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Long Term Property Management Services

Are you looking for short term property management in Orlando? We can help!

At Authentic Real Estate Team, we don’t simply abandon you once the whole business of your Orlando property purchase has been concluded. Following your successful Orlando real estate purchase, Authentic Real Estate Team will continue to provide you with after-sales or property management services should you so desire.

Many investors lack the time and/or resources to market the property and locate good tenants. Many investors would prefer not to be bothered with the day-to-day management minutia that go along with renting properties in the Orlando area. For many, logistical issues might prevent close involvement in the property management process. For example, some investors do not reside in Orlando, or even within the United States. Others simply prefer to hire the services of a real estate company to oversee everything that is involved in the management of investment properties.


Partner With Authentic Real Estate Team

When you trust the details of your investment property management to Authentic Real Estate Team, you can sleep easy knowing that everything affecting your Orlando property will be handled in a clear, secure, and time effective manner. At Authentic Real Estate Team, we aim to manage all properties in such a way that the owner-investor is presented with the least possible amount of work. From marketing to repairs, from interfacing with home owner’s association to handling inquires from tenants and potential tenants, Authentic Real Estate Team does it all so that you don’t have to spend your precious time worrying about the everyday details of managing your Orlando property. At Authentic Real Estate Team, our property management services are affordable, reliable, and highly effective.


Great Service At An Affordable Price

When you trust your property management needs to Authentic Real Estate Team, you get a comprehensive service at an unbeatable price. To save you the headache and hassle of bad tenants, we market your property extensively to ensure a broad selection of applicants from which to choose. In order to ensure that we place the best tenant in your property, we do an up-to-date credit check and as well as an exhaustive background check on all would-be occupants who are at least 18 years of age. Our priority is to ensure that you always have a good tenant.
At this point, you must be wondering: How much does long term property management cost? Not nearly as much as you might think! At Authentic Real Estate Team we are dedicated to offering our clients only the finest service at a great prices. To cover the cost of locating the perfect tenant for your Orlando property, Authentic Real Estate Team will retain 100% of the first month’s rent. After the first month, our long term property management fee is only 10% of the monthly rent.

You heard right! For a fee of just 10% of your monthly property rent, you receive service that far exceeds the cost. We will interact with the tenant, as well as homeowner’s associations where applicable, on your behalf. When you trust the management of your Orlando property to the experts at Authentic Real Estate Team, you can sit back and relax while we take care of business on your behalf.


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