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Houses Vs Condos And Townhomes


At Authentic Real Estate Team, we know that a home is a home, regardless of the type of structure. When it comes to selling them, we don’t discriminate, and no sale is too big or too small. But we also understand that with each type, important differences exist between how to approach the selling process. We have experience selling homes of all types, so whether you want to sell your house, condo, or townhome, our team will organize our sale strategy around your specific type of home.



If you want to sell your house, you’re in luck. Single-family homes are the easiest type of real estate to sell. They also have the best potential resale value, giving sellers the opportunity to come out ahead. But they present unique challenges, too, challenges you should understand before you decide to list.

The main reason single-family houses are the easiest type of home to sell is that they offer the greatest autonomy. Independence and individualism are founding tenets of the American Dream. Single-family homes epitomize these values by offering buyers privacy, space, and freedom to maintain their property as they see fit without having to bend to the will of an HOA or other governing body.

Single-family homes are popular with families because of the space they afford and the quality of the neighborhoods they usually occupy. Buyers of single-family homes want a home with enough space that they and their children can coexist in comfort, in a neighborhood with quality school and safety ratings.

There are also some challenges associated with selling a single-family home. For instance, if you live in an area with an especially young or old population, selling a house may take longer than selling a condo or townhouse, as the latter options are more popular with young buyers just starting out and older buyers looking to downsize.

Another challenge of selling a house comes in the form of pricing. While a condo or townhouse often has identical for-sale units to use as reference, single-family homes’ aforementioned individualism can work against them by making pricing somewhat trickier.


Condos and Townhouses

In general, condos and townhouses are more difficult to sell than single-family homes. But Orlando’s real estate market offers sellers of condos and townhouses some unique opportunities that other types of home-sellers don’t have.

As the home to several colleges such as U.C.F., Valencia College, and Full Sail, Orlando has a sizeable population of young people whose home-buying needs will be best met by the likes of a condo or townhouse. This is due to the relatively limited buying power of young people in today’s market.

Orlando also has a large population of retirees. These buyers, who usually don’t have children and may be living off pensions or other limited sources of income, often opt for the smaller size and price tag of a condo or townhouse.

But generally speaking, condos and townhouses are a harder sell than single-family homes. Many buyers are turned off by the lack of privacy and autonomy imposed by these properties’ layouts and regulations. Additionally, securing financing for such properties can be more difficult than for single-family homes, meaning that the very people (younger buyers and retirees) who need financing the most may have the hardest time obtaining it.



Whatever type of home you want to sell, Authentic Real Estate Team are residential real estate specialists with the experience and reach to make it happen. Our master marketers and area specialists can help you accentuate the positive selling points, and overcome the shortcomings, of your particular property. Because in the end of houses vs condos and townhomes, a home is a home, and if it’s a home, we can sell it.

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