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4 beds
2 baths
2,470 SqFt

MLS #: O5994709 | Single Family Residence




4 beds
3 baths
2,257 SqFt

MLS #: S5061486 | Single Family Residence




2 beds
2 baths
1,626 SqFt

MLS #: O5996180 | Single Family Residence




4 beds
3 baths
2,308 SqFt

MLS #: S5060178 | Single Family Residence




3 beds
2 baths
1,971 SqFt

MLS #: S5061408 | Single Family Residence


Kissimmee is best known as the gateway to Disney, but with gorgeous weather, abundant outdoor recreation, and convenience to local amenities, it’s also a great place to retire. As Central Florida’s retirement real estate specialists, Authentic Real Estate Team has your key to the best 55 and over communities, 55 plus communities in kissimmee florida, and other senior living real estate in Kissimmee, FL, and our partners at Authentic Real Estate Team have the skills and resources to help you pay less.

Because you’ve worked hard for every cent you’ve made. Now let Authentic Group help you save it, for funds you can use to take your retirement farther and maximize your quality of life.

So, if you’re ready to start the adventure of your lifetime, Authentic Real Estate Team Team already with the best deals on the best retirement real estate in Kissimmee.

Contact Authentic Real Estate Team to start your homebuying journey today!


Why Live in a 55 Plus Retirement Community in Kissimmee FL?

retirement communities in kissimmee florida

Whether you’re in the market for 55 and over community houses, 55+ apartments, or other senior real estate in Central Florida, you’ll find it in Kissimmee, FL.

And with Authentic Real Estate Team Team, you’ll find it for a great low price.

Keep reading to learn more about what Kissimmee has to offer retirees!


Reason 1. Beat the Winter Blues in the Sunshine State

Want to retire in complete comfort?

In Kissimmee, you can say goodbye to those winter blues with 230 average days of sun a year and no snow in sight.

If you’re looking for active senior living, our selection of Kissimmee, FL 55 and over Communities and 55 plus apartments or just minutes from Central Florida’s best golf, freshwater fishing, public parks, and nature preserves.

And with mild winter temps that rarely fall below 50, Kissimmee lets you stay active all year long.

In fact, winter is the most beautiful time of year in Central Florida, making Kissimmee a great place to retire seasonally as well!


2. Access to Central Florida’s Best Golf Courses

We mentioned Kissimmee’s great golf, however we think it deserves its own spot on our list of reasons you should retire here.

Did you know Florida has more golf courses than anywhere else in the contiguous United States?

And with plenty of wide-open spaces to accommodate them, Kissimmee and the surrounding area west of Orlando is home to many of the best.

From Reunion Resort’s signature Watson, Palmer, and Nicklaus courses, to Celebration’s magical Disney-designed links, to nearby champions gate and it’s dual Greg Norman-designed National and International, Kissimmee is a golfer’s paradise, and a great place to retire for golf lovers.

Authentic Real Estate Team Team can help you score below-par prices In Kissimmee, FL’s best 55 and over golf communities, with the market access to find the apartment, townhome, single-family home, villa, or mansion that best suits your needs, And the skills and experience to help you pay less.


3. A Wealth of Natural Attractions

Want more natural outdoor entertainment?

You’re in for a wildly good time in Kissimmee, where abundant wetlands, springs, and state parks let you experience the “real” Florida any time you desire.

With a wealth of airboat tour companies in the area, you can explore Kissimmee’s wetlands like the locals, for an authentically Floridian adventure.

Looking for a natural way to beat the summer heat?

Central Florida boasts the world’s highest concentration of freshwater springs.

These natural swimming pools remain crystal clear and a brisk 72° throughout the year.

Many of these springs, wetlands, and other natural attractions have been designated state parks, and are equipped with facilities like bathrooms, visitor centers, and even restaurants, making them ideal for romantic picnics or friendly gatherings.

Get in touch with your wild side for less with a great deal in the Kissimmee, Florida 55 and over community of your dreams!


4. Scratch Your Retail Itch at Central Florida’s Premier Shopping Centers

You’ve spent your life working and saving money, and retirement is your chance to relax and spend.

And what better way to relax and spend than with great shopping!

Owing to Kissimmee’s popularity with tourists, the city is full of great places to scratch your retail itch.

With our selection of 55 plus community homes for sale in Kissimmee, FL, you’ll be just minutes from the Loop, Florida’s largest outdoor mall, Disney Springs, where the magic of Disney meets the magic of high-end retail, as well as an array of standalone boutiques, specialty stores, art galleries, and more!


5. Safety for Your Family and Assets

Safety is high on the list of priorities for many retired homebuyers.

And in Kissimmee, FL, you’ll find safety in spades.

Located around half an hour west of Orlando, Kissimmee boasts a small-town ethos where neighbor looks out for neighbor.

And with our inventory of 55 and over community houses and 55+ apartments, you’ll enjoy the added safety and peace of mind of gated, guarded entries, 24-hour security patrols, and communitywide close circuit monitoring.

Want to spend just half the year in Kissimmee?

With a central peninsular location to mitigate the worst of hurricane impacts, and a community HOA to look after your home, you can enjoy your summer up north with the knowledge that your assets are safe.


See All Types of Homes That You Can Get for 55 Plus Community Housing in Kissimmee

Retirement is your chance to take total control of your life and do things your way.

Therefore, as central Florida’s senior living specialists, Authentic Real Estate Team brings you a diverse selection of homes – from apartments, to townhomes, to single-family homes, and more – in Kissimmee’s best 55 and over communities.

Retire on your terms by finding the best home and amenity combination below.

Want to start a more personalized search?

Call and tell us how we can help you retire your way, and let our retirement real estate specialists find a Kissimmee, FL 55 and over community or apartment complex as unique as your needs.

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Meet the Best 55 Plus Community Homes for Sale Near Orlando FL

senior housing kissimmee

Homes For Sale Near Orlando FL

Kissimmee is perfect if you’re looking for a quiet retirement lifestyle in a natural setting.

But if you’re not ready to settle into the slow life just yet, Authentic Real Estate Team can help you find something more your speed.

Orlando is a growing world city with a vibrant arts and culture scene, electric night life, and world-renowned cuisine.

And with Authentic Real Estate Team, it could be the exciting retirement destination you’re looking for.

As Central Florida’s premier retirement real estate specialists, Authentic Real Estate Team has your key to the best active adult and 55 plus communities and apartment complexes in and near Orlando.

Want to really break the retirement mold?

We’re your source for non-retirement communities as well, where you’ll find thrilling amenities like water parks, sports courts, and hiking trails just be on your doorstep.

With our inventory of community real estate near Orlando, you’ll enjoy access to the City Beautiful’s best attractions and points of interest, such as International Drive, SeaWorld, Universal Studios, Downtown Orlando, the Orange County Convention Center, and the Orlando International Airport.

Because who says you have to slow down in retirement?

With Authentic Real Estate Team, you can retire the way you’ve always lived life: your way.


Talk With the Best Realtor for the Best Deals on 55 Plus Community Living in Kissimmee, FL

55 plus apartments in kissimmee

If you’re looking for the best deals in the best Kissimmee, FL 55+ communities and 55 and over apartments, look no further than Kissimmee’s best realtor.

Authentic Real Estate Team has been serving the homebuying needs of retirees for over a decade.

In that time, we’ve gotten to know Kissimmee’s retirement real estate market on a community-by-community basis, building long-term professional relationships that let us bring you the best homes at the best prices.

But it’s not our professional relationships that made us Central Florida’s number-one real estate team.

We strive to build lasting relationships with our clients, offering the range of services and top-notch customer service that makes customers for life.

Thus, whatever your real estate needs in Kissimmee, our team has the experience, skills, and resources to meet them.

From buyers to sellers to investors, we’ve helped scores of retirees reach their real estate goals in Central Florida, and we can help you too.

So join the growing Authentic client family today and make Authentic Real Estate Team your retirement realtor for life!
Meet The Best Realtors In Kissimmee FL


Sell Your Retirement 55 Plus Community Home in Kissimmee FL

No one ever said your 55+ community home in Kissimmee, FL would be your last.

Therefore, if you’re looking to sell your Kissimmee retirement property, let Authentic Real Estate Team help you save time and earn more money, for more time and money you can spend on your retirement lifestyle.

We can take you step-by-step through your sale, helping to simplify the process and maximize your results, all while providing first rate customer service.

We offer a comprehensive assortment of seller’s services, such as:


  • Renewing, decluttering, and staging your home to meet the specific demands of the Kissimmee retirement real estate market
  • Pre-inspections and appraisals
  • Pricing for perfection the first time
  • High quality photography and video including dramatic aerial shots captured by our resident FAA-licensed drone pilots
  • Listing your home on all authentic real estate platforms as well as more than 150 popular listing sites
  • A full-scale marketing campaign using tried and true methods like high-quality signage, newsletters, open houses, and live presentations, as well as the latest tools and techniques such as email campaigns, social media marketing, virtual showings, and more
  • And in-built clientele of highly interested, highly qualified buyers accrued through years of superior service in the local market
  • Sorting through offers to find the best set of terms and conditions for your needs
  • Helping you make creative counter offers the bridge the gap between you and the buyer
  • Title and escrow services provided by the most trusted names in the industry
  • An orderly closing that brings all players together for a satisfactory conclusion to your sale
  • In short, if you want to spend less time on the market, and earn more money for your home, count on Authentic Real Estate Team to help you nail the sale!

Sell Your Home In Kissimmee For The Best Deal!


Property Management Services in Kissimmee FL

Planning to use your retirement home seasonally?

With gorgeous winter weather and a surfeit of outdoor recreation options, Kissimmee is a popular place for snowbirds.

And with short-term rental zoning near Disney, it’s also popular with vacation renters.

Thus, in Kissimmee, you can enjoy an active retirement lifestyle through the winter season.

Then while you’re away, you can rent your home to vacationers for a retirement that pays for itself.

But whether you want to make Kissimmee your seasonal retirement getaway only, or rent your home short-term during the high season for the ultimate hybrid investment, property management is key to maximizing the care and results of your home.

And that’s where we come in.

At Authentic Real Estate Team, we can help increase your peace of mind as well as your returns, with a full range of property management services tailor to your needs.

Need a watchful eye to look after your Kissimmee, FL 55+ community home while you’re away for the season?

Authentic Property Management offers thorough inspections and reports, lawn and pool care, and emergency repairs, so you can enjoy the summer season free of stress.

Need booking and promotion for your hybrid short-term rental?

With I love VH by authentic, you can maximize your returns and occupancy with quality booking and exposure-boosting promotion, while maximizing the life of your home with referrals to trusted property management specialists.

In short, Authentic Group covers all your property management needs so you can better enjoy your retirement.
The Best Kissimmee Property Management Service!


Buy Your Home in Kissimmee

So, you’re thinking about buying a 55 and over community home or apartment in Kissimmee, FL?

Buying a home is a fairly long, fairly difficult process.

Especially with the ever-changing landscapes of real estate technology and market dynamics.

A long journey lies ahead of you, but of course, every journey begins with a single step.

And the first step in your homebuying journey is to call Authentic Real Estate Team.

With the help of our partners at Central Florida’s premier brokerage, Authentic Real Estate Team, we can accompany you through the length of your homebuying journey.

In short, we offer the range of services and level of skill you need to cross the finish line with a great deal.

We offer comprehensive buyer’s services such as:


  • helping you get preapproved for a loan
  • Inspections and appraisals
  • Helping you find financing that works for your budget and needs
  • Helping you streamline your search with a curated collection of Kissimmee’s best retirement real estate
  • Crafting informed offers that Let you show sellers you’re serious without overbidding
  • Negotiating counter offers with the seller or seller’s agent
  • Trustworthy title and escrow services
  • Efficient, effortless closing
  • Help with move-in

Moreover, where other realtors stop at the sale, Authentic Group offers the after-sale services you need to maintain and manage your Kissimmee retirement home.

In short, if you’re buying a 55 and over community home or apartment in Kissimmee, FL, Authentic Real Estate Team can take you from point A to point Z and beyond!
See All Homes For Sale in Kissimmee FL!


Investment Property in Kissimmee FL 55 Plus Communities

Who says the hustle has to stop just because your working years are behind you?

With our selection of seasonal real estate in Kissimmee, FL, you can enjoy a subtropical winter wonderland and rent out your home short-term during the summer high season to generate passive income.

Because with 70 million visitors a year, Central Florida is truly the vacation capital of the United States.

And with a whopping 60 million of these visitors making Disney their vacation destination of choice, adjacent Kissimmee’s short-term-rental zoning makes it the vacation home capital.

Thus, with a hybrid investment home in Kissimmee, you can earn a piece of Orlando’s multibillion-dollar tourism pie and keep your retirement funds replenished with ease.

If you want to earn in retirement, count on Authentic Real Estate Team and Authentic Group for the selection, deals, and services you need to invest with success!
The Best Of Kissimmee Property Investment


Kissimmee Retirement Second Home for Sale

You don’t have to live in Kissimmee full-time to enjoy an amazing retirement in this amazing town.

Kissimmee is a popular place for retired snowbirds, and it’s not hard to see why.

Because with first-rate golf courses, world-class fishing, nearby parks and attractions, and mild weather that makes it accessible all winter long, Kissimmee has everything you need to retire like you’re on an extended vacation.

As Central Florida’s retirement real estate specialists, Authentic Real Estate Team brings you a diverse selection of seasonal retirement real estate in Kissimmee, from 55 plus communities to 55 and over apartments, to non-age-restricted communities and standalone homes that let you retire on your terms.

And with the help of our partners at Authentic Property Management, we bring you the home watch, maintenance, and repair services you need to find peace of mind through the summer.
The Best Of Second Home In Kissimmee For Sale


Get the Most Updated Kissimmee Real Estate Market Data and Statistics!

Retirement can get expensive, and on a fixed income, it’s especially important that you’re careful with your funds.

Those who can make a habit of saving every chance they get can enjoy a longer, more fulfilling retirement.

And one of the best ways to save is by studying the local market before you buy.

At Authentic Real Estate Team, your retirement success is how we measure our success as your retirement realtor.

Therefore, we help you study and save with the latest data from the Kissimmee real estate market.

From average home values to average list to-sell-ratios, to average days on the market, inventory, rental rates, buyer and renter demographics, and more, we’re your source for the most up-to-date statistics, trends, and predictions out of Kissimmee.

So study up and get ready to make a great purchase with Authentic Real Estate Team!
Check Out Kissimmee FL Real Estate Market Updated Data And Statistics


Looking for 55 Plus Communities in Kissimmee FL? Count On the Best Florida Real Estate Team!

senior living kissimmee

So remember, if you’re looking for 55 plus communities, 55 and over apartments, or other senior living in Kissimmee, FL, count on Central Florida’s best real estate team to help make your retirement dreams come true.

With Authentic Real Estate Team, you’ll have your pick of the very best retirement real estate in Kissimmee.

Moreover, you’ll have our partners at Authentic Real Estate Team to help you get the deal you deserve.

Enjoy savings you can use to take your retirement farther!

You’ve worked hard enough, so what are you waiting for?

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