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As with purchases of almost any good, purchases of real estate can come with considerable savings when you buy in bulk. For investment properties, this not only means initial savings, but higher return percentages as well. This has made bulk real estate an increasingly hot commodity with investors. And nowhere is the real estate investment market hotter than right here in Orlando, Florida.

As Orlando’s premier investor’s agency, the Authentic Real Estate Team has brokered countless purchases of individual short- and long-term rental properties. But we also like to set our sights on bigger transactions. These include purchases of apartment buildings, whole condominiums, and even commissions of new condominiums from scratch. So no matter how big your investment aspirations, the Authentic Real Estate Team has the knowledge, experience, and resources to match. (if thinking big think authentic… for closing paragraph)


How to make money on bulk real estate investments – Apartment Buildings

In urban centers like Orlando, apartments are always a hot commodity. And today, with 80% of the 18-34 y/o demographic choosing to rent, apartments are a better investment option than ever. Even amidst rising rent prices, Orlando’s rapid job and population growth is driving demand for apartments to historic heights. With the help of the Authentic Real Estate Team, investors from all over the country, and even the world, are cashing in on this exciting opportunity.

Buying bulk real estate is almost always a better value than buying individual properties. And when it comes to bulk real estate, it doesn’t get much more valuable than a block of apartments. With low vacancies, large scales of up to 100 units, and affordable purchase prices, apartment buildings are one of the best assets for holding wealth, and a great stepping-stone to even bigger-scale investments like condominiums. They’re also a faster way to grow your portfolio than with the one-step-at-a-time approach of buying single units or single-family homes. The Authentic Real Estate Team has your key to the best apartment blocks in the Orlando market, and even to some that only exist in imaginations and blueprints.


How to make money on bulk real estate investments – Condominiums

As with buying a building of apartments, bulk condominium investments can be a great value. Condos offer investors the option of owning from one to all of the units in a community, so even though they are generally more expensive than apartments, they also offer more flexibility, as well as higher returns. They also have the advantage of HOA’s to screen tenants and keep up with maintenance and beautification of common areas and exteriors.

Due to Orlando’s explosive population growth of 60,000 residents a year, as well as its steady flow of 60 million annual visitors, condos here are in high demand. As these numbers continue to rise, so too do the opportunities for investors to capitalize, and no real estate team in Orlando has helped more investors do just that than the Authentic Real Estate Team.


How to make money on bulk real estate investments – Condominiums from Scratch

Just because your condominium hasn’t been built yet doesn’t mean you can’t invest in it. With the Authentic Real Estate Team, whose unparalleled access to Orlando real estate includes pre-listed and even pre-built properties, you can invest in your future and build your dream condominium from the ground up.

If you’re looking to invest in bulk real estate, there’s no better place than Orlando. And if you’re looking in Orlando, look for the Authentic Real Estate Team. We’ve helped countless investors how to make money on bulk real estate investments and capitalize on Central Florida’s incredible growth and unmatched tourism industry, and with our area knowledge and access to Orlando’s best multi-family properties, we can help you too.

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