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Foreign Real Estate Services

Are you located outside of the USA and considering buying real estate in the Orlando, Florida area?  If so, we can help you with the Foreign Real Estate transactions in and around Orlando.

Our “Authentic Real Estate Team has many years of experience working with Foreign Buyers from all over the world.  We can help facilitate your search before you even touch ground on United States soil here in Florida.  We can research listings, provide comps reports, and help you all the way to closing escrow and finalizing your real estate transaction.

Florida is an extremely popular state for Foreign Investors.  In fact, Florida consistently leads the U.S. in foreign buyer purchases of single-family homes and condominiums.

International Real Estate transactions cdo ome with additional complications, paperwork, and more administrative work than traditional real estate sales.  That’s why our team has developed Foreign Buyer Services for people like you looking to invest in Orlando Real Estate from abroad.


To learn more about our Foreign Real Estate Services, please call us today at (407) 900-2434.  We look forward to helping you!

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