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3 beds
3 baths
1,440 SqFt

MLS #: T3479763 | Townhouse




3 beds
3 baths
1,440 SqFt

MLS #: S5099026 | Townhouse




3 beds
3 baths
1,440 SqFt

MLS #: S5095643 | Townhouse




3 beds
2 baths
1,268 SqFt

MLS #: S5093889 | Condominium


Shopping for investment or residential real estate in Kissimmee? Windsor Palms Property For Sale is for you!

Windsor Palms boasts a prime location, top-of-the-line homes, and 5-star amenities that make it amenable to the needs of residential and investment buyers alike. Windsor Palms Resort, Kissimmee, Florida offers a range of home types for sale at various price points, as well as eco-friendly concepts, giving you many ways to personalize your property and save. But to find the perfect home for your needs and save as much as possible, count on Authentic Real Estate Team.

Along with our partners at Authentic Real Estate Team, Authentic Real Estate Team is specialized in Helping Match you with the best home and get you the deal you deserve. Moreover, we offer a full range of after-sale services to help maximize the life and results of your investment.

So, if you want to make Windsor Palms, Kissimmee your new investment location, home, or home away from home, call Authentic Real Estate Team to find the best property for the best deal!

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Why Should You Buy a Home for Sale in Windsor Palms?

windsor palms property for sale

Whether you’re looking for your next real estate investment, your next home, or a home away from home, you’ll find it for sale in Windsor Palms, Kissimmee.

But only Authentic Real Estate Team in authentic real state team can help you find it for a great low price.

Keep reading to learn why you should buy a home in Windsor Palms, or call today and start your homebuying journey with Authentic Real Estate Team!


1. Cash in on the Growing Trend of Vacation Home Renting

Searching for your next great real estate investment opportunity?

A short-term rental lets you cash in on the growing trend of vacation home renting.

And what better place to go on a vacation rental then Kissimmee, the gateway to Disney.

With over 60-million visitors a year, Walt Disney World is by far the world’s most popular theme park.

And every year, more Disney attendees are opting for vacation rentals as their Accommodations of choice.

With a community short-term rental, tourists can enjoy the comfort of home in a unique resort style setting.

And that’s exactly what they’ll find out Windsor Palms.

Thus, with our selection of homes for sale in Windsor Palms Resort, Kissimmee, you can give your guest the vacation of a lifetime, with luxury condos, townhomes, and single-family homes offering creature comforts like fully equipped kitchens and an array of bedrooms, while novel amenities like themed bedrooms and private movie theaters Inside the homes, and water parks, arcades, and fitness centers at the community clubhouse offer world-class entertainment rolled into their rates.


2. Private Luxury Lodging Near the Happiest Place on Earth

Not all investment returns can be measured in dollars.

When you invest in a Windsor Palms short-term rental, you’ll have a private vacation home of your own to use anytime you desire, for returns you can measure and happiness.

Give your family years of vacation elation with luxury lodging in the happiest place on earth.

Meanwhile, watch your own happiness grow alongside your savings account as you save on your stays with prepaid accommodations, and save on entertainment with prepared amenities.

In fact, while Windsor Palms is just minutes from Disney, you can give your family an amazing vacation without ever leaving the resort.

From the huge heated pool, to a 58-seat family movie theater, to a state-of-the-art arcade, tennis courts, a full fitness center, and more, You and your family will find ourselves all-inclusive entertainment right outside your door!


3. Make Kissimmee Your Home Away From Home for an Extended-Vacation Lifestyle

While Windsor Palms is certainly a great place to own a vacation home, with so much to do in and near the community, a typical vacation lasting a week or less will never be enough time to get it all in.

But with our inventory of seasonal properties for sale in Windsor Palms, you can make Kissimmee, Florida your home away from home, for an extended-vacation lifestyle that lasts all season!

Dreaming of owning a winter getaway in Florida?

Kissimmee makes the ideal place, with a wealth of outdoor recreation options, such as top-flight golf courses, Disney parks and other attractions, world-class fishing, airboat tours, and hot air balloon rides, and mild winter temperatures that keep the fun going all season long.

And in Kissimmee, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better setting for your second home than Windsor Palms.

Enjoy all the creature comforts with open-plan design, spacious master suites, and fully equipped kitchens, as well as Resort-style novelties like hidden pools with waterslides and lazy rivers, playgrounds, and state-of-the-art arcades.

Of course, a second home has to provide all the day-to-day necessities too, And in this regard, Windsor Palms doesn’t disappoint.

You’ll find access to a wealth of local amenities, with the 192 providing connection to the Formosa shopping and dining complex, where you’ll find an Outback Steakhouse, Carrabba’s, Red Lobster, a Winn-Dixie supermarket, and more.


4. Invest Your Way With the Perfect Home Type, Floor Plan, and Amenity Package for Your Needs

No two real estate investors are exactly alike, and the best type of investment property is the one that best reflects your needs and goals.

At Windsor Palms, you’ll find a range of investment home types, in a range of floorplans and with a variety of private amenity packages.

Whether you’re looking for a condo, townhome, a single-family home, leather with a private pool, home movie theater, 3-car garage, or any combination thereof, at Windsor Palms, you can invest your way.

At Authentic Real Estate Team, we specialize in matching investors with the homes that reflects their unique needs and goals.

So call today and tell us what you want to accomplish with your Windsor Palms investment, and let our investment specialists help you find your perfect match at Windsor Palms!


5. Savings You Can Use to Diversify Your Portfolio, Grow Your Investment, or Grow Your Bank Account

When it comes to real estate investing, how much you save is as important to your ROI as How much you earn.

Because, as with any investment, your benefits are measured against your costs.

Fortunately, at Windsor Palms, you’ll find a wealth of ways to save money and increase your relative returns.

As a newly built community, Windsor Palms equips every home with eco-friendly, energy-efficient design and technology.

Save money while you save the world with solar pool heating, sustainable water treatment methods, smart appliances, community recycling, and more.

Moreover, with a range of home types to choose from, you can find the perfect price point for your budget.

Not to mention, thanks to there being no state income tax in Florida, you keep what you earn.

In short, with our inventory is forms for sale in Windsor Palms, Kissimmee, you can Save money and use your savings to diversify your portfolio, grow your investment, or grow your bank account!


What Property Types Can You Find In Windsor Palms Kissimmee?

windsor palms orlando for sale

Windsor Palms offers a variety of form types to meet a range of needs.

Count on Authentic Real Estate Team to help match you with the home that best meets yours!


Windsor Palms Orlando Condos For Sale

Want to make a low-risk, low-maintenance, low-overhead investment that promises high relative returns?

Windsor Palms offers a great selection of condos the promise just that.

With a Windsor Palms condo, you can cut your costs with a great low purchase price and mitigate your risk with building-wide maintenance and no exterior to worry about.
Condos For Sale In Windsor FL


Windsor Palms Resort Townhomes For Sale

Want the affordability of a condo with the space and luxury of a house?

Then our selection of Windsor Palms townhomes may be for you.

Get more luxury for less money with features like fully equipped kitchen, open plans downstairs, and an array of bedrooms above offering all the comforts of home, while magical upgrades like splash pools and themed bedrooms immerse you in enchantment.

And with flexible sizes and rates, Windsor Palms townhomes post crossover amenability to the needs of renters and investors alike!
Townhomes For Sale In Windsor Palms FL


Single-Family Homes In Windsor Palms Resort For Sale

Looking for a smart investment strategy?

Disney is the family vacation Mecca of the world.

So what better way to invest in Kissimmee, the “Gateway to Disney,” than with a single-family short-term rental!

Windsor Palms boasts a great selection of single-family homes in an array of styles, sizes, and sleeping configurations.

But no matter what floor plan you choose, expect to find gourmet kitchens, formal dining spaces, open-plan layouts, energy saving design and technology, and more, standard in every home!
Single Family Homes For Sale In Windsor Palms


See All Home Types For Sale In Kissimmee FL!

Want to explore the wider Kissimmee real estate market?

Kissimmee’s housing market is large and highly differential, with something for everyone.

But at Authentic Real Estate Team, we don’t just regurgitate what’s on the Kissimmee market.

We specialize in finding the best of the best Kissimmee real estate from across the spectrum of home types, amenity packages, and locations.

Every home in our inventory is hand-picked for quality, beauty, and value; but don’t just take our word for it.

See what’s available in your preferred property type by accessing the links below!

Kissimmee Florida Vacation Home For Sale
New Homes For Sale In Kissimmee FL
Pool Homes For Sale In Kissimmee FL
Luxury Homes For Sale In Kissimmee FL
Kissimmee FL Lake Homes For Sale
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Homes For Sale In Kissimmee With Guest House
Kissimmee Golf Course Real Estate
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Communities With Fitness Center In Kissimmee FL
Communities With Tennis Court In Kissimmee Florida
Open Houses In Kissimmee FL
Communities With Pool In Kissimmee FL
Homes In Kissimmee FL With 1 Acre
Two Story Homes For Sale In Kissimmee FL
3 Car Garage Homes For Sale In Kissimmee FL


Homes For Sale in Other Gated Communities Besides Windsor Palms

Kissimmee is a haven for gated community real estate.

Therefore, if you didn’t see what you were looking for in Windsor Palms, don’t dismay; we’re just getting started!

Whether you’re a residential or investment buyer, a gated community can augment your quality of life and returns with manned entries, top-quality homes by renowned builders, resort-style amenities, and in Kissimmee, short-term rental friendly policies.

But not all Kissimmee communities are created equal; and that’s where we come in.

At Authentic Real Estate Team, we’ve spent years getting to know Kissimmee’s best gated communities, all the while gaining exclusive access and benefits we pass on to you.

Explore our all-star lineup of Kissimmee communities below to see what’s on offer!

Homes For Sale in Tapestry Kissimmee
Homes In Sonoma Resort Kissimmee For Sale
Homes In Solara Resort For Sale
Homes In West Lucaya Village For Sale
Windsor At Westside Homes For Sale
Homes In Lucaya Village Resort For Sale
Homes In Le Reve Orlando For Sale
Homes In Storey Lake For Sale
Homes In Bella Vida Kissimmee For Sale
Windsor Hills Florida Real Estate For Sale
Homes In Magic Village Orlando For Sale


Authentic Real Estate Team: Your Definitive Realtor For The Best Deals In Windsor Palms Kissimmee

windsor palms kissimmee

Looking for a definitive source of deals on Windsor Palms Kissimmee real estate?

Look no further than the definitive Kissimmee realtor, Authentic Real Estate Team.

At Authentic, we specialize in helping buyers get the deals they deserve, with the market access to find great values, and the negotiating skills to minimize your purchase price.

And along the way, we offer the superior customer service that’s one of us more than 150 customers for life.

So, for a great deal on your Windsor Palms, Florida property, call Authentic Real Estate Team and join our growing family satisfied Authentic buyers today!


List Your Home In Windsor Palms For Sale (Or Another Kissimmee Location)

Every investment success story has to have an ending.

Count on Authentic Real Estate Team to help make your ending happy!

When and if you’re ready to sell your Windsor Palms home, Authentic Real Estate Team will be there with the comprehensive seller’s services you need to minimize your time to sell and maximize your profits.

Count on Authentic Real Estate Team for all your home selling needs, including:


  • Decluttering and depersonalizing
  • Renovating and staging your home to meet the demands of the Kissimmee market
  • Pricing for perfection
  • Professional photography and videography that flatters your home
  • Listing on hundreds of real estate sites and authentic sign platforms
  • Email campaigns and newsletters
  • Social media marketing
  • High-quality signage
  • Virtual and in person showings
  • Open houses turn your sale into an event, and make your home the*
  • Helping you make strategic counter offers
  • Title, escrow, and closing services
  • And more!


The Best Windsor Palms Resort Property Management Services

With proximity to Disney, theme park-level amenities on site, and strong growth in the local area, Windsor Palms has great potential as your real estate investment destination.

But if you want to turn potential into profit, you need great property management.

With Authentic Real Estate Team, you’ll find a full range of property management services to help you maximize the care and results of your investment.

Whether you need home watch for your second home, leasing for your long-term rental, booking, promotion, concierge services, and management referrals for your vacation home, or any combination thereof, Authentic Real Estate Team offers comprehensive administrative assistance to help you extend the life of your home and grow your returns.

So, keep all your investment services under one roof with the team you know and trust, and count on Authentic Real Estate Team for all your property management needs in Windsor Palms!
The Best Of Windsor Palms FL Property Managment Service In Kissimmee


Support for Investing In Homes For Sale Windsor Palms Resort Florida

Do you need financial support to bring your Windsor Palms investment dreams to life?

Authentic Real Estate Team is here to help!

We can help you find a loan that works for your needs, whether through our in-house lenders, or our trusted partners in local finance, with the rates, terms, and conditions that best help you reach your investment goals.

Because even for an investment entrepreneur, financial support can be necessary to get your dreams off the ground.

So if you’ve been dreaming of investing at Windsor Palms, don’t just keep dreaming.

Make your dreams come true with financial support from Authentic Real Estate Team!
The Best Of Windsor Palms Property Investment


Buy a Second Home for Sale In Windsor Palms Orlando

A great second home is one part domestic comfort and one part R&R.

And with a second home in Windsor Palms, that’s just what you’ll get.

With our selection of homes for sale in Windsor Palms, Florida, you’ll find domestic bliss in gourmet kitchens, master bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, and integrated living spaces.

And with novel amenities like themed bedrooms and game rooms in the homes, and a water park and arcade at the clubhouse, you can live the months-long vacation lifestyle of your dreams.

Planning to use your home during the winter?

With mild winters and no snow in sight, you can stay active and comfortable all season long!

Count on Authentic Real Estate Team for great low prices on seasonal homes for sale in Windsor Palms Resort, Kissimmee!
The Best Of Second Home In Windsor Palms For Sale


See The Best Of Kissimmee Real Estate For Sale!

Want to survey the field of Kissimmee real estate?

Authentic Real Estate Team brings you a curated collection of the best homes from across the Kissimmee market.

Browse our full inventory today and see what speaks to you.

You never know; your dream home could be something you never dreamed of!
Meet The Best Realtors In Windsor Palms FL


Make the Right Choice: Windsor Palms Property For Sale For The Best Deals!

windsor palms florida homes for sale

So, if you want to make investment magic near the most magical place on earth, enjoy an enchanted home away from home, or Live in a unique resort setting full-time, Windsor palms, Kissimmee might be for you.

Count on Authentic Real Estate Team Team for the best selection of Windsor Palms Kissimmee, Florida properties at the best deals.

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