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The Orlando City Soccer Team

The United Estates is a country where the predominant sports are Football, Basketball, Baseball and Hockey. On the other hand, soccer, which is not so popular in America, has gained more popularity, increased notoriety, and attracted the attention of media and sponsors. The four best-known professional leagues, referred as “Big Four” (NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL), are the most popular when it comes to sports. Even though, soccer comes in fifth place, it has been leading a good crowd to the stadiums. The average of fans per game in 2014 was the largest in American history, with 19,000 fans per game. The trend is that in 2015 this number will be even larger, especially with the arrival of famous names, such as the Brazilian player Kaka, who was voted as the best player in the world in 2007. He signed a three and a half years contract with Orlando City; he will also be the highest paid player in the American soccer league.

Known as “The Lions” the Orlando soccer team has a recent history. It was founded in 2010, and it will be implemented officially in the Major League Soccer (MLS) this year (2015). After paying 100 million dollars for the team, the Brazilian entrepreneur Flavio Augusto da Silva, 42 years old, is the current owner of the club.

According to Flavio, hiring Kaka was not a big challenge because the player realized that the MLS, is growing and that he might have an similar image to David Beckham; considering that both have an established past, full of achievements, and have great charisma. Again, with an arrival of a famous star, which was elected once as the world’s best, is the confirmation that Orlando city is entering in the world of the soccer, with great expectations.

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