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3 beds
3 baths
2,310 SqFt

MLS #: O6020233 | Townhouse




4 beds
2 baths
1,678 SqFt

MLS #: S5067854 | Townhouse




4 beds
2 baths
1,982 SqFt

MLS #: O6026257 | Townhouse

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2 beds
2 baths
1,706 SqFt

MLS #: O6027820 | Townhouse


Is the townhome lifestyle appealing to you? Are you looking for townhomes in central Florida? Then look no further, because townhomes for sale in Lake Nona have everything you need! A brilliant success story in urban planning, Lake Nona is one of the fastest-growing and most highly sought after areas in Orlando. There is a wide variety of townhouses in Lake Nona, Florida, and the experienced pros at Authentic Real Estate Team can help you find the perfect match for your needs! Contact Authentic Real Estate Team to start looking for townhouses for sale in Lake Nona today. Or read on to learn why this region is such a great place to live.


Why Should I Buy a Townhome for Sale in Lake Nona?

Buying a townhome is a great option for many families because it has everything you want in a house, without the headaches.

If you’re considering buying a townhome in Lake Nona, there are many reasons why this could be the perfect place to live and work.

Here are some of the top ones:


1. Great Schools – Townhomes for Sale in Lake Nona Are Zoned for Highly Rated Schools

Great Schools Lake Nona Townhomes


Lake Nona is home to some of the highest- rated, most prestigious schools in the county.

In fact, the Florida Department of Education has given many schools in the area a top score for their performance and parent satisfaction.


2. Prime Location – Townhomes for Sale in Lake Nona Are Well-Located!

Perfectly situated near both the Orlando International Airport and Lake Nona Medical City, Lake Nona has a lot to offer in terms of location.

There are a variety of restaurants, shops, entertainment, banks, and so on, plus the nearby highways give you easy access to other parts of Orlando (including a short drive to Disney World).


3. Lake Nona Medical City – Lake Nona Townhomes Are Near the Renowned Medical City

As mentioned , Lake Nona is home to a huge park known as Medical City.

There are many different health and life sciences facilities within this sprawling area, including a children’s hospital, a research institute, a veteran’s center, and several campuses associated with local universities.


4. USTA National Campus – Lake Nona Townhomes Give You Access to the USTA National Campus

Another benefit to buying townhomes in Lake Nona is having access to the USTA National Campus, which is the largest tennis facility of its kind in the country.

Whether you’re a professional tennis player or just do it as a hobby, the innovative center has over 100 courts and developmental programs to fit your tennis needs.


5. Trending Area – Lake Nona Townhomes Benefit From Local Growth!

Now is the best time to look at buying townhouses in Lake Nona, Florida.

It is a region that is growing quickly and only going to get better.

It has several family-oriented communities to choose from and new homes for all types of buyers.

Plus it has several nearby conveniences, such as the airport and medical city, that make it very attractive for new buyers.


6. Safety First – Townhomes for Sale in Lake Nona Are Extremely Safe!

If you’re looking for a new home for your family, then it’s likely that safety is one your top concerns.

Rest assured knowing that townhouses for sale in Lake Nona will be a very safe place to live and work.

In addition to great schools and booming industries, this area also has some of the lowest crime rates in Central Florida.


Want to Sell Your Townhome in Lake Nona for the Best Price?

Buy Or Sell Your New Townhomes In Lake Nona


Are you thinking of selling my home in Lake Nona?

If so, just know there are many factors to consider, including optimizing your listing, pricing, and so on.

Count on Authentic Real Estate Team if you want a quick sale without the hassle.
Selling My Home In Lake Nona


Need a Property Management Service for Your Townhome in Lake Nona?

Orlando Homes For Sale is one of the most trusted names in property management services, giving you peace of mind while also helping you get the most out of your investment.

Click bellow to learn more about Lake Nona property management by Authentic Real Estate Team.
See In Lake Nona Property Management Services


The Best Deals on Homes for Sale in Lake Nona, FL

Authentic Real Estate Team makes it easy to find the best deals on townhouses for sale in Lake Nona.

To see available properties and detailed listings, check out these Lake Nona homes for sale.


Vacation Homes for Sale in Lake Nona, FL

Beautiful parks, miles of trails, and plenty of shops and restaurants make Lake Nona the ideal spot to buy your new home away from home.

If you’re looking for Lake Nona vacation homes for sale, then reach out and contact us today!
See All Vacation Homes For Sale In Lake Nona


Lake Nona Homes for Sale with Swimming Pool

There are many reasons to buy a house with a pool, including being able to host awesome pool parties and stay cool on hot summer days.

If that sounds appealing to you, then check out these homes for sale in Lake Nona FL with pool.
See In Lake Nona Homes For Sale With Pool


New Townhomes for Sale in Lake Nona, FL (And More)!

Buying a brand-new home has many benefits.

As the first owner you have the ability to customize certain elements to your preference, plus you know everything is in brand-new working condition.

Check out these new homes for sale in Lake Nona before they’re gone!
See In Lake Nona New Homes For Sale


Lake Nona Luxury Townhomes for Sale (and Other Property Types)

If you’re looking for luxury homes for sale in Lake Nona then you’ve come to the right place.

There are numerous townhomes, single-family homes, and condos to buy that will match your luxurious lifestyle.
See In Lake Nona Luxury Homes For Sale


Waterfront Homes for Sale in Lake Nona

Many people dream of a waterfront lifestyle, having a body of water next door in which to fish or sail.

If this is you, then make that dream a reality by choosing one of these Lake Nona waterfront homes for sale.
See In Lake Nona Waterfront Homes For Sale


Apartments & Condos to Buy in Lake Nona

Buying a condo affords you flexibility, top-notch amenities, and a great sense of community.

If this kind of living environment suits you, then be sure to check out these condos for sale in Lake Nona.
See In Lake Nona Condos For Sale


Lake Nona, FL Villas for Sale

There are many beautiful villas in Lake Nona for you to relax in and enjoy.

If you’re looking for more space and privacy, then these Lake Nona villas for sale may be just for you!
See In Lake Nona Villas For Sale


Homes for Sale in Lake Nona, FL with a Guest House

Maybe you’re looking for a space to rent out, or maybe you need a place for the grandparents to stay when they visit.

Buying a property with a guest house opens the door to many possibilities.

Click bellow to view homes for sale with guest house in Lake Nona FL.
See All Homes For Sale Lake Nona With Guest House


Look at All Homes for Sale in Lake Nona Now!

No matter what type of property you’re looking for, Lake Nona has it all.

From different community types to all price points, you will be able to find townhouses in Lake Nona, Florida to match your needs.

To see the full selection, check out our full inventory of Lake Nona homes for sale and make your choice today!
See The Best Homes For Sale In Lake Nona, Fl


The Right Real Estate Agent Makes All the Difference When You Buy a Townhouse for Sale in Lake Nona

Realtor Lake Nona Townhomes For Sale


If you’re looking for townhomes in Lake Nona, then having a good real estate agent is critical.

Count on an Authentic Real Estate Team Lake Nona real estate agent to help you find the right home for the right price!
Meet In Lake Nona Real Estate Agent


Lake Nona Housing Market

The Lake Nona real estate market is alive and thriving, thanks to there being an increase in people looking to buy homes.

That’s great news, but it means homes are moving quickly!

Let the pros at Authentic Real Estate Team help you get a better understanding of current inventory and interest rates.
See The Latest Lake Nona Real Estate Market Statistics


Communities in Lake Nona, FL

Whether you’re looking for high-fashion homes or eco-friendly neighborhoods, the Lake Nona region of Florida has a variety of growing communities to fit all lifestyles and needs.

Read on to learn about the best places for townhouses in Lake Nona, Florida.


Storey Park

For those who like to go green, Storey Park is a 100% eco-friendly community.

Buyers are required to have solar panels on their property, which also saves you money on electricity.

This is a large community of single family homes and townhouses.

It’s also very residential and family-friendly, and close to great parks and schools!
See All Homes For Sale In Storey Park, Lake Nona


Lake Nona Golf and Country Club

For those who prefer to live on the luxurious side, then Lake Nona Golf & Country Club is the right place for you.

This gated community is the most expensive and well-known in the area, featuring a large golf course and top-quality amenities and event spaces.

It’s also the only community that gives you access to the lake this region is named after.

So it’s great for boating, fishing, and water sports enthusiasts.
See In Lake Nona Golf And Country Club Homes For Sale


Randal Park

For those looking for cheap townhomes for sale Lake Nona, FL then Randal Park is where you want to be.

In addition to having more cost-effective homes, it also has a great amenity center and one of the top elementary schools in the area (Sun Blake Elementary).
See In Randall Park Homes For Sale


Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek is another gated community that’s good for families, with many high end townhomes and a famous golf course.

There’s even a school right inside the community, and Eagle Creek Elementary is known for being one of the best.
See In Eagle Creek Homes For Sale


Laureate Park

Is close access to restaurants and shopping important to you?

Do you want to live near a park with live music and events?

Then the Laureate Park community is the area you want to be in.

Located right next to Medical City, this spot has many nice amenities and nearby businesses, including the stellar Canvas Restaurant and Market.
See In Laureate Park Homes For Sale


Looking for Townhomes for Sale in Lake Nona? Contact Authentic Real Estate Team Today!

Lake Nona New Townhomes


At this point you’re realizing that townhouses for sale in Lake Nona, Florida are exactly what you’re looking for.

So it’s time to move to next steps.

Our dedicated team at Authentic Real Estate Team is ready to help you find the best home at the best price.

So contact Authentic Real Estate Team today and get a head start on finding your new dream home!

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