Luxury Homes For Sale in Lake Nona | Homes that Meet Your Needs

Luxury Homes For Sale in Lake Nona | Homes that Meet Your Needs

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Luxury Homes For Sale in Lake Nona Homes that Meet Your Needs

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Luxury Homes For Sale in Lake Nona

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Luxury Homes For Sale in Lake Nona

Luxury Homes For Sale in Lake Nona Homes that Meet Your Needs

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Looking for luxury homes for sale in Lake Nona?

Lake Nona has a robust market of luxury single-family homes, condos, and townhomes for sale. But before you buy, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of these different types of homes. Because what makes sense for one buyer might not for another. Orlando Homes For Sale can help you understand the nuances. And we can take you through the whole home buying process.


Luxury Homes For Sale in Lake Nona – Pros and Cons of Single-Family, Condos, and Townhomes for Sale in Lake Nona

It’s hard to go wrong buying a luxury home in Lake Nona.

With its booming biomedical sector, great schools, and world-class golf.

But before you do, it’s important to weigh your options carefully.

Because different types of luxury homes serve different needs.


Luxury Single-Family Homes in Lake Nona


  • Space – Single-family homes are the best homes for families, giving everyone the space they need.
  • Resale Value – Houses appreciate more than condos and townhomes. They also let you make large-scale changes that increase your resale value even more.
  • Privacy – Speaking of changes that increase resale value. Adding a fence can add both value and privacy.
  • Individuality – Luxury Lake Nona houses can be an expression of your personality.


  • Maintenance – Houses are a big responsibility. Among your responsibilities: any maintenance issues that come up.
  • Cost – Home prices in Lake Nona run higher than the state average. And with single family-homes, you’re also paying for extra square footage.


Luxury Condos


  • Affordability – Condos give you lots of bang for your buck. With all the luxury of a house, but without the expensive square footage.
  • Amenities – Luxury condos often come with access to luxury amenities, like heated pools, common areas, and concierge services.
  • Location – Luxury condos for sale in Lake Nona are located near major points of interest.


  • Lower Resale Value – Condos don’t appreciate as much as single-family homes and townhomes. Nor do they give you the chance to enhance the value with home improvement projects.
  • Less Space – A condo’s affordability is a trade-off for its limited space.
  • Less Privacy – As well as its relative lack of privacy.


Luxury Townhomes


  • Size – Townhomes are the same size as many single-family homes, but at much lower price points.
  • Privacy – With only one shared wall – as opposed to multiple shared walls, and even shared ceilings – townhomes are more private than condos.
  • Price – And they’re less expensive than, but similarly sized to, single-family homes.
  • Location – Townhomes are often located near major points of interest. Like Village Walk, a resort-style neighborhood just minutes from the airport, a Walmart Supercenter, and the Nemours Children’s Hospital.


  • Stairs – If you’re thinking about luxury townhomes in Lake Nona, make sure you’re healthy enough to climb stairs multiple times a day.
  • Noise – While townhomes are relatively private, a shared wall can mean unwanted noise from time to time.



Find the Luxury Lake Nona Home that Makes Sense for You

At Orlando Homes For Sale, the first thing we do is sit down with you to discuss your needs.

Then we help you find the luxury Lake Nona homes that meet them.


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