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As Orlando’s premier foreign investors’ agents, the Orlando Homes For Sale knows that if you’re new to American real estate, and Orlando real estate in particular, you probably have a few questions: Do I need more than one agent? Who pays the commission? How is the money escrowed at closing? How does Real Estate work here in Orlando? In truth, American real estate differs significantly from real estate in other parts of the world, so not only do we understand your questions, we think you’re smart for asking them. We’ve facilitated purchases and sales for countless foreign clients, answering any questions they have, paving the way to a smooth and successful transaction. If you’re thinking of investing in Orlando’s thriving real estate scene and you have questions, start here.


How does Real Estate work here in Orlando? – Do I Need More than One Agent?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked by our foreign clients. In many countries, multiple agents are required to get buyers the best deal. This can be problematic, as taking on multiple agents means taking on multiple risks, such as unqualified or unlicensed agents, agents who don’t follow the law, and the potential of facing a multiplicity of fees.

But not here in Orlando. With the Orlando Homes For Sale, you get one Realtor® you can trust, with the knowledge, experience, and customer service to facilitate your transaction with the utmost success and satisfaction. Our team members are licensed with the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR), so you never have to worry that your agent isn’t qualified. As licensed Realtors®, we adhere to a strict set of legal and ethical standards, meaning you also never have to worry about being implicated in unlawful practices. And with a single Realtor® comes the convenience of a single transaction fee, standard with any brokerage and included in the closing costs at a fixed rate of just 345 dollars.

In Orlando, limiting yourself to a single Realtor® doesn’t mean limiting your options. We have a master key to all of Orlando’s for-sale properties, including all homes on MLS, and even properties that haven’t listed yet. This unrestricted access means that whatever kind of home you’re looking for, the Orlando Homes For Sale can find it.


How does Real Estate work here in Orlando? – Who Pays the Commission?

The question of who pays the commission is another that comes up often with our foreign clients. Every country is different in this respect. But here in Orlando, the commission is paid by the seller and included in the price of the home. This is usually music to our buyers’ ears, as it means they’re only responsible for the nominal transaction fee at the time of closing.


How does Real Estate work here in Orlando? – How is the Money Escrowed?

This is another aspect of real estate transactions that varies from country to country, and as such, leads many of our foreign clients to wonder how it works here. But they’re often surprised to learn that it also varies by state. Here in Florida, the money involved in the transaction is escrowed by a title company.

At Orlando Homes For Sale, our comprehensive network of industry professionals includes some of Orlando’s most reputable title companies, as well as many other service providers. So, whatever your needs, we have you covered with a third-party vendor you can trust.

With the help of The Orlando Homes For Sale, hundreds of foreign investors have come to learn that while Orlando real estate may be different from what they’re used to, these differences aren’t obstacles, but opportunities. Let us open the doors to all the opportunities Orlando has waiting for you.

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