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Shopping In Orlando, Florida – Great Deals On Luxury Products

People who have traveled to the U.S probably noticed the huge difference in prices of products, compared to Brazil and many other countries. The city of Orlando, Florida is a great place for tourists who are looking to shop as it has a wide variety of clothes, shoes, watches and much more goods of the best brands at the city’s outlets and shopping centers. For example, a simple polo shirt can cost four times cheaper in the land of Mickey Mouse than at a shopping center in São Paulo-SP. Other goods such as electronics, furniture and automobiles are also very cheap here. An IPhone 6 with 64 GB sell in an average for $ 749 (about R$ 1,950.00 reais), while in Brazil it is hardly found for less than R$ 3,000.

The state of Florida has one of the lowest U.S sales tax rates (6%). In addition, the state also does not collect state income tax of its residents. Florida residents only pay federal income tax, unlike many other U.S states that in addition of paying federal income tax, residents are required to pay income tax to the state. For these reasons, Orlando, “The Beautiful City” is a wonderful opportunity for prosperity, and great for professional and personal accomplishments. After all, it’s not every place that you can enjoy so many attractions, gaze at beautiful scenery, and have financial growth opportunities, with such a low cost of living. Orlando is in an intense process of economic and population expansion, it is no longer just known for its tourism but it is becoming a major financial center. Keller Williams Realty is ready to help you achieve the “American Dream”; by assisting you throughout the process of purchasing or selling a home in Orlando. Contact the realtor Tiago Ferreira today, and he can help you find the right property for you and for your family. Here in Orlando you can have a better quality of life, for a great price.

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