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How to get more bookings

Considering the cost of running a short-term rental year round, maximizing your occupancy is crucial to maintaining a positive cash flow. Below are some ideas for how to drive tourist traffic, or in another words… How to get more bookings to your property, and garner glowing reviews that do much of the work for you.

  • The Proper Property: Vacation is an escape. Make sure your rental offers escapism with a picturesque property and surroundings, and, especially in Florida, a private pool.
  • Focus on Furniture: Furniture is one of the first things your renters will notice about your property, and it’s one thing they’re sure to remember when writing your review. Remember, if you try to save too much on furniture in the short run, you can end up losing in the long run.
  • Game Room: Converting one of your rooms into a game room is a great way to make your home not just a place for vacationers to stay, but a place for them to play, too.
  • Themed Room: Consider creating a Disney-themed room to let vacationing youngsters feel like your rental property is an extension of the parks.
  • Property Management: Hiring a property management company to look after your property can help you keep your vacation home clean and issue-free without taking on housekeeping and maintenance duties yourself.

At the Authentic Real Estate Team, we’re here to make sure your vacation home gets the steady flow of occupants it deserves. We’ll help you find the proper property in the right location, and refer you to the finest furniture rental and property management companies that knows how to get more bookings in Orlando.

But we’re here to do more than just steer you in the right direction. Our in-house booking agency, Authentic Vacation Homes, books exclusively for our clients, and at a fraction of what the property management companies charge. In fact, where they typically charge 20% of your nightly rate, Authentic Vacation Homes can keep your home booked for just 10%, leaving both your vacation property, and your pockets, full.



Because property management is a highly specialized trade, we leave it to the pros. At Authentic Vacation Homes, we specialize in one thing: bookings. Once we’ve booked the dates, we transfer your guest to one of our trusted in-network property management companies for reservation, for which they typically charge a nominal fee of around $50. In partnering with these property managers, Authentic Vacation Homes gives you two specialized teams working to maximize your occupancy, all for less money than you would have spent on the property management company alone. Twice the service at half the price? That’s book-smart. So book smart with Authentic Vacation Homes.

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