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7 beds
7 baths
12,481 SqFt

MLS #: O5964226 | Single Family Residence




6 beds
8 baths
11,600 SqFt

MLS #: O5955114 | Single Family Residence




4 beds
4 baths
3,296 SqFt

MLS #: G5046916 | Single Family Residence




3 beds
2 baths
2,891 SqFt

MLS #: O5964129 | Single Family Residence

16300 COUNTY ROAD 455 UNIT 411, MONTVERDE, FL 34756



3 beds
3 baths
1,571 SqFt

MLS #: G5046948 | Condominium

16300 COUNTY ROAD 455 UNIT 402, MONTVERDE, FL 34756



2 beds
2 baths
1,390 SqFt

MLS #: G5046953 | Condominium


The most life-giving, relaxing and universal thing on Earth is water. Then what better place to establish your home and raise your family than on the water? With a lakefront home in Montverde Florida, now you can. Montverde sits right on Lake Apopka which is beloved by residents. Here, you’ll enjoy fishing, swimming, boating and kayaking during the summer and nights making smores around a fire during the winter. In short, lakefront homes for sale in Montverde Florida are the properties of all properties. Spectacular Florida beauty and a natural lifestyle surrounded by forests are yours when you buy a Montverde FL waterfront home or other lake property for sale. To get your hands on your own, call Orlando Homes for Sale today!


Why Should I Buy a Lakefront Home for Sale in Montverde?

Montverde Lakefront Homes For Sale


Montverde lakefront homes for sale are some of the most sought after in the state.

Here, you’ll see that the real estate market is also going strong, which means that your investment is sure to pay off.

In brief, when it’s a Montverde lakefront property that you buy, you’re in for the lifestyle and home of your dreams.


Reason 1: A Profitable Property to Boost Your Portfolio

Indeed, a Montverde lake home is always a profitable investment.

First off, the Orlando housing market is strong, and a lake home is always a smart idea.


Reason 2: A View to Take Your Breath Away

Of course, looking out over the lake from your window will be just the thing to calm you after a long day at work.

When you see your first Florida sunset reflected on the water, you’ll be glad you chose a lakefront home for sale in Montverde.


Reason 3: Family Memories to Last a Lifetime

What better way to share memories with your family and children than spending time on the water?

Enjoy barbecuing, swimming, fishing, and relaxing by the lake.


Reason 4: Luxurious Living

Enjoy the ultimate luxury amenity – giving you unparalleled views and endless recreation options – by buying a Montverde Florida lake property.


Reason 5: The Second Home of Your Dreams

Lots of celebrities and famous athletes choose to buy a vacation lake home in Montverde.

All in all, this town is one of the best for lake homes because of its proximity to nature and relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere.


Want to Sell Your Lakefront Home in Montverde?

When you’re interested in selling a home in Montverde, you need the help of an expert.

Therefore, you need Orlando Homes for Sale.

We are Orlando’s premier real estate expert, in your corner to assist in the listing, marketing and sale of your home.
Sell My House Fast Montverde Today!


Need Property Management in Montverde for Your Lakefront Home?

Here at Orlando Homes for Sale, we believe that home ownership is a huge responsibility.

But we also believe you shouldn’t have to shoulder it all.

This is where our our Montverde property management services come into the picture.

Call us today when you are looking to buy waterfront homes for sale in Montverde FL or you need help maintaining and managing your beautiful lake property or home.
Meet The Best Property Management Montverde, FL Services!


Types of Properties for Sale in Montverde Besides Lakefront Homes

Waterfront Homes For Sale Montverde FL


Of course, a lakefront home or waterfront property in Montverde Florida is not on everyone’s radar or in everyone’s budget.

But no need to be disappointed, there’s something for everyone in this paradise on Earth.

Check out all of our homes for sale Montverde FL to find the home you’ve been dreaming of.


Montverde Waterfront Vacation Homes for Sale

When it’s time to take a major and relaxing vacation, you need one of our Montverde vacation homes for sale.

Leave noisy and crowded hotels behind and have the holidays you deserve.
See In Montverde Florida Vacation Homes For Sale


New Lakefront Homes for Sale in Montverde FL

As has been previously noted, the Orlando area housing market is going strong.

Developers and investors are highly attracted to the area and are building up new properties all over.

Therefore, there are many new homes for sale in Montverde FL if it’s a new build you’re after.
See The Best New Homes In Montverde, FL For Sale


Lakefront Homes for Sale in Montverde With Pool

The only thing that could make a lakefront home better is a pool lake home.

Explore all of our homes for sale in Montverde FL with pool and enjoy swimming all year round.
See All Homes For Sale In Montverde, FL With Pool


Luxury Waterfront Properties for Sale in Montverde FL

Although Montverde is often overlooked, it is truly a luxurious area rich in great real estate and beautiful nature.

Therefore, luxury homes for sale in Montverde FL and waterfront property in Montverde Florida may meet and exceed your lifestyle goals and home dreams.
See All Luxury Homes For Sale In Montverde, FL


Lakefront Condos for Sale in Montverde Florida

When it comes to the marriage of luxuriousness and modernity, our selection of condos for sale in Montverde can’t be beat.

To buyers’ delight, most of these stellar condos range in size and are relatively new, with only the most modern appliances.
See All Condos For Sale In Montverde, FL


Townhomes for Sale in Montverde

Similarly, townhomes for sale in Montverde are new, contemporary homes that make living easy.

Not to mention, when you live in a townhome community, you also benefit from all of the perks of an HOA.
See All Townhomes For Sale In Montverde, FL


Single-Family Homes for Sale in Montverde FL

In sum, single-family homes for sale in Montverde FL are still the most popular properties in the area.

This comes as no surprise as families are incredibly eager to settle in this beautiful, natural, family-friendly haven.
See All Single Family Homes For Sale In Montverde, FL


Villas for Sale in Montverde FL

If it’s opulent and comfortable living that you need, our  Montverde villas for sale are the thing for you.

These incredible waterfront mansion homes for sale in Montverde FL homes can be found in all architectural styles to fit any buyer.
See All Villas For Sale In Montverde, Florida


Homes for Sale in Montverde With Guest House

The same goes for homes for sale with guest house in Montverde FL.

If you love to entertain and host friends, family and visitors to the Orlando area, then having a guest home may benefit everyone.
See All Homes For Sale In Montverde With Guest House


Meet the Best Properties for Sale in Montverde!

All things considered, living lakeside is amazing, but so are the other real estate options that Montverde offers.

There are plenty more Montverde homes for sale for you to explore in our full inventory of homes.

Call a trusted Orlando Homes for Sale agent today to find that oh-so-right fit for you and your family.
See All Homes For Sale In Montverde, FL


Need a Real Estate Agent to Buy a Lakefront Home in Montverde FL? Talk to an Orlando Homes for Sale Agent Today!

Lakefront Homes For Sale Montverde


When you count on a member of the Orlando Homes for Sale team, not only are you getting a real estate agent in Montverde, you’re getting a trusted partner and advocate.

No wonder why over 200 home buyers have trusted us to help find their dream home.
Meet The Best Realtor Montverde, FL


Montverde Communities

Montverde has its fair share of gated communities.

But only one is legendary.

At Bella Collina, you’ll find lavish single-family homes and facilities in a lush, Tuscan-inspired setting.

Schedule an appointment with your Orlando Homes for Sale agent to see for yourself and get started towards buying your own Montverde Florida lake property.
See In Bella Collina Homes For Sale


Montverde Real Estate Market

All in all, the Montverde real estate market is incredibly strong and is predicted to get stronger.

This means that waterfront property in Montverde Florida also benefits from this strength.

Right now, the market is showing great signs of financial fortitude like high home values and steady appreciation rates.
Check Out Montverde, FL Real Estate Market Updated Data And Statistics


Make the Best Deal of Your Life: With Montverde Lakefront Homes for Sale From Orlando Homes for Sale!

Stop dreaming of that lake home in Montverde and get to living.

Contact Orlando Homes for Sale to buy your Montverde waterfront home today.

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