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Condos For Sale In Clermont Fl Accelerate Towards Luxury

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Condos For Sale In Clermont Fl

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Condos For Sale In Clermont Fl

Condos For Sale In Clermont Fl Accelerate Towards Luxury

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The 2020 hurricane season is forecasted to be the busiest in a decade. And Florida, where 8 named storms are predicted to make landfall, is starting to worry. Especially Clermont condo owners. For single-family-home owners, turning the power back on is as easy as firing up a generator. But in a condo, your power comes on when the building’s power does. And while many condo buildings have emergency generators, these typically power common areas and elevators. Not individual units. Which can be a real problem for those reliant on AC-powered medical equipment. Luckily, in Clermont, where a growing number of luxury condos for sale has drawn a growing number of aging residents, the local fire department has launched a preemptive strike against hurricane season.


The Lessons of Hurricane Irma

Thanks to the Hurricane Irma Hazardous Mitigation Grant Program, 7 Lake County fire stations have been furnished with backup generators.

Marking the first time in Lake County history that all 26 of its fire stations have had them.

Before the lessons of Hurricane Irma in 2017, if a hurricane knocked out power in Clermont, the stations without backup generators would move to the ones that had them.

Leaving their own districts exposed.

Costing time.

And potentially, lives.

But now, with all stations properly prepared, the owners of luxury Clermont condos can be assured they are, too.


Well Prepared Luxury Clermont Condos Start With a Well Prepared Clermont Fire Department

It’s not just homes and civilians that are at risk from hurricanes.

The people who protect them can be, too.

Especially when a lack of funding leaves them ill-prepared.

Firefighters form an important link in the chain of institutions that work together before, during, and after a storm.

Along with police, EMT’s, and even airports.

They’re our first line of defense when the power goes out.

And when lives are in danger.

But what about when the two are linked?

Such as in the case of those who use at-home electronic medical devices like oxygen concentrators.

These machines have backup batteries to power them through blackouts.

But a strong hurricane can knock out power for weeks at a time.

No problem for those with a portable generator.

Big problem for those with luxury Clermont condos, where portable generators can’t be used.

For these folks, turning the power back on may be a matter of life or death.

And they at least need access to emergency medical services if it can’t be restored.

But what do you get when the people who provide both fall victim to the same power outage?

Hurricane Irma, that’s what.

Along with all the needless suffering that came with it.


Facing the 2020 Hurricane Season with Confidence

While the suffering may have been needless, the lessons learned were anything but.

Thanks to these lessons, the owners of Clermont condos can face the 2020 hurricane season with confidence.

Knowing firefighters are ready to face whatever Mother Nature has in store.

And that, by extension, so are they.


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