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Orlando Real Estate Seller Services

We offer a wide range of Orlando real estate seller services here at “Authentic Real Estate Team.” Whether you’re looking to sell your home, condo, vacation home, or townhome — our team is here to ensure you have the best possible selling experience.


Sell Orlando Real Estate

The goal when selling any Orlando Real Estate is always ensuring you get the very best price and terms. We’ll conduct all of the necessary market research, evaluating your property, your neighborhood, and local real estate sales history. We’ll also help you prepare your property for best presentation at time of sale. Our real estate team will represent you every step of the way.


Selling Orlando Homes

Are you selling your Orlando home? According to recent research, the average homeowner in the U.S.A. will sell their home approximately every 5-7 years, which usually means about 5-10 times in a lifetime. We’re here to make that process easy!

We can help you prepare your home for listing, find the best buyer, and plan your move. And if you’ve struggled with a “For Sale By Owner” approach in the past, we can identify why and help you get far better results by listing with us.


Selling Orlando Condos

Are you considering selling your Orlando condominium? We have lots of experience helping sellers with condo real estate too! At the end of the day, “a home is a home” no matter how big or how small. We’ll help you handle the listing and sell of your condo in Orlando.


Selling Orlando Vacation Homes

We can help you sell your vacation property too. Orlando is one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations, both for domestic travelers with the United States and foreign visitors from abroad. We’ll help you prep your vacation home for listing and find an investor-buyer to purchase your property.


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