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4 beds
3 baths
2,689 SqFt

MLS #: O6054177 | Single Family Residence




3 beds
2 baths
2,758 SqFt

MLS #: O6084612 | Single Family Residence




4 beds
2 baths
2,753 SqFt

MLS #: O6072613 | Single Family Residence


Ready to start living life on your terms? With a full range of fun and functional amenities, a prime Lake Nona location, and a diverse selection of high-quality homes for sale, East Park Lake Nona is a community tailored to your needs. East Park Lake Nona features townhome villas and single-family homes in your choice of neighborhoods, each with its own unique amenity package.

Near the community you’ll find tons of great shopping and dining, as well as all your day-to-day necessities.

Looking for a good place to raise your family? Look no further than East Park, where a low crime rate, strong job market, and zoning for A-rated Orange County Public Schools let you raise them right. And for investors, East Park Lake Nona is an ideal place to rent out and flip homes. To learn more about East Park, contact the experts at Authentic Real Estate Team today!


Where Is East Park in Orlando FL?

east park lake nona homes for sale

East Park is located in Orlando, FL, in the highly desirable neighborhood of Lake Nona.

Thus, it boasts convenience to everything prestigious Lake Nona has to offer – like great shopping and dining, and one of America’s leading medical centers – while its wide range of homes means you don’t have to pay prestige prices.

Lying at the intersection of Downden Road and Lake District Lane, near State Roads 417 and 528, East Park also boasts easy access to all of Orlando’s major points of interest, including Downtown, the Walt Disney World Resort, and the Orlando International Airport.


Why Buy A Home For Sale In East Park Lake Nona?

Do you want to live in a place where safety, luxury, convenience, and fun combine to offer the ultimate lifestyle?

Want to put these assets to work for your investment portfolio with a high-yield long-term rental or fast-appreciating second home?

At East Park, residential and investment buyers like to maximize their quality of life and HOI.

But only Orlando homes for sale can help match you with the best East Park home for your needs.

Discover 5 great reasons why you should buy a East Park home from Authentic Real Estate Team!


1. East Park Lets You Get Away From it All and Have it All Within Reach

Want to live in a great location with access to premier points of interest and local amenities?

You don’t have to sacrifice peace and privacy to enjoy in the accessibility.

Because at East Park, you can get away from it all and have it all within reach.

With Authentic Real Estate Team’s hand-selected portfolio of homes for sale in East Park, Lake Nona, you can enjoy easy access to everything Lake Nona and the modern metropolis of Orlando has to offer, including a wealth of career opportunities, world-class education at Orange County Public Schools, and fine dining in the place WalletHub calls the second-best foodie city in the nation.

Meanwhile, you can maintain your peace and privacy with a lush natural among lakes and ponds and a small community population.


2. Community Amenities at Your Doorstep

East Park doesn’t just offer convenience to nearby amenities.

With Authentic Real Estate Team’s selection of homes and townhome villas for sale in East Park, Lake Nona, you’ll find many of your wants and needs right at your doorstep.

East Park offers self-contained convenience for an all-inclusive community lifestyle, with a range of convenient and fun amenities right on site.

From walking trails ideal for exercising, to 8 community parks, to playgrounds, picnic areas, multiuse pavilions, and tennis, volleyball, and basketball courts, East Park Lake Nona has thought of everything!


3. East Park Lake Nona Boasts Top-of-the-Line Homes For Sale by Top-of-Their-Game Builders

If quality construction and luxury features are important criteria in your search for a new home, then East Park should definitely be on your shortlist.

Because at East Park, quality and luxury comes standard in every home.

Authentic Real Estate Team’s inventory of East Park real estate comprises top-of-the-line homes by top-of-their-game builders.

Think open, airy layouts, fine materials and finishes, energy-efficient design and appliances, spacious bedrooms and bathrooms, and thoughtful attention to detail.

But while every home shares the same standards of luxury and quality, you’ll nevertheless find a wide range of floorplans to choose from.

Count on the East Park real estate experts at Authentic Real Estate Team to help match you with the perfect plan for your needs.


4. East Park is Your Holiday Haven in Orlando

Looking for a great location for your seasonal vacation home?

East Park is your holiday haven in Orlando!

Orlando is well-reputed as a premier place to live for the season, and it’s no wonder.

With a warm climate, endless ways to enjoy the great outdoors, and a wide range of seasonal homes to meet a wide range of needs, Orlando is a subtropical winter wonderland.

But for seasonal living done right, East Park is the place to be.

With Authentic Real Estate Team’s premium selection of seasonal real estate in East Park, you can make your season special with the perfect balance of domestic comfort and novel vacation excitement.

Enjoy all the comforts of your primary residence with top-of-the-line homes and luxury private amenities, while 5-star community amenities, access to great golf and water sports, and proximity to premier parks and attractions let you live an extended-vacation lifestyle.


5. Make your Future Bright by Investing in the Sunshine State

Drawn by warm weather, a strong job market, and lax Covid restrictions, people are moving to Orlando at a rate of 1,000 new arrivals a week.

And that makes real estate in the highly desirable neighborhood of Lake Nona a hot commodity.

On top of this growth, East Park offers even more ways to capitalize, with the fun and functionality of luxury amenities, and high-quality homes by premier builders serving as revenue-generating differentiators.

Plus, whether you want to rent out or flip your home, East Park Lake Nona promises high returns in both the near and long term.

But of course, if you want to turn promising to profit, you need quality property management.

Count on Authentic Real Estate Team for all your management needs, including leasing, marketing, home watch, and more, in East Park!


What Types of Homes Will You Find For Sale in East Park Lake Nona?

Looking for a luxury home in a great community?

Look no further than our selection of homes for sale in East Park Lake Nona!

At East Park Lake Nona you’ll find homes for sale in a range of styles and sizes, from townhome villas to single-family homes.

Count on the East Park experts at Authentic Real Estate Team to help you find your perfect match!


Townhome Villas for Sale in East Park Lake Nona

Want affordability that doesn’t cut corners on space and luxury?

Then an East Park Lake Nona townhome villa might be a good option.

Enjoy rear-entry garages and integrated living spaces for fully modern living downstairs, and an array of bedrooms offering ample privacy on the second floor.

Check out our selection of East Park Lake Nona townhome villas now!


Single-Family Homes for Sale in East Park Lake Nona

Authentic Real Estate Team’s selection of single-family homes or sale in East Park Lake Nona come in a wide array of floor plans.

But whatever plan you choose, you can expect contemporary features like gourmet kitchens, integrated living spaces, and “green” design and technology.

Options for lake and pond views are also available!


East Park Orlando HOA

East Park Lake Nona is an HOA community, imposing HOA fees of around 342 dollars.

Fees cover a range of amenities and services, including cable tv, 8 community parks, basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts, and more!

Contact Authentic Real Estate Team to learn about rules and regulations of the East Park HOA.


Authentic Real Estate Team: Your Definitive Realtor For The Best Deals In East Park

east park lake nona

East Park is an exclusive community in highly desirable Lake Nona, Florida.

But exclusive doesn’t mean buyers on a budget are excluded.

Because with Authentic Real Estate Team, almost anything is possible.

With the experienced, talented buyer’s agents at Authentic Real Estate Team, buyers of all backgrounds can find affordable deals at East Park.

Authentic can take you step-by-step through the purchase process delivering unmatched customer service and amazing results.

The deal you deserve on the East Park home of your dreams it’s just a phone call away – with Authentic!


List Your Home In East Park (Or Another Lake Nona Location)

Need to sell, rather than buy, a home at East Park?

Authentic Team has the services you need to succeed.

We offer end-to-end seller’s services designed to help you nail your sale.

Because in all honesty, you don’t need a realtor to sell your home.

However, if you want to sell your home fast and for a great price, a realtor is key.

Of course, who you hire is as or more important than hiring someone in the first place.

So stick with the team you know and trust.

At Authentic, we’ve helped countless clients close great sales, and we can help you too.

Authentic’s experienced seller’s agents can handle every phase of your sale, including but not limited to:

  • Performing a comprehensive market analysis to help get your home ready for sale on the Lake Nona market
  • Referrals to Orlando’s most trusted home prep specialists, including renovation experts, painters, staging professionals, and more
  • Pre-inspections and pre-appraisals
  • Accurate pricing based on careful market analysis and your own needs and goals
  • Professional photography and videography that puts the spotlight on your homes most salable features
  • A multimedia marketing campaign employing old and new tricks of the trade to maximize your home’s visibility while targeting an in-built client base of interested buyers
  • Fielding offers
  • Helping you make informed, strategic counteroffers that keep the ball in your court
  • Referrals to Orlando’s most trusted title and escrow offices
  • Comprehensive closing-day assistance
  • And more!


The Best East Park Property Management Company

As previously mentioned, East Park Lake Nona promises real estate investors high returns in both the near and long-term, whether you want to rent out or flip your home.

Yet to turn the promise of profit into money in your hands, quality property management is essential.

At Authentic Real Estate Team, we believe that when you succeed with your investment, we succeed as your investment realtor.

Therefore, we offer a full range of in-house property management services designed to help you optimize your investment in East Park.

Want help finding trustworthy tenants and getting paid on time each month?

With Authentic Property Management, you can rent out your East Park Lake Nona home with ease.

Want a watchful eye to look after your seasonal vacation home while you’re away?

Count on Authentic for inspections, reports, maintenance, and repairs.

In short, whether you need help looking after or renting out your home, if you need property management in East Park Lake Nona, go with the best Lake Nona property management company – Authentic Real Estate Team.


Support To Invest In Homes For Sale In East Park Lake Nona

As well as helping you manage your property to success, we can help you get off on the right foot with your investment.

We specialize in helping investors find financial support that works with their needs and goals.

Therefore, we’ve grown a wide network of Orlando’s best banks and private lenders offering great loans at great rates.

Want to stick with the team you trust?

With in-house financing by authentic, you can get the Support, and peace of mind, you deserve.


Buy Your Second Home In East Park

Orlando is one of the country’s most popular places to live part time.


Because with winter highs averaging in the 70s, and no snow in sight, Orlando offers a subtropical winter wonderland full of great outdoor activities like golf, boating, fishing, that stay accessible through the season.

Moreover, with its Central Florida location, Orlando lets snowbirds enjoy their summers back home without worrying about hurricanes and rising sea levels.

Want even more outdoor activities and investment security?

At East Park, a robust offering of great outdoor amenities lets you maximize the quality of your seasonal lifestyle.

And with home watch services by Authentic Real Estate Team, you can maximize your peace of mind while you’re away for the summer!


See The Best Of Lake Nona Real Estate For Sale!

Want to see a whole parade of Lake Nona dream homes just waiting for the buyers who dreamed them?

It’s just a click away with Authentic Real Estate Team!

Our team specializes in finding the very best new listings from across the Lake Nona real estate market, winnowing the great homes from the good homes, and bringing you only those properties we’d be proud to live in ourselves.

Ready to find your dream home?

Head to our main Orlando inventory now and see what’s for sale in the Lake Nona!


See All Home Types For Sale In Orlando FL!

Already have a clear mental picture of your home?

Use our fast and easy inventory of home types to track it down!

Because homebuying can be time sensitive, and browsing isn’t always an option.

Therefore, we’ve organized our inventory into unique property and amenity types from the diverse Lake Nona market.

From waterfront condos to pet-friendly townhomes, you’re sure to find the exact home type you’re looking for quickly and easily with our efficient search features.

Scroll down to find your property match and click the link to see active listings on the Lake Nona market.

  • Lake Nona vacation homes for sale
  • new homes for sale in Lake Nona
  • luxury homes for sale in Lake Nona, FL
  • homes for sale in Lake Nona, FL with pool
  • Lake Nona lakefront homes for sale
  • single-family homes for sale in Lake Nona FL
  • Lake Nona villas for sale
  • homes for sale with guest house in Lake Nona FL
  • Lake Nona golf course real estate
  • homes with conservation view in Lake Nona
  • three car garage homes in Lake Nona
  • two story homes for sale in Lake Nona
  • one story homes for sale in Lake Nona
  • homes with boat dock in Lake Nona
  • townhomes for sale in Lake Nona
  • condos for sale in Lake Nona
  • fully furnished homes in Lake Nona
  • homes with large lot in Lake Nona
  • second home in Lake Nona
  • Lake Nona open house


See All Homes For Sale Near Orlando!

Orlando may be the city beautiful, but its suburbs have character.

Of course, they’re no slouches in the beauty department, either.

From lush Winter Park with its moss-draped oaks and sparkling lakes to the rural Old-Florida charm of Winter Garden, Orlando’s suburbs are a nature lovers delight.

Looking for something more modern?

Try Downtown Orlando, a modern metropolis where amazing shopping, dining, and jobs are just steps from your door.

But hey, don’t just take our word for it.

Explore these great Orlando neighborhoods for yourself at our directory of areas below.

  • homes for sale near Orlando, FL
  • homes for sale near UCF in Orlando
  • condos for sale near International Drive Orlando
  • homes for sale near Universal Orlando
  • homes for sale near Orlando International Airport
  • houses for sale near Disney World
  • homes for sale near SeaWorld Orlando


Check Out The Best Study Of The Lake Nona Real Estate Market

east park lake nona townhomes

Investing in real estate, like any sort of investing, takes a modicum of guessing.

Make sure it’s at least an educated guess.

At Authentic Real Estate Team, we bring you the latest data, trends, and predictions from the Lake Nona real estate market so you can make a more propitious purchase.

Our easy-to-navigate market overview has all the insider stats you need to buy better and invest with success in East Park Lake Nona, including average home prices, average rental rates, average time to sell and rent, and much more.

Thus, you can know when, where, and what to buy to maximize your quality of life and ROI.

Add to our latest market update now and get educated!


Make the Right Choice: East Park Lake Nona Homes For Sale For The Best Deals!

So remember, if you want to live in a safe, convenient, and luxurious location, East Park in Lake Nona, FL is the community for you.

And for great deals on East Park Lake Nona homes and townhome villas, and premium investment services priced right, it’s Authentic Real Estate Team.

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