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Sell My Home in Davenport Fl | Authentic Real Estate Team

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Sell Your Home in Davenport Fl The Traditional Charm Buyers Are Looking For

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Sell My Home in Davenport Fl

Sell My Home in Davenport Fl

Sell Your Home in Davenport Fl The Traditional Charm Buyers Are Looking For

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Davenport is a city steeped in history. Settled in the 1880’s, its genesis actually dates all the way back to 1838 and the Second Seminole War, when the U.S. military built Fort Davenport 12 miles from the preset site of the city. Today, Davenport still retains much of its old-world charm, and that’s what buyers are looking for in Davenport real estate. So take it from a realtor. If I wanted to sell my home in Davenport, before selling I would want to make sure it had the traditional charm buyers are looking for.

Repainting in Traditional Tones Before Selling My Davenport Home

A new coat of paint can really transform the interior of your home.

But be careful not to confuse “new” with “trendy,” especially not with Davenport real estate.

Buyers will be looking for traditional colors that exemplify Davenport’s old-world aesthetic.

So stick with neutral tones like beige, white, and grey.


Traditional Light Fixtures to Help Sell My Davenport Home

It’s always a good idea to adequately light your home for showings.

But make sure your light fixtures capture Davenport’s traditional charm.

Sconces have a timeless look and are a great way to add some extra light without taking up space.

Floor lamps do take up space, but if you use them sparingly, they’re fantastic for adding old-world charm.

Additionally, a pair of lamps either side of your front door make a dramatic traditional impression.


Refurnishing My Davenport Home Before I Sell

Traditional furniture is defined by classic lines and fabrics that aren’t overly loud or textured.

Pieces should look functional and comfortable, and blend in to the overall look of the home.

Center them and place them at regular angles.

For instance, the couch should be parallel or perpendicular to the entertainment set.

And the head of the bed should abut the center of the longest wall in the bedroom.


How My Realtor Can Help Me Prepare My Home

Your realtor will have a deep understanding of the Davenport market, and of how to optimize your home to sell within it.

They’ll also have plenty of professional connections such as painters, home furnishing retailers, and home staging companies, to help you prepare your home to meet the demands of Davenport buyers.



If you’re a Davenport homeowner who’s recently found yourself thinking, I should list my home for sale, your next thought is likely to have been, now what? If this sounds like you, don’t worry. With an average of 5 to 7 years elapsing between sales, it’s only natural that you have questions. But a Davenport listing agent can be a great source of answers. At Orlando Homes For Sale, where we’ve been serving the needs of Davenport home sellers for nearly 10 years, we’ve heard every question in the book. Here are a few FAQ’s from Davenport sellers.


Q: Is Now a Good Time to List My Davenport Home for Sale?

A: Yes!

The Orlando area is growing at a rate of 60,000 new residents a year.

Which means that, as a small town committed to low density housing, Davenport’s real estate is at a premium.

But the growth won’t last forever.

Davenport’s market is at peak favorability for sellers.


Q: How Can I Prepare My Home to Meet the Demands of Davenport Buyers Before I List?

A: Strive for Traditional Charm.

As a quaint town with a rich history, Davenport exudes old-world charm.

And this is what buyers are looking for in Davenport real estate.

So think traditional tones, understated furniture and light fixtures, and regular angles.

Your listing agent can help connect you with the best local industry professionals to bring out the old-world charm in your home.


Q: How Long Will it Take to Sell My Davenport Home After I List?

A: It Depends.

We know it sounds like a cop-out, but trust us.

While the national average is 68 days between listing and closing, every market is different.

And every market changes with time.

Davenport currently has a strong seller’s market, but that doesn’t mean your home will sell itself.

To expedite your sale, your realtor will help you make it Davenport-market viable.

That means prepping and pricing your home to meet the demands of Davenport buyers.


Q: What’s My First Step if I Want To List My Davenport Home for Sale?

A: Contact a Davenport Listing Agent.

If you want to list your Davenport home for sale, you probably have questions.

A listing agent will explain the home selling process to you, help you devise a strategy, then be there every step of the way as you actualize your plan.

Using their knowledge of the Davenport market and industry connections, they can help you prep and price your home.

Then, using their marketing expertise and negotiating skills, they can help you find buyers and close on the price you deserve.


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