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3 beds
3 baths
3,046 SqFt

MLS #: O6018391 | Townhouse


Disney World is one of the world’s favorite vacation spots, but our clients are often surprised to learn that it also boasts one of the best selections of townhomes for sale in the Orlando, Florida area. With our premium selection of townhouses for sale near Disney World, you get the flexibility of prime prime Disney locations, affordable prices, and enough space for the whole family. And what’s more, they make excellent low-overhead investment homes, perfect for renting out to tourists.

So whether you’re looking for a place to live, vacation, or invest, our inventory of townhomes for sale at Disney World tick all the boxes. Contact Authentic Group today!


Why Should I Buy a Townhome for Sale at Disney World?

Townhomes For Sale Near Disney World


There are no shortage of reasons to buy townhomes for sale at Disney World.

Here are just a few:


1. They Make Ideal Short-Term Rentals

Owning a vacation rental near Disney can be very lucrative.

But with expenses like upkeep and property tax, it can feel like an uphill battle.

With our townhomes for sale at Disney World, you can cut down on overhead with an economically sized, well-located property.


2. Use It as a Hybrid Investment

When you buy one of our townhouses for sale near Disney World, you not only have a vacation home you can rent out; you get a convenient, luxurious place to stay whenever you want to use it.

Save money by ditching the crowded and cramped hotels, and earn money the rest of the year!


3. World-Class Amenities

Our inventory of Disney World townhomes for sale are located in high-end gated communities built with the vacationer in mind.

Thus they feature generous amenities packages, complete with resort-style pools, gyms, onsite bars and restaurants, and more!


4. High-quality Homes

Another great thing about gated communities is dedication to quality construction.

Our townhouses for sale at Disney World boast the provenance of the world’s best builders, like Mattamy Homes, Toll Brothers, and Meritage.


5. Long-Term Appreciation

The Disney area is building new attractions, and gaining new residents, at a rate never seen before.

Therefore, home values are forecasted to appreciate well into the future.


Want to Sell Your Townhome at Disney World for the Best Price?

Already own a townhouse near Disney World, and want to put it up for sale?

Don’t list and let list.

Instead, hire the team with the experience, reach, and resources to help you sell fast, for more money – Authentic Real Estate Team.
Selling A Home In Disney World


Need a Property Management Service for Your Townhome in Disney World?

While a townhome is lower maintenance than many other types of investment properties, with everything from booking, to cleaning, to repairs, they’re still a great deal of work.

But not with Authentic Real Estate Team handling all your property management needs.

We can help you maximize your ROI, while giving you the peace of mind that your investment is in good hands.
Meet The Best Golden Oak Property Management Services!


The Best Deals on Homes for Sale at Disney World

Townhomes For Sale Near Disney World


Whether you’re looking for townhomes or other types of properties for sale at Disney World, Authentic Real Estate Team has the diverse range of homes to meet your needs.


Vacation homes for sale at Disney World

Owning your own vacation home by Disney is a dream for many.

Let Authentic Real Estate Team help you make the dream a reality.
See All Vacation Homes For Sale Near Disney World


Disney World Homes for Sale With Swimming Pool

What’s the only thing more magical than a home at or near Disney World?

A home at or near Disney with a pool, of course!

We can even help you find townhomes with private pools for sale near Disney World.
See In Disney Golden Oak House Pools For Sale


New Townhomes for Sale at Disney World (and More)!

Whether you’re in the market for a townhome or other property type, we have a large inventory of brand-new homes for sale at and near Disney World to choose from.

Enjoy green appliances, all new materials, and the comfort of being the first to use the home.
See All New Homes Near Disney World For Sale


Disney World Luxury Townhomes for Sale (and Another Properties Types)

Our selection of townhomes for sale near Disney World prove that you don’t have to be large to be luxurious.

Of course, if size matters to you, we have plenty of luxury single-family homes, estate homes, and villas for sale near Disney, too.
See In Disney World Luxury Homes For Sale


Lakefront Homes for Sale at Disney World

Not all of Florida’s attractions are manmade.

Living lakeside gives you the ultimate all-natural amenity.
See All Lake Homes Near Disney World For Sale


Apartments & Condos to Buy at Disney World

Looking for a prime Disney location that doesn’t break the bank?

A condo might be just what you’re looking for!
See All Condos For Sale Near Disney World


Disney World Villas for Sale

Of course, if money is no object, the ultimate way to invest near Disney is with a vacation villa.

Think massive square footage, sprawling lawns with precision landscaping, and only the finest materials.
See All Villas For Sale Near Disney World


Homes for Sale at Disney World With Guest House

When you own a home with a guest house, you don’t have to vacate the premises to make money.

Rent out the mother-in-law suite as a detached apartment for a low-risk investment you can oversee from home.
See All Homes For Sale Near Disney World With Guest House


See All Homes for Sale at Disney World Now!

Whether it’s a townhome, single-family home, vacation villa, or something else entirely, Authentic Real Estate Team can help you find the Disney home of your dreams in no time!
See In Disney World Homes For Sale


A Real Estate Agent That Makes a Difference When You Buy a Townhouse for Sale at Disney World

While the Disney Area has homes to suit a range of needs, to find the best home, for the best price, for your needs, count on the Authentic Real Estate Team of realtors.
Talk With Best Disney World Houses Realtor Today!


Disney World Communities

Townhomes For Sale Near Disney


Near Disney

There are tons of great gated communities near Disney, with high-quality homes, resort-style amenities, and prime locations.
See All Houses For Sale Near Disney World


Golden Oak

Of course, if you want the best of the best homes, amenities, and above all, location, it doesn’t get any better than Golden Oak, the world’s one and only residential development built on Disney property.
See In Golden Oak Homes For Sale


Disney World Real Estate Market

While Disney is the stuff of fairytales and dreams, investing at Disney is a nitty gritty numbers game.

So what do the numbers say?

With population and infrastructure growth forecasted for years to come, now is the time to find townhomes for sale at Disney World.
Check Out Orlando Real Estate Market Updated Data And Statistics


Looking for Townhomes for Sale at Disney World? Count on Authentic Real Estate Team Today!

So, if you’re looking for townhomes for sale at Disney World, look no further than Authentic Real Estate Team.

We can help you find the Disney home of your dreams, for a price that will have you pinching yourself.

Contact our team today!

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