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4 beds
3 baths
2,808 SqFt

MLS #: G5064580 | Single Family Residence




4 beds
3 baths
2,406 SqFt

MLS #: O6065768 | Single Family Residence


If you’re in the market for an investment property in Montverde, FL, Authentic Real Estate Team has the selection, deals, and after-sale services to help you make the most of your profit potential. Montverde lets your renters get away from it all and have it all within reach, for the best of both worlds and crossover renter appeal.

But only Authentic Real Estate Team helps you invest in Montverde for less. So, if you’ve been dreaming of buying investment property in Montverde, FL, let Authentic Real Estate Team help you make your dreams come true.

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Buying Investment Property in Montverde FL?

montverde investment property

If you’re dreaming of buying an investment property in Montverde, FL, stop dreaming and call Authentic Real Estate Team today. Because there’s never been a better time to invest in Montverde real estate.

The Orlando area is growing like never before, taking in 6,000 new Orlandoans a month, and laying the foundations for billions of dollars worth of new infrastructure and attractions. And what’s more, the growth is expected to continue for at least a decade, with Orlando projected to rival the biggest cities in America by 2030. 

As Orlando becomes more densely populated, places like Montverde, where idyllic surroundings meet convenience to points of interest at attractions, will grow evermore in demand, driving up rates and home values and driving down average days on market. For the time being, however, prices for Montverde investment real estate are still affordable.

Find yours today with Authentic Real Estate Team!


Authentic Real Estate Team: The Best Broker in Montverde FL!

At Authentic Real Estate Team, we bring over 10 years of experience and a large network of trusted industry professionals to every investment sale.

As part of the Authentic family real estate companies, we’ve helped many investors find investment success in Montverde, and we can help you too.

We’ll take you through the whole homebuying journey, from finding financing to finding your home, to helping you make strategic offers, negotiating with the seller’s agent, title and escrow, closing, and beyond with after-sale services that help you reach your full profit potential.


The Best Selection of Investment Properties in Montverde

Looking for the best selection of investment properties in Montverde, FL?

Look no further than the best Montverde realtor.

At Authentic Real Estate Team, we’ve pounded the pavement to find Montverde’s very best investment homes. From apartments to estate homes, our inventory represents the cream of the Montverde crop, with sizes and styles, prices and locations, for every need.

Because there’s no wrong way to invest – unless you’re investing without Authentic Real Estate Team.


A Definitive Deal for Montverde Rental Property Investment!

Not only does Authentic Real Estate Team bring you the best selection of Montverde investment real estate.We bring you the best deals! Because the first step on your journey toward investment success is getting a great deal on your Montverde investment property.

And the first step towards getting a great deal on your Montverde investment property is calling the definitive Montverde real estate agency – Authentic Real Estate Team.


Why Buy an Investment Property in Montverde FL?

investment properties for sale in montverde fl

Whether you want to invest with a long-term rental or a buy-and-hold second home, Montverde promises low time to sell and rent, high average rates, and high appreciation.


1. Long-Term Rental Rates on the Rise

Central Florida is one of the fastest-growing regions in the country.

As people flee overpriced and overcrowded cities up north and out west, the Orlando area is growing at an astonishing 1,000 new arrivals a week.

As many of these new arrivals are millennials, the vast majority are looking to rent.

Thus, rates for long-term rentals in Montverde are on the rise, and forecasted to keep rising for at least another 10 years.


2. Home Values Going Up

Experts suggest that by the year 2030, Orlando’s population will rival those of the biggest cities in America.

Implicit in that projection is the suggestion that home values will, as well.

For the time being, Montverde is still an affordable place to invest; but who’s to say how long it will stay that way.

Therefore, if you’ve been dreaming of buying an investment property in Montverde, FL, stop dreaming and call Authentic Real Estate Team today.


3. A Second Home in One of the Most Vital Regions in America

A buy-and-hold second home doesn’t just give you a nest egg you can liquefy in the future.

You’ll also have your very own home away from home in one of the most exciting, vital regions in America.

With a lush natural setting and easy access to Orlando’s best points of interest and attractions, Montverde gives you the best of both worlds, for a second home that’s equal parts escapist and practical.
The Best Of Second Home In Montverde FL For Sale


The Best Reason: Montverde Real Estate Market Data and Statistics!

Need more convincing?

If you’re still not sure if investing in Montverde is the right move for you, check out the latest statistics from the Montverde real estate market.

Because while Authentic Real Estate Team would never lie to you, we of course have a vested interest.

But the numbers are impartial!
Check Out Montverde FL Real Estate Market Updated Data And Statistics


What Are the Best Neighborhoods in Montverde for Investment Property?

buying investment property in montverde fl

Montverde has an assortment of neighborhoods to suit a range of investment needs.

Discover a couple great Montverde neighborhoods, handpicked by the Authentic Real Estate Team, today!


1. Pines of Montverde

Pines of Montverde offers investors the chance to own a relatively new home in a well-established community.

Properties for sale in this upscale neighborhood are fairly large, with construction dating from 2001 to 2005.

That puts Pines of Montverde in the sweet spot, letting you find homes with contemporary design elements like integrated living spaces, while giving the neighborhood and its surroundings enough time to come into their own.

Thus, you’ll find plenty of value-enhancing local amenities like shopping, dining, and great schools, near Pines of Montverde.


2. Trails of Montverde

Looking for a great neighborhood where are you can save on your Montverde investment home?

Dating back to 1987, Trails of Montverde features large properties at relatively small prices.

In the years since construction began, the neighborhood, and the surrounding area, have continued to grow and develop, making Trails of Montverde an ideal place for your second home or long-term investment rental.


Meet the Best Selection for Investment Properties for Sale in Montverde FL!

Whatever kind of home, with whatever kind of amenities, best helps you reach your investment goals, Authentic Real Estate Team can help you find it for a great deal in Montverde.


Vacation Investment Properties in Montverde

Montverde is not currently zoned for short-term vacation rentals.

However, if you’d like to invest in a private vacation home in Montverde, or a short-term rental in a nearby Central Florida city, Authentic Real Estate Team can help!
See In Montverde Florida Vacation Homes For Sale


Investment Properties for Sale in Montverde With Pool

A private pool can accelerate your time to rent and your appreciation.

Plus, it’s the perfect way to beat the heat at your seasonal Montverde home.
See All Homes For Sale In Montverde FL With Pool


New Properties for Best Investment!

Authentic Real Estate Team is your source for the best new construction investment properties in Montverde, FL.
See The Best New Homes In Montverde FL For Sale


Invest in Luxury Homes in Montverde!

Want to level up the luxury on your real estate investment portfolio?

From townhomes with private pools to mansions with private boat docks, Authentic Real Estate Team can help you score the deal you deserve on the luxury investment home of your dreams in Montverde.
See All Luxury Homes For Sale In Montverde FL


Investment Townhomes in Montverde

Our selection of investment townhomes in Montverde aren’t your average duplexes.

With fully equipped kitchens, integrated living spaces, enormous master suites, and even private pools, these are real homes with real investment viability.
See All Townhomes For Sale In Montverde FL


Lakefront Properties for Real Estate Investment in Montverde FL

A lake view can more than double your home’s value.

Invest in the splendor of nature with a Montverde lakefront property from Authentic Real Estate Team.
See All Lakefront Homes For Sale In Montverde FL


Apartments Condos for the Best Property Investment

Looking for the best investment condos in Montverde?

Look no further than Montverde’s best investment realtor – Authentic Real Estate Team.
See All Condos For Sale In Montverde FL


Montverde Villas to Invest in Real Estate

Our selection of Montverde investment villas must be seen to be believed.

Invest in smiles and enjoy a vacation lifestyle that lasts the whole season, with home movie theaters, state-of-the-art game rooms, private screened-in pools and spas, and more.
See All Villas For Sale In Montverde Florida


Investment Properties With Guest House

Want to turn your investment property into a veritable investment compound!

Authentic Real Estate Team is your source for the best properties with guest houses in Montverde.
See All Homes For Sale In Montverde With Guest House


Montverde Investment Properties in Communities!

Looking for a safe, secure investment where your assets are guarded by a gated entry and HOA?

Authentic Real Estate Team has your key to Montverde’s premier gated community – Bella Collina.
The Best Of Montverde FL Property Investment


Bella Collina

Bella Collina is Montverde’s premiere gated community, and one of the most highly desirable places to live and invest in Orlando.

Here you’ll find gorgeous estate homes and condos with lake and golf course views, in a secure gated location that puts effortless living at your fingertips.

Bella Collina‘s signature Mediterranean-style clubhouse is nothing short of jaw dropping, and is a popular spot for weddings and other events.

Also featured is a robust amenities package complete with a resort-style pool, hiking trails, a state-of-the-art fitness center, tennis facility, and 2 on-site restaurants.

Furthermore, the Bella Collina golf course, designed by Sir Nick Faldo, is one of the most renowned in the state.
See In Bella Collina Homes For Sale


See All Homes for Sale in Montverde FL!

Making a real estate investment is a big decision.

Therefore, it’s important to make sure you considered all your options.

To see all of our amazing investment properties for sale in Montverde, FL, head to our main inventory now!
See All Homes For Sale In Montverde FL


Talk With a Montverde Real Estate Agent for the Best Deals!

montverde investment properties for sale

As an entrepreneur, you’ve made your career on your own terms.

Even so, sometimes it can help to talk to a professional.

Our friendly, experienced agents are standing by, ready to help you make the investment of a lifetime in Montverde.

Talk to our team today!
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Want to Sell Your Home in Montverde?

Do you want to sell your investment property in Montverde?

Want to do it in less time, and for a better price?

Then you want the experienced seller’s agents at Authentic Real Estate Team.

We can take you through your entire sale, with incredible customer service and amazing results.
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The Definitive Property Management Services for Your Investment Property in Montverde FL

At Authentic Real Estate Team, your success is our success.

Therefore, we offer a full set of property management services in house, and priced low, to help you realize your full investment potential.
Meet The Best Property Management Montverde FL Services!


Count on the Best Broker for Montverde Investment Property!

investment property in montverde fl

So remember, if you want to make the best investment in Montverde real estate, count on Authentic Real Estate Team and the best investment broker in Montverde, Authentic Real Estate Team.

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