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Orlando’s world-famous theme parks attract over 60 million visitors every year. Among these millions, a growing number are opting for the comfort, convenience, and value of vacation homes over Orlando’s many hotels and park-affiliated resorts. But the Central Florida neighborhoods that accommodate short-term rental investments are few, and the factors that must align for a successful investment are many.

At Authentic Real Estate Team, we have the area knowledge to find the perfect short-term rental investments property for you, and the comprehensive services to help you get the highest possible return on your investment.

The following brief profiles will give you a textual tour of the three Central Florida municipalities that allow short-term rentals.



Davenport is an historic city first settled in 1838 as Fort Davenport, during the Second Seminole War. With “Old Florida” charm and rolling green hills, it’s a welcome foil to the flat concrete expanses of Orlando proper, and popular with Central Florida homebuyers. But another attribute has made Davenport a real estate hotspot: vacation rentals.

At 20 miles from Walt Disney World, Davenport is just far enough from the teeming traffic and crowds to offer vacationers tranquility, while still being just a short drive on I-4 from the park. This excellent location ensures a steady stream of renters all year long. And with property tax rates sitting at .75 percent compared to the national average of 1.15, investors can maximize their returns.



Kissimmee’s one-time popularity as a ranching town is still evinced in its surreal abutment of cow pastures to the many lurid and architecturally whimsical hotels and resorts that dot the landscape. While today Kissimmee’s ranching business has slowed considerably, its economy still thrives on a steady diet of tourist dollars, due in large part to this abundance of hotels and resorts. But now a new lodging option is gaining popularity with visitors, and making cashing in on Orlando’s booming tourism industry easier than ever. We’re talking vacation homes.

At just 15 minutes from Disney, and just 20 from Universal Studios, Kissimmee features an excellent location. And while property taxes are somewhat higher than Davenport, single family homes in Kissimmee can be had for about 13,000 dollars less, more than making up the difference.


Vista Cay

In Orlando proper, Vista Cay Resort is the only place you’ll find short-term rentals. The resort features 2 and 3 bedroom condos and townhouses, plus a range of amenities including a luxury clubhouse, vanishing-edge pool, movie theatre, and poolside liquor bar. At 8 miles from Disney World, and just 2 from the Orange County Convention Center, Vista Cay boasts the best location of Orlando’s three vacation home destinations.

Situated on the banks of Big Lake Cay, Vista Cay Resort offers idyllic beauty to rival its modern conveniences. This, combined with its great location, makes this resort an extremely popular option with vacationers, and as such, an extremely lucrative investment option.



If you’re interested in tapping into the unparalleled profitability of Orlando’s vacation home market, the Authentic Real Estate Team is here to help. Whether you’re dreaming of Davenport, Kissimmee, or Vista Cay, we have the knowledge and resources to help you make your dream a reality.

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