browsing all our great Celebration homes for sale to make it come true today!


South Village Celebration Florida Vacation Homes for Sale

With Disney World and major Florida hotspots just a quick highway ride away, South Village is the perfect home base for your vacations.!

Check out all the Celebration vacation homes for sale to find your perfect home away from home.
See All Vacation Homes For Sale in Celebration!


Homes for Sale in South Village Celebration FL with Pool

South Village’s amenity center, Spring Park, has a large pool.

But sometimes, you’d rather relax in the privacy of your own backyard.

With plenty of homes for sale in Celebration FL with pool to choose from, you can be sure to have a private place to unwind at the end of a long day.
See in Celebration Florida Homes For Sale With Pool!


Homes for Sale in South Village with Guest House

The minute you move to Celebration, you’ll have friends and family vying to visit!

The homes for sale with guest house in Celebration FL are the perfect way to make sure there’s room for everyone.
See All Homes For Sale In Celebration With Guest House


New Construction Homes for Sale in South Village Celebration, Florida

Recently renovated older homes may look nice, but they sometimes come with hidden problems.

However, with a new home, you can rest assured that all the materials are brand-new, with decades of life ahead.

Moreover, you may be able to pick out paint colors or flooring choices ahead of time!

Authentic Real Estate Team is here to help you find the best new homes for sale in Celebration.
See All New Construction Homes In Celebration!


Luxury Homes for Sale in South Village Celebration

Small homes can be charming and cozy.

But don’t underestimate the healing power of extravagance!

South Village is full of luxury homes in all shapes and sizes.

So whether you’re looking for a new home year-round, or just a convenient vacation getaway, consider one of the luxury homes for sale in Celebration FL.
See All Luxury Homes For Sale in Celebration Fl!


South Village Lakefront Homes for Sale

With all the lakes in Celebration, Florida, it’s certainly no surprise that in South Village you can have your own personal lake access right from your backyard.

Celebration lakefront homes for sale will surround your home with the relaxing sound of waves.

Enjoy a morning coffee watching the sun rise over the water, or pull out the old fishing rod and spend some quality alone time with nature.
See All Waterfront Homes For Sale in Celebration!


Single-Family Homes for Sale in South Village

Know you want something detached and to yourself?

Not sure what kind of home you’re looking for?

You can browse through our list of all the single-family homes for sale in Celebration FL, including at South Village, and other great areas.
See All Single Family Homes For Sale Celebration FL


Townhomes for Sale in South Village

Make no mistake: the townhomes in South Village are nothing like the glorified duplexes you might think of when you hear that word.

Rather, these are high-end luxury homes, with top-of-the-line construction, innovative design, and eco-friendly utilities.

Browse our full selection of townhomes for sale in Celebration to find yours today!
See All Townhomes For Sale in Celebration Fl!


Apartments Condos for Sale in South Village Celebration, Florida

Need something a little smaller?

Check out the apartments and condos for sale in Celebration.

They come with all the South Village neighborhood amenities, but also have their own individual building benefits.
See All Condos For Sale in Celebration Fl!


South Village Villas for Sale

But how about something a little bigger?

If you’re looking for something lavish, consider one of the many Celebration villas for sale.

Enjoy elegant designs, wide-open spaces, and top-of-the-line interiors.
See in Celebration Villas For Sale!



See All Homes for Sale in South Village Celebration FL

Celebration South Village


Not sure what kind of home you’re looking for?

Don’t worry!

Browse through all our Celebration homes for sale to survey your options.
See All Celebration Florida Homes For Sale!


Talk to A Realtor in Celebration Today to Help You to Find the Best Homes for Sale in South Village!

Looking for representation to buy a home in South Village Celebration FL?

Need home-buying advice?

No matter your home-buying needs, an Authentic Real Estate Team Agent in Celebration will be happy to help!
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Celebration Real Estate Market

Thinking about investing in Celebration real estate?

Playing the numbers to maximize your ROI can be daunting.

Luckily, making the most of your investment has never been easier.

Authentic Real Estate Team has all the latest Celebration real estate market stats and info you need.

Invest with confidence and plan for success!
See All Celebration Real Estate Market Statistics


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