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Technically, almost everything your realtor does to sell your home, including staging, pricing, and showing the property, can be called marketing. For simplicity’s sake, we’ve narrowed the focus here to a few techniques that we at Orlando Homes For Sale believe we, through innovation, reach, and experience, do better than anyone else in Central Florida.



The National Association of Realtors has found that when it comes to deciding what homes to view, buyers cite photos as the number-one most influential factor. Further studies by the NAR have shown homes photographed using a high-quality camera and lens to sell for thousands more than homes that only get a low-resolution shoot. Here are a few of the innovative tools and techniques we employ, at no additional charge, to capture photos that bring out the best in your home.

  • High-End Cameras and Lenses: We’ve spared no expense when it comes to our photography equipment. When it comes to our cameras and lenses, we use only top-of-the-line, professional models. If a good photo can be taken of your home, we can take it.
  • Exterior Photography: We photograph your home’s exterior from every angle, shooting at times of the day when lighting is at its most flattering for your home, capturing the beauty of not just your house but your entire property.
  • Interior Photography: After we’ve helped you get your home beautifully staged, we take our professional cameras inside to capture your interior in all its immaculate, like-new glory. Our keen eye for lighting, angles, and composition means every shot we take of your home’s interior communicates comfort, warmth, and style to potential buyers.
  • Drone Photos/Videos: Our FAA-licensed drone pilots capture dramatic, thrilling aerial photos and videos of your property, going above and beyond the competition quite literally.



As we’ve seen, a great photo-shoot can bring out the best in your home. But if nobody gets to see it, you might as well have just sketched it on a napkin. We can help you get the exposure your home deserves with our exclusive network of clients and listing services. Our services include:

Listing: We post your listing to more than 150 major listing sites including Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Zillow, Trulia, and

Social Media: We also advertise your home on all the major social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Newsletters and Emails: We feature your listing in newsletters and emails to our exclusive and expansive database of clients.

Our Website: We will list your property on our search engine-optimized website, which also features in-depth profiles of all the communities we serve, because buyers aren’t just buying your home, they’re “buying the neighborhood” that comes with it.



In this digital age, the old-fashioned sign sometimes gets short shrift as an advertising tool. But at Orlando Homes For Sale, we believe in tried-and- true marketing methods just as much as innovative ones. This is where signage comes in. We provide high-quality for-sale signs at no additional cost to you, which can help your sale in the following ways:

Visual Appeal: Professional signs can be visually appealing, becoming part of your home’s overall curb appeal.

Directing Flow: Just as billboards direct travelers to restaurants or other places of business, professional for-sale signs direct a steadier flow of buyers to your home.

Serious Buyers: Buyers who follow signage to a home are likely more serious about making offers, having already seen the neighborhood, street, and property, and decided they liked all three enough to stop in for a look.

MARKETING STRATEGIES – Our combination of cutting-edge and time-tested marketing techniques can help you sell your home for as much money, in as little time, as possible. See how the master marketers at the Orlando Homes For Sale can bring out the very best in your home.

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