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Anyone who’s ever moved knows it can be one of the most stressful tasks one can undertake in their lifetime. On top of the monumental effort required to sell your home, transplanting your life from one house to another adds a steep final ascent to the mountain-climb that is selling a property. You can’t hope to eliminate this stress altogether, but with careful planning and these helpful tips for a smooth move, you can at least make sure you’re properly prepared, mitigating your anxiety and ensuring that the move goes as smoothly as possible.


Plan Ahead

Tips for a smooth move requires copious and careful planning. Before you schedule your moving date, you’ll want to confirm your closing date with your listing agent. You’ll also want to have all your important records transferred ahead of time, such as school, medical, and financial records.

Another way to plan ahead is by holding a garage sale. Look around you. Are there items you never use? Items you barely knew you had? Ones you’d completely forgotten about? If you forgot they existed, it most likely means you can go without them. A garage sale can lighten the load of your move and put some much-needed cash in your pocket.


Tips for a smooth move – Change of Address

Moving without notifying others of your new address is like going for a hike in the wilderness without letting anyone know where you’ll be. Both can leave you feeling stranded, and are generally a bad idea. Make sure you fill out the change of address notice on your bills, inform any subscriptions you might have (magazines usually ask for 4-6 weeks notice), and provide your forwarding address to your local post office. By taking these steps, you won’t have to worry about getting lost on your moving adventure.


Tips for a smooth move – Prudent Packing

Prudent packing strategies are essential to a smooth move. One of the biggest stressors of moving is getting all of your possessions packed so that they are both safe and logically organized. Waiting until the last minute to box up your belongings can compromise both their safety and organization, as well as a good deal of your sanity. So spread the boxing process out. Doing a little at a time will make it feel like less work, allow you to better protect your possessions, and make the unboxing process go more smoothly once you move.

Your local grocery store is a great place to get moving boxes. Most will give them away free of charge, but for smaller stores, request them ahead of time as they may only receive shipments once a week and will only accommodate you if you specify when you’re coming. And be sure to request boxes of various sizes.

Once you start packing, separate items into what you’ll need on the road (meds, maps, toys and toiletries), what you’ll need when you first arrive at your new home (cleaning items and tools, food, clothes), and what you can take your time unpacking. Label all your boxes and consider buying bubble wrap or packing peanuts for your fragile items.


Tips for a smooth move – The Big Day

On the day of your move, make sure you can at least meet briefly with your movers, if not be there to oversee the whole job, in order to avoid confusion or extra costs. If you’re handling it yourself, take a measured, orderly approach to loading the truck to ensure you maximize space and don’t end up stacking your dumbbell set on top of your Hummels.

The last thing to do before you leave is a final check of all rooms, closets, cabinets, etc. to make sure nothing gets left behind. Save a couple extra boxes for stragglers and miscellaneous misfit items. Finally, turn off all lights, lock your doors and windows, and hand over your keys to your realtor. Congratulations! You’re ready to hit the road.

At the Authentic Real Estate Team, we understand the stress of moving. But with our help, you can be sure you’ll have the resources at your disposal to make it a smooth move. We can assist you in planning for your move, finding a reliable moving team, opening new bank accounts, and handing over the keys to the new owners. So relax, take a deep breath, and get ready for your great moving adventure.

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