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A process as high-stakes, complex, and potentially confusing as buying a home is a tall order to take on by yourself, and unless the home is for-sale-by-owner, isn’t even possible without an agent. But a qualified real estate professional can take the stress and confusion out of the process while ensuring you walk away with the best home, at the best price, for your needs. A good buyer’s agent is a master of many domains. Having an understanding of what they do, even if only a surface understanding, will help you better communicate with your agent. And when it comes to working with a buyer’s agent, communication is key. Here’s a brief rundown of a buyer’s agent’s duties to help you understand what we do to facilitate your purchase.


What a buyers agent does – Help You get Pre-Approved

If you plan to finance your purchase, the Authentic Real Estate Team is here to help you get pre-approved for a mortgage loan. Our comprehensive network of industry professionals includes Central Florida’s most reputable lenders, representing both private institutions and banks. We’ll sit down with you and look over your finances, including your income-to-debt ratio, down payment savings, and credit score, and help you get pre-approved for a mortgage that makes you a competitive contender, at rates that won’t break the bank.


What a buyers agent does – Help You Find a Home

Given Orlando’s massive size and multiplicity of neighborhoods, there are plenty of homes to choose from. But this abundance, coupled with the judgment-clouding emotions that a beautiful home can elicit, can make the decision-making process feel overwhelming. You need a buyer’s agent with the area expertise and objectivity to help you narrow the field, accounting for things like safety- and school ratings, prices, and community restrictions. As buyer’s agents with years of experience serving the entire greater Orlando area, the Authentic Real Estate Team can help you zero in on the home or investment property that’s best for you.


What a buyers agent does – Making Offers

After our team helps you find the home that fits your taste, budget, and goals, we can also help you make an offer. Following a comparative market analysis and inspection of the home in question, we’ll help you structure an offer that strikes the balance between maximum competitiveness and minimum detriment to your finances.


What a buyers agent does – Closing

During the closing process, the funds and paperwork are collected by a third-party escrow agent in order to finalize the sale. Closing can be complicated, but the Authentic Real Estate Team is here to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible. Whether through seller’s title company or through any of the various title/escrow agencies in our extensive network of industry professionals, you can be sure that when it comes time to settle your purchase, you’ll be in good hands.

There’s a reason the Authentic Real Estate Team has come to be regarded as Orlando’s leading buyer’s agents. Our team’s years of experience, local market expertise, and broad network of industry professionals has allowed us to facilitate countless purchases at the best prices for our clients. Let us put our experience, knowledge, and connections to work for you.

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