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6 beds
6 baths
6,060 SqFt

MLS #: O5938603 | Single Family Residence


Looking for a home with a guest house? The Disney World area is fast becoming a premier luxury real estate market, with guest houses to go around. It also welcomes around 60 million tourists a year, many of them eager to ditch the crowded hotels for something more private. That makes homes for sale with a guest house near Disney World a great opportunity. Not only can you give visiting friends and relatives a more comfortable stay; you can rent to Disney-goers for a steady stream of passive income and a low-risk investment you can oversee from your window.


Why Should I Buy in Disney World Homes for Sale With Guest House?

Disney World Homes With Guest House


1. Investment Opportunity

In short-term-rental-friendly cities near Disney World, like Kissimmee, homes for sale with a guest house make ideal investments.

Advantages include paying only one property tax, the ability to monitor the rental in person, and increased curb appeal and appreciation.


2. Be a Better Host

If you have relatives with kids, get ready to be their designated digs for all those inevitable Disney vacations.

Of course, it doesn’t have to bring your life to a halt.

Because our selection of homes for sale with a guest house at Disney World makes it easy.

Give your guests (and yourself) the space and privacy everyone needs, all while making a grand impression.


3. A Family-Friendly Environment

Disney is known far and wide for family-friendly entertainment.

Likewise, the Disney area is known for its family-friendly atmosphere.

Enjoy low crime rates, a tight-knit sense of community, and plenty of fun things to do as a family.


4. Quality Schools

As a family-friendly place to live, Disney World is zoned for high-performing schools that keep your kids’ futures bright, and growing brighter.

Whether you want to enroll them in a public or private school, whether they’re preschoolers, high school seniors, or somewhere in between, our homes for sale with a guest house near Disney World will help put their dreams within reach.


5. Great Weather

Disney World was built in Central Florida for two reasons: cheap land, and great weather year round.

Now the Florida feature that makes all year “tourist season” can make all year your season, with the beautiful weather you deserve.


Want to Sell Your Home With Guest House in Disney World Fast?

Your guest house adds plenty of curb appeal to your Disney World home.

But to get the full effect, buyers have to find your curb.

Let Authentic Real Estate Team help make your home’s big debut truly BIG!
Selling A Home In Disney World


A Definitive Property Management Service for Houses With Guest House in Disney World!

More structures means more maintenance.

Don’t double your load; lose it entirely with specialized property management by Authentic Real Estate Team.
Meet The Best Golden Oak Property Management Services!


Meet the Best Properties Besides Our Homes for Sale With Guest House in Disney World!

Homes For Sale Near Disney With Guest House


Is a home with a guest house just one home too many?

Theses Disney World properties for sale prove less can be more.


Disney World Vacation Homes for Sale!

As the premier vacation home dealer in Central Florida, Authentic Real Estate Team has the Disney World vacation home you’ve been dreaming of.
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Homes for Sale in Disney World With Pool

A guest house can turn your property into a private resort for friends and family.

And what resort is complete without a pool!
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New-Construction Homes for Sale in Disney World

Authentic Real Estate Team is your premier source for new-construction homes in and near Disney World.

Including new homes with guest houses!
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Luxury Homes for Sale in Disney World

Looking for next-level luxury?

Then check out our selection of guest house properties at Golden Oak.
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Disney World Lakefront Homes for Sale

Your friends and family will love having their own private guest house.

Give them even more to love by adding a lake view to the mix.
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Townhomes for Sale in Disney World

Don’t plan to do much entertaining?

A luxury Disney World townhome might be a better fit.
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Apartments & Condos for Sake in Disney World

Likewise, our Disney World condos are the perfect size for singles, couples starting out, and retirees.
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Disney World Villas for Sale

Of course, if size matters, our Disney World-area villas let you go big AND go home.
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Community Homes for Sale at Disney World

Disney World Homes With Separate Guest House


Near Disney

The Disney area is brimming with luxury gated communities for buyers of all stripes.

We can help you find communities with 24/7 security, world-class amenities, and gorgeous homes – guest houses included.
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Golden Oak

While there are plenty of great communities near Disney, only one lets you live at the park.

Golden Oak is the world’s first and only residential community located on Disney park property, but this place is no gimmick.

With high-end custom homes, 5-star amenities, and exquisite attention to detail, Golden Oak is one of Central Florida’s most exclusive communities.
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See All Homes for Sale in Disney World!

As you can see, Disney World has no shortage of guest house properties available.

Be our guest and check out our full inventory.
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Talk to a Real Realtor in Disney World Today to Helps You to Find the Best Home for Sale With Guest House in Disney World!

Homes For Sale In Disney World With Guest House


Think the Disney World guest house property of your dreams is out of reach?

Think again.

Our agents and brokers are here to show you just how real your dreams can be.
Talk With Best Disney World Houses Realtor Today!


Disney World Real Estate Market

Waiting for the right time to buy your Disney World home with a guest house?

The numbers are in, and they’re all in agreement: now is the time to buy!
Check Out Orlando Real Estate Market Updated Data And Statistics


Looking for Homes for Sale With Guest House in Disney World? Count on Authentic Real Estate Team!

If you’re looking for a home with a guest house in or near Disney World, look no further than Authentic Real Estate Team.

Contact our team today!

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